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Till the dirt [Mission:Aria]

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Till the dirt [Mission:Aria] Empty on Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:40 am

Ashira Aria Tsukihana
Where is grandma... She would repeat in her mind, deep into her mental state. Aria looked at the blue sky that was rather cloudy. Her golden-red eyes would wander as her imagination would continue to roam. Her mind wasn't on a specific subject, but it was be a never ending ride. She would sweetly smile as she would sit on a bench outside of the house she was staying at with no care in the world. She loved the feeling of the wind and the coolness, but it really didn't matter how the weather was. So like last time she would leave and start walking into the farmer's area, she started stretching and yawning. She didn't know much of anything about this place besides that it was full of open fields. She would look forward, have an expressionless face as her golden brown eyes would match the horizons of bright colors. Her hips swayed left and right, hair motions the same while her feet walked forward to the trails. Today was the first day she was going to some farm. Never has she been to a farm nor has she ever even read about it. Simple things Aria didn't know such as this. 'Wonder who will meet me there.' she wondered as she found out that someone was going to do this quest with here. Was it someone that she knew or was it, someone, she never met before? There were these questions that were obviously going to be answered sometime soon. Her eyes looked at the up coming animals on the side of the dirt road that leads to the very farm she was to help with whoever it was to be. Her indigo colored skin would shine as flawless as she was. There would be some interesting animals of white and black, puff balls that would 'baa' and even some that she knew about from where she was from. Her eyes looked at the fields of green, some brown and some had colors she was unsure of. It could be from some animal the farmer had or perhaps something else, but she didn't feel like playing the game of guessing. Aria was half way from where she had to be which was fine as the farmer probably didn't expect her till later. Aria decided to close here eyes and think away.

Aria didn't really feel like wearing any farmer get-up, instead she wore her kimino. It had a white clothing ribbon and a bow in the back, the front part of it had a long backed U shape cut as her medium sized chest was somewhat revealing yet not as much as a V-shape dress would show. ‘’I guess I should keep going.’’ she spoke to herself softly as she blinks a couple of times. Softly her hand would press against the green grass of Summer to push herself up. Doing so and after standing up straight, she would fix her hair so her bangs weren’t annoying her - in front of her face. Her hips would sway as she went towards the quest farming place, her hair would move left and right as some strands of hair would move wildly due to the wind. Her dress shoes in which were black and flats would make no noise as she walked forward. Under her shoes were thigh white socks with lace by her thighs. Softly she hummed as she walked towards the barn in which didn't feel so far away.

As Aria got there she saw someone else there. A guy she never really seen before. 'Must be that lazy ass farmer I heard about...' she wondered softly as her eyebrow would lift up a little in thought. She'd continue to go forward and then looked at what was left and right, wondering where her 'partner' was. Even though it was in her imagination, she pretended it was real. As it turns out, it was no one but her own imagination.

Aria would soon see that it was already there. Perhaps this would be fun and easy to do as it was natural that she loved. Her eyes looked at the huge field they were to do and smiled small. She was still getting used to the fact that she no longer had the ability to manipulate the nature like she once used to. She remembered the wolves death exactly.

Baa they would all say. They were all baa'ing away all carefree as if nothing was going to happen. Slowly Aria would crouch down onto her knees against the dirt and then her hands against the earth as she crawled through the fields of white fluffy sheep. Her golden lioness eyes would wander as she waited for the wild beast that was a white fluffy wolf. The sky was so clear and so beautiful, but the day was the day for the wolf to die. That was all she knew anyway as she would then see a fluffy white wolf walking about in the fields of white. Her fist was ready and so were her legs to jump at the wolf who was here for the sheep. The sheep's were dumb and they had no clue on what was going to happen. Aria charged through the sheep as if she was a tiger after her prey. Jumping out she would tackle the wolf as if the wolf was some human to wrestle with. The fluffy white wolf wiggled its neck and head around as if trying to break free, but Aria would wrangle the fluffy white wolf with her arms as her head was moved towards the opposite way of the wolf. Her arms and hands would twist and turn as her legs wrapped around the wolf to hold it still and then fully twisted to break the fluffy white wolfs neck. All that could be heard was the simple doggy noises of its neck being broken and killed. She let go of the wolf's body as it fell. Its tongue was hanging out and the movements were lifeless. That's how it was. She was thinking this as she would work with it. She would use the tool to continue farming field as she wondered exactly on what crop he was going to do. She smile softly as she felt the sun on the field yet not on her. She wondered and hoped that the crop would grow greatly and therefore she would then look at the thing who was working her own magic. She would continue on farming and then started to think that later would turn into a day dream. The land became a field of flowers that were white like snow.

The flowers themselves were be covered in grass that was forest green. It was rather pretty to her eyes as she would continue using the tools to help the farmer. 'The place looks and seems so peaceful, but why am I seeing this? She remembered then of that moment with whoever, the three people she called a family's mother. She learned a little more, but there was something about that conversation that made her wonder even more. When she asked about the bloody page, she was hesitant on telling her about it. The woman didn't want to answer nor did she really answer in any way.

Someday she would know and for some reason she felt like the answer was closer to her than she figured. The light felt overwhelming as she would then reach all the way in the back with the tool she was using to help the farmer. 'Looks done to me...' she thought and then walked back to the cilent to tell him it was done. After that she would get her reward and leave.



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