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Update 21/09/2017

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on Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:10 am


Update 21/09/2017

Destruction Descends: It is time again for another attack launched by Grimoire Heart. This time the operation takes place in Hargeon Town where they will target the Blue Pegasus guild. Guilds have sent assistance to prevent Grimoire Heart from doing whatever it is they plan to do in Hargeon Town.

Pegasus Beach: At the conclusion of the event, regardless whether Blue Pegasus and its allies win or lose, the Pegasus Beach event will be started. There will be activities ranging from beach volleyball, drinking games, shoulder wars, and more. Winning mini-games results into getting rewards.

Battle Mugen: While the Pegasus Beach event will roll out immediately after the Pegasus Beach event, the Mugen Castle will also be released. It is a battle tower with multiple floors where users can battle each other. Each floor has a different random modifier i.e. Double Damage, No Magic, Low Gravity etc. The battles here count towards Weapon Masteries as well.

More Magics: A lot of magics have been added to the shop. Get frosty with with Blizzard Magic as you utilize Frost and Wind, or burn your foes to crisp with flames that are not affected by water with Overheat Magic. Other than that, the remainder of the God Souls and Demon Souls have been released.

More Items: More items will be added from different sources now. We've had Crash Bandicoot's Mask already, Cloud's Buster Sword, Hidan's Scythe, Zabuza's Greatsword, Kisame's Samehada, Asuma's Knives, and soon we'll have Vash's Gun and more.

More Companions: Other than that companions are getting new sources as well. We've added Sabrina's cat Salem, Pabu from Avatar and other interesting ones. Keep an eye out for Mushu from Mulan, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Haku from Spirited Away, Kyubey from Puella Magic, Kirara from Inuyasha and more.

Seraphim Released: It took a while but the Seraphim race has been released. It is the first race completely revolving around the Light-type element and greatly enhances every aspect of it. It is currently only available via the Point Shop.

Demonic Presence: The perk Demonic Presence from the Demon race also affects Companions of other users. In order to determine the difference between ranks, you may use the following method, even though its rarity does not represent its rank: Common - D, Uncommon - C, Rare - B etc.

Monster Raid: Thanks to the participation of the previous Monster Raids, we have managed to find flaws in the dice system. This will be fine tuned to ensure a better experience in the future.

Coating Spells: It is possible to coat a weapon with a certain element, as long as it is the matching element of the weapon. Using any other element to coat a weapon results into damaging the weapon itself by your own hands. Coating spells for weapons can only be instant and not sustained.

Good Boys Club: In order to become a member of the Rune Knights later on, the user must have three times as much Fame compared to their Infamy. So you might've done some bad things, but it takes a hell of a lot of good things to do to make up for that.

Rune Knight Shop: Rune Knights will have an exclusive shop after the event where they can purchase items that make their lives much easier. Besides that, depending on the rank of the Rune Knight, they receive a bunch of free items they can utilize in threads to arrest others.

Mysterious Olmecs: Gossip module will ensure at least 3 to 5 random topics to pop up on the forum. Games can be played in these topics to win a certain reward. The first Olmec with the anagram already got solved. The harder the game, the better the reward.

Point Shop Discount: During the remainder of September and the whole of October, there will be a 20% discount on everything in the Point Shop. The prices are still the same in the shop, the 20% discount will be applied in the transaction process.

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