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Wolf In Wolf's clothing [Mission: Aria Solo]

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#1Ashira Aria Tsukihana 

on Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:26 am

Twirling freely on this dirt road, she would be seen yawning as Aria would walk on about the place of Marigold. She didn't know much of anything about this place besides that it was full of open fields. She would look forward, have a bubbly facial expression as her galaxy colored eyes would match the horizons of bright colors. Her hips swayed left and right, hair motions the same while her feet walked forward to the trails. Today was the first day she was going to some farm. Never has she been to a farm nor has she ever even read about it. Simple things Aria didn't know such as this. 'Wonder who will meet me there.' she wondered as she found out that someone was going to do this quest with here. Was it someone that she knew or was it someone she never met before? There were these questions that were obviously going to be answered sometime soon. Her eyes looked at the up coming animals on the side of the dirt road that lead to the very farm she was to help with whomever it was to be. Her olive-cream colored skin would shine as flawless as she was. There would be some interesting animals of white and black, puff balls that would 'baa' and even some that she knew about from where she was from. Her eyes looked at the fields of green, some brown and some had colors she was unsure of. It could be from some animal the farmer had or perhaps something else, but she didn't feel like playing the game of guessing.

Aria was half way from where she had to be which was fine as the farmer probably didn't expect her till later. Aria decided to take a rest as she would then sit by a tree for a bit.

She had a light colored shirt and frills of white on the bottom of the skirt and at the end of her short sleeves. It had a white clothing ribbon and a bow in the back, the front part of it had a long backed U shape cut as her medium sized chest was somewhat revealing yet not as much as a V-shape dress would show. ‘’I guess I should keep going.’’ she spoke to herself softly as she blinks a couple of times. Softly her hand would press against the green grass of Summer to push herself up. Doing so and after standing up straight, she would fix her hair so her bangs weren’t annoying her - in front of her face. Her hips would sway as she went towards the quest farming place, her hair would move left and right as some strands of hair would move wildly due to the wind. Her dress shoes in which were black and flats would make no noise as she walked forward. Under her shoes were thigh white socks with lace by her thighs. Softly she hummed as she walked towards the barn in which didn't feel so far away. As Aria got there she saw someone else there. A guy she never really seen before. 'Wonder if he's trouble or wait...Is he the farmer guy?...' she wondered softly as her eyebrow would lift up a little in thought. She'd continue to go forward and then looked at what was left and right, wondering on where her 'partner' was. She stood to wait, but as she no longer felt like waiting, she would continue on walking towards the farmer's barn. It was red as a casual barn was, but it didn't have a huge red barn for the animals like the typical farms would in her mind.

Her eyes met up with the kid's as she could see her not so far from where she was. She was already talking to the farmer which made things easier. The guy was fat and looked as if he was just too lazy to do anything for himself. Her eyes looked at him in a boring manner as if she was intimidating him with a stare. He started to explain about some wolf who was going for his sheep. Baa~ Those ones that were white and poofy. She would then look over at the farm as she listened to him explain. ''Those damn beasts won't leave my poor sheep alone. They make me money. Kill the wolf at any costs, other than sacrificing my animals that is.'' he started to say as she would place her hands on her wide hips. Her head turned towards where the sheep were. There were so many so perhaps she and the kids should cover one left and one right or something like that. It would be best that way, right? ''Alright child. Let's get started,'' she spoke and then turned away from that lazy farmer. She walked towards the fence of wood and hopped over it with one hand on the fence as she did so. After getting on the other side, she would let go.

Slowly she walked forward and into the sheep that were all around and in a heard she would go in the middle of them all. Her eyes tried to look at a perfect spot to hide and kill the wolf. It honestly reminded her of Era, where she killed that other wolf. Aria could see the girl get nervous. 'Is this her first time?' she wondered in her mind. Her golden-red colored eyes was cornering to look at the girl, but then looked ahead while crawling down. Her knees were against the grass as she would hide within the sheep's space that they'd leave between them. She wondered what the wolf looked like in all it's details as well as how she would kill the wolf. Aria wondered about a lot of things. Slowly she would go towards anywhere non specific. Aria would walk through the fields of sheep in which they kept making noises. Baa they would all say. They were all baa'ing away all carefree as if nothing was going to happen. Slowly Aria would crouch down onto her knees against the dirt and then her hands against the earth as she crawled through the fields of white fluffy sheep. Her golden red eyes would wander as she waited for the wild beast that was a white fluffy wolf. The sky was so clear and so beautiful, but the day was the day for the wolf to die. That was all she knew anyway as she would then see a fluffy white wolf walking about in the fields of white. Her fist was ready and so were her legs to jump at the wolf who was here for the sheep. The sheep's were dumb and they had no clue on what was going to happen. Areissa charged through the sheep as if she was a tiger after her prey. Jumping out she would tackle the wolf as if the wolf was some human to wrestle with. She'd jump on it with her arms around the wolfs neck and dragged it down the ground. Holding it's neck tighter she would then snap its neck, killing it. Softly she sighed. ''Guess we're done...'' she spoke softly, taking the wolf with the girl and handed it in for their reward.



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