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Tengu Talk [Foot Travel to Worth Woodsea]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Default on Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:05 am

Sadly Selena had sat idly buy as she watched someone with far more luck than her get recognition from the totem and get quite literally showered in money. She pouted as she watched this. She could of really used that money. She was by no means short of cash but she would of preferred to have something to be able to sit on at night as she browsed through weapon and armor magazines. The best weapon in her arsenal was herself and it didn't exactly scream terrifying like a giant sword would. Never the less, after loosing the only reason to come to Seigheart Mountains, Selena went on her slightly annoyed way to the next place the wind blew.

Ironically it blew towards the Direction of Worth Woodsea. Selena had heard other rumors of some illegal fighting there where some people would get maimed, but she had passed it off as one fight gone off the rials. Despite this a part of her wished to go to Forest to check out its validity. As she traveled she heard more rumors. This time however it was more so about a spirit that resided within the woods. This information did not totally surprise Selena as many cultures believed spirits who resided with forests, but once she heard what this one was capable of she put two and two together. This "Tengu" was said to be extremely blood thirsty, wanting to see humans fighting each other to the point of death. Selena realized that it was the Tengu making the people fight and dealing very serious injuries. Now what would she do? She could always try to stop it but she couldn't be the only one to have tried to stop it. Selena pondered what she could do as she made her way.


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