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Babysitting [Mission | Alisa]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:15 am


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Alisa had taken a good few moments to wipe off the worst of the dust off her outfit, leaving it as pristine as possible... But there was nothing she could do about all the rips and tears, especially in her tights. She sighed and tried her best to ignore it, and though it wasn't easy, she managed. After all, this was a work outfit. She wore it expecting it to get torn, and for the same reason she always kept spares at home. But watching one of your favorite outfits get all ripped up would never become a pleasant experience. People still looked at her pretty much the same way; the damaged clothes meant she was clearly hard at work, but that did little to hinder her beauty and elegance.

The smell of freshly cooked meat teased her nose and before long, Alisa walked inside a Kebab place to order herself some food. Lunch would have been mostly uneventful, the mages's mind all but turned away from external stimuli as she pondered on what other work Lord Reign might have set out for her. As she took a bite out her kebab, she recalled what they had talked about before she left to fill her stomach for another laborious afternoon.

"...So what's this other job? More construction work?", inquired Alisa, no more than half an hour ago

"No...", he smiled and nervously nervously, "If only... It's far worse. Not as dangerous, but worse nonetheless."

Alisa raised an eyebrow. What could be worse than getting your clothes all messy? Having a giant magical beast out to eat you? Hunting Dark Mages in their own lair? Fishing sharks by hand? In the end, Lord Valystasia, didn't tell her, though he did ask her to come by a set address at 3PM sharp, and not a minute late. Ideally, she should arrive sooner. He told her not to bother with changing into a fresh outfit, as that would be unnecessary. So there was Alisa, walking through the streets of Hargeon, away from the docks and towards the wealthier part of town. And before long she had arrived at the destination.

"Here I am...", she thought out loud, looking at the large manor before her... Before doing a double take and double checking the address, her eyes widening as she realized where the young Lord's directions had lead her, "This is...? The Valystasia manor...?"

For the first time in a long while, she felt a hint of insecurity. She always dressed and looked her best for her own sake before everyone else's, picking out the best clothes and ensuring they fit her, often her getting her bangs trimmed so she had not one hair out of place. Between this and her graceful manners, she saw no difficulty mingling with the nobles whenever the need arose. But for the first time since joining Blue Pegasus, she felt like she'd made a mistake with her outfit. Even if she'd still be working, part of her found it unacceptable to enter this mansion in a ripped up outfit...

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#2Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:18 am


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Alas, she no longer had the time to go back home and change, so the only path left, was going forward, come what may. Alisa rung the bell, and before long the doors have opened on their own. Yet that alone wasn't enough as she still had to walk before she met the butler who led her inside the luxurious mansion, where Reign and a young blonde girl awaited.

"Why are her clothes ripped up, uncle?", was the first comment the girl made.

Talking about someone as if she weren't around without even a greeting? Guess pedigree doesn't translate to manners. That said, two could play that game so Alisa simply turned to her employer with that radiant smile, folding her arms under her bust:

"My Lord, you should have told me to make myself presentable.", she stated apologetically, yet could barely hide that flustered twitch of her eyebrow, the only real leak through her flawless cool

Yet the normally charming, equally flawless noble revealed a different, more familiar side of himself while at his own home, letting out a hearty, jovial laughter.

"Don't worry about that, Miss Alisa, You won't be needing those anytime.", he waved his hand dismissively, then introduced them with a laid back chuckle, "This is my niece, Anya. Anya-chan, this is Alisa. She'll be looking out for you today.", after explaining who she was to his niece, he then turned to the mage and explained her job, "You'll be taking my niece Anya to the beach, and taking care of her."

"EEEEEEH?! I don't want her, uncle!", she flailed and whined angrily, grabbing onto his sleeve, "Come ooon, let's go to the beeeeeach!"

Alisa already understood why the man classed this as a difficult job, worthy of C-rank wages. It just wasn't a task he could delegate to a simple babysitter either, instead, he needed someone who could double as a bodyguard, just in case the worst came to pass. Hargeon had just been attacked after all... Not to mention how the younger girl was sick, and had only just been nursed back to health, at least, enough health for the doctors to allow her outside. A bit of sunlight would do wonders for her health too, assured the doting uncle. As he was still busy preparing his father's birthday, Lord Reign couldn't take Anya himself no matter how much she pleaded for it, and before long she resigned herself to her fate:

The only way she'd be going to the beach was if Alisa accompanied her, and she had no intention of failing her mission.

Despite this resignation, any and all attempts on the artist's part to make conversation were met with a haughty and dismissive "Hmph!", and at that moment she realized this walk to the beach would be long and silent. Then again, the artist was a loner at heart, and didn't really need an excuse to just look around absently...

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- Alisa Vollan

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#3Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:21 am


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The day had cleared up nicely while she'd been indoors eating lunch, and the early afternoon sun was more than enough to leave Alisa fanning herself every now and then as she approached the beach. Good thing she'd have an excuse to get rid of all these clothes, she wouldn't really need them with so much heat, pulling a lock of raven hair behind her ear and fanning herself softly.

Soon, hard concrete pavement gave way to soft sand, hot but thoroughly welcoming. After spending a day walking around, carrying massive loads all over the place, the pliable footing came as a welcome blessing to Alisa, who didn't really mind having to struggle a bit more with every step as her soles sunk into the sand. As she walked, she gradually took off what remained of her outfit; freeing herself of that confining jacket and tights before they had a chance to take twenty steps into the beach. Fortunately she had planned ahead and wore a bikini underneath, instead of the usual underwear.

Fully conscious of what this heat did to her soft, smooth skin, Alisa started rubbing sunscreen on her body, covering herself with a slick oily sheen. Her back took some flexibility as she lacked a proper helping hand, as the moody girl she was watching over seemed more interested in staring shamelessly at her breasts, inbetween gazing at her own flat chest, all with an annoyed frown. Breast envy, huh...?


"Is there something wrong, Lady Anya?", seeing the opportunity to tease her, Alisa inquired with a respectfultone, yet at the same time crossing her arms under her chest until the girl's face turned beet red

Realizing she'd been caught staring somewhere she probably shouldn't, she reacted with matching embarassment and a flustered tone:

"No-no-nothing at all! If you have time to stand around, go collect more pretty shells!", her whine turned into a desperate command, in a hurry to get the cause of her embarassment as far away as possible, "T-there's plenty of them over there!"

"Hai, hai~"

Alisa thus headed off, leaving Anya too her pouting. She'd make sure never to stray too far from her, walking by the shore as she occasionally looked back to cast the girl a glance. If anybody she didn't know approached her, she was fast enough to cover than distance in one, two seconds tops if she sprinted at full speed, especially if she ran on the wet sand, hard enough for a proper footing she could run on. Picking shells came as a refreshing little pasttime for Alisa who naturally enjoying looking out for beautiful things. Bringing along a little cloth bag, she could store her bounty there as she looked out for the most flawless, uncracked ones, as fresh looking as she could find. She had about twenty decently sized shells and conches beforew she finally returned to the bored looking young girl, all but panting and fanning herself in a pool of her own sweat.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#4Alisa Vollan 

on Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:26 am


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She looked even worse than Alisa handling the heat, but that could be expected from a child who had been sick until not so long ago. Yet she barely allowed the tall Pegasus to drop her loot before issuing the next command with a tired, but frustrated grumble, "You took too long Onee-san. This heat is killing me, make some shade."

Patient as ever, the sculptress just nodded and flashed the girl her best smile. She could understand why her uncle found this job difficult, yet for Alisa, none of the tasks Anya asked of her posed any difficulty, not compared to how intensely she normally trained. Plus, her soft spot for cute things and people came to the rescue, "Hai, hai~", repeated Alisa sweetly, going over to gather materials.

Using a thick stick for a pole, then arranging three more sticks in a hexagonal shape on one end, she tied all of that together before working on the shade proper. With so many palm trees around, finding a couple of leaves she could attach to the top. It wouldn't last more than a couple of days, but since they wouldn't be here nearly that long, this palm leaf sunshade should suit her nicely, "How's this, Lady Anya?", asked ALisa as the girl rested comfortably under her makeshift umbrella.

"It's n-not bad...", she answered softly, and Alisa let out a little giggle.

Seemed like this was the closest thing to a compliment she'd ever recieve from this girl. After mulling over in place in peace for a short moment, the girl eventually sprung right up again. This time, she wanted to go all the way across the beach to see the flowers. For the first time Alisa looked at her wide eyed with surprised. This was the first order Anya had given that involved the girl walking alongside Alisa, and the two of them went where she asked, walking over the wet sand with the crashing waves licking at their feet. And when she arrived, surprise surprise...? She once more ordered the sculptress off to collect something flowers this time. But she wouldn't do it for long. She had collected little more than ten pretty looking flowers before turned around towards where she left the girl. Only to find her gone.

"This is bad...", Alisa clicked her tongue, her overall mood shifting to the huntress she turned into when her jobs involved violence.

She didn't know where the girl was and naturally assumed the worst, that somebody had either led her astray, or worse, took her. Of course, she could have simply wandered off (which was actually the most likely option), but Alisa had long known she'd rather prepare for the worst and hope for the best rather than getting careless. First off, she looked at where the girl had just been, and then looked around. Sure enough, she eventually picked up fresh tracks, footprints, trampled grass, broken branches. And at this rate, she found the girl who had made them quickly enough, crying alone under a tree:

"Onee-san... Onee-san...", she sniveled, "Where are you Onee-san...?"

"Ara, so that's where you were...", Alisa smiled and approached her, and in the briefest moment of vulnerability, the girl smiled in visible joy at her presence, paying comparatively little attention to the flowers she'd just picked.

From then on, things became a lot easier. She took the girl for a dip in the ocean, and she became a lot friendlier too. Turned out all of this was her way of testing if Alisa was a good person, and after confirming it, she felt pretty bad to have acted mean and bossy towards her. They got along swimmingly after that, so much even the maids were impressed by the time Alisa escorted her ward back home...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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