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Glory to Hargeon Town [Mission | Solo]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:23 am


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The war for Hargeon had been the mess one might expect, and then more. Though Alisa had successfully done her part and dealt with her opponent, she could do nothing to prevent her guild from being razed to the ground or their master from being injured. So she had failed her objective, alongside each and every member of Blue Pegasus, but also had recieved no word of the attackers having completed theirs. So this attack had been a complete waste of time and effort for both sides.

Yet Alisa had gained something, even if it clearly hadn't been worth the price. Resolve to find the thing she yet missed, the thing she needed most to prevent such an attack from ever happening again. And what she needed as the same as ever, the same as she'd been looking for when she first learned martial arts, then magic: Power. Then what was the difference this time around? Simple. Whereas before, she believed she could simply gain power from setting up training regiments, going at them hard, and then finding sparring partners to put that training to the test, she understood she needed experience. Not just combat, but life experience, the kind of resourcefulness a travelling mage could get by completing jobs, as many and as difficult as she could possibly find them, and strive to better herself in every possible way imaginable.

This would naturally require her to leave Hargeon for a good while, which she imagined might take no less than one or two weeks, maybe more depending on how it went. But she'd start it now, while still in the city, and would only leave once every quest in the city had been dealt with, the sooner the better. So she woke up with the first few rays of sunshine hitting the shutters, and opening her eyes gave her a fresh reality check of what had happened. She hadn't needed to sleep in a hotel in Hargeon ever since she joined Blue Pegasus. She knew her guildmates well enough to understand it would be fixed faster than humanly possible, but Alisa wanted to be even faster than that, so she presented herself with a challenge: Finish all these quests and leave before the Guild Hall had been repaired.

It didn't exactly mean anything mind you, but constant self improvement very often relied on these self rules, no matter how arbitrary they might be at any point.

But first things first, a cold shower, bringing goosebumps to her fair, alabaster skin and jolting her eyes awake at the first few drops. Truly, Alisa was an early riser, but even she had limits. Of course, the whole point of this journey was not to resign herself to unsurmountable walls, but see them as limits to be overcome. So she would push herself in each and every single way imaginable, starting with her very lifestyle.

Even her clothes took no time at all, as she already knew what she'd be wearing: Her favorite work outfit. White coat, skirt and boots over dark shirt and tights, topped off by a Blue Pegasus armband. After all it wasn't as if such a tight outfit gave people any chance to spot her guild mark. After that she'd slip her sword around her back. She could comfortably carry her Falcata either on her back or hip, but she avoided the latter unless she was certain she'd need it in a fight. Resting on her back let her carry it around with less chance of bumping into objects, even though it made her a bit slower on the draw.

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#2Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:24 am


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But in the wake of yet another terrorist attack in this very city, she doubted any Dark Mages would be so bold as to try again with the guards on high alert.

"If they'd been alert the first time around, we might not have had this problem to begin with it...", she thought loud and sighed, fully aware that this evil laid patiently in wait for the moment the Rune Knights and other law enforcement dropped their guard. But a single glance at the still sleeping Lumen, adorably as ever, reminded her of what it was all about. More so than her quest for vengeance, Alisa wanted a peaceful home to come back to whenever she returned. She wasn't so selfless as to say she'd protect everyone in danger, knowing fully well she'd always prioritize her friends and loved ones. But that side of her never changed... As for her quest itself, it had been somewhat slow lately, as she'd been preoccupied with all the terrorism to worry about the group that for the most part never showed itself.

No matter, she'd think about all that when the time came, which would defenitely not happen before she ate breakfast. The kitchen had just opened, and with her partner still asleep, she had the whole room to herself. The order of the day was 'reinforced breakfast', and reinforce it she would. Starting off with a cup of orange juice, she'd then it eggs sunny side up, fried bacon, and a big latte. She'd especially need that last part to help keep herself awake, more than she could with willpower alone. As she ate, she couldn't help but think about Marina, who had come to Hargeon with her. She hadn't seen the girl at the guild's worst time, and though she appreciated her keeping herself clear of the fighting, a more selfish part of her couldn't help but feel disappointed, frustrated even, not to have seen her since. Then her thoughts wandered towards Lucifer, the Satan Soul user who she'd fought at the battle.

This was the kind of person who, had he appeared before Alisa for the first time at that war, might very well have been killed by her out of principle, as a warrior slaying another on the field of battle. But not only did she spare him, she didn't even try to interrogate him and even made sure he had a proper place to sleep it off. Even though he was a dark mage, this didn't look like the kind of guy who would find much amusement in butchering innocents. His very choice of name represented a creature who wandered between light and darkness before eventually falling to the latter, with pride being the reason for his downfall. It felt oddly fitting even though Alisa lacked the time to confront him on the truth of this notion. Now that her purely hateful and wrathful days were behind her, she wondered how in case she were ever to fall, pride might also be responsible for it.

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#3Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:25 am


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But as she finished the last sip of latte, the sculptress put all these thoughts behind them and focused on her mission. But what exactly was her mission? Truthfully, even Alisa didn't yet know for she had only seen a very vague request yesterday, Glory to Hargeon. At first she imagined it might involve rebuilding some of the estate damaged in the battle, but as she walked under the windy, dark and cloudy skies to the docks, she wondered what might really need rebuilding there. For all she knew, no fight had happened at that place...

As she pondered and pondered, the answer would gradually reveal itself not inside her own thoughts, but on a center square, where a clamoring crowd made itself heard quite far away, "Long live Lord Valystasia!"

Predctably curious, Alisa approached, but by the time she arrived, said crowd would already be dispersing. Most of them were sailors and workers at the docks, save for the one sitting atop a stage. The perfect example of a charismatic golden boy, and the man Alisa recognized as holding most of the power in Hargeon, Reign Valystasia. Spotting her, and most importantly, the insignia on her armband, he made his way through the dispersing crowd, shaking hands with a few cheering men before finally approaching her:

"Greetings, Mage of Blue Pegasus! Are your services for hire by any chance?", he greeted warmly with a radiant smile, the kind even a Pegasus would need to rehearse hours before a mirror to get right.

"Indeed they are my Lord. I assume this has to do with the job request at the docks?", she'd smile, confirm, then inquire graciously, her manners and elegance easily landing her in the noble's good graces.

He too would confirm her question, and soon explain the Lord Valystasia they were cheering for wasn't the younger man before her, but rather his father whose birthday was only a few days away. The request had to do with the old Lord's present and the shortage of manpower needed to build it. Naturally, her first assumption was that he needed a mage to get it done on time, but the blonde quickly dispelled it. His father preferred not having a gift made by magic, which meant the whole task of preparing his gift suddenly became a lot harder. Thus, the reason why he needed a mage was not for said mage's unique skillset, but the physical fitness and strength one would have as an adventurer. Instantly Alisa's thoughts wondered to Finn, who she thought would have been perfect for this job. Pehaps she should have called him along? No, not only must he have his own business to attend to, but the very nature of this training regimen required Alisa to do it by herself, no matter what difficult jobs came her way. Which left only the most crucial question:

"And what exactly do you need my help to prepare?", she asked, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

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#4Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:28 am


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Immediately his smile widened into a confident smirk, and Alisa knew it was something big. But as he pulled out a scrolled up piece of paper and unfolded it, "This. I drew it myself."

The moment she laid eyes on the contents, her brow raised. Indeed, it was big, a size she could never have imagined in the first place. Could this even be called a birthday present?

"A Carrack...? No, a Galleon?", she corrected herself rather quickly, a soft shake of her head. Alisa scratched her temple with an uncertain look, she really wasn't familiar with nautical terms

"Technically its a Dreadnaught, but the design was based off a Galleon.", he explained

Reign went on to explain how his father had been asking for a flagship to their fleet for a long while now, and his birthday presented the perfect opportunity. But was this really a task for a single mage, Alisa wondered to herself. He clearly seemed to believe it was. Any other time she might have actually asked the question, but in this state of mind, she didn't. Instead, she nodded and agreed. She was being paid handsomely for this after all, just how hard could it be?

Reign would promptly direct old Olden the Merchant, from whom he'd already ordered the individual parts, who in turn lead Alisa to one of his warehouses. Each of the pieces from the ship already had the desired shape, but each of them was colossal. Carrying them to the drydock individually would have taken all day, even for an S-rank mage... But both Regis and Olden had already planned ahead, and a procession of oxen carriages soon arrived. Alisa helped the strongmen carry the parts, breaking a lot less sweat than any of them did.

Thank whatever Gods may be for cloudy weather...

This left only the simplest, yet essential part of the job, actually assembling the pieces. Much to their awe and chagrin, Alisa dismissed all the men hired to help her from carrying the wooden planks and beams. She could take care of that herself.

"You can help me by hammering in the nails. I'll put the pieces in place for you.", she declared with a calm but confident look.

"Oi oi... Will you be alright by yourself?", one of the nicer looking men asked, not with contempt or anything of the sort, but genuine concern, "Lord Valystasia spent most of the funds on the materials and left very little for manpower, but there's still enough of us that we can all carry the wood into place."

Her response involved little more than a cool but graceful smile, appreciating the concern but dismissing it. She answered not with words but action, crouching before one of the wooden pieces and slipping her fingers under it, and pushing up with her legs until the beam raised a good few inches off the ground. And the best part? Even though she was lifting more weight than two or three of these guys could carry, she betrayed little a strain save for a faint wince as she started lifting.

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#5Alisa Vollan 

on Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:30 am


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That clearly convinced them.

Sure, she could hold the weight of all those pieces, but they were all far too big for her to freely move around. Instead, she used wooden logs to roll them into place, and did so efficiently enough that soon enough, nobody doubted her ability to assemble the ship's skeleton. Soon, some of the bolder men disobeyed her instruction and helped her, but none of them actually helped roll the pieces. Instead, they moved the forwardmost logs straight back so the one woman assembly line could get on with her job.

The keel was the crucial part of the ship, and naturally the first to be set down. The sole part of the vessel which 'fixing' meant pretty much the same as 'building a whole new ship'. So the wood used to make it had to be the finest quality of all, strong and hard, but also sufficiently pliant that an impact strong enough to shatter any other part would at best bend it a little.

She took particular care with it, ensuring it had enough stability propped up in place that the rest of the skeleton could be built around it. Indeed if the Keel was the backbone of the ship, the next pieces would be the ribs: Wooden U-shaped arches that went along the length of the keel - forming the outline of the dreadnaught - where the hull could be nailed and attached to.

The dockworkers took care of that part, quickly nailing those pieces in place as Alisa rolled and carried them into place. And she still wouldn't break a sweat until she lifted the tenth wooden beam. But thanks to having so many workers dealing with the nails and seams, all of them were firmly secured even faster than she could deliver them.

At this rate, they eventually started to work on the hull planks. The Dreadnaught as meant to carry a row of cannons on its main deck, then two more on two lower decks: All in all, enough cannons to level a city. Yet it was too soon to think about cannons. Alisa wiped a bit of sweat from her forehead, realizing the incomplete ship now had enough support that they count nail in the mast without the whole thing falling apart at the slighest breeze. This time, Alisa required help, mostly since actually getting that mast in place required cranes instead of raw physical force.

"Huh... It's finally starting to look like a ship.", Alisa noted, climbing down from the main deck to get a good look at the their handiwork. Some of the men were still hard at nailing, but sooner rather than later, the ship had a solid hull that could float in water without sinking immediately, "This is it? It was easy after all."

"Impressive.", praised the Lord as he arrived and approached her, clapping his hands as Alisa clapped hers to wipe off the sawdust, "You should help me out with another job, I'd love to have you un- w-working under me again!", he quickly corrected himself with a blush, that little slip up being the first and only real crack in his flawless demeanor she'd seen so far.

Enough for a soft, graceful little chuckle as the man handed in her jewels, and quickly changed the subject by explaining the next job he had for her. Something about helping a Noble rebuild? As he explained this, the men he'd brought in with him helped roll the ship into the water while the sailors tethered the almost finished dreadnaught to a fully functional ship. It still lacked sails and finishing touches, so it had no ability to sail on its own. But if it could survive being trawled around, then it would survive it's own voyage once it was completed. As for ALisa, she glanced down at her hands: One's thing's for certain, she'd be needing a manicure after this.


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- Alisa Vollan

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