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Hargeon town to Worth Woodsea [Foot Travel|Kon]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:31 am

Hargeon town had been a place that kon had never really explored that much, sure he had been there once or twice as part of a job for the Rune Knights but never as a free citizen. While Kon was now affiliated with another faction, the Holy Knights which resembled his former organisation he had been granted far more liberties than before, this in turn meant he was essentially above the law with nothing to worry about. He did of course still have to worry about annoying his beloved Alice and gaining the attention of the Rune Knights but for the most part he didn’t have to report to anyone nor complete any assignments at least to date.

Today would be a day of relaxation for the mage at was at least what he hoped would be the case, unfortunately fate seemed to have another thing in store for the Blonde Neko. As it would have it he had lost his beloved Zebstrika companion, how he didn’t know he did hope that it would return to him however he suspected that it would never come back to him. Fortunately for him, he had numerous other beings to act as alternative companions for him in case he got bored, heck he could even swap them out from time to time if he wanted. With having lost his companion that was formerly his transport, he would be relying far more on either public transport or the use of one of his summons as it was still faster than himself.

This didn’t concern him at the moment however as he looked out at the ocean which rushed towards him from below in violent waves before breaking onto the beach and creating a thick foam. To the right of him stood his recently acquired staff, it was an odd item to be sure with it seeming to enhance his abilities indirectly by allowing him to sustain his summons without as much strain on his body. His hand was still a mess though with the bandage wrapped around it being the only thing that was keeping in the light from seeping out. He just hoped that the issue he was facing would be resolved in time and would not attract anyone’s unwanted focus.

For now though he was hungry and was yet to have breakfast as a result he twisted around grabbing his staff with his right hand before moving towards the streets of Hargeon in the hopes to find a local bakery. He passed numerous establishments, cafes, taverns, restaurants but he wanted something that he could both take on the go and would be filling for what would likely be yet another tiring day. Eventually he came across a humble pâtisserie upon entering two loud voices shouting at one another, one female the other male could be hearing both speaking in broken english mixed with surprisingly Kon’s native language. Bemused and alarmed by this, he attempted to speak in his homeland’s language albeit it with only partial success, Awkwardly he spoke to the closest of the staff likely pronouncing the words incorrectly. “Good uhh morning, sir.”

The man’s interest drew from the woman over to Kon who replied. “Pardon us, it’s not common for us to have people that just walk off the street and speak Russian to us.” Smiling to himself. “Well, I’m not exactly a common man, anyway I need something to eat to last me for a while, I need to travel somewhere.” Nodding his head respecting his privacy with him not revealing his destination at least for not now. Wanting to get a good estimate though for how much he wanted the baker merely commented. “How long will you be travelling?”

Scratching his chin with his left hand, right hand still wielding his staff, he replied. “I’m going pretty far so I’ll need to get a lot, I’m thinking a pie or two for the first few days and something more longer lasting.”

Understanding the requirements of Kon’s order, the baker ignoring the complaints of who he thought to be his wife, gathered up some supplies neatly into a satchel before handing it to Kon and being paid. “Say, before you go, just where are you going?” Looking back at the baker just as he was leaving his establishment he replied. “There’s a library in the woods, I heard about, I have to get there and read up on hopefully some lost tomes.”


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