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Change in Command [Phantom Lord]

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on Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:42 am

It was high noon, and there sat Geb. The top floor of the massive Hargeon Lighthouse was where he was, and despite the massive amount of climbing needed to reach it, he was sure it was worth it. Nobody would bother coming up here, especially in the day. In other words, it was perfect for the first Phantom Lord Guild Meeting after the passing of their Guildmaster, Cesare.

Geb was there, he saw what happened. After all, he got cut in half. Luckily, a man from the guild managed to save him by transferring him into the body of a demon. Geb had to admit the transition felt kind of awkward, but he was just glad to be alive at this point.

Now it was time to wait. Geb had summoned all the members of Phantom Lord he could, telling them to meet at this time on the top floor of the Lighthouse. Hopefully the words "important business" were enough to convince them.

Oh, right! Geb had someone with him today. His companion, Munchlax, or by his proper name Gallent had accompanied him. The little guy was munching on chips in the corner. It was amazing that Munchlax was able to recognize Geb even after he changed bodies. That companion was truly amazing.

Now, the time had come, and Geb would have to tell everyone something difficult. Not only would he have to tell them of Cesare's passing, but also of something else.

He would have to tell them they needed to decide on a new guildmaster.


on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:04 am

‘I feel like dying’ words that Kenny repeated to himself over and over again. No matter how much he repeated them to himself, the feeling would never cease. He was in a guild now, and that came with responsibilities but even with a “team” to rely on he still felt empty, he still felt useless and he still felt like dying. If only he could fulfil this feeling he had, he would be able to sleep forever.

The note told Kenny to go to Hargeon’s lighthouse, the very top floor to be exact. He was unsure if he should have came, there was nothing in the letter about what this all was about it was vague and simple: come to the light house, top floor if it was to be summed up.

Kenny began the long climb, he began up the stairs with his hands in his pockets. The walk felt endless, he closed his eyes as he went up every step hoping his foot would slip and he would fall back down only to break his neck before making it the entire way down. Heh, even that would be too good a death for him.

Hood over head and black cloak around his person he would probably be unnoticeable, which was going to happen regardless but this made it easier on the eyes. Sadly, walking up the stairs did not end fatally it seemed he would near the top in only a few moments, nothing he could do about it but hope he’d fall going back down.

Why he was called was confusing anyway, he was useless, he served the guild no purpose but to be a meat shield, that was all he was for anyone. A punching bag and shield, that was the fate of Kenny Omega, useful to none.

When he arrived at the top there was a gentlemen already there, he didn’t speak, instead he leaned against the nearest wall with his head down hoping he was unheard.

#3Shin Katari 

on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:58 am

"Hargeon Lighthouse. Important Business. Be there."

Reading it over and over again, this appeared to be the essence of the message. It was cryptic in nature yet also alluring. The normal person would not follow a message like this per caution. Thankfully, Shin was not a normal person.

He stood at the base of the lighthouse, his companion Gastly floating to his left. The two gazed up at the tall structure before them. It overlooked Hargeon and the raging seas, acting as a beacon of hope. Were it to be destroyed, the town would descend into darkness. The thought was rather poetic. Where there was light, there was darkness and vice versa.

Without wasting another moment, Shin entered the lighthouse and began to ascend the stairs with Gastly following closely. The climb up was rather long but provided a pleasant view of the sea. It was crazy to think that Phantom Lord was in Hargeon, days away from their home town of Oak. It also raised the question as to why the Phantoms were in the port town. It was odd to him that there would be a meeting in the home of the Pegasus. Logically, it was safer to hold a meeting in Oak Town avoiding the risk of confrontation. Suspicious to say the least.

Arriving at the top, Shin noticed he was not the first one here. There was someone cloaked in black and another sitting away from him. Switching his amber gaze from one to the other, Shin positioned himself away from the two, resting his back against the wall. He was able to keep both individuals in his line of vision. Gastly on the other hand had other intentions.

The mischievous creature roamed the floor, examining whatever caught it's attention. In particular, there was something sitting in the corner away from the rest of them. Curiously, Gastly floated on over with it's wide eyes and smile. Sticking its tongue out, Gastly attempted to lick the back of whatever it was sitting before it. This was a trick it enjoyed playing on unsuspecting targets.

With Gastly preoccupied, Shin would not call for it to stop. He had more important matters to focus on. He had to decide whether those present were friend or foe.


on Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:22 pm

"No need to be so cold, you two. Gallent, pass them the chips, please." Gallent seemed to recognize this and comedically threw a bag of chips at each of the men's feet: original flavor. Geb hoped this would at least be a way to warm them up and make things less tense, with the awkward way Gallent threw them, it seemed like there wasn't much hope on that front.

Geb sat on a wooden box on the top floor of the lighthouse. This area was mainly used as a storage, so it was dark outside of a poor lantern flickering in the middle of the room. Fitting for Phantoms, he supposed.

"I'll get straight to the point, gentleman. You're the ones that showed up for this meeting. I'll have to do another one in Oak at the hall too, but you two should be good enough for this area of Fiore. Geb took in a deep breath and spoke once more, not entirely knowing how the other two men would react to this next sentence. "Our guildmaster is dead."

Geb didn't waste more than a few seconds after saying that to get to his next point. This part would be a bluff, as he still wasn't used to this new body. As such, he was forced to convince these men in a mental way, not one of a physical level. "And I fully intend to become the next Guildmaster. Should any of you two object, feel free. I'm prepared to kill for it, however." Geb did his best to give a cold stare to the two men, thinking back on those plays he used to view and thinking on the best way to pretend he was something he wasn't.

Regardless, this title was something Geb had decided he should take the opportunity for, so if he couldn't get this section of Phantom Lord on his side, he'd have to find some other way when he was stronger. The sooner the better, however.


on Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:33 pm

“...” Kenny remained silent, his eyes shifting to the two others. So this was it? Just the three, well he wasn’t expecting a monster turn out given where they were but this was some what abysmal they’d need more members and now that he was a phantom he’d need to recruit some mages into the guild, else their numbers would look think when the time came for guild warfare.

He looked down at the chips and then back up at the unnamed fellow, he was more interested in the summoning than pleasantries thus he picked up the bag of chips, nodded thankfully and placed them on a nearby box not to rudely leave them there but a respectful decline.

With the news of the dead guildmaster Kenny stifled a gasp and… Shrugged. He didn’t even meet the guy yet, well for more than a few moments as a grunt gave him his tattoo. Was that the only news though? It didn't’ much matter to Kenn if the guy was dead or not, that was the line of work they were in and if rumor was true he wasn’t all that nice of a guy to begin with.

When the threat arose about becoming Guild master that was when Kenny cocked a brow, what a pretty icy stare this boy had. He smiled at him warmly and shrugged opening the bag of chips and tossing a few crisps in his mouth, “Go for it.” he spoke with a full mouth, “You two can decide amongst yourselves, my vote goes to whatever.” he swallowed and ate a few more.

“What I care about right now is recruiting, regardless who our leader is we need bodies to put in the field.” he munched on his treat and shrugged again.

#6Shin Katari 

on Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:09 pm

As the man sitting atop the wooden box began to speak, the tides at the sea began to rage. With thunderous clap, a wave crashed against the shore simultenously with the word 'dead'. The guildmaster of Phantom Lord had died. The world around him came to a sudden halt. His mind was struggling to wrap itself around the idea. The guildmaster of Phantom Lord was dead. He looked down at the ground beneath him, unsure of whether to believe the news or not. Truth be told, he never had a strong relationship with the master but nonetheless, he was arguably the strongest member of the guild. He was the head Phantom.

Time began to flow once again as the idea of a new guildmaster was tossed out. The man speaking, presumably the one who had called the meeting together, claimed the title of guildmaster for himself. With a predatory stare, Shin's amber eyes pierced the darkness. This man had the audacity to claim the title of guildmaster for himself? Leaving the safety of the wall, Shin took a step forward. The weight of his foot crushed the contents of the bag as he removed his hands from his pockets. Everything around him was non-existent. All his focus was on this one man, his prey.

"What the hell did you just say?" Shin asked with a furious tone. He looked down at the man before him, attempting to assert his dominance. Different thoughts rushed his mind. However, there was no time to think but only act. He bent down, getting to eye level with the man. The amber hue of his eyes gave a threatening expression, one that would have most quaking in their feet. Mana began to surround his body as he cocked his head to the right slightly. "You're saying you saw the master die...and didn't do anything about it?"


on Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:52 pm

Geb nodded at the first man's answer, before the second one seemed to be the polar opposite. Geb stood up slowly as the man glared at him, Geb feeling the tension he was putting out clearly. Standing up, Geb spoke as he did so. "Sit and watched him die? Do you really think I would do that?" He asked, stepping forward. He moved up to face the man, answering him with his own glare, the two of them less than two feet away now. "I did everything I could to help the guildmaster. But in the end, I too got injured. I'm not even sure how I made it out alive, but the guildmaster, from my conjecture, died to save me and another man. He was an honorable man in life and death.. do you think that it's easy for me either?"

Geb sighed and backed up a few steps. He couldn't lose his cool here if he was to convince the two men to join his cause and allow him to be the new guildmaster. "I owe my existence to Cesare. That's what I'd like to take his place and lead the best I can." Geb hoped that his sudden switch from hostility to sympathy would work on the two men in front of him, but it was uncertain. Only time would tell in this meeting, but Geb had a strong, strong feeling that this was far from the end of this debate.

Gallent meanwhile, was munching on chips in the corner without a care in the world. If only Geb could have such little to worry about right now. Gallent was truly a munchlax that was to be envied by many. What a life.


on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:40 pm

The blathering was beginning to get irritating, were they going to really start chirping like this about over who got to wave the bigger stick around and tell the other kids what to do. Kenny managed to finish his chips tossing the bag onto the box he had originally placed them on. “That’s enough from the both of you.” Kenny stepped between them with a hand in front of him gesturing for them both to get their panties outta their asses and calm down, his eyes faced forward, hand down and expression calm.

“Now both of you calm yourselves, I didn’t know this “Caesar” but I doubt he’d want for us to pummel our Guildmates.”
he looked at Shin at the end of the sentence before turning his head to the self proclaimed guild leader “or pretend to play alpha male with a pissing contest for who gets to play dad in our little game of House here.” his words were sharp and drawn out, but if there was one thing he detested it was conflict and if it could be avoided he would do everything he could to prevent it. He flipped his hair out of his face and looked at them both once again. It felt good to play dad, he couldn’t lie.

If the two would calm down Kenny would offer a solution to their growing issue, “Now it seems like you care a great deal about this Caesar” he looked at Shin, “But beating on this guy and getting huffy won’t bring him back any time soon.” he stated him in his eyes, yeah Kenny didn’t know the former GM and he didn’t all too care for the death but he wasn’t gonna let it tear them apart, not when he just joined, “And you care a great deal about filling his shoes to continue his legacy.” he looked at Geb.

“But how about we get another guild member and do things professionally with them in Oak with a proper vote because you both love Phantom Lord and you’re both like me, you wanna dominate Fiore in the name of the Phantom, but like I said kicking each other's asses ain’t the way to do it girls.” he tugged on his collar now that his little speech was over, “Shit I need some water.”

#9Shin Katari 

on Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:31 pm

The tension in the air continued to grow with each passing moment. Each member present had something to say without care for the others. This further fueled the temper in each man, creating a recipe for disaster. However, the man in black decided enough was enough. His intervening brought Shin back to reality.

Turning around, Shin returned to the wall he had left earlier. He continued to listen to Kenny speak, digesting everything he said. His words, although annoying, held some weight. "I don't need to be told what I already know," Shin retorted in response to Kenny's statement about bringing Cesare back to life. The guildmaster was dead and they would eventually need someone to fill the void he left behind.

"What good is a vote gonna do?" Shin spoke as he looked over at Kenny, "You said you don't give two shits. I would imagine other members in the guild share the same view. Hell, I could care less. But I have one problem." Pausing, Shin faced the man he had confronted earlier and spoke with a serious tone, "How do we know he didn't let the master die just to grab the throne?"

Heinous as the thought was, it was something Shin would have done. To him, life was a game of chess. He and the other men in this room were pawns and Cesare was the king. With the king being removed from the board, it opened an opportunity for a new king to rise, for one of the pawns to ascend. The king's removal from the game was essential for a pawn to grow. In this case, Cesare's removal from the world was essential for Shin to achieve the next level. It was the push he needed to reach his goals.


on Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:38 pm

Geb sighed, the two men much angrier than he thought they would be. However, something the first man said was interesting. They would go to the Phantom Lord guild to have a popular vote. That.. actually wasn't a bad idea. Geb would look to the two men, before crossing his arms. He would have to do this somewhere more to his advantage.. right now, he was with this red-haired man who seemed to be very riled up. He was probably strong too, so it was best not to engage with him in a combat situation at this point. Geb would signal Munchlax to come, but he wasn't there. He supposed Gallent had just run off somwhere, but little did he know, he would never see Gallent again. Sad, really. Ignoring the situation with Gallent, Geb looked towards the two men and began to head out the door. "Fine.. I'll give you your answers, but not right now. Oak, the guild hall. We'll settle things there with the other members.. By next week, be in that spot." Geb would then go out the door and leave, done with the arguing and hositlity in this room. He needed time to get strong and get used to his new body if he were to do anything about the situation. Thus, Geb began to progress down the halls of the lighthouse, stepping down the stairs and not caring about the two men behind him. His luck was up lately, and he had a feeling it wasn't about to go down.

That being said, he needed to get the hell out of here before he got beat up. So he waked kinda fast down the stairs.



on Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:03 pm

Kenny pulled his hood over his head, cloak ‘fwooping’ behind him as he turned from the other men, “I’ll see you in Oak, maybe. As I said I defer to the last person so my vote counts as theirs if I don’t make it.” with those last words he made his way out of the room and into the dark stairwell he had come from. It was a different one than that the other male came from. He progressed down and out of the light house. This seemed to be a waste of time he didn’t want this nonsense to interfere with his own growth as a PL member but if the death of some stiff was what dictated their journey so be it. He shook his head and sighed, this was so stupid. He was beginning to regret joining this Guild very much, it was no fun all of these meetings maybe he could leave. That would be great, just leave while they go bonkers over this nonsense. He didn’t enjoy the arguing and shin was being very rude as his recruiter. He was so nice and then he turned so mean and raw, it was so unkind to be so mean for no reason, what a jerk!


#12Shin Katari 

on Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:13 pm

It appeared the meeting had come to an end. The other men present decided to take leave, agreeing to meet once again in Oak for a more formal voting. This would allow the other members to have a say instead of just three. As the first man exited and second followed, Shin took a deep breath and looked out into the sea. Taking in the scenery, he made his way for the stairs as Gastly followed suit.

He took slow steps down, ensuring the other two men had exited the lighthouse. He did not want to run into them again otherwise he would not be able to control his emotions. It was for the best to calm down and think everything through. Did he really want to become the guildmaster? Would he be able to put aside his difference of working with others? Was he strong enough? These questions would continue to bug him for the rest of the day and possibly for the future too. For now though, he would think short term. He would take some time to decide as to what he wanted to accomplish. He would then return to Oak, to the guild, with a clear goal in mind.


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