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Taking in the Sights and the Sounds (LeeAnn)

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#1Gala Nakamura 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:38 pm

Moving thru the Town of Hargeon Gala could only grin as he saw the steep incline of the town that lead towards the harbor and he could only think of one thing that would make getting down to the harbor all the more fun. Moving over to a building the slayer quickly formed wind around his fingers and used them to dig into the bricks and climb up onto the roof before he laughed a bit and took off across the roof and lept onto the next one with a roll at the end before he kept moving without losing speed. Seeing the road ahead turn Gala quickly dug his wind coated fingers into the roof for a moment before using his momentum to turn on the spot before taking off again.

Half way thru his little roof jumping adventure the red eyed slayer grabbed a street post before quickly sliding down it and headed down towards the harbor, along the way Gala saw a vendor selling pork katsu and a paring it with a five flavor berry sauce so he decided to grab one. Taking a bite the slayer sighed it content at the flavor of juicy pork and the crisp and crunchy outside, dipping it in the sauce was another thing that shocked him when he bit into it. The slayer tasted sour,sweet, bitter, spicy and savory in a very rapid burst. “Ah that’s awesome and with enhanced senses it tastes even bette.” he said asr he finally got out of the city and onto the open space of the harbor.

#2LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:09 pm

LeeAnn. LeeAnn. Who the hell was she? Kenny had given him all that he knew about her. It was not much, but enough to go on. Perhaps, there was a way he could find her that could lead to his past. You never knew these days. Everyone seemed connected in one way or another. What caught his new friend's attention was the ghoul colored eye and the eyepatch. It was the exact same way this "LeeAnn" had it and was strange to his ears. She was a neko as well. There was a bit of similarity, a bit too much that freaked him out a tiny bit. As per usual, he wore his black cape the was held by one belt to keep it on as the other three were loose. His black leather gloves covering both of his hands including the strange illness that coverd his right hand. It had spread a tiny bit, but not too much. Fay had snuck in some "human meat" into his sandwiches that he did not detect. He just thought it was balonga or turkey.

Fay wore her long white hair down with a cute steampunk tophat with an steampunk styled dress and gear. She looked amazing in Leon's eyes, which was the same everyday. They headed near the harbor which was next...to water. A neko's mortal enemy. Silently, he grew uneasy making his usual eye shifting away from the sight. It made him quinsy. Fay saw a vendor making her blue eyes lit up like fireworks. The neko's nose picked up on a scent of pork, something he could not eat, and saw the guy from Magnolia in the distance. Fay was headed his way. Leon stood in the distance, away from the water and harbor. Fay smiled. "He looks fimilar. I best not want to cause any attention to myself. Knowing Fay, she might break that only string of hope I have. God damn it woman" he thought. He only looked down at his feet pretending to not be staring, but he made slight barely noticeable eye gestures indicating that he was keeping an eye on him nad Fay.

#3Gala Nakamura 

Default on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:43 pm

Gala was idly munching his pork katsu and paid no mind to the things around him untill he had finished his snack and he sighed before he turned and bought three more since he had not had lunch yet. Before he could even take a bite of his lunch he suddenly caught wind of a scent in the air he had smelled before, it was familier to him even if he wasent a slayer at the time of meeting this person. A few sudden sniffs of the air told him who was around him and his eyes suddenly darted around before locking onto Fey and he blinked a few times in slight surprise before he took a bite of his lunch as his dragon like eyes never left the fox woman.

Seeing her starry eyed look at his lunch he sighed before he offered the Kitsune a Pork Katsu with a side of sauce before he spoke.” here take it” he offered politely before he suddenly caught another scent and turned his gaze to the white haired Neko not to far away and he caught his gaze even if the man was trying to hide it. The Gale Dragon slayer just smirked before he made a come here motion.” Come on stop being a wall flower and get over here” he said loud enough for the neko to hear him. He wasent being rude but he found it slightly irritating to be watched like a hawk when he was just minding his own business. Sniffing the air once more he scowled slightly before turning to Fey.”Your scent and his are very familiar for some reason even though I only met you guys recently in Magnolia” he questioned as he waited for the man to approach.

#4LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:26 pm

As she was about to order one, someone took notice of her. The white kitsune took a glance over with her ceurlean blue eyes. It crept up to her this was the man both her and Leon met briefly in Magnolia. The last time they met he assumed they were someone else or reminded him of someone he knew. Leon gotten that a lot throughout the times they were in Magnolia and traveling around Hargeon. Right now, they were just looking for a trace of LeeAnn chick from a possible rumor. She disappeared right around the time they appeared. It was weird from the rumors they heard around the Rune knights stationed in the cities they traveled through. She happily took the pork and smiled. "Thank you so much" she said.

The man noticed Leon spying or staring at him in a rude and protective manor. He dreaded wanting to walk over there. It was breaking his mental thinking. Which was dangerous, in many ways. He sighed and sluggishly walked over to him after he called over. He stood over Gala and Fay. Placing a hand on his fiance a little protective, it was gently on the shoulder. There was nothing to say out of his mouth. He let Fay do the talking. "Really? That's the first I've ever heard of that. Why do you say that" asked Fay. The neko only gave him a calm stare and seemed extremely alert.

#5Gala Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:48 am

Gala watched at the man approached Leon the slayer remembered from Magnolia but what still bothered him was his scent it was familiar to the slayer. At the nekos alert gaze and the slayer sighed.”will you lighten up you act like Im going to eat the young woman “ he grumbled before he heard Feys question. He turned his ruby slitted eyes to the girl for a moment before he spoke.”his scent and yours by extension smell close to members of my family, I should know since I just saw my half brother Hikaru Nakamura recently” he explained before his nose suddenly caught something that he had missed before.

He smelled sickness and he could smell it very heavily on Leon which made him narrow his eyes in suspicion, Gala looked at Leons eye patch before he spoke.”Hey what is wrong with your eye are you sick? I smell Sickness and its clinging heavily to you” he asked his watched the white haired Neko like a hawk for any sign of lieing. Though Gala was one to be quiet and speak only when he really needed to right now this neko seemed so familiar it bothered him something fierce.

#6LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:57 pm

Yeah he was grumpy, or seemed like it, but in all reality. He was being protective. It was not for Fay, she could handle herself, it was about his information. About him. It was fine to talk about him and his stuff, but when it comes to personal things, that bothers Leon. Things such as his eyepatch, his amnesia, his true goal on finding this LeeAnn, or about his illness as well of his past. He does not remember much at all but that one man with pink hair and some recent recovered data of a few sentences someone had said. The Neko just gave him a serious look not caring what rank or who this guy was. There was an odd tick about him that made her act differently. He was good at first impressions and this one seemed suspicious of him.

He was told to cheer up more. All this guy got out of him with an eye roll. Fay seemed the more friendly out of the two. She was a people person afterall. He said their scent smelled fimilar to a family member of his, Hikaru Nakamura. The name did not ring a bell, but made him wonder. The most he got from people was that LeeAnn was a redhead neko with a kitsune named Hans. They were both engaged much like him and Fay. LeeAnn left behind a few trails, but nothing more than a last name to lead on. This had to be her brother. He stayed himself slowly piecing the information together. Hikaru and this guy are her brothers. What sort of relationship did she have with them? Was their father alive? Mother? Any other family members? He had to find out!

The man started to give Leon an odd feeling as if he was being pressured to obey his command. Leon would not deny that scent, but he seemed to have too strong of a nose. Giving a calm yet cold look, his ears folded back showing he did not like this man getting into his personal space. "If you would please stop getting into my personal space, that would be great.I dont wish to say anything to someone I barely know about my personal life. Don't you have any manners" he said, bluntly. He clearly was bothered by it. He took a step back away from Fay and this other guy. Leon held his ground and would fight back if he had to, but he sought no reason to.

#7Gala Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:27 pm

Gala narrowed his eyes and growled lightly at the tone Leon used when he asked him to stop getting into his personal space, however the slayer was not satisfied with that answer."I do have manners but the smell of sickness is one that I have only caught on one other person and your not her I have only smelled this scent on my Twin LeeAnn so I want an answer Are you Sick" Gala asked though though his gaze was icy. the fact that this man shared the scent with LeeAnn had all the warning signs in Galas head going off since he had not seen LeeAnn in a while even after his trip to magnolia.

this man had some kind of connection to her and the slayer was not going to let him not answer the question. "I havent seen my sister in a while and you have the same smell of sickness on you I don't think thats just a stroke of luck" he questioned as he took a step forward as Leon took a step back. the slayers eyes seemed to glow softly as his red slitted eyes locked onto Leons blue one and the look on the slayers face was clear that he wanted an answer and he wanted it now.

#8LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 5:14 pm

The air gotten tense. It was getting to the point you could cut it with a knife. He was starting to get somewhere he did not like. Leon stayed calm as he did not say a word to Gala. He only grew even more agitated. "I do not know your sister.
I do not wish you answer your question. Leave me and my fiance be"
he said. Fay only watched. She did not like this guy already getting into her lover's business. It was like he was pressing him for life threatening information. Leon only stayed calm and remained his cool surprisingly. He had that amazing skill. "Before you get all high and mighty, I have no connection to your sister from my knowledge. Now please, leave me alone" he said. It was true. That was he most he was gonna say. He motioned to Fay to get on leaving. As he was turning, he felt a tug on his eyepatch. Leon grabbed the hand was reaching for it, but it snapped off.

The eyepatch lied in Gala's hands. Leon stood there frozen with his right hand over his right eye. It did not reveal anything to Gala that could trace back to his missing sister, but it still bothered him. The Rune Knight stood there frozen. He did not say a word as intense magical energy emitted from him. The temperature around them heightened to barely liveable. Leon looked at Gala as his claws unsheathed. "Now you really dont it" he said. Leon was about to lift his foot to attack, but a voice broke his trance.

"Gala, what are you doing"

It made Leon freeze as his left eye, his red and black ghoul eye, shown and his right eye covered by his white hair. The heat dissipated and the claws were no where to be seen.

#9Gala Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:33 pm

Gala had resisted the urge to bare his teeth at the mans comment and refusal to tell him anything and as he turned to leave Galas hand suddenly lunged forward and snatched the mans eye patch to see what was behind it. The moment he removed it and the man turn around the slayers eyes went wide and then he growled.”How do you have that eye!” he exclaimed as he suddenly felt the output of magic and the heat increasing before he reacted to it. Instantly the wind suddenly picked up all around them and dispersed the heat while some of it setteled around Galas arms and legs while his eyes dilated and he bared his fangs at the man.”That hand touches me I’m breaking it seven ways to Sunday” he snarled before another voice rang out.

Once Gala heard the voice he also froze and he dispered the wind around himself and his eyes turned back to normal. It was his father and instantly the slayer went from angry to nervous.”F.f.father I’m sorry I caught the same scent on these two as Lee and Hans as well as you and Hikaru so I pushed for information” he explained while stuttering a bit in dread of making his dad mad.”I might have pushed too far though Sorry” he added while apologizing to the two

#10LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:16 pm

Leon did not like this guy and was trying to leave peacefully. He did not like to provoke fights. Instantly, thanks to this man who broke it. He knew of this figure. Well known in the Rune Knights for his high ranks. He was better at faces than names. Face look too familiar, name was not so much. He held a black jacket with blue jeans and a cigarette in his mouth. He seemed to be one of those cool dads in his opinion. Nakamuras. He knew this man and his son that attack him was Gala. The neko looked at Fay as she looked at him. This was one of the answers. Gala seemed distraught when the male's voice spoke. He referred to him as father. The dad of Gala, Hikaru, and possibly LeeAnn. Gala tried to explain what and why he was doing these things. In Leon's mind, Gala had harrassed him, but he was the bigger person and did not say anything.

"Gala, you only had this power for a short time. You do not know Leeann's and Hans's scent. Remember? They were missing before you gotten it. I understand you worry, but a knight does not act like that around another. You do not see the fight, you try to avoid it. The true words of a knight" he said. The black haired man turned over to Leon and Fay. He apologized. Leon was a forgiving man, but did not forget. "Next time, know when your stepping the line kid. I don't seek a fight, but when you grabbed my eye patch you over stepped your boundaries. Just be lucky your father stepped in while he did or else this whole city would be destroyed. Thank you sir" thanked Leon. The father smiled and took out his cigarette to blow some smoke. Leon taken his eyepatch over his almost blind left eye and shown his ghoul eye. Afterwards, the father spoke Leon. He gotten a look look at him and knew from the start there was something about him that already made him trust Leon.

"It's what I do. I see that your a Seated Knight? My name is Nicholas Nakamura and I am sure you are already aquianted with my son,
Gala? What is your and your lover's names"
he asked. The Knight nodded shaking Nicholas's hand with a firm grip. He felt honored to be noticed. "I am infact, sir. Thank you for noticing. It's an honor to meet the legend himself. I am Leon and this is my beautiful partner,
he said. Fay waved as she was busy building something out of old paper, trashed paper cups and straws. She was an engineer and had the mind of a squirrel, even through she was a fox.

His ghoul eye looked at Nicolas then at Gala. "Personally, I do see you have the same eye color as my daughter, LeeAnn. See why Gala thought something was wrong" he said. He looked at his left eye. Fay paused and froze feeling something was wrong. It was unlike her to think of panic. She looked at the three of standing a few feet away talking and scoping out Leon. The neko noticed the kitsune looking a bit apprehensive, but did not say anything. "Really? that's what Gala kept saying. Who is this LeeAnn? Was she a Knight like both of you" he asked. He knew he that already, but he had to provoke this conversation in a suttle way. Nicolas could read people better than his daughter and Leon. He knew there was something about htis guy. "Why dont the four of us sit down" he said. Leon walked forward as Fay stood behind leon. Nicolas stood away where both could not hear. He looked at his son. "I see why you see that as suspicious, but I have a feeling about him. He could possibly have a connection to cure Leeann's illness or help us find her. Trust me on this, son. I hae a feeling about something...dont know what it is" he said.

#11Gala Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:06 pm

Gala could only sigh as his father reprimanded him and he nodded.”I am sorry Father I was too determined for an answer it was my fault” he said to his father. He calmed down but when Leon called him kid and told him he was lucky Gala shot the neko a fearsome glare for a moment before he growled and turned his head away before he grabbed his last Pork Katsu and took a big bite out of it to distract him from that comment. However his father spoke to him again and made sure it was a whisper so the two wouldn’t hear him and told him that he understood his suspicions but he had a feeling that the neko could help them cure or find LeeAnn to which the dark haired slayer gained a serious look and he nodded in under standing before he spoke.

come on I’ll buy us lunch it’s the least I can do for the trouble I caused and I won’t take no for an answer” he said shooting a sharp glance at lean for a moment to tell him not to argue. At that moment a familier black shadow appeared out of Galas own shadow and it blinked its single red eye at them. “Gala I sensed high wind activity remember the last time you got mad after the surgery” Shade jabbed before he used his tail and lightly struck the slayer right by his heart and Gala released a sharp hiss of pain and grabbed at the area where he had the dragon lacrima implanted before he snatched the bat creature and started to stretch him like a plushy.”Yes I remember Shade but next time don’t hit me where I had the Lacrima implanted or Im going to use you for target Practice” he growled softly hoping his Father wasent upset about this.

#12LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:38 pm

It was quite clear that Gala had understood what his father had said. There was something odd about that couple and they were gonna get to the bottom of it. Though, unlike Gala, Nicolas had a strange feeling he knew the couple rather well. Compared to his other two sons, Gala was more determined and emotional much like LeeAnn. They gotten that from their mother he assumed. She was always showing a temper and demanded for answers. The twins were much more alike than he really anticipated. He looked over at Gala and saw something that was named Shade. It was an odd creature that he had never seen before in his life. He did not say anything and let the two of them be. His focus went back to Leon and Fay.

Something about them. "Gala, stop abusing your pet and lets catch up with them"
retorted his father. They caught up with the two of them. Leon already noticed they were up to something. Though, his mind frame was on piecing everything together.

"Alright lets make sense off all of this, this is LeeAnn's family. She has the last name Nakamura. Nakamura family is a rare last name and is considered to be a famous family. Known for their trade and lightning magic. I am with Leeann's father, Nicolas. Famous for being a high ranking Rune Knight and her full blooded or half blooded brother. This Hikaru is also her brother, half or full.
Okay I am in gold region right here"
he thought. He took mental notes and making calculations. Fay could see the gears in his mind already working up a storm. Nicolas saw this took. "You okay there, son? You look sick or something" he said. The neko had his trance shattered coming back into reality. Nicolas was observing his everyone movement.

#13Gala Nakamura 

Default on Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:11 am

Gala sighed as he released Shade and the two glared at each other for a moment before they dropped the glare and followed Galas father along with the Leon and Fey. Shade proceeded to go on ahead to find a place for them to get lunch, despite just eating Gala was still hungry but that was normal due to how much he trained everyday to keep himself strong. After a few moment Shade returned.”There is a small bar and grill nearby I suggest we go there” the spirit said as Gala nodded and looked at his dad.”shall we go there I’ll cover everyone father Ive been working hard so I’ve got some spare cash built up” the dark haired knight said.

Seeing Leon thinking hard after his father spoke so did Gala.”Overthinking tends to do more harm then good, just a fair warning” he said simply not even looking back at the man as he led them over to the bar and grill and opened the door for the three of them to enter before himself.

#14LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:55 pm

Leon felt like he was being pinned into a corner despite how suttle the two Nakamuras were being. More Gala than Nicolas. A rat trapped by a cat and no where to go. That's was an over exgaration, but it got the point across. Fay was observant. She noticed thing that Leon noticed. He was a knight, but did not act like it sometimes. Though, most people could tell by looks of somethings. Nicolas broke his trance making his shake his head and blink a few times. He gave a nod to assure than man that he was alright. Kindly, he stayed quiet as Fay glanced back at Gala. The black haired man passed by making a snarky comment about not overthinking much. This guy was starting to get on his last nerve.

The knight remained his cool as it would look bad for him. They entered the small bar and grill. Fay's eyes lit up. He looked at the small kitsune. There it was. Mint Chip ice cream special. His ears lowered ."Oh boy" he said. They sat at a table and were given menus. Fay of course just wanted ice cream. She sat there hugging her fiance. Leon stroked her hair as he smiled. Then his eye grew serious staring at Gala then at Nicolas. "I'm sorry to be disrespectful for a moment, but I am not that dense like commoners.
You both seem to be suspicious of me and I know why. I look like your LeeAnn. Don't I? Clearly,
you are wanting answers out of me and I am just going to give them to you. I don't like talking about myself. Its not something I particularly like doing"
he said.

Fay perked up immediately. She looked at Gala then at Leon. Her ears folded back sensing this was not a good thing. His magical energy felt heavy and had a odd stench to it. Only mages were able to sense it and smell it. Fay's eyes grew wide. "Leon, please calm down your-" she was interrupted by a glare from Leon. Shew as not given time to talk while Leon continued. "I have no memory of anything past a few weeks ago. I only have memory of a name of Leon and someone with salmon hair and a picture. I'm a simple man. I am trying find out who I am and figure out what the hell is wrong with me. Yes, I am sick. Yes, I look like a ghoul with this left eye. Yes, the eye patch is something hidden under it. I...have nothing...but to find your daughter Leeann. A possible lead has told me she may know what I have and what to do about some of this" he whispered, seriously. He looked at Nicolas into the eye.

Fay tugged on his cloak, but he ignored it. A sudden pain came to his chest causing him to clentch his teeth and grabbed his chest cavity. The tight grip lied over his left side where his heart was located. Quickly, he stood up causing a loud sound to echo through the building of the chair scooting. Fay got up grabbing his arm. His illness never gotten this bad. It was perhaps the first of many attacks. The colors began to blur slowly. Nicolas knew automatically what was wrong. Afterall the years taking care of his daughter with this illness. It was nothing knew. It was a practical uncertified doctor at this point. "Leon! Lee! Leon" cried Fay, trying to get his attention. Leon began to wheeze and cough feeling like something heavy was on his chest making it hard to breathe.

The pain felt even more tense like someone was cutting and tearing his skin with knives. His legs felt like lead and pulled him to the ground. A loud thump was heard as Leon cried in pain. Nicolas was slightly delayed in reaction, but he looked at his son. "Son, do you still have those alchemy potions you made for your sister on you? That could be handy this time around" he said. Fay was already on the scene laying Leon as his back. Customers were just standing there staring watching in awe. No of them paid not mind to the googling eyes at drama. This was probably the talk of the day. Fay grabbed something out of her coat pocket and stabbed Leon's arms harshly. Slowly, Leon drifted away. "There that should do it. That will only put him to sleep.
I think Gala might have the trick for this. I left everything back at the hotel room"
she said.

#15Gala Nakamura 

Default on Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:49 am

Gala had not been aiming to be Snarky but it seemed that his comment was taken that way despite the neko not voicing it. As the server came up Gala glanced at the menu before he put in his order, the red eyed man simply wanted a mushroom burger and a pitcher of apple peach hard cider. Despite how much alcohol that was the alcohol content was about equal to normal beer so Gala could finish a pitcher with no trouble. When Leon spoke again Gala held his tongue and let the man vent while he was brought his pitcher and he took a few gulps of the cold liquid and he gave then man a cool look as he was not effected by the mans seemingly irritated exclamation.

While Leon mentioned he had no memory since a few weeks ago and was hunting for what could cure him or tell him who he was the fact he mentioned someone with salmon colored hair caught the dark knights attention since the only one he knew with hair like that was Hikaru. But then the neko suddenly was struck with his illness and he dropped to the ground. The knight was quick to lift his pitcher up again to keep it from spilling and he took a quick drink before he got to work.”yeah I always have my potions on hand father I never leave home without them” he explained before Shadows tail emerged from the mans shadow and passed Gala a small bottle of glowing blue liquid before he passed it to fey. However he suddenly got suspicious when Fey seemed to know that he would have the potion on him.” How did you know I would have this, I have only met you once before this and I have never mentioned my alchemy hobby at all to you

#16LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:39 am

The three of them sat over Leon. Fay could not recall remembering any of this. It was a natural instinct or habit that was built into her. The kitsune only blinked at Gala. Her eyebrow risen seeing that he was a little shocked. "Your father mentioned your potions and I am over 100 years old. I am a kitsune. I am knowledgeable in medical field. This has happened before, not no where as bad. You do that math" she said, calmly. Vaguely, she had a idea of the procedure, but nothing else. She saw the glowing potion that was the color of neon blue. It reminded her of some radioactive substance that would turn her lover into a mutant. Not like he already is one. The white kitsune watched Gala pour it into Leon's mouth.


"So this is why you called me here. I like it. You we're good as a human in my opinion, but this still isn't bad. I've heard stories about Nekos, they're suppose to be stronger than the average human in some aspects right? How does it feel? Did it hurt? Did they do anything to you? Should I kill them?"

"Hikaru. Hikaru. Hika. HIKARU! Calm down, sheesh I know you're worried about me, but please one thing at a time"

"I don't quite know how you got here. But I was hoping you or Hans can tell me. Also, I've heard you're not feeling well recently, are you okay?"


Leon heard the voices called out. He did not recognize them. Though he recognized the name. Hikaru. There was another key or he thought so. The echoes of silence only brought more suspense and making him feel alone. "Hikaru...I see. Hans...these sound so fimilar...but...again it does not" he thought.

Fay heard him say "Hikaru" in a mumble. It caught her attention. Her blue eyes looked at Gala hoping he heard that too. Slowly his eye squinted and opened slowly. His vision was blurred a bit still. All he could see were blurs of Nicolas, Gala, and Fay. "No...more cookie dough in the morning for me. What...what happened? Why am on the floor? Can someone explain this" he said. He had forgotten that he blacked out.

#17Gala Nakamura 

Default on Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:19 pm

Gala could only look at fey in suspicion before he grabbed his pitcher and took another drink of it, he just couldn’t help but feel himself become more and more suspicious of them the more they spoke and seemed to know things that she either shouldn’t or couldn’t know. He down half the pitcher before he suddenly heard Leon call out the name of someone he knew he called out Hikarus name which made the knight blink a few times before he sighed and knew this was going to be tough to explain. As Leon woke up and blinked a bit he muttered something about cookie dough which made Gala sigh a bit.

When the Neko asked if he could get an explanation as to why he was on the floor and what happened the black haired knight just shook his head.”Father can you cover this I don’t know if I can handle explaining it to him” he said knowing if he had to do it then he might not be able to keep his cool if Leon made a mean comment.

#18LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sat Sep 23, 2017 6:58 pm

Fay grew a little bit more nervous, but remained same face. She held Leon's head on her lap as he woke up. The neko felt a bang in his head not from the fall, but from memory. This was the second timet his has happened. He hoped these were just conquidences He remembered hearing a female voice and a male voice that was named Hikaru. Clearly, everything seemed like it was forgien, but fimilar at the same time. It was hard to explain. Nicolas grew a bit worried about what his son might do. He knew he had his wife's blood and knew that from personal experience that they did things on the spur not including LeeAnn unless she got emotional.

Before anyone could answer, Fay stepped in without giving Gala any chance to talk. "You fainted again, another black out like you did when we were with Kenny when he mentioned about your ears and LeeAnn. You are getting me worried...how long have you been having this happen" she said. The neko sighed and sat up. "This is the second time" he said. The neko looked at Gala. "Speak. You have something to say" he said.

#19Gala Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:13 am

Gala just watched with his arms crossed as he listened to the two talk about how this black out situation has happened more then once and  this was the second time according to Leon,  it was clear to see that there was a connection to information about his sister and the nekos black outs but the knight couldn’t put his finger on why though. Gala  just drank more of his pitcher and savoeed the taste of sweet peaches and apples combined before Leon decided to  tell Gala  to speak and believed he had something to say. The red eyed man did not like how he said it but he tried to reign his temper in.

he brought his pitcher down hard and made sure not to slam it before he glanced at leon before he turned away from him.”I have no clue what your talking about. If anything you seem to be the one to have something to say, you avoid my questions but yet you and her know things that you shouldn’t  and you have the gall to ask us for information” the man said with a irritated tone in his voice. He then glanced over at a waitress and kindly asked for a triple bacon cheese burger.

#20LeeAnn Nakamura 

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Minute by minute, he felt his angry rising. This man had some nerve to lash a comment about his fiance as well. It was thing that it was about him, but another that it involved Fay. The Neko narrowed his eye. He did not like people snooping their noses where they don't belong. He got up. The man only looked at him with a angry spark, but remained a calm face. His heartbeat paced faster as the blood boiled in his vains. Fay looks extremely distressed, but looked at him with eyes speaking right through him. Reading every words she was probably wanting to say, he stood in front of her. "It's one thing to make a snarky comment at me, but when you get Fay involved.
Its another ball game, boy. I heard only through someone else that I look like LeeAnn. He tod me everything he knew after saving her life one time.
She could probably tell me what I have for the illness. I have been doing my own digging. Rumors spread,she's missing. Why not do a nice gesture for your famly and figure out who he hell I am"
he cried. He held his grip tightly then glared at him again. "I am sure you would hate it if I brought your sweet girlfriend into this? Or your mother? Huh? You are jumping to conclusions. I am giving you a warning before this gets serious, my friend. Please I hate to be the one to fight you" he said ticked. Leon was one to not fight unless if needed. His body language gave a look he was preparing in case Gala lunged at him.

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Gala was getting ready to just leave the man alone and eat his food that he had gotten but Leon decided to poke the bear and get him angry, he called him a boy once again and also seemed to be mad at him for bringing Fey into this which the red eyed man didn’t really target her he merely stated a fact which he didn’t think was bad but he cracked his fingers and just struggled to stay calm while the neko jabbed him at the fact that he should help his Family and figure out who the Neko was.”First Don’t call me BOY!” he snarled revealing his enhanced canine teeth in anger.” and second I Didn’t throw a snaky comment at her don’t confuse the truth and your own anger and don’t jab me about helping my Family I would do anything to help them considering I just found them but the problem lies with you!” he exclaimed as he felt his anger rising.

You want answers and yet you don’t want to give them in return you don’t seem to understand that its about give and take and I don’t feel like giving you a damn answer since you won’t answer any thing I ask” he growled before shade appeared out of his shadow.”Gala you need to calm down don’t let him get to you your better then him and your anger” the bat spirit said which seemed to start calming the man down untill Leon then brought up two people that reignited Galas anger, he jabbed him about the girl he had started dating Eve and his mother. However before Leon could Finish the sentence and even say “my Friend” A fist connected right to his Jaw and would send the man rocketing out of the bar and into the street. As the door broke Gala suddenly stepped out and he looked much different. The white of his eyes had turned pitch black and the red eyes seemed to gleam with vicious intent. His teeth were bared and they had all turned razor sharp. And his hands seemed to gain scales and vicious claws at the ends of them. Gala had a murderous look in his eyes as he spoke.”How dare you bring my mother into this Eve is one thing but I never even met my mother, now stay on the ground or I’m sending you to the hospital how many limbs broken is up to you” he snarled.

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Leon felt the fist contact with his jawline. The impact sent him flying, but he stood his ground. Quickly the knight saw no reason to fight back, but let Gala take his anger out. His ghoul shown and his eyepatch. The only things he could think of not wanting to fight. He hated this. The whites of Gala's eyes became pitched black and red rings much like his own left eye. He could only stare as well as Fay. Nicolas instantly knew what he was going to do and ran to tackle Gala. He would pinned him down and do a simple arm locking behind his back. It was a no brainer for the experience Rune Knight. This reminded him of when Leeann went balistic. "You need to calm down Gala. Right now or else I will make sure you never see Evelyn again" he said. The last words would probably make Gala calm down. He would keep him pinned as Leon could only just stare in amazement and fear that he almost went to the hosptial.

Nicolas looked at Leon. "You alright, Leon" he asked. The neko took a deep exhale out of relief that the worst was over with or so he thought. The illness began to hurt again and growing. From the midle of his forearm to his elbow showing the color of purple-black.

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Gala was so angry he was intent on sending Leon to the hospital bloody and broken, his magic was overflowing and causing the wind in the area to move chaotically and dangerously. However before the man could lunge with the intent to break the mans limbs felt his father knock him down and pin him down to which the dark haired knight struggled and snarled.”DAMN IT LET ME GO !’ he snarled before he heard his fathers threat and he relented and stopped struggling. Shade then moved over to his father.” I will handle him from here sir” it said before he waited for Nicholas to get off of Gala and it grabbed Galas wrist with its tail and pulled him back into the Bar.

Once he was back in the bar Galas eyes reverted to normal and his more vicious features changed back to normal, he calmly payed for his food and for the damage to the door before he sat in a corner and sighed while he took a bite out of his burger.”Gala how could you let your anger spike like that you know what happens when you get angry like that” it said while the dark haired man could only remain quite.”You think I don’t know that Shade but what did you think was going to happen when he mentioned my mother or Eve, its bad enough I never met my mother but my sister is missing and he went and provoked me with that information. What am I supposed to do the bastard wouldn’t answer my questions and he wanted information from us how is it fair?” he questioned before he took another bite of his lunch.

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Fay walked Leon outside quietly, where no one could hear them. He never felt so offended ever in his life. The young neko took a deep breath making him calm down a little. She slowly pulled off the glove showing the infected skin. Leon pursed his lips feeling the ain as Fay studied it. It had grown twice its size now since they ran into Gala. "Its grown twice in size. It's tied to your emotions. It is best if you stay out here so the infection does not spread. Does it hurt when I touch it" she asked. The Rune Knight seethed in pain as he let out a small hiss from teh pain. The pain was tied to his emotional standards. "It hurts even when no one is touching it. I only feel pain when I get emtional" he said.

Fay only nodded and smiled. She placed the leather glove on. The kitsune walked back in as she saw Gala and Shade calming down. Approaching the father of him, he looked at Fay. "Leon alright?" he asked. Fay pulled him outside and showed him. quietly, he pulled off Leon's glove. His eyes widen. It was the exact same infection or marking as his daughter. "I know what this is. Parastic Plague. I will keep this hidden" he said.

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Gala finished his food and he stood and approached his father and the couple and he leaned against the wall and crossed his arms as he had missed the conversation between the two but the man stayed silent as he didn’t want to reignite his temper again. Gala knew his temper could unleashed something terrifying but Leon had pushed him to the point where his control had become almost non existant and he had only felt the urge to knock the white haired Neko into next week, now that his temper was restrained and he had calmed himself down the knight was intent on making sure he didn’t get that upset again.

Shade was the one to speak since it seemed that Gala was intent on not speaking unless he had to.”I think we are ok now, however I will request that you not bring up the two people you did or it may end bad again” the bat spirit explained as Gala glanced at him and simply nodded.

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