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Hey there! [Kenny]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:13 pm

Jeeroy had spent a lot of time in the town of Hargeon.  He now knew it like the back of his hand.  He could navigate anywhere he wanted with little to no problems.  He also knew the people well.  The shop owners, the life guards, the rune knights of that town.  He was happy in Hargeon, and maybe one day he would settle down there on the beach, though he would surly get tired of it.  With a yawn and a stretch, he pulled himself out of bed.  It was time for him to begin the day.  He gathered his things, strapping his armor on with his weapon strapped to his side in case anyone decided to step up.  He was happy, happier than usual as he could feel himself becoming more and more in tune to the magic inside of him, though it was making him a bit sick.  It seemed like his immune system was failing him a bit.  He still could not be happier as he made his way onto the dark street, looking for anyone that he might have known or that seemed familiar.  He was in the mood to talk and be social that day.


Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:40 pm


Kennny’s shades shined in the Hargeon sun as he walked across the empty street to the other side of the busy sidewalk. So many people in such a moderate sized town, what a place this was. With a broomstick in hand he was clad in a black suit with red undershirt and leather dress shoes. He swept the sidewalk, cleaning the trash away onto the road, as he did so he kept a rhythm, sweeping quickly then making big brushes. He kept sweeping until the sun pretty much went out before him, he thought this over, looked around for the sun and then looked up at who was dimming the brightness, “Well look who it be! My own big guidance counselor! Kenny prodded the man’s spine with the broom. Ey it’sa mea Kenny!” he laughed. This was probably going to get him smacked, but no matter it was good to see the big guy again, they seemed to see each other so often that Kenny was beginning to think they were bound by destiny or something… Freaky shit. He began whistling and kept on poking, this was probably a really bad idea but he poked on and on, “I mean little update, that stuff you gave me has been in some weird effect, I’m not a horn dog, I just wanna kinda… Ya know bang my girl with a big stick like this.” he held the broom in front of him suggestively.

#3Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:44 pm

Jeeroy was ignoring the world while walking around, thinking about his magic once again.  It seemed to be the only thing on his mind at the point in time.  It was not until someone began poking him that he frowned and turned to see who it was.  Jeeroy then saw Kenny and smiled brightly at the man.  He had not seen him in a while and the last time he did, it was a short meeting that Jeeroy was not in his right mind for.  "Hey there man."  He would greet and then listen to what the man said about the potion he had given him.  Jeeroy could not help but smirk at the broom, knowing that having something as large as that in his pants would drive his girl away quick, he knew that from experience.  "Well man, why haven't you then?  You seem to have a lot of pent up energy, I am sure she would have a great night with you."  He chuckled at the man's enthusiasm, not questioning the broom in his hands on the street.  He was sure he had a good reason to be holding it.  "What exactly are you doing out here tonight?"


Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:51 pm

Kenny held his broom at his side when Jeeroy turned to look at him, hm, the bright sunny day seemed to be night all along. Kenny’s eyes really weren’t what they used to be but no matter, he was just happy to see this big oaf, he was a nice guy and always provided some kind words or encouragement for the Kenster to follow. “Well, I can’t find her brotha, but when I do I’ma like have her lose her voice she’ll be screamin’ my name so much, and her feet will have cramps them toes will curl so much.” he smirked with a confident grin, oh boy ok, Kenny was drunk. He was trying to put down the booze for his Guild but he was hella drunk. “She is gonna have a good night with me, but uh between you and me she won’t be sittin’ for a few days. ZING.” Then the quest arised of what Kenny was doing out so late, that was a good question, he was indeed out quite late and truthfully what he was doing was a bit of a secret, well not really. “I was just out having a few driiiinks, ya know tossin back some cold ones. What about you? What’re you doing out here champ?”

#5Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:00 pm

Of course the man had been drinking, Jeeroy guessed that explained why he had been sweeping the streets.  Jeeroy wondered silently if the man had somewhat of a problem.  He always seemed to be drinking and there had to be a reason why.  Jeeroy brushed it off with a sigh, as long as the man was not causing problems Jeeroy honestly did not care what he was doing in his spare time.  He still seemed to be able to do jobs and keep up with things pretty well, so perhaps it was not a problem.  "I just came back into town from Marigold.  There was nothing there for me to do really, I have not been in a job mood lately.  I am sorry about our last meeting, by the way.  I was not in my right mind."  He told the man with a small smile, hoping he accepted his apology.  "I just got back into town yesterday.  I have just been trying to relax so far."  He shrugged.  "Keeping the town safe, what I do best, I guess.  Hoping that my magic comes in soon, I cannot deal with these after effects for much longer or they'll kill me."  He laughed.


Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:12 pm

“It’s water under the bridge maaaaaan,” Kenny assured him with a wave of his broom, the broom was similar in color to Kenny’s attire, it had a black handle and black brush with grey highlights. It was an interesting broom, it truly was, it took him for him to get it looking the way it did. He sawed down the handle attached some things here and there and had it in tip top shape so he could finally be the cleaner. He stroked the bristles a bit as he stared at his broom, it was so perfect. Perfect for him, perfect for the man named the cleaner. “Sure it will, you’re a big galoot, probably just takes longer for you, but for me, I think I got mine or something. That or a lot more energy.” he chuckled, “Oooh, have you been working out? You look swole man, real swole, like your arms are like pythons, big writhing pythons. Dunno if I should stare of feed ‘em a mouse, know what I’m saying.” what the hell did he drink tonight? Maybe he should have laid off the sauce before he got too buzzed, what buzzed guy he was right now. He looked up at Jeeroy with narrowed eyes, why wasn’t he buzzed? “You drinkin’ tonight?”

#7Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:19 pm

Jeeroy watched the man as he stroked the bristles on the broom and he chuckled.  The man was surly fucked up.  Jeeroy could not believe the man had already got his magic, if he actually had.  It could have just been the energy that Jeeroy was feeling, if not he was gonna be a little sad.  Maybe it took more time to work on his body considering he was a giant, though he had taken it days before Kenny did.  Kenny asked the man if he was going to get tipsy and Jeeroy shrugged.  "I might drink at some point tonight.  I just got up and about after sleeping for like twelve hours.  I was just out patrolling right now, nothing else to do.  No new jobs here yet."  He explained with a shrug as he watched the man before him playing with the odd looking broom. Was that going to be part of his attire now?  Jeeroy did not know but he was curious about it.  He could not keep his curiosity to himself any longer.  "What is with that broom there man?  You cleaning, or is it like an appearance thing?"  He asked quietly chuckling with a smile.


Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:29 pm

Kenny stroked the brush a bit more and sighed to himself contently, this was amazing, it was an amazing tool for an amazing guy like him. He sweeped once with the brush signaling the cleaning was complete, his lavender eyes closed. “Actually man I think your potion fucked my eyes up.” he pointed to his eyes with a smile, Jeeroy would find them to be a lavender purple with quite a few rings around them. There was nothing special about these eyes, they were just purple and looked pretty cool, he liked them a lot. They were kinda evil looking and matched his new guild well, purple on purple. He was so loyal his damn eyes were purple, “You like ‘em? Do I look the pretty?” he looked down at his broom when asked about it, “I use this to sweep, I’m cleaning up the streets gotta keep this place looking good, this is my city after all.” he put the broom on his shoulder and stretched his arms, “So what do ya wanna do?” he asked him sincerely he had no idea what to ask other than that, he was too drunk to really care where they went because he knew at some point he was gonna be putting his hands in a certain ashen haired girls pants… Woo, what a guy he was.

#9Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:39 pm

Jeeroy would chuckle as the guy explained he was cleaning up the streets, quite literally.  He was happy to see the man taking care of his town, but weren't there crews of workers that got paid to do that?  Jeeroy would look at the man's eyes with a interested nod.  "They look pretty cool, my man.  Definitely the bell of the ball."  He joked with a laugh.  The man would ask what Jeeroy wanted to do and Jeeroy would shrug.  They could get something to eat, maybe drink.  "Hmm, I guess I could go for a beer.  We could get something to eat at that sports bar up there.  I am sure they will have a nice selection of drinks as well.  I do not want to drink before eating, though.  I have not eaten in over twelve hours and I am trying not to get too fucked up."  He would lead the man down to the sports bar and walk to the bar itself instead of waiting for a table.  Looking at the menu, he would order some spicy loaded nachos before looking at the drink menu and ordering a jack and coke, light on the coke.  Finally, he would look at Kenny again, observing him.


Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:51 pm

Kenny rubbed the back of his neck as he sighed to himself, it was about time the big galoot got going, Kenny would eventually do what he always did: They’d talk, Jeeroy would get his free drinks and then leave and then Kenny would be right back at it alone again. His eyes were lidded as the two walked down the street. Kenny kept his head down most of the time as he yawned aloud. They made it to a sports bar, Kenny ordered a beer and sighed to himself. He closed his eyes and began to doze off in the booth mumbling things here and there as he finally woke himself up when the drinks came. He took his beer in hand and drunk it down before holding his head back down. He sighed once again and began to doze off a bit again, he was seriously messed up… Oh no. “Jeeroy if I die an you’re there, tell my wife that I love her bunches.” he laid his head on the bar and took another drink of his booze. “And tell her I think her cooking is really good, I just wanted to eat out because ramen was so cheap and we both like ramen. And tell her that I think her butt looks good in that dress and I was just trying to find the right words…”

#11Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:09 pm

Jeeroy chuckled at the man's antics.  "You are not going to die, my man.  I would not let that happen."  Jeeroy told him, giving him a clap on the back to wake him up again. He could not tell if the man was drinking too much, enough to make him pass out, or if he was just sleepy.  Jeeroy meant what he had said.  he was not going to let the man die.  Kenny was too good of a friend to him.  Jeeroy ordered a glass of water for him, paying for everything he had got that night before shoving the glass of water to him, followed by a glass of coffee.  "Maybe you should not drink so much, man.  It seems it is kinda bumming you out.  Your girl knows you love her, I'm sure.  Plus I am sure she knows her ass looks great in her dress."  He laughed at that once again.  "Though I am sure she would like you to live long enough to tell her yourself.  Plus if you died, I do not think she would take my word for it that you loved her, just be mad that you left her."  He said sincerely.


Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:33 pm

Kenny shook his head, “Thank you Jeeroy, thank you very much, I hope I don’t die.” if only he could tell his big buddy about his new guild he would probably be disappointed, but it couldn’t be helped. There was a reason kenny went for chaos over righteousness, sometimes the best way to be a hero was to take on the face of a villain. The saying made no sense, but Kenny stood by it, the best way for him to protect what he loved was for him to begin to pull up some dirty work. He wasn’t a good guy, he wasn’t a bad guy, he was just a guy trying to earn his keep and keep himself a float no biggie. But Jeeroy as cool as he was, was a jive turkey and wouldn’t understand why he was doing what he was doing, why he went raw dogging. “I hope she knows all of that, she’s the best man and I know I talk about her alot when we hang man but she’s just so awesome, I miss her on long nights like this. I guess I gotta live while I can though ha ha. But what’s up with you? Meet some ladies? Break some beds! Woo!”

#13Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:56 pm

Jeeroy could not help but chuckle at him.  The man was sure a character.  "Yeah man, I am sure she knows.  And me and the ladies?  Well we don't really get along too well outside of the bedroom.  Most of em just want me to buy them stuff and get them out of tough situations, because ya know...Rune Knight.  If I could find one that I clicked with, that would be cool, but for now I will just deal with my female friends...which I only really have one, but she is pretty awesome."  Jeeroy said with a shrug.  He could feel his magical energy stemming through his body again and sighed, trying to push the sick feeling back down as he ate some of his nachos and downed the rest of his beer before ordering a coffee and water as well.  "I heard there is gonna be a beach party here pretty soon.  Maybe they will have a drinking contest, we could enter that, my boy.  I am sure we would do pretty well."  Trying to make small talk, he sat with a smile upon his face while waiting for his companion to reply to all of his talking he was doing.  Jeeroy would check his watch, making sure all of his things were with him, he would say goodbye and head home.

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