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Another talk [Kenny]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:14 am

Leon walked in the market with Fay. It was a chilly day, but he did not mind it. It was warm enough to wear short sleeves, but still cool enough. The weather was hinting fall was coming and summer was ending. It was sad to have the warm weather leave so quickly. The neko walked side-by-side with his fiance looking around. Recently, he had some memories or strange voices echo as if it were a flashback. It was not hte sort of hearing strange voices and going crazy, but something of the past. He did have one flashback of a father talking to someone saying he loved him or her in this case. It was strange. He did not reference a name or anything in the flashback.

Leon had been on the search for this LeeAnn ever since Kenny had mentioned their resemblance. So far, nothing. He had been doing jobs left and right and seeing clues to how he could trace her back or see where she was. Stands of goods and food stood along each side has they both walked. Leon wore a black clock with a popped collar and leather back gloves that covered his marking or 'illness'. He was on the search for something to soothe the pain. Rumors said a rare plant could ease the pain in small doses. It was a rare mushroom only found on a small island south of Fiore. He had just one eyepatch covering his right eye.

Fay was a white hair female that was a little on the short side. Compared to Leon, she was a midget. Leon stood at 6'7" as Fay stood around 5'2". They made a cute couple though. She wore a nice black dress and her wedding ring with nice black flats nad a white ribbon around her waist for decoration. "See that rare mushroom anywhere? I think its called Frog's eye or something like that" he asked. Fay shrugged.


on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:43 pm

Ah yes, the Hargeon market. It was a delightful day to go to the market, Kenny didn’t usually bother with the place given he got all of his food from eateries around town but every now and then, even when he had more than enough jewels to buy himself something to eat it was nice to just sit back relax and cook for himself. Besides, cooking for himself was good practice to cook for his fiance whenever they moved back in together, whenever that is. Hopefully it would be soon, because he was beginning to get ancy doing all of this for himself, it’d be nice to have someone who’s not getting paid cook for him, eve if it was just something as simple as peant butter on toast.

Kenny’s hands were laced behind his back as he whistled to himself, it was an off key fit of whistling with a long exhale, something similar to the sound a bird would make, long and winded. The cloak around his form blew gently in the breeze as the red hood was pulled over his head. The cloak itself hid his body quite well, his formerly red eyes turned lavender scanned the stands for anything that seemed like it would be tasty or at the very least edible: there was a variety of fish, crabs, and veggies on the market today, the seaweed of one cart looked particularly good, more because Kenny imagined being able to smoke it. A silly thought, but it was tempting nonetheless.

The whistling continued as the Omega male’s ringed eyes looked over each stand he passed. It seemed like Kenny wasn’t going to be finding anything yummy tonight and Alyssa wasn’t going to be around to fill him up… What a pesky situation this was! He sighed to himself as he stopped in his tracks, a nice red ribbon around someone’s waist caught his attention. Two figures huddled over a display gave Kenny a rather interesting feeling, one of familiarity.

Without a second thought the Phantom silently made his way towards the shorter of the two and tugged on the red ribbon. “Who is this little bride i’ve found?” he muttered… He had an idea who it was..

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:58 am

Fay felt something or someone touch her red ribbon that was tied around her waist. Slowly, she turned ot see someone that would be a familiar face. Her blue eyes lit up with a sparkle in them. The white hair woman hugged their new friend. It was Kenny. Leon was too much in his own world to really pay any attention. Usually, the man would notice. It was unlike him to really not see this kind of thing. Leon was known to be one of the most observant people anyone could ever meet. Hell, its the guys hobby to people watching and have fun trying to figure out what kind of person they are. It was one of those off days for the neko male. He walked forward looking ahead of him looking for that certain mushroom. It was said to be here.

"Kenny! What are you doing here" she smiled. It made Leon paused to looking back to see Kenny, a familiar face he met at the bar. This was the man that sent him on a possible lead. Today, rumors have said a rare mushroom to eliminate pain forever or to help dim it down for a long period of time. Lately, his cravings for certain foods have heightened and so has his mark thanks to stress. Slowly, he walked over to Kenny and Fay, who were having a happy reunion. Leon shoved his hands in his pocket and gave the same warm smile as before. "Well if it is the man himself. How's it going Kenny? Enjoy the bottle of wine I gave those days ago" he said, starting small talk.

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