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Orichidia to Era [Foot Travel]

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Default on Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:58 pm

Sage packed his bag, he thrashed his clothes, books, and various stuff into his small bag. It was his only bag, he didnt know why but he feel very cloudy that day. He walked towards his door and locked it with harshness and with no care. Sage feel like he is not apart of this world, he felt uneasy. Sage went to the counter and checked out, not making any eye contact with the administrator. Sage then walk off when he left the key on the table, he want to do it fast. He want to get off this city as quickly as possible. Sage took the same route from where he came from. Sage didnt likke it when he bumped into any other creatures or even a single human. He would piss off if there is a branch or bushes blocking his way. He will curse it if the sun is too hot or if the air is too moist. Sage arrived in Crocus, where he once felt happy but now he felt angry. Everything there is bright and cheerful, he felt irritated by it. He didnt even stop there once he didnt even stop to eat. He kept walking until he got out of Crocus. It was difficult to do it as Crocus is a big city and may take awhile to reach its end with only one day. But Sage did it, he got out of Crocus just before dusk. But even after dusk Sage kept walking even it is dark and hard to see. Sage didnt know why but he want to go to the rune knight headquarters, he dont know why but he feel like he should do it, he should get out of the rune knight.

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