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Baska to Crocus [Train Travel]

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on Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:00 am

Baska was a simple town, Eva thought as she sat inside a train leaving to Crocus. The people were simple too but they lived so very happily. A station for merchants and trade, this town was in the process of flourishing, no doubt will be developing in a fast rate soon as well. They had the train station built very recently, mainly to establish more trade routes and connections, all for the bigger picture the Baska authorities saw for the little town. That was probably why the people there were so nice, too. Living in that world, they were automatically adept at pleasing other people.

They didn’t hold back from giving or receiving, as is the nature of trade, but Eva still found the town to be rather charming and peaceful, somewhere that one would not mind staying after retiring from any and all responsibilities of youth. But on another note, Eva’s stay had been very short for she did have bigger responsibilities waiting for her in Crocus. She was young and she had more adventures to live for before anything comes to a standstill and she knew that the path ahead will be even more rough. Ever since that bit of revelation back in Orchidia, Eva had been wondering deeply about her existence, in the course of time, pushing it back in her head so that she wouldn’t go crazy about it all. In the end, she had been in denial and Eva knew it too. There was just no way to know the truth or maybe there was and Eva was unconsciously putting away the search. What a strange thing all of it turned out to be. Maybe she will soon figure everything out and when she would, maybe things will finally click. But for now, another city awaited her.


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