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Nanuq to Oak [Foot Travel]

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on Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:33 am

Eva’s hands clenched and unclenched at her sides. Just as soon as she had left Nanuq, she had heard that something was going on at Hargeon. Unfortunately for her, just because of the same reason, it was difficult to find a good railway service that actually ran to the said town and Eva found herself locked in her original quest path, unable to go to anyone’s aid in Hargeon. She had sent letters to the council which was never replied and while Eva could guess that they were too busy with Hargeon’s matter, she still felt so frustrated that she could not join Alice whom she was very sure would be fighting alone at this point.

It frustrated her greatly but Eva was also sure that something could be done about the whole ordeal only if she had managed to grow up with her powers. In the end, Eva had only gained a bit of experience from her travels and hardly anything that could be called substantial to an evolution or change. She had probably been slacking off from all the missions and stuff she had been doing rather than the training that she initially thought she would do.

But in the end, she was still locked on the original path she had decided on and that was to get to Oak first before hitting Crocus and then she would somehow reach Hargeon although it is possible that she would not make it in time at all. Maybe she might help the town in rebuilding it but for now, she was greatly worried if Blue Pegasus would be standing alright against the onslaught of Grimoire Heart. If there was only some way for her to get there faster than anyone else, it would have been great. But in the end, it had been nothing but wishful thinking as well as she walked up the path that would lead to Oak. A day was already passing and she had no idea what she could expect at this point either but certainly, something could just happen. Maybe the news she had heard of had not even happened yet. It was most likely some rumor that was being spread around through fear of the attack that was declared not too long ago. Maybe, if she had hurried, she would somehow make it. Or maybe, it was all in her head. Either way, she would reach Oak for now before anything else.


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