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Granny Sitting [Quest|Sage]

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Granny Sitting [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:04 pm

Sage was walking towards Orichidia’s apartment, where his client is staying, his name is Mitya Noran, Sage heard about him, always being drunk and whatnot, Sage wonder why he need a mage in a time like this. Sage took a flight of stairs and searched for the address he have in his hand. When Sage founded the right address, he knocked on the wooden door, and yelled, ”Hello? Is anyone home?”. The door then swung open and behind it is someone who looked drunk, he have a messy hair, and wears in red. ”Yes what is it that you want?”, Mitya answered the door, with a tone of a bit of irritation.  ”I am Sage, ready at your service.” Sage said politely, introducing himself and bowing showing some respect. ”Oh it is you, come on in and you don’t have to be too formal here.”, Mitya said, letting Sage in and opening the door wide open. Sage entered, the house is pretty big, at least larger than the room he is currently staying at. ”So what do you want me to do?” Sage asked, wanting to start his quest quickly like always. ”Oh you will just take care of my mother, Rynah, while I’m out, she’s near the tv, knitting.” Mitya answered and then picked up a bag and left the apartment. Sage felt a little relaxed at first as all he had to do is to take care of Mitya’s mother. Sage walked nearer to the red-orange couch near the television and he could see and old woman with short grey hair wearing a red ribbon on her head, and she was knitting what looks like a blanket. Sage decided not to scare the old woman out of the living daylight, so he knocked on a wall near him and said, ””Excuse me miss, My name is Sage and Ill be watching after you for today.”. Rynah then noticed Sage and turned her head, ”Oh please sit down, sit down.” she said, being polite to Sage. Sage sat on another couch and watched her knit as there is nothing else to do. Rynah and Sage had some small talks, Rynah sometimes do a crossword puzzle and Sage would help her if she couldn’t get it right. Sometimes Sage will check the window seals if it is loose or not, and he would check other things that might get Rynah injured. He would also checks if there is anybody spying them by peeking through the windows. Rynah would then talk to Sage about her past and tell him how happy she was and what it feels like to be lonely. Sage pitied Rynah about her past, Sage lost someone so he kind of understand Rynah’s nostalgic feeling.  Then when there is nothing for them to do, where they sat on the couch and have nothing to talk about or have nothing to do, Rynah had a great idea. ”Would you like to treat yourself to some cookies my dear?” she asked Sage.

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Granny Sitting [Quest|Sage] Empty on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:36 pm

Sage is pretty hungry at that time, so he said to himself, 'Hey, why not? It must be tasty as it is made from a hand of a mother.'. Sage decided to take one only, "Sure why not.". Rynah seemed to be happy, it must have been a long time since she met someone as small as him considering he is just a child at that point, he is barely fifteen. Rynah walked towards the kitchen, Sage opened the light for her. She took some dough and start to whip it. Sage felt guilty, he didnt intended to put Rynah in trouble or anything but then he said to himself, 'Well, I think she really want to bake some cookies for me, looking back she doesnt have anything to do.'. After Sage returned to the reality from spacing out, he could see Rynah whipping the dough at intense speed, even the fastest man couldn't do something like that. Rynah must love doing this, seeing her speed at whipping. Rynah would then sprinkle something blue, and it sparkles, Sage wondered what it is. "What is that you are putting inside the dough?" Sage asked out of curiosity. "Oh it is just my secret recipe." Sage's curiosity grew even more, he really want to know what it is, but he decide to know it once he eat the cookies. Sage helped Rynah to shape the dough into a smaller version of cookies as when it is baked, it will grow into perfection. Sage helped Rynah to place the tray filled with shaped dough inside the oven and set the temperature at 175 degree Celsius and set the timer for 12 minutes. Rynah would be surprised by Sage's knowledge on baking, and after he set all of those things up, he himself just realised that he set the temperature and the time of the oven he was shocked but not petrified, he realised that he have hidden abilities behind him that he didnt knew. Sage and Rynah would then go back to their cosy chair and watch some things on the television, but in the same time Sage kept looking at the clock, so he wont over bake the cookies. After twelve minutes Sage went to the kitchen and turned the oven off hence opening the oven's door and took the tray filled with delicious looking cookies and the smell of it made Sage want to have a bite straight away. But he have to wait as it is amazingly hot. Sage tilted the tray into a basket and filled it with hot delicious cookies, and place the tray on the sink and opened the water to cool the tray down. Sage will thentake the basket and place it on the diner table in the middle of the living hall. After a few minutes Sage took a bite and it is extremely good every bite Sage could feel a surge of magic flowing inside his body, then Sage quickly know what the secret ingredient is, it is crushed mana crystal. Then Mitya would arrive from where ever he was and paid Sage, Sage will then bid farewell to Rynah and went back to his room in a hotel not far from there.

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