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One's Regard [Seira:Arisa]

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on Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:39 pm


Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

So far, so long as it felt quite awhile since she actually relaxed. Every moment she tried to do so, something came up. A mission, some tragedy or even family business -- it was always something. The last time she tried to relax was when she met up with Maarschalk out of the blue. Sadly she had to leave after a few moments to run to Magnolia. A part of her felt satisfied of the fact she got done what had to be done and now she could say she was more powerful. Her sunset brown eyes would gaze around the streets of Hargeon. Each step from her black dress shoes would make a click clacking noise. Her wide hips would sway left and right, her violet-magenta hair glistened and was blowing backwards a little while each strand went centimeters apart from the other. Today she was wearing a rather elegant dress or so some would say it was. Yet has she to wear this dress for a certain someone or any dress at all. Someday she hopes to go on some romantic dinner with him, see some sea animals and just have a talk. Some people found that boring, but it felt great when all she has been doing were missions and quests. (Whatever people want to call it.) Her dress had a diamond shaped opening in the front with the fabric being black lace. The under-chest part of it was white with the rest of the dress being black. The gown itself would curve with her curvaceous tall body and the lower part of the dress was mermaid style. Arisa didn't bother with dress gloves or even jewelry other than earrings that shined with the color of her hair and the light of her magic.

It was almost afternoon as people started to crowd the most known restaurant. There were two parts of the restaurant itself though. Top floor was for those who wish to relax, drink, eat and it could perhaps be called the non-drama side. Most people with higher class go to the top floor to stay away from rubble, but some people go there since they're not the drama type. She stood six foot four and finally opened the wooden door. Her eyes would wander to seek a waiter and not long after she walked in would one appear. ''Greetings miss. I shall show you your seat.'' he spoke nervously, nodding with a small head bow. Swiftly he would stand straight and went towards the stairs. Men from the first floor watched her from behind as she swayed and moved forward up the stairs. Arisa ignored such things as she would go towards the seats next to a large rectangular aquarium. ''This is lovely.'' Arisa spoke softly and sweetly with some sort of foreign accent. Her body turned to sit in the Victorian-like chair that was cushioned with red. Slowly she lifted her right leg to go on top of her left knee. ''Here's your menu. If you need anything. Please buzz the button on that wall next to you.'' he spoke once more, bowed his head and left. She wasn't so sure on what she was going to get, but she sure was starving. Her eyes wandered to investigate the area. The walls had wallpaper that had the color of dark brown with thick lines of black going down every couple feet. The floor on the top floor were made of thick oak wood was waxed not too long ago - so it seemed. 'Hopefully the floor is sturdy.' was all she was thinking in her head. Finally she would get back to her menu, wondering on what to get.
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on Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:31 pm

”I’m sorry,” Seira whispered softly towards her companion, gently scratching it behind its ears. ”I don’t think you can come inside with me after all,” the small, purple creature seemed uncertain at first, but began wagging its tail back and forth nonetheless. Espeon didn’t act disappointed—Seira wasn’t sure whether or not the feline minded being separated from her, but knowing that it wouldn’t be for long, she didn’t think it did. ”I’ll have them pack you some fish to snack one later, okay?” she received a ‘meow’ in response and watched as it turned around on its dainty paws and snuck away.

When Seira approached the 8-island restaurant, she was greeted by a shy-looking waiter who opened the door and guided her inside. She’d visited before and was familiar with the location, but his efforts were appreciated regardless. Famous for its extraordinary seafood, the restaurant served a large number of delicious meals ranging from rare species of fish to shrimp and squid, which resulted into wide popularity not only in Hargeon, but the entire country. The restaurant was busy (as expected!) and upon entering she noticed a decent amount of people—mostly families—occupying the first floor. Although she did not mind the company, the Sorceress was hoping to find some peace and quiet and fortunately the waiter understood without her having to say much—he quickly led her upstairs, to the second floor, where children weren’t allowed and guests were granted a more relaxing environment. ”Thank you,” she flashed him a smile after he’d assigned her to a table nearby the window and handed her the menu.

She ordered a fairly popular dish called ‘Paella Cubana’, along with some white wine, and crossed her legs as soon as the waiter had disappeared again, allowing herself to calm down a little and enjoy the moment. Seira wore a short, black dress along with a burgundy trench coat (which she had taken off) and a black pair of pumps. She had her hair tied up in a high ponytail with a few loose strands framing her pretty face.

Dining alone was uncommon (or so she thought) and Seira was surprised to find what appeared to be a beautiful woman eating by herself, on a table not too far from her own. Perhaps her date is late, she thought and quietly began staring. Seira wasn’t exactly subtle and the lady’s unique appearance mesmerized her; she was tall, taller than any woman she’d ever seen, yet it suited her in a strange way. She had bright, purple hair and wore a gorgeous dress which complimented her voluptuous figure. There was something off about her, a difference Seira couldn’t place, but it didn’t bother her. That woman looked as if she were from another country and her rare looks certainly could make that a possibility.


on Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:57 pm


Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Her sunset brown eyes would look at the menu that had a mix of almost everything. She licked her lips by suckling them quietly and slowly. Her right hand would flip the page while her left held the menu. 'What sounds good...?' she wondered. Quickly her stomach growled ass he looked at a specific item. 'Alright then.' she thought to herself. Arisa shifted to turn towards the right to press the button, summoning the waiter. As she heard shuffling of feet arriving towards her she would move a little towards the other way to meet the eyes of the waiter. Her full lips would part as she spoke darkly yet soothing. ''I'll have stuffed Braekim as well as a bottle of Marsala. Just the bottle please.'' she spoke with a pleasing smile. ''Of course ma'am. I'll get your order .'' he spoke up, gulping as he tried not to stare at her chest. She watched him jog off. 'Hopefully he doesn't fall down the stairs.' she thought to herself.

Finally she realized there was someone else here. Her eyes cornered to look at a girl with lavender eyes and hair. All-in-all she was like a lavender quartz, a gem. She was very pretty, but why was she sitting alone? Her eyebrow lifted in question as she turned her head to look straight at her. ''I don't I've seen a beautiful woman sit alone these days.'' she spoke out of no where. Arisa didn't think herself highly when it came to her appearance or anything for that fact. 'Why did I say that?' she thought nervously. She felt shy, but another part of her spoke what she was thinking. It was really new. Her right hand would let her own fingers slide through her strands of violet hair shyly while her sunset eyes gazed at this woman's lavender quartz  eyes.
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on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:08 am

Seira was still staring; wondering where the woman across the room was from. She seemed foreign and perhaps she was from another country. She finally spoke and gave her order to the waiter, who seemed as infatuated with her as Seira. She had a soothing voice, calm and collected and although there was nothing strange with the way she pronounced the words, it still sounded as if she was different—Seira had never heard such a thing before. She frowned, turned her head away and smiled at a waitress showing up at her table to server her the wine she’d ordered. "Thank you," the wine was delicious and the vampire took a few sips before turning around once more, only to find that the Lady was now staring back at her.

A little surprised, and also caught off guard, Seira quickly turned her head away and stared down at her table, her face showing what was probably the worst poker face she’d ever done. She took another, bigger sip from her glass of wine and slowly looked back up, only to meet with the woman’s gaze. She had sunset brown eyes, and she couldn’t help but find them warm and kind. There was still something unsettling about her aura, however, but Seira brushed it off as feeling awkward around a stranger.

A stranger who was certainly braver than herself.

She spoke first, addressing her directly while looking straight at her, and Seira exhaled deeply before turning around towards the woman. ”Same could be said about you,” she returned the compliment and flashed her a smile. ”I’m sorry—may I ask where you are from? I have never seen such unique looks and vibrant colours on a woman and although it suits you, it’s still foreign to me.” Surely asking a few straight forward questions couldn’t hurt, and Seira was certain that everyone else who saw her wondered about the same things.


on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:32 pm


Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Her sunset eyes looked at the gem (the girl) and smiled gently. After the small conversation the woman got her bottle of wine in which was different than her choice and wondered what kind it was. Truly Arisa didn't pay no attention to what she ordered so she wouldn't know. After the man left the conversation would start again. The girl's smile was pretty as well. 'What a flower.' her darker tone-of-thought spoke. She was questioned about the location she was from due how she looked. Her eyes opened a little more in surprise as no one ever asked, not even 'him'. Before she could even answer her food and drink arrived, smelling the aroma. 'Smells so nice...' she thought softly and smiled in a relaxed motion. Arisa grabbed the cork and opened it up to take a sip without a glass. After taking a drink she would giggle at her non-elegant drinking ways and looked at her.

''I came from the Country of Sin. The clothes there are beautiful as well as the nature.'' she would explain while she then turned again towards her table, taking another drink. Next she would cock her head towards the girl. ''What about you? You don't look like you're from around here.'' she said with another gentle drink of her wine. 'Or she's not human.' she darkly thought and kept on her sweet smile. ''From any guilds?'' she wondered curiously. Maybe she's a Lamia scale who can become her friend down the line or sooner than later. If not, maybe guildless or a dark guild. It wouldn't matter anyways since she would even become friends with a murderer with the right mind and who wouldn't try to kill her obviously.
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on Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:55 pm

Seira frowned, her fingers wrapped around the wine glasses and slowly she put it to her lips. She had heard of Sin, a continent far away from Fiore, before but this was her first time meeting someone who was born there. Seira had never been there, of course, and whereas she had never been outside of Fiore altogether, the vampire had read about Sin in books. It sounded alluring, the country was described as beautiful with exotic and oriental elements and an interesting religion. ”I’m sure they are,” she spoke softly in response to the Lady and nodded.

”It’s quite far away though, isn’t it? You’ve come very far then—but what keeps you in Fiore?” Seira was curious why someone would leave their homeland, especially if there were no things such as war going on, but surely she had a good reason for doing so. ”Me? Oh no,” the girl laughed and shook her head lightly, ”I was born in Era, therefor I’m actually very much from around here.“ Seira’s backstory wasn’t exactly interesting and although her appearance was often described as elven-like, she had never thought of herself as anything special or different. This woman, however, stood out completely and she most likely wasn’t even aware of it.

Eventually Seira’s food arrived and she began eating it. The Lady continued to ask questions and she was happy to answer them, considering that they were nothing too personal and the vampire had nothing (obvious) to hide. ”I’m not in any guilds, I spend most of the time by myself. I prefer it that way,” she explained and smiled at her. ”My name is Seira, by the way. It’s nice to meet you,” the introduction came a little late, but better late than never. ”Are you part of a guild?” Seira had never considered the fact that she might be a magician but looking at it, it would certainly make sense.


on Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:40 pm


Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

The girl seemed to be sad about something or so she read by her facial expression, but she wasn't going to question it. The gem would agree in a guessing way about her Country as well. Sin was really pretty and she wished that as a grown adult she could enjoy it. Next question that came from the girl's pretty lips was about why she was in Fiore. Her eyes gazed downward towards her food as she would frown at this. She did find out about her memories, why they were gone and then finally got them back. The news of how she got here was rather tragic, but it wasn't something to dramatize. Her dear friend Fye died as well because of the past though so it made her worry. Days after Fye's disappearance she found her dead body in a tree's open space just laying there, rotting. Her blue hair color faded, her skin was rotting like a thin layer of paper would while burning slowly and died by the people of Sin. Would she be next? She was supposed to be sacrificed to Sin's cause of seeing the after-life, but was saved by an unknown stranger when she was a child. Her eyes cornered and she lifted her head up to look at the woman of lavender. ''I was sent here when I was a child due to some... complications.'' she'd say with her soft calm tone. Her smile was ghostly and small as she was over-thinking what happened back then.

A change of subject was done as she answered her questions and asked more of which guild she was from. ''Me? I'm from Lamia Scale. Surely it's not super known yet, but I'm sure when we get more people and stronger... We'll be known more than other guilds.'' she started to state, took a drink after looking forward and then looked back at her, gulping. ''Name's Arisa. That's what my friends call me.'' she told her with a smile. It was true though (for the most part) since she told Alice that her name was 'Ana'. She used that name often and only certain people knew her name was Arisa, but was that really her name as well? No... Her name from her Country of Sin wasn't even 'Arisa', but for now she would use it.
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on Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:29 am

”Ah, well,” Seira picked at her food and continued eating it, ”I suppose that makes sense,” she responded to the woman explaining her reasoning for leaving her home country so soon. There was something distracting her and the lady’s voice was quiet now; Seira began to wonder whether or not this was a bad thing to talk about, so she decided to drop it completely. Refilling her glass of wine, she then looked up when she introduced herself and revealed her name as well as her guild. The vampire carried a curious expression upon her face and smiled at Arisa, ”That’s a beautiful name.” It was indeed beautiful and while it didn’t sound all too exotic, she had never heard it before.

It wasn’t like that with Lamia Scale; the guild was large and rather well known throughout the country. The guild was located in Orchidia Town, a place Seira had been to several times in her life before. Although she had never met anyone from that guild up until now, the Sorceress had heard and read a few things about them. They weren’t exactly aggressive, but very open when it came to fights and such and from the image she had in her head, Arisa didn’t fit it at all. She seemed too calm, too ladylike to be in a guild full of rowdies—but perhaps she was wrong in her assumption that Lamia Scale was like that to begin with, so she wouldn’t judge them.

”I have heard about Lamia Scale before,” she took another sip from her wine and turned towards Arisa. ”It is said that the members are very sturdy and strong, and that they love fighting about everything else—is that true? Not trying to be rude or anything, but going by your appearance alone Blue Pegasus might have been a good fit for you as well,” Seira meant this as a compliment, considering that Blue Pegasus was known for its beautiful and gorgeous-looking members.


on Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:13 pm


Even with all my memory, I still don't know who I am...

Drinking, listening and speaking, she would do these things as she sat there with the Gem. She spoke and complimented on her name being beautiful. Her name isn't common, but it's not really unique like her actual name and other names from the Country of Sin. The lavender girl was really pretty. Soon she then heard her talk about lamia scale itself. She has heard of it, but she heard they were strong, rough and pretty much thirsty people for battle. She giggled cutely with her right hand against her lips. ''Oh no. It's actually not common to find a battle thirsty person. I met someone recently from the very same guild. Seems like a child to me...'' she started and stabbed slowly into her food to take a small bite. Arisa savored the taste of the bacon, cream cheese and other things. 'Glad I don't gain a lot of weight...' she thought and looked at her, putting her fork down. Finally after swallowing. ''Blue Pegasus? No thanks. I honestly joined the guild because of a certain somebody.'' she spoke sweetly with a genuine smile. ''I guess I'm the type who has to have some influence or reason to join. One just came to me and it happened to be Lamia scale. Better than being alone I guess...'' she went on. She didn't like talking a lot, but she couldn't help but talk to Seira about the whole thing.
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on Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:26 am

Seira continued eating, until she was almost finished. Arisa explained a few things regarding to her guild, things that the vampire didn’t know of. Lamia Scale was still a mystery to the girl and what the lady in the dress shared with her was interesting (to say the least!) as well as surprising. ”I suppose I will keep that in mind the next time I meet someone from said guild,” she spoke with a smile and took a sip from her glass of wine. Seira eventually finished her meal and quietly pressed the red button, waiting for the waiter to show up so she could pay. ”You joined Lamia Scale because of a certain person?” The vampire was confused by her statement, but only for a moment.

She thought about Finn and how he could very much influence her decision regarding guilds—luckily he wasn’t the type of person to do that. Besides, Seira had many other things to worry about, especially when it came to guilds, but it was nothing the girl wanted to think about right now. ”I think you made the right decision in the end,” Seira said, turning towards the other female, ”there is nothing wrong with wanting to be in the same place as someone you care about. It makes you feel more at home, and that’s what guilds are supposed to do, right?” She meant those words. Arisa seemed like a wise woman from what she could tell, very soft spoken and kind hearted and although she could be very wrong about that, the way she moved and talked was gentle.

Eventually, the waiter appeared and Seira paid her bill. She stood up from her chair and walked over to Arisa, ”I have to get going now, but it was a pleasure meeting you. Perhaps—hopefully—we will run into each other again and you can tell me more about what it’s like in Lamia Scale,” she gave her a friendly nod and quietly turned on her heel to depart from the restaurant. Seira hadn’t met many people by name throughout her life, so this meeting (even though it was rather short) would stick with her memory.

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on Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:11 pm

She listened to the girl, waiting for her to speak obviously about what she said beforehand -- her own questions. Arisa didn't care much on the answers, it was more rather or not the gem answered them. She would keep on a sweet smile while her sunset eyes gazed at her lavender colored eyes. She questioned about her joining the guild yet not in an actual question, it was more of a confused statement. While the girl spoke, Arisa would grab her knife for her food and made rotated the knife with her fingers using her thumb as the under-base holder. Curious enough, Arisa wanted to know more about this girl, but before she could ask anything more the girl left after paying for her food. With that, Arisa stabbed her plate in half whilst not noticing it. 'Perhaps we will meet again, Gem.' thought the darkest part of her soul as her eyes trailed the girls movement seeing her leave. The waiter came up with the check. ''Uh-uhm... Here you go ma'am.'' he spoke with a nervous tone. Her eyebrow cocked upward as she would corner her eyes with a smile still. ''Oh? Excuse me. Here you go.'' she spoke sweetly with an innocent smile, paying and then leaving the place.


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