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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest]

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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:24 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe had no idea what to do when she got a letter from miss Bella, the owner of the Bath house. She had been there quite often as she liked to relax and enjoy the spa, she also had done a job there with Jeeroy. Actually the last time she had seen her Giant friend. She sighed as she read it, it was the beginning of the evening but the sun was already setting, she had just finished her dinner at the restaurant next to her hotel when she got it. She read it and wasn't really sure what it was about, she was super mysterious in this letter. It was about a job but she didn't want to say what it was about. She was surprised that the woman even knew who Phoebe was, since she had not been that impressive compared to a Giant, her partner during that job.

She made sure to prepare herself for the job, she was wearing black leather pants, the same as she had worn this morning or well, she had two the same so basically it was the same. A red crop trop and a black long sleeved vest that kept her warm for the temperature that was dropping very quickly now the sun was almost gone. She decided that it was best to bind her hair up in a ponytail, that was easier for jobs and after that headed out with the necessary items in her pocket. It wasn't a very long walk to the bathhouse but she was very curious to what this was all about.


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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:33 pm

Videns was waiting where Mrs. Bella had requested him to wait. He was glad in some casual gear as it was a request. Videns wore a navy top and sweatpants. Not the most professional attire but given how he knew nearly nothing of the request he thought this was the safest bet. As he waited he heard the door opening. "Hey Bell- oh my apologies." Videns stammered as the woman walked in. She was clad in black leather sweatpants and top with her hair in a ponytail. It was a little late to be coming to a bathhouse Videns thought, was she here to help with the request too? "My name is Videns. I'm here to help Bella with something. Are you hear for the same reason?" Videns asked the girl. He stared into her deep dark eyes with his own. To most she could be considered very beautiful however not the most outgoing person Videns could not tell the difference and so his expression was not that of a bumbling fool staring at the face of such beauty, but that of a ploite young man trying to grasp the situation at hand.

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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:03 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe pushed open the heavy oakendoor to get inside the bath house, she looked up from her sneakers when she heard a voice. "Oh hello." she muttered surprised, apparently miss Bella didn't only need her but needed another person to do whatever this job was. He introduced himself as Videns and she nodded slightly when he asked if she was here for the request as well, "My name is Phoebe and indeed miss Bella asked me too." She wasn't entirely sure what to say anymore as she looked the guy up and down and walked a bit closer to him when she heard another door, this was miss Bella indeed. "Oh thank god you are here." She wasn't entirely sure what Bella expected so she held out the letter to ask more information, which Bella snatched immediately away from her and ripped into a thousand pieces. "Okay hear me out." so the lady told them about the ingredients that she needed for her cream or whatever it was that she called it that kept her young, Phoebe would like some if she turned older but she didn't say that.

She listened and nodded a few times to make sure they understood that she was listening. Bella asked them to show their capicity so she looked down, her fire magic had been acting weird but she could use the torch light, something that was good for this stealth job of stealing ingredients.


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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:27 pm

Tge girl greeted Videns just as casually as he did her. She evn confired that she too was here to assist bella and almsot like bettle juice Bella appeared. She was in a bit if a fluseter and she went to Phoebe forst. Phoebe offered her a slip of paper which Videns could only imagine the contents of. Whatever it was Bella wanted nothing to do woth it as she snatched the sheet from jer and with her overly long nails tore the paper until it was confetti. Bella expaloned to the two what she wanted with the two of them and explained that it was more of a two person job to ne safe. She said she needed some ingriendts for her face cream. She tild the story not as a vain spoilt girl but as a damsel in distress who was being kept from her one true love which in this isntance happened to be face cream. The naïve Videns agreed to this reqyest being a kind soul at heart. She asked to see theor magics to see if they were suited for this. Phoebe showed some fire magic. Videns smirekd a little as he seen it. She could have just burned the letter. Regardless Videns created a small cyclone innetween his hands before dispelling it. Once Bella was happy with theor magocs and skills she told them where to go to get the ingredients. Warning them of tge guards that were there.

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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sat Sep 09, 2017 1:59 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
As Phoebe listened she was wondering why it was that they needed to steal that, wasn't Bella buying the cream? Did she make that herself! Phoebe needed the recipe. She didn't say much, she just agreed, showed her fire magic and headed off not much later, Videns was much better dressed for this job than she was. Especially if they needed to climb over things or under things, not that her leather pants would drop off or rip off, it was just well.. there were issues. But she moved easily in those pants: maybe it was even easier. She didn't say much as she headed out of the bath house because she didn't know what to say but she decided to break the silence between her and Videns, "It would be nicer if she would simply buy it, I guess she can't wait." What more could she say, they would first have to walk towards the factory, which she wasn't familiar with. She only knew where it was thanks to Bella her directions. "We better check out the patrol of the guards before we rush in and make mistakes." she suggested and sort of commanded, she didn't want to get into trouble when on this job.

They god the two of them were both dressed in dark colours, she simply closed her vest to avoid the bright red colour of her crop top. She noticed some green bushes next to the fence and she pointed it out for Videns, "We could wait there and check the guards." she whispered as she walked there, carefully putting her foot on the ground to not make any extra noise in case the guards were close by at this point. As soon as she was safe she checked out the guards, this was going to be a long night, that was for sure.

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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:12 pm

As they walked Phoebe decided to make some small talk. Videns wasnt opposed to this since they would need to talk tactics with the request so decided to entertain the idea. "It would be noce but then neither of us would have a job." He pointed out. "It must be some home made cream or maybe she mixes it with other stuff. who knows really?" He said deciding not to mention the countless possibilities. "You probably know since your skin is so clear and all." Videns mentioned as tgey arrived to tgeir destination. Videns was not trying to be flirtatious in anyway. he was meerly statung a fact he viewed. His own skin was rather good too but primarily due to his diet.

As they were there Phoebe suggested they wait and watch the movements of the guards to figure out their patrol pattern. Videns agreed to the plan as it made the most sense. If it all possible he'd prefer not to dirty his sneakers. Phoebe then pointed to a bush to hide in. Videns bodded following quietly to the bush. The place was a perfect place for anyone to get a good view of the facility without being spotted. "Hmm we could always make a distraction either..." Videns wondered out loud. His boice was quiet so they would not be overheard. He was not trying to contradict Phoebe's plan, only wishing to voice another option.


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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:51 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
Videns made a good point after her comment about Bella being able to buy it and so she nodded and shrugged at the same time, to make clear she understood him and yet thought the same idea. She couldn't help but blush a little as she got the compliment and touched her cheek for a second, she was quite proud of her skin indeed, she turned to look at Videns, it wasn't that he wasn't handsome. She found him interesting but she would rather be friends, maybe because he was that interesting? Phoebe was never so confused by things like this as now but it was no time to think of that.

Phoebe and Videns decided to check out the guards, "We could but we first need to know how many guards there are." She whispered back, the distraction was an idea but she would rather go in without a distraction and go out without a problem again. "We don't even know where it is, I think it is smarter to find it with the two of us, but maybe when we try to escape?" because the plan wasn't bad.

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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:00 am

Videns couldnt help but notice Phoebe touch her face once he had complimented her completion. "Hasn't anyone told you that before?" Videns whispered, a little surprised. He would have thought Phoebe would be on the receiving end of many compliments, leaving very few to be heard. Nevertheless the continued to scan the area and the paths the guards took.

As Videns mentioned his idea for a distraction Phoebe seemed to disagree although was polite about it. As she spoke Videns noticed the red ribbon hanging on the bicep of one of the guards. "There's 3" Videns would say once Phoebe had finished speaking. "Every 10 minutes or so they rotate around. They have different colour bands you see." Videns would say pointing at the guard that was looking ready to move. The small piece of cloth was tied in a tight bow on his arm. "If there is only 3 we could probably take th-" Videns began however he cut himself off. As he spoke his voice turned louder, loud enough for the guard closest to them to hear and look their way. Videns bit his lip to stop him from cussing himself out. The guard took a few tentative steps towards the area where they were hidden behind the bush. He would reach them soon enough. The only way to get out of this it seem would be to fight. wc 245

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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:41 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She had blushed and touched her cheek after the compliment and it seemed that it surprised Videns that she reacted like that, "Not everyone is good at giving compliments. But I appreciate it, thank you." she whispered back because they were not in the best situation for this but she really did feel happy because of it.

They were softly discussing the plan and Videns had noticed there were three, she quickly looked at what he meant and noticed the colour as well, that was an interesting and 100% stupid idea from the guards. She quickly turned back because Videns was speaking louder but before she could push her hand against his mouth, the guards were already coming their way. She bit her lip. No idea what she had to do as she was not able to use magic at this point. She sat quietly, hoping the guards would go away but they were a hundred percent sure that they heard them. She bit her lip a little harder and tasted the iron flavour of blood and she sighed, or well that distraction was a good idea, "Alright, go to the right and take them on the right flank alright?" she whispered before she decided she would get up. Talking would be a great distraction, so she got up immediately the guards first jumped back because they had not expected a woman, "I understand that it is rude to spy but I was curious about the factory." it was nonsense but it would take a few seconds before the guards would have an answer ready. Besides it was only three, hopefully Videns was a strong capable mage.


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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:31 am

Videns nodded his head quickly to the right as he was instructed. Right flank, Videns had no clue what that was but with no time to ask he took an educated guess. As he left the hidden little shrub they were hiding in he noticed Phoebe biting her lip very hard. Was she that nervous? Although Videns was not directly hidden, the guard who broke formation was more concentrated on the bush and as a result did not notice Videns squatting down near a bench. Videns waited until he saw Phoebe jump up surprising the guard. Videns did not get her exact excuse as he ran up to the guard. Videns was fast, but not silent. The rustling of the grass underneath his feet made the guard look at him, but too late. Videns had managed to punch him in the sternum winding the man completely folding him over. Videns then threw up his knee towards his face. A small crack could be heard as the man fell to the ground, and Videns trouser leg was no longer as black as it was and was red with the man's blood. "Okay he should be knocked out. You go run to the left and do the same as me.
We have the element of surprise."
Videns said as he looked at Phoebe. Noticing her lip was bleeding he bit his own tongue. How could he have been so loud?
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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:41 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe had to quickly come up with things to say but it was very difficult in the heat of the moment, she just said the best thing that came up in her mind, "I heard someone was going to steal here tonight. Your company hired me." which confused the guards even more and one talked back to her that it was no necessary for a girl like her to be here because there were guards for this and she yelped a little when the man that spoke was hit by Videns, both her and the other man who was a little away from the two of them froze because they had not seen this coming, and they were both staring at the small fight, not entirely sure what to do apparently.

It was the words from Videns that hold her out of the trance and she quickly nodded and jumped out of the bush to hurry to the man before he could run away and she slipped her hand in front of his mouth before she made him fall by swiping his feet away from underneath him, she simply let him fall before hitting him on his right temple and make sure he was knocked out as well. She blinked rapidly at her own swiftness and turned to look at Videns, "I suddenly don't like this job anymore." she said in a whisper, they would have to find the third person, "Let's find this box fast." so she walked towards the door when the third person showed up and she dugged to avoid a hit. Why couldn't she use her magic right now?


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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:01 am

Phoebe let out a small burst of noise from her mouth once Videns knocked the man out. Phoebe then took care of the man that came to Videns, attacking very swiftly, moving fast and quiet as her jet black hair flowed behind her. With 2 movements she had him knocked out and Videns was impressed. She had good skills. Phoebe on the other hand did not like the job and did not want to fight anymore. Videns could only guess why but did not verbalize any presumptions. "It'll be over soon. Only one more guard." Videns said as they both moved up. As they reached the door the third and final guard came running up swinging his fist.

Phoebe managed to dodge, but Videns was knocked off balance by the sudden attack. As he fell he used the momentum to get back on his feet. he noticed Phoebe try to make some sign with her hand to use a spell, but to no fire spouting from it. Videns decided to use on of his own as the guard went to strike the dodging Phoebe. The sudden gust of wind knocked the man off balance. Videns then ran up to the man and hit him in the temple which instantly knocked him out. He didn't see the need to break any more bones since Phoebe disliked it so much. "The box must be in there." Videns said looking at the door. The the center was a keypad. It was locked up secured.
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Spell used:
Name: Wind Slash
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Wind Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: By making a simple slashing motion with his hand or feet, a blade of air is propelled from the origin of the slash. The spell deals D rank cutting damage and can travel up to 5 meters. The spell is 1 meter long and 3 inches thick.

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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:22 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe tried and tried but no fire showed up, it was a bit of a small flame that immediately disappeared that made her look at it disappointed and avoiding another hit, thank god Videns was there to her aid and she took a few steps backward to not stand in his way, "Thanks for that." she said still softly even though the two of them were the only consious people around, she looked at the keypad the moment they were able to get to that and she frowned, but she noticed that it could use a keycard and she hurried back to the last card, muttered an apology and got the card out of the pocket from his jacket, "Let's hope this works." she swiped it through the keycard part and the door opened, well that was a relieve.

She stood in the doorway now and looked inside, which was dark for obvious reasons but with some small spot lights it was easily to find the box they needed: since it was written on the side. "There it is." She looked at the keycard in her hand and grinned a little, she could open the box easily without leaving fingerprints, she opened the plastic that was around it with pushing the card strongly against it so it sliced open, "We should have used gloves for this," She tried to look in the box but wondered how to get the little pot of herbs that should be in there without having to worry about her future. She looked at Videns for a while and out of nowhere she couldn't help but giggle because of the nerves, "We look ridiculous, stealing herbs for a potion to keep a young face."


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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:04 am

"No trouble at all." Videns said with a small smile. He found it funny how quiet Phoebe thanked him. Videns doubted anyone else was around. They could start shouting if they wanted to and no one would hear them. Then again one could never be too careful. Videns however decided to keep quiet too. Being loud before had made a mess of the situation and they had to get their hands dirty. As Videns made attention to the keypad it seemed Phoebe noticed something he did not. The was a small slit in the device, for a key card perhaps? As Phoebe ran to a guard he deduced that it must have been a way to save some time. Instead of inputting a code one could simply swipe the card and open the door. Luckily neither of them had touched the keypad as when Phoebe swiped the card the door split open down the center, showing that the key pad was just one large emergency button so matter what button was pressed an alarm would be triggered. Although neither could see into the door there would most likely be some sort of code recognition hardware in the door that would pick up the details of the door and of course open it for them.

"Nice eye and good thinking. Could have been bad if we used the keypad." Videns said as the entered the dark room. Videns found it odd that it was so dark aside from the few spotlights. It's not like anyone other than the guards could have entered the place so a spotlight seemed out of place. Usually something covered in a spotlight would want to be the main focus of guarding so if anything came close to it the lights would cast a shadow. Since the box was locked in a safe room it just seemed odd that the box was displayed in such a way. Then again Videns did not mention this, after all he was no architect.

As they entered the box was in plain view. "There it is." Videns would say at the same time as Phoebe. Videns chuckled softly as this happened. Great minds think alike after all, so he was feeling a little better about his blunder if he had the same thought process as Phoebe, since she seemed to be so smart about how to carry out the mission.As they came to the box Phoebe mentioned they should have used gloves. Videns nodded in agreement but as Phoebe began to talk again Videns was putting his plan in motion. Taking off his jumper he wrapped it around his hand. His jumper had some blood on it from their previous skirmish with the guards so nearly none of his DNA would be present, if all went well. "I dunno, maybe it's an excuse?" Videns said picking up the pot the wrapping it in his jumper once he had retrieved it. "I'm sure it must help with her completion but really, no one could be that desperate, right?" The naive mage asked looking at Phoebe. Little did he know that it was Bella's only reason. Once he had gotten the pot he and Phoebe would exit the factory. Before that however Videns would move the guards against the door of the room where the herbs were kept. Now it would seem like it was an inside job gone wrong, hopefully. Videns was never good at thinking in advance. Once everything was cleared up Videns and Phoebe would deliver the supplies to Bella and receive there reward. After that Videns would bade Phoebe good night.


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Bella's Emergency [Videns/Phoebe - Quest] Empty on Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:36 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe bit her lip again because she didn't want to giggle again too long. Besides it was mainly the nerves, she had opened the box with the card and cleaned the card from her fingerprints before leaving it next to the guard on the ground, kicking a bit of sand over it. She was glad that Videns got the idea of using his shirt. And the idea of kicking the guard a little bit inside so it looked like an inside job, "Great idea." she muttered as she quickly followed Videns out of the factory, "Next time we meet, let's do something more fun and less fighting." she said with a grin on her face because actually now it felt like it was a fun adventure. She followed Videns towards the Bath House to hand over the little pot of herbs towards Bella.

Phoebe kept quiet, she wanted to stay friends with Bella in case she had normal jobs she could take care off instead of stealing things. She counted her jewels before pocketing them and headed out. She waved goodbye to Videns and wished him a good night as well before she headed back to the bed and breakfast that she was staying at. Who knows maybe they would meet again at some point.


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