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Shady Business [Mission:Arisa]

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on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:05 pm

Napping in bed she would hope it wasn't time to go already. Light gleamed out of the window through the curtains as she had her eyes closed. Sadly the light would still shine bright enough to irritate her, but brighter when she didn't get up. ''Alright alright... I'm up,'' she spoke out loud in her hotel room, swaying her hand. Softly she sighed somewhat irritated as she would then open her eyes to see the rich smooth white ceiling that was above her. Ever since that elemental change, the light has been more of a bother than before. When she didn't get up when there was some good thing to do, it shined in her eyes brightly. Like holy hell, would it ever leave her alone? Probably not or at least not till it was night time. Would the lights from electricity bug her then? She hoped not. Arisa enjoyed her peaceful dark nights with a small amount of light. She can't handle being in the pitch dark, but neither can she handle being in some pitch white room with lights flashing everywhere. It was irritating and this was new. She hoped that she would be able to get used to this soon - really soon. Soon she would roll out of bed and plop onto the floor. After that, she picked herself up, to the dresser and got dressed. She wasn't going to really fight anyone or so she thought. Finally, she would then go to the elevator and down to the first floor to leave as she had things to do. Her hand placed on her hip as she waited for the elevator to stop. Her eyes would wander to look at the finer details of the elevator with its golden color and designs. This was a fine hotel and probably one of the most expensive ones other than the one in Crocus - the Holy City. She didn't really care about the holy part not people's 'god', she had her own in mind, a certain someone. He was the only one she needed and honestly she hoped their relationship stayed the way it was - being together. Finally, she would reach down to the final floor at the bottom. The door would open and eyes looked at her beauty. The man at the front desk would nod his head, people would giggle and chuckle, whispering amongst each other as she passed them. Her mind tried to pay no mind to them as she would sway her large hips, her long beautiful dark hair would move with as she walked the path to the quest. She was once again to do a mission with no one which was fun. (sarcasm) The sky was clear, the sun was shining still and it reminded her more of her time with 'light'. Slowly she would reach behind her back and itched it as for some reason it was starting to itch a little bit. She would see that it wasn't yet time to do the quest so she walked towards a tree to take her nap once more. 512


on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:05 pm

Yawning softly she was laying in some soft grass that was somewhat new. She wasn't hypothetically sure if it was new, but it felt nice. It tickled against her neck as her brown-purple tinted hair sprawled wildly in a non-specific way. Her eyes of golden brown would be half open, letting a small ray of sun shine them in its own as some reflection. Truly she felt super lazy and unsure on what to do till it was 'time'. Soon enough it would be time, time to do some mission or quest. A part of her wasn't sure on what to call it anymore. Part of her felt like it was doing stuff that the person was too lazy to do themselves or too weak. Would she be like that later in the future? Send people to do shit for her, paying them and so on? She hoped not.

Her hands clenched into fists and sprawled outward like her legs and hair. She felt comfortable and relaxed without having to worry much. 'Don't have to worry about holding your true self yet mm?' a voice spoke, not paying attention to which one it was. The voices were as if she was talking to herself, it was annoying sometimes...Alas it kept her company all these years. She remembered meeting Medias somewhere though and he gave in the details, but yet she was going to do this with someone else. Who was it to be exact? Was it someone she knew or someone that was totally new? A part of Arisa hoped it wasn't someone annoying as fuck or someone who thought they knew absolutely everything. It never really occurred to her before that it bothered her, those type of people till she met someone specific. Who was it to be exact? Herself would only know this...

Moments went on by though and she knew that she had to get off her lazy ass sometime or soon. ''I don't want to get up yet though...'' she spoke softly to herself, glaring at the sky. She remembered when she lived long ways away from here, her homeland, she was like this as a kid. Sometimes she feels like that wasn't even her... It was someone else's memory or something. If that was true, what was her past? Who were apart of her family? Was she alone...? She knew one thing though, Kuriana was her mother... There was no other explanation for this book nor the voices that were passed down to her. She left her book at her manor in Orchidia, hoping it was safe with her maids... Her eyes cornered then to see afar at the clock lamp post to see the time. 'Shit...' she thought coldly and then pressed her palms against the very soft grass, pushing herself up. Her fingers swiftly went through her strands of hair and 'combed' through it as if her fingernails was a brush. ''Guess it's time...'' she spoke to herself as she would stand straight up, turned towards where she was supposed to meet this person and went on her way. 516


on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:06 pm

Slowly she would walk towards the streets where she was told to go. As soon as she goes there, her facial expression changed to dissatisfaction, seeing more than just one person there helping. 'Wonder who my partner is then....' she wondered as she would start to walk more forward. Her eyes wandered around as her body would continue to move forward. There was a lot of shit that needed to be covered with decorations. The good thing was, was that Arisa had this weird girly side to her and therefore it was good for this missions. Softly she took a deep breather and then saw him finally, the client, Medias. He turned and smiled like nothing was wrong and waved. ''Greetings.'' he started to speak and walked towards her, stopped within seven feet. As he did stop, someone else was close on by, a woman of red eyes and black raven hair. Her boobs were rather larger than hers, yet her butt wasn't as racking as her own, yet it was still there. The curves of her body were sleek and curvy like her own, but were they soft? Arisa would never know. Her eyes darted to research her body with the quote of 'Everyone is there for research' from the book of her mothers. Softly sighing, her eyes would gaze towards the client himself, wondering what the whole ordeal was with this. After a second she would look back at the woman, wondering then and there, 'Was this, my partner?'. Her eyebrow arched in wonder as her arms moved to criss-cross against her chest. She was wearing black latex pants herself, dark brown hiking boots and a white tank top with linings of black. Her curves showed truly as her thick thighs were formed well as well as her apple-like asset. Her hips would move a little to the right as her left foot was somewhat forward, right foot straight, waiting patiently for the man to speak.

This guy wasn't just any guy, he was a guy she has worked for before. It was a long time ago with the anvil. Her partner at that time was Waylon, but he wasn't here... Arisa was curious on what he was doing as it feels like it's been months. Arisa would look at Waylon and after the introduction, she would then look towards Barras who was looking at them. ‘’Well then. The name is Barras as you know. We’re going to be flattening some weapons and other types of metal creations today. My assistant kind of hurt his arm so I’m glad to have an extra two to help out.’’ He would introduce and laugh all fatherly. She would look at him and laugh though as in Waylon after hearing him say that he was clueless about who he was doing this with. ‘’You’re a dork. You’re doing this mission with me. Let’s start.’’ Arisa spoke softly and simple as she would walk towards the anvil. It really didn't truly matter in her opinion. 503


on Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:07 pm

She would grab the hammer tightly in her hands as her grasp clench tighter than ever. Her eyes of lioness would look at how the assistant who would put down a piece of metal straight on the forge anvil for her. Softly she would sigh as her eyes would glisten towards it as if she was feeling the flames. Her hand slammed down the hammer of creation as sparks flew around and about – away from her. Her heart would beat upon each hammer time while she shaped this piece of earth. Truly Arisa wouldn’t pay attention to what Waylon was doing as she was in her own world in her head.
She remembered when she grasped that bad not that many days ago and used it to crash into that con guy. He ruined her sandwich, but he wouldn’t be doing it anymore she was assured of that. Once more she would crash the hammer against the metal and flattened that piece. ‘’More, again.’’ She would hear as she would hammer pieces of metal down and straight as if she saved. This reminded her of some things as she would then shake her head out of that trance. ‘No… I can’t remember… Not now. I…’ she would hear a soft girly voice within the back of her head as she continued to slam the hammer on metal. She lost the track of time as Barras would chuckle. ‘’Hey now. We’re done. Nice job though.’’ He would say and patted Arisa on the back. ''Hey. Here to buy the stuff.'' she would say. Her eyes would watch to make sure nothing would happen. Before this even happened she was sure to question on what she was to do. To what she was told, she was to make sure to fight them to find something out or something like that. Arisa didn't really care since if she had to do something destructive to get it done, she would do so. The two that she was thinking of getting stuff from were getting closer and closer... 'Are they really trying to mug me?!' she smirked smug-like and took out her long black sword, Yoru. Quickly she would draw it to the main merchants neck. ''Do you and your dog wish to really try this?'' she questioned and glared at them coldly. A sweat drop escaped from his brow as he would back away slowly. ''N-no... but we dont have any ore to really sell you.'' he spoke as the young aide glared at her. 'I bet your sweet face didn't expect a woman to know how to use a sword. Shame.' she thought and rolled her eyes. Slowly she would leave the two alone and back to Barras who hired her. ''They didnt have any.'' she spoke with a saddened facial expression. ''It's alright. Keep the jewels.'' he spoke as she would sigh and do so, leaving with money. Yawning softly she walked towards a place to get some alcohol, some food and even somethings to do.




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