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Wolf in Wolfs Clothing [Quest //Solo]

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Default on Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:18 pm

Salem having found himself still in the town of Marigold, felt that it was time that he did himself another question, needing a few more jewels to add to his savings for the upcoming journey. Thus this being the reason that Salem found himself on this day making his way to Old man farmer Jims place. Since it would seem once again that the old man had managed to run into a little problem on his farm land. And not having the body of a young man anymore, kind of made it hard on Old man Farmer Jim. Since due to his old age it got a little harder for him to handle all of the problems that tended to manifest themselves on to his land and in his was. This being the reason that the old man tended to find himself putting out request to mages for help, and he was really found of mages like Salem who were members of the Magic Council Rune Knightís. Though Salem wasnít sure why he was such impressed with one like him who was still only an Apprentice Knight and not a seated one.

But what could Salem say, the old man liked the Magic Council Rune Knights, and thus this lead to Salem managing to get himself yet another quest from Old Man Farmer Jim, and that was completely fine by him as he was in dire need of the jewels and he was sure the task would be just as simple as the last one he had completed. Still moving down the streets Salem could only think about the magic lacramine that he had managed to find stuck in Old Man Farmer jims land on the last time he did a Quest for the man. The lacramine having some spell on it that caused it to seem as though the vines and roots and what not of the plants all on farmer jims land where alive causing them to try and drag prey into their reaches. Salem only hoping that he did manage to get the problem fixed for Old Man Farmer Jim before anyone actually managed to get dragged in. Since Salem didnít manage to ever actually ask Old Man Farmer Jim was any one harmed by the vines.

Though Salem could just not seem to put his mind to it, as to why that lacramine would have been on the farmers land like that, unless someone planted in hopes of getting at the farmer in so way. Salem only hoping that this was one of his crazy over reactions and that it was just some misshaping, as he would hate for anyone to really be after Old Man Farmer Jim. Especially since from what Salem could see, the old man was one who just cared about his farming and friends. Though he was sure that Old Man Farmer Jim had a work ethic that most could not match, seeing the way the old man far out his prime still managed to run and keep his farm under complete control most times you could say. But then again every good farmer ran into a problem every now and then that was just the way of farming. When itís good itís good, but when itís bad itís bad.
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Default on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:04 pm

Reaching the lands of Old Man Farmer Jim, Salem instantly make his way to search for the old man so that he could make his presence known. As the young Rune Knight still needed to find out very much so what Old Man Farmer jim was going to be wanting him to do today, or well rather tonight as it was starting to get rather late. Upon finding Old Man Farmer Jim, Salem and the old man would manage to great each other and catch up on the last few days since Salem had been to Marigold. The two would also proceed to discuss Salemís last request of having to deal with the magic vines that had come to possess Farmer Jims land the other day. Once the two would manage to finishing catching up and discussing a few things for a few moments, Old Man Farmer Jim would get right to business dramatically telling Salem was he was going to be tasked with doing tonight.

ďWell as you see young Rune Knight, besides the growing crops part of farming I also taking take part in the livestock aspect as well you see. Though my live stock more simple then that of cows, is still one of good value and one that I need to protect at all cost you see. As I have a heard of ship that I keep, and sadily it seems that they have come prey to a wolf that has been lurking around these lands, though it would seem not to be the wolf of legend around here, but more of a simple one. But none the less I cant have it out here hunting my herd of sheep, so I will need for you to hide out tonight with my sheep and protect them from the dangerous of the big bad wolf tonight. While also making sure to take out the beast if you see coming to prey on my sheep. A task that I am more than sure a Rune Knight like your self can completeĒ.

Finishing his statement Old Man Farmer Jim would lead Salem to where his sheep took place as well as making sure that he had the proper disguise, assuring him that as long as he dressed up like a sheep with the rest of the sheep he would be able to draw out the wolf. Upon finishing Old Man Farmer Jim would leave Salem to do what he must do, informing him to bring the body of the wolf back to him. Once Farmer Jim would leave Salem out in the fields himself, the young Rune Knight would start to wait and wait with the sheep. It would probably come to be three hours into the night before the wolf showed its head trying to make prey on the sheep and instantly getting taken down by Salem and brought to Farmer Jim to be made into a fur coat. Old Man Farmer Jim making sure to pay Salem before he made his exit to shower from having to stand with the animals all night.
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