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Ex's Closet [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Default on Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:26 pm

"Thanks for meeting me," Maxwell spoke as he tapped his cigarette. It was the afternoon of the same day Shin had completed a request earlier for this thug. The previous request involved sneaking into some guys apartment and trashing it, which went well. This time however, the tone Maxwell spoke with was a lot more serious. Shin had left Gastly alone back at the hotel as it needed to sleep. Ever since arriving in Hargeon, Gastly could not stop roaming around due to its curious nature. This time around, Shin ensured Gastly burned itself out allowing it to regain all its strength in case it would be required for future requests.

Taking another drag from his cigarette and puffing the smoke out, he scratched the back of his head before beginning to speak. "This may sound weird but I need you to break into my ex-girlfriends apartment. I left something there a few days ago and since we've broken up, I can't go to her place," Maxwell began to explain as he paused to take in another drag. This had to be the oddest request that he had been asked to do thus far. This thug definitely had brawn but lacked brain. Ex or not, there was no harm in asking for something that is his back. But hey, money was going to involved as a reward so Shin was not one to question. He would the get job done and that was certain. "What should I look for?" Shin asked. Pausing briefly, Maxwell appeared to have an expression of shock as if he did not expect Shin to accept so easily. Regaining his composure, Maxwell continued to speak. "The item I need back is in a yellow box. Just bring me that. The last time I was at her place, I remember putting it in her closet so hopefully it should still be there. Also, don't break the front door this time. Don't want her to know that it was me hehe." Nodding, Shin took note of what he was told. Begging to take leave, Maxwell dropped the cigarette he was smoking and stomped it as he halted Shin. "You should know one thing. She's got this fucking crazy vicious dog. That thing will bite you unless you give it food or play with it. I would do this request myself but because of that mutt, I can't," Maxwell finished. "Thanks," Shin responded Maxwell further explained the address of the apartment along with a description of it. Now with all the information required to begin the request, Shin left Maxwell and took off to find the apartment. Shin had a plan in mind for entering the apartment. He would proceed through the back where he was least likely to get caught. Once in the backyard, he would find a way in either through a window or the back door. A simple enough plan but executing it might be a different story entirely. Only time could tell how things would turn out.

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#2Shin Katari 

Default on Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:19 pm

It did not take too long to find the apartment described by Maxwell. As expected, the entire area was surrounded by a black metal fence, one that was not too tall however. The top was flat as well meaning it would cause no trouble when jumping over. Ensuring no one was looking in his direction, Shin used the power in his legs and jumped towards the gate, grabbing the top with his hands and pulling himself up and over. Landing on the lush green grass beneath him, he got up and dusted himself off. So far, so good. Beginning to turn around, Shin stopped as he noticed something small in the corner of his eye. Shifting his focus in that direction, the dog Maxwell had described appeared. However, it was not at all vicious looking. It was a small little dog with short sandy colored fur. Luckily, Shin came prepared for this thanks to Maxwell's warning. Reaching into his pocket, Shin slowly pulled out a few treats from his pocket. Instantly, the dog dropped its mouth open as it's tail began to wag out of excitement. A classic response. Tossing the treats aside, the dog ran towards them as fast as it's legs would allow for it. This bought Shin a small window of time as he tossed all the treats he had brought. He would need to enter the apartment before the dog finished eating.

Looking at everything around him, he noticed a window leading into the kitchen that was left slightly open. With little time, he would have to make it work. Stepping over to the window, Shin placed both hands in the small space. Mustering his strength, Shin pushed the window to the ride, snapping it off it's slider. Luckily it was still attached so was not in danger of falling. With enough space to squeeze in, Shin found himself in the kitchen. Looking around, Shin noticed two closets. One was the main closet and the other would be in her room. Beginning with the main closet, Shin began to look through the contents of the closet. Searching through the different pieces of clothing, there was nothing inside that was yellow nor a box. Moving on, Shin began to search through the closet in her room. After a moment of searching, he found the yellow box hidden behind a few pieces of closet. Retrieving it, Shin exited the apartment from the main door ensuring to lock it.

Heading back to the meeting spot, Shin handed the yellow box to Maxwell who was ecstatic to see it. Grabbing it, Maxwell turned around to face away from Shin, checking to make sure whatever was inside was still there. Satisfied, Maxwell faced Shin once more and pulled out the reward, 25,000 jewel. Exchanging their goodbyes, Shin exited to the streets and began to return to the hotel. So far, Hargeon had been kind to him, reminding him of Oak in some ways. Hopefully, things could remain this way for the entirety of the trip.

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