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Glory To Hargeon Town [Quest: Daikō & Arisa]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:46 am

Ah, Hargeon Docks... last time that the Fire Mage was here was qutie a while ago, on his search for enlightenment in the art of 'training'. The theme training rather turned into the theme 'random' in a slow pace, putting him in the weirdest positions and places such as underneath the plankets only to overhear awkward buzz between a man and his son, underwater and fighting for air, as well as behind a group of not so gentle men. All of that, only to realize that it was far from extraordinary when he compared it to past events in his life. This place had, in its own, strange way, tainted him a little, anyway; not only in his character, but also his appearance. He was much darker now due to the sun's extra strong radiations on this hot land. Now, it wasn't as if he was extremely black now, but skin tones aside, this place was special for him and for his experience. To think that he'd stand on top of the very same plankets, though, did send an irritating feeling down his spine when he remembered that story which the two men shared. Shaking his head a little, he looked up at the cloudless sky, awaiting his daily companion.

Nearby was a large crowd, all surrounding who would be Hyōen's client. Yes, the fire mage was on a mission today; it was very different from the small errands and pest fights that he had been earlier. He was going to build an entire ship for this man, with his bare hands, all alone... or well, that was a lie. He caught words from the client that he had a partner in this, but he had yet to meet her. That was why he stood away from the crowd, to make it easier for his partner to spot him, so that they could go get the plans together. Coda was flying around the sky ever so happily, basking her wings up and down and at times holding them still so that the air could do the job and carry her around the docks. If your eyes could avoid the strong light from the sun, it would have been a pretty view... then again, without any trees, it kind of felt unfamiliar with the Fire Mage. Looking towards the crowd again, he simply waited... he didn't have much else to do, and his meat supply had run out a while ago...



on Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:58 am

Her eyes looked up as the color of her eyes matched the sun that was in the sky. A small smile appeared on her full lips as they glistened to a gloss pink. She felt the wind go against the small areas that were revealed like a little bit of her chest, her face, her neck and her stomach. She was wearing a belly shirt of pink and some black side-diamond shaped pants. She was letting her hair fully down as it flowed back a little, each strand going its own way. A small smile would escape her lips once more as she wondered on where to go first before she even decided to go on this mission. All she knew was that she was to meet someone as she was to join them on whatever this turns out to be. Maybe the person will want to hang out a little before and during the mission itself, do something that wasn't mission related. Perhaps the person was someone who she knew, but it was really possible for it to be someone she didn't know although that would be rare. so far she has met quite a few people like perhaps four or so? Softly she sighed and walked through the streets of Hargeon. The beach wasn't so far from where she was since her hotel was literally right next to it. Her eyes cornered to look at the waters as she took a walk along the beach. It wasn't quite time to mission yet.  254

#3Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:02 am

The crowds were still surrounding the client from earlier, and it didn't seem to be cooling down anytime soon. Realizing this as well, Hyōen sighed and whistled for Coda to land as he held his arm up. The bird came descending like a falcon and braked only a few meters from the Fire Mage's arm, slowly laying its talons on him like a branch. It looked rather happy and enjoyed being nuzzled on the head by Hyōen as he did so just afterwards, while he walked away from the crowd and left it to itself. The client could always show himself later, so why not just enjoy a walk across the beach sand? "Now that I think about it... I never did think about it," he spoke, kind of contradicting the meaning of said sentence, "... The sand feels great." His face blushed a little in satisfaction as his eyes closed, while his feet lead him across the field. There were other presences around him, kids, elders and people younger and older than him, all here to enjoy the sun's generous warmth and embrace. Among them was one person who kind of stood out in Hyōen's eyes; not in the intended way, but in another. He was simply moving his view around, and all of a sudden, eyes resembling the sun shone back at him. Shining eyes... it reminded him of something. At first, he couldn't quite call it, but looking at Coda's yellow eyes, it snapped. His partner! It must've been her! Wasting no time in meeting this new person, he quickly turned direction and moved quickly towards the pretty lady, thinking about how he should greet. When he finally made it to her, it was already too late to plan it all out, so he just went with: "Eh, hi... you must be here for the mission, am I right?" He simply assumed that she was his partner; it could've been wrong and leave him in a very awkward situation, extra awkward as it was a rather shining lady, indeed...



on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:02 am

Before going to the beach though... Light gleaming and laying out of the window through the curtains as she had her eyes closed. Sadly the light would still shine bright enough to irritate her, but brighter when she didn't get up. ''Alright alright... I'm up,'' she spoke out loud in her hotel room, swaying her hand. Softly she sighed somewhat irritated as she would then open her eyes to see the rich smooth white ceiling that was above her. Ever since that elemental change, the light has been more of a bother than before. When she didn't get up when there was some good thing to do, it shined in her eyes brightly. Like holy hell, would it ever leave her alone? Probably not or at least not till it was night time. Would the lights from electricity bug her then? She hoped not. Arisa enjoyed her peaceful dark nights with a small amount of light. She can't handle being in the pitch dark, but neither can she handle being in some pitch white room with lights flashing everywhere. It was irritating and this was new. She hoped that she would be able to get used to this soon - really soon. Soon she would roll out of bed and plop onto the floor. After that, she picked herself up, to the dresser and got dressed. Today she felt like just wearing jean pants of black, flamingo pink shirt and sandals. There was no reason to wear boots or shoes today. She wasn't going to really fight anyone or so she thought. Finally, she would then go to the elevator and down to the first floor to leave as she had things to do. Her hand placed on her hip as she waited for the elevator to stop. Her eyes would wander to look at the finer details of the elevator with its golden color and designs. This was a fine hotel and probably one of the most expensive ones other than the one in Crocus - the Holy City. She didn't really care about the holy part not people's 'god', she had her own in mind, a certain someone. He was the only one she needed and honestly she hoped their relationship stayed the way it was
- being together. Finally, she would reach down to the final floor at the bottom. The door would open and eyes looked at her beauty. The man at the front desk would nod his head, people would giggle and chuckle, whispering amongst each other as she passed them. Her mind tried to pay no mind to them as she would sway her large hips, her long beautiful dark hair would move with as she walked the path to the quest.

Soon enough though she would hit the beach. In present time she would see a boy with darkened skin and a bird that seemed quite close to him. She smiled small and chuckled as she watched him walk up to her. She was taller than him though as she was bout six foot four. She listened to him while her soft lighting eyes would gaze into his colored eyes. ''I guess that is me then.~'' she spoke in a motherly sweet tone in a foreign accent (soothing french accent). ''Well, I don't think it's quite time to do the quest just yet so would you like to get something to eat first to take with us to... Whatever we're doing?'' she stated and questioned, looking over towards the town. They could just pick something up and then get going of course. 596

#5Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:03 am

The suspense that was building up the Fire Mage when he had asked began reaching levels that unlocked a few sweat drops. He was far from sure if she was the one whom the client had told him about earlier, and his expressions during the greeting was very different from Coda’s. The little raptor almost seemed like adoring the taller lady, feeling welcome and warmed in her presence. Now, how Hyōen could see those expressions in a bird, specifically Coda, related to their time spent together, and he did have a lot of experience with many other animals and their different ways of showing feelings. Hell, Coda even moved her face closer to their partner, thoroughly inspecting her facial features and imprinting that knowledge in her brain for later. She was good at remembering faces like that.

Now, luckily, she herself confirmed that she was the one that Hyōen had been waiting for. Her voice was surprisingly soft and friendly towards the weird greeting from earlier, but it didn’t turn into an awkward bummer, in which the Fire Mage sighed in relief and spoke: “Oh, thank God… I was afraid that I would have to ask a thousand other people out here.” He wiped the sweat off his forehead and looked back at the client, whose head top and blonde, shiny hair was barely visible among the crowds that kept wanting to talk or ask the male about… everything, or more. Then the other mage suggested that they spent the time it took for the client to sate the crowd by getting something to eat. At first, Hyōen smiled a little in agreement, but when flashbacks hit him, his smile suddenly broke into a crooked one. The last time that he tried to eat anything ‘proper’ or common for the term snacks, his stomach couldn’t devour anything for an entire week. He even travelled all the way to Era in order to get the cure for that Ventre Crocodilus that he was diagnosed with, and that was the one hell that he feared of in his entire life… then again, eating half a kilo candy would have been a stupid idea for anyone, so perhaps he could tolerate a little. “… W-Well, it’s a good idea. Do you have anything specific in mind, like… the ice cream over there?” His face turned towards the ice cream van that he remembered from last time, and before moving over there, he continued: “That’s right, we’re apparently going to help the blonde man over there-“ followed by a hand gesture towards the middle of the crowd a few dozen meters away, “-build a ship.”



on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:04 am

Arisa could feel the sun against her body, the wind against her face as the sand was in her toes. Her shining sunset brown eyes would look at the nature-like bird in which was flapping its wings all around. She wondered on what kind of creature that was as it somewhat interested her. The fact that the animal was different than the other birds made her curious, but she was that way with all creatures. She listened to him get all nervous or that's what it seemed like which made Arisa chuckle. She would nod in which she then looked away towards town. ''We don't need to be there for another thirty minutes. They don't expect us till then. How about a sandwich place? There isn't one far away.'' she gestured. Rather or not he agreed, SHE would go there since the last time she got a sandwich, some man knocked it over. She was sure he felt bad afterwards since she kind of broke his arms and hands. Slowly leaving the beach she would go towards town. Arisa walked through the streets as she would look around. Her eyes of lioness brown would shine like the sun above her. Some clouds were on about, but not enough to cover the blinding light. Her heart was beating regularly as her arms dangled alongside her. Her long magenta/violet long hair would bounce upon each movement as with her chest – you couldn’t tell because of her armor get up she was wearing. Her facial expression was rather really calm as she would look around for something, something specific. What was the specific thing? Oh yea! Going to go get a sandwich before questing with some stranger. Her eyes cornered to look at him if he followed. ''So what's your name and guild?'' she wanted to question before even looking at him to see if he had some symbol at some obvious place or not.

‘I might as well get something to eat while I wait to do whatever mission with this guy.’ She thought and glared towards the right corner of her eyes. She’d see a shadow, but for now she would ignore it not really thinking it was him. Honestly the food sounded amazing so she went to some shop with pretty designs. The smell of fresh bread, cheese and meat – sandwiches. Truly sandwiches were amazing with prepped right as she learned this the hard way while surviving on her own with her friend. Her heart was beating nervously as she remembered those times or surviving. Her hand went down a little to grip the metal handle tightly, opening it forward to then walk in. Her eyes looked at the keeper and smiled nicely and innocent. ‘’What can I get ya, young lady and sir?’’ he asked as he would then clean a glass. ‘’A blt with some turkey yet funnily no tomatoes.’’ She would say with a smile. He would chuckle a little as he nodded. ‘’Alrighty... And yourself?.’’ He would say while opening up a case and questioning the guy who was her partner.

He would put on some latex gloves without the powder on them. Next he would reach for the freshly made bread, cuts it in the middle and in half. After that he would grab for some turkey, bacon and cheese. He putted them together to make a simply BLT (Bacon Lettuce Turkey). She would smile as she took this sandwich and looked at it. ‘’Can I have some pepper with this?’’ she wondered. ‘’Ya sure.’’ He would say as he took the sandwich with love and care. 604

#7Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:04 am

Well, noticing it now, the tall lady had an armor on. Psychically, it caused Hyōen to look at himself and stroke his hands over his body internally, feeling that he too needed one at some time. It would be a good asset to protect him from too much damage taking, and with his endurance, it was very necessary. He still remembered that one brawl at Magnolia where he had to dodge every single hit in order to win easily. One hit could have turned it all around, but what if he was stronger than that? What if he someday could just shake off the pain? He was assured that she thought of the same. Now, she did suggest that they got a sandwich; he was quite surprised that it would take another 30 minutes for the mission to start. Did the client need that much time to accompany the crowds? Well, he had to roll with it as he shook his head and nodded in agreement. “Y-Yeah… I guess that my stomach can take a sandwich,” he replied, beginning to sweat a little. Sandwiches were, practically, just raw bread and meat and salad inside… wasn’t it? Yeah… he guessed that he was capable of devouring that, despite his earlier experience with other types of food.

You see, Hyōen was far from a delicate man when it came to favorite foods. He was, moreover, a raptor in his soul; as some raptors could not tolerate specific meals such as, God forbid, candy and ice cream, he somehow developed with the same issue. It did not turn out to be anything specifically wrong or something related to bird genes; he was 100% human, but then again, living in Worth Woodsea with a bird for ages was pretty affecting. He hoped that it wouldn’t end up ruining his time with… yeah, he never got her name. Perhaps he should have asked earlier, but as he followed up on her across the roads towards the sandwich shop, she asked for his name and guild. “Oh, I’m Hyōen. Just call me that…” he replied as calm as possible, not trying to express that it was an issue to learn his real name, “I’m more of an outsider at the moment, honestly… but I’m actually from Lamia Scale.” He still didn’t exactly know of her guild and name, so the obvious continuation demanded him to ask for her name and guild as well. He had a feeling in his stomach, but he mostly just ignored that and stayed curious of where she was from.

A pretty decorated shop suddenly appeared before him. It smelled of fresh, sliced bread and salad, meat, cheese and spices. Inside smelled even stronger, and Hyōen remembered all of these spices and their scents from when he worked at Crocus… in fact, they were strong enough to be recognized by him. That required a very strong scent to fill the room, honestly, as his sense of smelling wasn’t that good. He slowly looked at her face as she ordered her meal, and when the cashier asked the Fire Mage, he went with: “A chic-“ His ear was softly pulled on by Coda, who was planning on eating from his sandwich and not tolerating to become a somewhat cannibal, so Hyōen had to order something else, “-Ouch… I mean, an ox sandwich if you have that.” He lifted up his hand to show the cashier the amounts of sandwiches that he yearned for; 10. 10 sandwiches on the table soon, or he wouldn’t return back here.

Finding a suitable place, he sat down and waited for the lady to join in. Then, he would ask her: “So… I didn’t get earlier, what’s your name again? And guild?”



on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:04 am

Arisa would look at the guy who would take his offer, Hyōen. She would chuckle and shook her head at the kid and then looked forward at the sandwich guy who was making the sandwich. Each piece of thing that the guy was grabbing was something important for their own reasons. There was truth of it though as it was good for her body. There was the bread, the bacon, the lettuce, the turkey and for some people - the tomato. The bread really depended on the person because people make varieties of bread. Some bread even has cheese on it that was shredded.

She would think of the first piece of thing that would go on her sandwich, the bacon. The bacon obviously came from a pig, but before they would cut it up in multiple pieces, they would simply treat the pig in whatever way they desired. Some farmers treated their pigs with respect and like family till the pig is fat, healthy and ready to be sent to some people who cut them all up into delicious fattening bacon. Bacon wasn't the only thing that they would serve though that came from a pig. The other obvious thing was also pork which was super obvious to not know it came from a pig. The other type of farmers were abusive to their animals where they would stick them in crowded places, abuse them by hitting them to make them soft and then they would send them to whoever. It really didn't matter if the pig was sick or not because they just wanted the money. After sending it to a butcher, they would hang the pig upside down so the blood would be drained from either the pigs head or the neck in which they would make an escape route from either side. She wasn't sure on how long they would hang the pig though. Afterwards they would skin the pig while the pig is hanging by its feet on the ceiling by some rope and then finally cut out the good pieces of the pig. The scraps are either fed to their pet or they use some chemical to bunch up the scraps to make it look like a good piece as well. Those kinds are bad for you though. Bacon is a good source of protein and contains nine of the essential amino acids, making it a complete source of protein. Low in carbohydrates, a slice of bacon has three grams of protein and zero carbohydrates. It is a low-carb and low-glycemic food making it ideal for incorporating in low-carb diets. She wasn't on a diet though. The bacon is usually really greasy though and it cooked on a pan or a flat-stove that were somewhat expensive. There were multiple ways, but those were the most common ones. She would look to see him put about five pieces of bac
on on the sandwich.

Her eyes would then next look at the lettuce which honestly reminded her of cabbage from the cabbage man who was really the farmer. The farmer was really god damn lazy and had only his farm that other people did for him. She wondered on if that guy will die soon from all those animals being kills and he would later eat them. It sure would be easy to kill him that way. Poison the animal, he eats it, he dies - wall-laa~. She remembered when the farmer told her about cabbages. They both nodded in which the farmer would follow, watch and do nothing besides talking. ''Did you know the health benefits found in cabbage work to enhance the body’s ability to ward off sickness and prevent disease? Because of its nutrient content, cabbage has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The anti-inflammatory properties help in the treatment of digestive problems, such as gastritis, heartburn and peptic ulcers. Cabbage’s anti-bacterial properties work inside the body’s cell processes and aid in detoxifying the body’s major systems. These same properties help to boost the immune system, which increases the body’s resistance to invading bacteria and viruses. '' he started to say. 'What the hell? He's lazy as fuck, but he knows that much about cabbages?' she wondered curiously. The farmer would continue to follow and continued to talk about cabbages. She shook her head as she would think of all the time it took for them to freshen the lettuces with all those bugs from outside that would rest within them. Sometimes she felt disgusted thinking about catching a bug in her food. It was really gross. Her eyes would look over to see Hyoen who was asking her about her name and guild. She didn't really hear him out much on his guild, but she heard scale. 'Lamia scale?' she wondered and then chuckled. ''I'm from Lamia scale too. Name is Ana though.'' she would say as she would use the other name she has been telling people, like Alice. Alice only knew her by Ana and same with some othe
r people. There were only a handful of people that knew her name, Arisa. Her eyes would go back to watching the old man make her sandwich. 863

#9Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:04 am

Hyōen kind of wondered how a sandwich would taste like. Yes, he never specifically ate a sandwich, let alone see one be made. He could see it from the seat here as there was an opening through the cashing board and into the kitchen. The bread was… surprisingly soft-looking and bright. They weren’t like those that his mother used to bake with her bare, rough hands. Those kinds of bread were darker and looked more sturdy than anything else. They were also made atop a bonfire, with sticks to keep them above them without risking burned hands. She learned Hyōen about how to form them in a spiral-like facon, so that the breads would be easier to chum. He never got how that made it easier, but screw that, it was his mother’s way. Even now, after years of solitude, he still tended to set something on fire at an opening somewhere in the small shrubberies around each town, igniting some woods and making bread just like old days. It was a good way to remember the things that his dear mother learned him, and a good way to honour her teachings.

He also gave Coda some pieces of the bread. Those two were like close siblings who shared many things. Coda would enjoy the meat as she was pretty much carnivore herself, and Hyōen could get off with being a good pet owner. Coda chummed the piece happily in her shiny, bright beak, while it was Hyōen’s turn to take a bite of the first sandwich. His teeth would quickly drill into the soft, bright bread as his nose scented a flavour in it. He didn’t know that bread had such a good, strong flavour; he thought that it must have been from the spices that were following up, before his teeth would even finish drilling through the bread and reaching to the meat. Ah… it was a relief to feel that his stomach/body didn’t react to it as some kind of foreign organism, activating the pains like earlier. That would have been a pain in the ass, especially since all the things that happened. Well, back to the sandwich; it was his first bite of a sandwich ever, and he wanted to savour all the flavors. Now, his teeth could feel something flat and stiff… salad, iceberg or just some other flat salad piece. It made the sandwich get a colder flavour as the water drops from it were still apparent, there for his mouth to feel. It was refreshing to get some water supplies from salad like this, but just in case, he did have some water bags ready. Now, easily ripping through the salad, his teeth reached the spices that covered the meat and made it feel like biting onto a mine; it exploded with taste and strong flavors like chili and pepper. It was almost too strong to be savoured at once, but luckily, his mouth could withstand it. His nose, on the other hand, felt a little funny… he had to take a quick break and scratch it a little, before returning to devouring to the sandwich again. Oh, it was actually very tasty. The meat, especially, tasted just as head-batting as it always did, and the spices didn’t seem to annoy him too much this time. Happily, he drilled into the meat, the familiar taste
of meat from the Worth Woodsea. He could taste that it was the same kind of meat from the types of aurochs that roamed around his home too, perhaps from a female this time. The meat was a little raw in the middle, which also triggered his curiosity.

During the journey across sandwich land, he heard Ana’s words. She was from Lamia Scale, too… now, Hyōen felt a little guilty. He should have known given that they were guildmates, but perhaps he was too out in the other corners of the world to have been looking around his own, damn guild. “Aha… I should’ve known. We’re guildmates, after all,” he kind of excused while looking a little awkward as he scratched the back of his head again, “I guess I’m not that much around Orchidia. Maybe I should check the guild hall out another time.” While saying that, Coda went in for another bite and savoured just as many flavors as he did, and she loved it. She even peeped with a lovely rhythm as they both enjoyed from the very same sandwich. “It’s actually the first time eating this. How do you make one?” he asked, his face suddenly lightening up a little as he was feeling more and more confident with being around another Lamia Mage…



on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:05 am

Finally the guy was done and therefore she would leave the store. Before actually exiting the door she would poke her head out to make sure there wasn't anyone running out and about that could possibly ruin her good sandwich like last time. She nibbled on her lower lip as she would then open up to take a bite. She could taste and hear the crunch from the bread, lettuce and bacon. It was rather good. She didn't really want to imagine all the calories though. The last time someone interrupted her sandwich eating and literally made her drop it got their ass kicked. ‘Where could he be?’ she thought as she felt somewhat heated up in rather raged manner. Her fists would clench as her eyes then spot him walking into a dark alley. Slowly she would turn to see him slouching against the wall. Her arms crossed against where her chest would be. ‘’Nice to see you again…’’ she would say coldly as her eyes were shadowed. ‘’W-wait..I..’’ he was about to say and then turned to run off. ‘’Get back here!’’ she yelled as Arisa would run after him. After so long she would see him clench his bat. ‘When the fuck did he get that?’ Arisa wondered as she charged for him. Swiftly he would then turn as he was by the forest.

‘’Alright. Wanna go?!’’ he yelled and charged straight for her as he was ten feet away. Quickly she tried to twirl and let out a leg for him to trip over – dropping the bat. ‘’SHIT my knee!’’ he yelled as the bat was away from him. Her eyes became cold as she walked towards the bat, picking it up. ‘’You like conning people you little shit?’’ she question with a disgusted look from her eyes yet a smirk from her soft lips. Gripping the bat she would smack him in the head with it. He was knocked out, but to make sure he wouldn’t run she would slam the bat against his legs to break them hearing a cry from him. ‘’Guess you won’t be conning anymore.’’ She spoke darkly and just picks him up by his afro and walked to Batra. That was memory lane though. It's been months since then. She hasn't even met her boyfriend at that time though. She would enjoy her sandwich with the company of her guild mate in silence. If he decided to talk, that was on him. Soon enough though they would get to wherever they had to be to do their mission.

She saw Reign be at some center though, celebrating with whoever. ''Ello. Been a bit.'' she started to say to the person. He nodded which he would then chuckle. ''Thanks for taking care of my niece. I know she was a pain. Anyhow. I need your help and your friends help to make some boat for myself for my birthday.'' he would simply explain. After that he would point out that the guy named ''Mywand Olden'' would be the man to see about everything else. All Arisa knew about this old guy was everything anyone in general would know, Mywand is a cheerful old man that runs a shop in Hargeon who sells all sorts of weapons and armors. Sometimes he gets his hands on something exclusive and puts it up for sale, but his regular inventory consists out of mainly common and somewhat uncommon items. He has been running his shop for a few decades now. That was all though. 590

#11Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:05 am

Surprisingly, despite the time it took for him to devour ONE sandwich, or rather, the time it took to explain all the actions having been done by taking ONE bite, he finished all of his sandwiches before Ana stuck her head out of the store. Oh, so she was done too, in which he rose on his feet. He turned his head and looked at how cautious that she was when holding that sandwich, in which he grinned a little. It was important to keep that sandwich safe, or so it felt for him when she looked like that. However, she also seemed to look at somewhere else… somewhere deep in the shadows. He didn’t know what exactly that she was looking towards at, but it did tease his curiosity enough for him to step towards her and spot a silhouette in the darkness. Someone that she knew, perhaps? He could only assume that, because she did approach said person herself and Hyōen followed troop right behind her, sticking out his head once in a while to take a good look at the figure. Once they were right in front of the person who was slouching against the thick wall, she spoke words indicating that she had a story with said person. Oh, so she did know him! That would explain a lot, but as soon as he was about to sigh in relief, the person simply began sprinting away as if he was running from a monster. Ana wouldn’t wait a single second and sprinted after him herself, in which Hyōen felt that he had to follow up himself; he knew nothing of their story, but perhaps he tried to hurt her or something in the past. Either that or he had an accident that befell on her, in which she held a grudge; then again, assumptions. He could only assume…

He appeared to hold a bat, and Hyōen began to feel a little needed to take things a little more serious. Stepping rapidly on the ground, his feet ignited in fire as he quickly caught up on them as they were in the forest; he could quickly scent the change of atmospheres from the busy, packed town to uninterrupted, peaceful nature. Obviously, he found himself up in the trees as he charged forth with feet igniting in fire that, miraculously, didn’t set the branches on fire. Imagine what that would have done to Worth Woodsea if he didn’t master that. Upon approaching Ana’s location, he spotted that the random guy was approaching her as well, although seemingly unaware that she was waiting for him to round a corner. Obviously, it smelled like a quick plan, so the Fire Mage shut his mouth and watched the bat guy get tripped over her leg as the bat dropped. Sitting on the branch, he listened to the words that she spoke; conning… he guessed that said guy really did do something stupid to her. The hit from the bat made a very sharp, clinging sound that echoed through the forest, though, as Hyōen closed his eyes for a brief second. His cries were loud as hell too, but he guessed that Ana had her reason. “Eh…” He barely had the urge to warn or in any way try to make her ease it out; besides, he had his grudges in the past as well, starting with the two muggers who tried to trick him. Their butts wouldn’t be able to extract anything for a long time, now; especially the guy who got a fire feather up his hole. See, Hyōen could be scary as well…

After eating in peace, and nothing but peace in the forest, they had to go to the place where they had to build the ship. They had arrived at Reign’s place where he explained things to Ana and Hyōen, who already knew of it himself. He still sweated a few drops after what just happened, but he quickly shook them off and tried to focus. “Alright… Mywand, we got to need some materials, so let us take a look?” Mywand nodded and indicated them to follow him to his warehouse; a huge one, in fact, with pretty much all the equipment that they could need. Hyōen would take a bunch of tools that he was familiar with - pretty much all of them - and also lift some lumbers for the construction. Looking at his own arms lifting them was surprising, honestly…



on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:06 am

Arisa woukld go forward as she took the plans. Her and Hyoen would go together and build this stupid boat that the cilent wished for himself. It was somewhat sad to think that someone had so much money that they would guild themselves a boat, but the people got nothing. Why were the people like that? She would frown as she thought of sad random shit. Her long beautiful silky hair would wind in random places as the strands would sometimes get in her face. Her right hand would bush them away as she would take lumber, used wagons and then drag them towards the dry docks. She was told to not use magic though to honor his father. So a tiny part of this guy wasn't fully of himself. Hammer hammering away she would go as she would check on her partner every so often. Arisa wasn't sure on how he was doing, but this had to be done. The area was peaceful and quiet as she would continue on her work. Doing so she would remember faintly of the memories when she was on a boat as a child. She would sail with some random people and travel in parts of the islands. Some of these memories weren't hers though. Who's were they? Were they her mothers? Arisa would see islands, treasure and for sure her heart would embrace the area. The only time she feared on being on the boat was during the night when the water was dark, couldn't see the water or anything. Finally she was done and go her reward, but first she would say goodbye to Hyoen. Maybe she'll do missions with him again.


#13Daiko Flayme 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:06 am

Upon arriving on the dry docks, the time to build the damn boat had begun. Laying the lumbers on coordinated lines, the Fire Mage began cutting them in proper lines using the saw that he got from the warehouse. The client specified that they shouldn’t use magic to build this boat… it was something about honouring his father. At first, Hyōen was confused about it; you would still get a functioning boat out of both options, right? Although, during the building, he thought it through; it made sense to limit yourself if it gave peace to your mind. He wouldn’t want to ruin that for Reign.

Arisa was doing pretty well, and so was he trying his best not to look too dependent. After having cut those lumbers in fine forms, he lfited them with his arms and placed them on specific arcs around the locks, so that it would resemble the contour of a boat. It needed a careful placing, but Hyōen could do it. Coda joyfully spectated both their works, and it didn’t take long until the boat was done and that they would get their reward. Stretching his neck, he was happy that they had done a splendid work together, and he was also happy to have met another Lamia Mage after a millennia. Who was the last one that he met… wasn’t it Miyu? As far as he remembered, it must’ve been her. Anyway, he did accept his reward as his hair burned in an orange blaze with happiness. Then, he approached Ana to thank her for the job: “Hey… thanks for helping me with this. It was fun eating sandwiches and see you beat the blood out of people, hehe…”


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