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Baska to Marigold [Train Travel]

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on Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:54 pm

Shin Katari
It had been a long but uneventful travel into the merchant town of Baska. Merchants lined the streets, trinkets in hand in hopes of making a sale. The air was filled with the constant yelling, either that of a customer or a merchant. All of this made for Baska to be an unpleasant town. Instead of resting here, Shin headed straight towards the train station.

However, reaching the train station was a hassle in of itself. His companion, Gastly had never said foot outside of Oak. This often led the mischievous creature astray, being caught up in whatever caught it's large round eyes. Like a parent scolding their child, Shin had to pull the creature away, constantly explaining why they were here. Of course, this was of no use. Curiosity was one hell of a drug.

After a long walk through the town, Shin and Gastly found themselves awaiting for the train to arrive. Having arrived a few minutes late, the next train would arrive within ten minutes. Ten agonizing minutes. For Gastly, time was irrelevant. It was captivated by almost anything that caught it's attention. It was as if the creature had been brought into the world for the first time. On the other hand though, time was as slow as could be. Each minute felt like an hour. It did not help that the train ride from Baska to Marigold would take a minimum of two days at least. His last train ride was uneventful and did not offer quality seats for a good rest. Hopefully, this time around things would be different.

From a distance, the loud churning of an engine and the tooting of a horn could be heard. As a black smoke rose from the spout of a large locomotive, everyone stood up. The train had finally arrived. Unlike the newer trains, this one was an old fashioned steam powered locomotive, using coal and other combustible materials as its fuel source. The inside was nicely refurbished however. The seats were carved from a high quality wood and covered with top notch fabric. The tables were also made of an excellent quality wood, giving the entire cart the feeling of being high class. Taking his seat next to a window, Gastly sat itself across from Shin, it's purple haze often getting caught up in the face of others. On the table were two bottles of complimentary water, provided by the Fiore Railway company. Taking a bottle, Shin cracked it open and took a long sip. It was not cold as it should have been but it did the trick regardless. With a loud toot of the horn, the train churned its engine once more before beginning to chug along the railway. The first few minutes were the train simply picking up speed but once it had caught the speed it needed, it began to take off, going as fast as its engine would allow it to. Although it was not a soothing sound, the rhythm of the train's wheels bouncing off the track of the trail was enough to send anyone into a sleep. Closing his eyes for a moment, Shin found himself in a deep slumber.

As the train came to a sudden halt, Shin was nearly launched forward. Waking up, he rubbed his eyes and took a look outside the window. There was a large sign welcoming visitors into Marigold Town. Wasting no time, Shin gathered his items and made for the exit of the train with Gastly following close behind. The town of Marigold itself was rather pleasant. There was a large castle atop a hill, similar to the Phantasm family of Oak meaning nobility had to live here as well. The citizens were also helpful, all offering to aid travelers. Shin could only wonder how they would react if they were to know that he was affiliated with a dark guild. That would have to wait for another day. Instead, Shin would now head towards the exit of Marigold, his stay being short lived as Hargeon was just above the horizon.

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