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Nature Gone Wild [Mission // Solo]

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on Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:29 pm

It had been several days now, Since the young Magic Council Rune Knight, known as Salem Pendragon would of accidently made his trip to the town of Marigold from the River town of Orchidia by the train station. Salem haven’t accidently gotten himself zoned out has he was lost in his thoughts thinking about emotional aspects of his life. Thus causing for the young knight to not be paying attention as he walked into the train station, leading to Salem now finding himself starting his journey a little earlier then had had planned. Coming to a small town way down in the southern parts of Fiora that he had only really herd stories of. A town from what Salem had come to see was really built on two things, its farm and agriculture. As it would come to seem that this town though small in size, managed to produce a large quantity of fruits, and vegetables in all of the little small family farms out and around the town of Marigold.

The second thing would be the large theater hall that Salem was starting to hear all about the last few days he had been in the town. Having heard that once every month the theater opens up to put on a wonderful play that those from all over Fiora came to watch. Salem having come to hear that the plays ranged from great musical performances to even staged mage duels, something that Salem figured might be quite interesting to watch. Never knowing what magic he could run into while h was out on the road, Salem tended to love to find displays of magic. Especially combative magical duals, though a staged one would do for now if Salem did somehow manage to catch whatever performance that show theater decided to put on.

Salem himself still not exactly sure as to how long he was going to say in the town of Marigold, having a feeling that he was soon going to have to head back Orchidia to finish something he had left unfinished, before making his way to Era his home town. The town of Era would also be the one that would manage to be home of the Magic Council Rune Knights Headquarters, a building that Salem hadn’t seen in years. Having mixed memories of the town as it was his birth place and home, till his adoptive father Oda moved him to the capital of Fiora and home of the king and Queen, the town of Crocus. Another Town Salem would come to have mixed emotions about, though loving the massive library that he had access to by being a Rune Knight and working in the castle, a place he was now coming to miss a little bit. As though he was enjoying his stay at all the different inns he had been visiting, it was nothing like sleeping in your own bed at home.

Or the fact that Salem was also coming to miss the home cooked miss of his adoptive father Oda, having not had his signature French toast in a while. Salem was coming to be slight home sick a little bit, knowing that it would be a while before he managed to make his way back to Crocus or at least back home for that matter. With this journey just starting and already seeming to send him all over Fiora, Salem could only wonder what was next to happen as he continued walking through the streets of the theatrical farm town known as Marigold. Having got in contact with a few people in the town earlier Salem had managed to find himself a little quest to get some jewels. Salem knowing that he was going to need some jewels. Especially if he was planning on doing a little shopping spree in Marigold while he took the time to visit. Still having some faith in the town after the first shop that he had managed to visit with the giant Jeeray on his first day was complete and utter trash.


on Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:24 pm

A magic shop that Salem was sure that he had no intention of visiting one he got his funds up for his sopping trip. Having managed to find nothing but fake artifacts and books he had already added to his collection the shop was subpar at best. And completely making the young magical scholar Salem mad every time he managed to think about it as he made his journey to his request location in the town of Marigold. Salem could only hope that this quest would similar to a few of his last ones and not require too much of him, as he wasn’t currently ready to do an intense magic on the moment. Still needing to train a good portion of the new spells that he had been learning before he made his leave from the capital of Fiora Crocus. Salem had figured that he would be able to train them in Orchidia, but that would not be seeming to happen any time soon.
Soon Salem would come to find himself walking up to the meeting location of the spot he was intedted to meet the quest giver, this being a man Short old man Salem would come to know as Farmer Jim, Or Old Man Farmer Jim as Salem liked to think. Upon greeting and introducing themselves to one another, Old man Farmer Jim would instantly get to explaining to Salem what was going on, and what was to be his job today on this this quest. A task Old man Farmer Jim was more than sure a young member of the Magic Council Rune Knights could accomplish, having made sure to praise and thank Salem for being one of the few mages who truly chose to give back and not just do it for themselves, but for the kingdom of Fiora. Old Man Farmer Jim, noting to Salem several times that him being an young Rune Knight Apprentice was a big reason he had managed to get the quest.

“Well now Mr.Pendragon as you see, the town of Marigold has run into a slight problem that I cant manage to figure out how to stop by myself. Thus figuring that I could really use the assistance of a mage, especially one of the Magic Council Rune Knights of your caliber you see. As some strange vines have managed to start growing, this being something would think a town full of farmer and based on agriculture would easily be able to stop and put a hold to. But these are not your just every day any day ordinary vines you see Mr.Salem. As I have come to think that these vines have something more to them as they seem to be alive or at least have something powering them, possibly another mage, as I fear we could have fallen victim to a curse of some sort. It be no telling with these dark mages and guilds now days, they tend to just do whatever they won’t without any remorse for anyone, thus the reason we need good young man like yourself Mr.Salem in the ranks of the Magic Council Rune Knights. “

Old Man Farmer Jim finishing his praising speech to Salem, would soon lead him off to the back of his farmlands. Allowing for Salem to truly see the problem that was the vines the old farmer man spoke off. And even the young magic scholar one who knew nothing of nature and plants besides from what he had read in a few books here and there could even tell that this was a problem, and not one of natural means. But by just looking at the vines as they continued to constantly and steadily grow, Salem could tell that it was something Magical behind this, though he just couldn’t manage to put his head as to exactly what It was. Knowing that it were several magic’s and artifacts that he personal knew could do this off rip with no assistance or help of anything. But then again Salem also knew that this could be something knew, something that he had never faced before.

This slightly intriguing Salem, as he loved a challenge especially when he got to chance to go up against something knew that he absolutely knew nothing about. This being due to the fact that Salem loved competition, and saw nothing wrong with a little challenge every now and then. Considering the fact that Salem saw the vines just as that, nothing more than a challenge, and one that he was sure he was to overcome soon enough as he started to make his way into the vines leaving Old Man Farmer Jim farther back in the safe parts it would seem. Since with almost every step Salem would manage to take submerging him deeper into the farm land and vines, it would come to seem that the vines would begin to pull the young Rune Knight with even more force. Something that would probably have managed to overcome a lot others, was seeming like nothing more than a simple excurse to Salem, as he constantly managed to punch threw the vines through the use of his Arcane embodiment spell. One of the few self-embodiment spells that Salem actually did have in his arsenal, and one that helped increase his strength allowing for him to easily punch threw the vines as they continued to stretch out and attempt to drag him into their depths.
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on Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:43 pm

Holding his hand out, Salem would proceed to let out a blast of Arcane energy into the vines as he continued his journey deeper and deeper into the heart of the jungle as one could say. The vines proving to be no joke as the continued to constantly come back no matter how many times Salem managed to punch or blast them down. Just like a hydra’s head Salem would come to think, though he figured the method used to destroy that beast would not be one that he could use in this situation. Though the two very similar, it was no way Salem would be able to destroy and burn all the vines like done with the hydra, especially considering that he had still yet to actually find the magical source of the on growing vines. Fighting deeper and deeper into the vines, Salem could only begin to hope that soon enough he would break into the eye of the spell and run into some dumb mage playing a prank. But the deeper and deeper Salem got into the farm lands and threw the vines nonstop assault, he would start to lose all faith of this theory.

Thinking that it had to be some other way for him to overcome this spell, or whatever it was that was happening. Salem knowing that it had to be some form of magic if not an artifact, he just could not put his head as to what it would be, as he constantly fought through the vines trying to think of all the stories he had in his head that could lead to him defeating whatever this was. This leading to Salem thinking of the story of Jack the boy who managed to get those magic beans, though instead of an assault of vines those magics beans just grew a giant bean stock. But Salem figured maybe something similar could also be into effect here on Old Man Farmer Jim’s land. Still fighting threw the vines Salem would start to see a slight blue glow in the distance. He would then proceed to fight and push towards the lights continuing to go deeper into the vines until finally coming up upon a bright Blue orb, a magic Lacrimine none the less.

Looking at the Orb, Salem could easily tell that it was the source of the magic, so he proceeded to throw it up and blast it with an arcane blast. Thus ending the what seemed like a never ending attack of vines. Salem would proceed to make his way back to where he had left Old Man Farmer Jim and proceed to get his payment of Jewels before making his way back to the inner town of Marigold.
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