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Deafening Roar of Silence (Xandra)

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#1Finn Mertens 

on Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:54 pm

Everything was peaceful. The town that kissed the coast seemed to have perfectly nestled itself into the day, and everything was as it should be. The sun was shining down, but there was little to no humidity due to the breeze. It came across the water, bringing a chill to those who felt it that contrasted the heat that the beating sun bore. The foam of the water was picked up by the wind, carried across the opening and resting on whatever it could catch on. Hair and faces, clothes and boats became covered in a mist that was not yet thick enough to leave condensation, but more than enough to make them feel at peace.

The water offered a lulling sound of the waves crashing upon themselves and raising back up, shifting lazily to the docks and beaches of the town. Boats rocked, sails caught, and the sounds of the water melded together to make a satisfying background noise that soothed the soul and allowed the mind to rest. People were taking to day slowly it seemed. There was no holiday that caused it, no reason for individuals to feel like today was unique. It wasn't that it was different at all but rather how plain and pleasant it felt that made people take their times, moving at patient paces and talking with one another without concern or worry.

Among the work of the day, above the distant sounds of bartering from the Hargeon streets, rested a few individuals who had cleared the schedules completely. Some lounged on the beach, either enjoying the cool water or lounging on the warm sand. Others found solace on their boats, pushing off the docks to either do their work or enjoy some time on the open water, unobstructed by paths or obstacles. Others still found themselves lazing on the docks, finding a place in which they were comfortable and occupying themselves with a lack of necessity.

Upon these docks at the edge of a nearly empty pier lay Finn. Legs off the corner of the dock so that his knees bent at the wood, his bare toes skimmed the surface of the water and felt the nipping of its chill. His shirt was no where to be found, showing off a body that had a surprising amount of tone to it, as well as a few prominent scars that seemed to directly conflict with his innocent appearance. His shorts were a light blue that matched the sky with stripes of aqua that reflected the ocean. In the center of his chest rested a Pegasus blue tattoo, representing the guild that he was affiliated with.

His hair spread across his face, a strand caught in his eyebrow to keep it in an obstructive position. The rest of his slightly longer locks found themselves sprawled out on the dock itself, capturing the heat of the sun within their strands. His eyes were squinted, looking at the clouds above, and his arms were sprawled out to the side without direction or purpose. He was not bored, but perfectly content. Beside the young human boy lay a dog, resting upon its stomach with his face into a rolled up blanket. From the cloth came a gentle rumble every few seconds, the bare echoes of a snore escaping the fabric. Everything was peaceful, calm, and quiet within the town. Why would those two adventurers be any different?

#2Xandra Queen 

on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:56 am

'cause tonight's the night
the world begins again
The peaceful tranquility latched onto the air, invading the troubled minds of people as the soothing commotion of waves drowned within them the the unwanted clamor of the people on the docks, or the redundant chatter and gossip that circulated among those who rested underneath the basking sun. The breeze swayed past so gracefully, leaving behind desire to embrace it even more as the heat from the giant star scandalously caressed the body of every being it found.

She passed through the crowd as the light clattering of her slippers submerged within the busy footsteps of others. Her eyes were still, yet observing everything that happened around as she strolled past the docks. Her attempt to be alone and relax in the presence of the alleviating water was reaching an undesired dead end but she kept going. A gust of wind flew past the long, luscious blonde strands of hair, causing them to chase after it desperately until she had to raised her occupied hands to pat it down. Grabbing the excess cloth underneath her hair, she pulled her left hand up, hauling up a blue hood in the process that leisurely sat on her head.

Clad in a simple outfit that provided nothing but ease with the comfortably loose beige shorts through which the blue tattoo on her thigh that proved her Knighthood threatened to peek out. The unstoppable breeze pushed her large white shirt into her torso as the hems of her blue hoodie gracefully danced around. Raising her right hand, the female glanced once again at the vibrant orange ice lolly that she put in her mouth without hesitation. The burst of flavor which mingled the sweetness and an added sourness of the orange made her face scrunch slightly in delight.

It was then that her desire to be alone seemed to have been heard by fate as she spotted an empty peir at the end of the docks. Unknown to her was the fact that it wasn't empty as she never gave her eyes the chance to reach the edge. Strolling along the wooden surface, Xandra slowed down her steps as she glanced upon a man laying down there, but did not halt. She moved closer and the wooden planks creaked ever so gently in sync with her steps as once she had reached far enough, her eyes landed upon the familiar shirtless individual who she once encountered in the forest. The urge to retreat had arose but the desire to stay in this calm vicinity was too strong. Sucking on the ice lolly once again, her left hand moved, creating another small noise as the wind rustled through the plastic bag which held another one of the same chilled snack that she was currently devouring.

There was no doubt that the boy, Finn, if she recalled correctly, would have known by now that she or well, someone was there. Her decision told her to stay in place and not move towards him unless he notices her and watch the glistening sea from afar but her curiosity begged to differ as it soared at the sight of small movement next to the man. There was something there and before she knew, her feet gently moved forward until she stood over the boy and the unknown creature, casually sucking on an ice lolly.
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#3Finn Mertens 

on Thu Sep 07, 2017 8:41 am

Finn had let himself almost completely daze out. The suns heat mixed with the cool spray that carried itself along the breeze was enough to relax almost anybody. Jake himself had let his guard down, enjoying the rare chance to laze around with Finn. There wasn't a chance of the day running amok save for an uninvited guest bringing with them aggression. The chances of that were unbelievably low considering where they were at. The town of Blue Pegasus, at the edge of the docks, surrounded by individuals. Even if such a thing did occur, a random young man and his dog would hardly be the first target.

Forcing his lazy eyes open, Finn stared back up at the cloud speckled skies and smiled. The day was nearly perfect. This wasn't the type of thing he could bear to do too often, but he certainly enjoyed it on the off days in which he indulged. As his eyes traced the outline of a dog in one of the nearby clouds, a shadow passed into his vision. At the top edge of his view was something that matched the color of his own hair, and something else that was much whiter than his own skin.

Turning his vision upwards, Finn saw the rough silhouette of a woman. The sun was behind her, making his eyes struggle to adjust. The curves of her shadowy figure assured that it was a feminine individual though. Rolling to an elbow and covering his eyes with a hand, Finn tried to lock onto her face as his eyes adjusted. Beside him, Jake perked up and yawned. His nose twitched a few times, ears perking. He had noticed her approach, but hadn't bothered jumping or warning his brother of the impending individual. Looking to face her with Finn, he raised a pawed hand in welcome. "Hey."

As his eyes finally adjusted to the light and gave in to Finn's attempt to focus, he finally recognized the individual. She was dressed differently this time, clad in a blue hoodie and shorts that showed the tattoo of the Knights upon her leg. Finn's eyes glanced down to her thigh for a moment before locking eyes and smiling. "Hey there, Xandra," he said whilst she was in the middle of whittling down the sucker between her lips. "I didn't know you were a knight!"

Taking a brief pause to glance at Jake, who was was now staring between Finn and Xandra, the young adventurer grinned and chuckled. "Xandra, this is my brother Jake. Jake, this is Xandra. Me and her met back in the East Forest!" Nodding as if all his questions had now been answered, Jake looked back to the blonde woman. "Hey there Xandra. Want to enjoy some sun? It's... Sunny. And great." With that, he flopped back down and allowed the fireball in the sky to continue and warm his fur.

#4Xandra Queen 

on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:44 am

'cause tonight's the night
the world begins again
The grandeur of the glistening water served as a splendid backdrop as Xandra's gaze stared down at the familiar boy. Upon closer scrutiny, she noticed the mark of Blue Pegasus clinging to the skin on his chest. She recalled their previous encounter where he had openly told her about his affiliation to the light guild. Standing there, she continued her gluttonous intake of the flavored snack as her glace shifted from the boy to the smaller creature that lifted it's head to look at her before raising it's yellow paw in a brief welcome.

Her movements stopped as the dog spoke, leaving her in awe at the sight of it. Her eyes sparkled with hints of fascination before her attention was captured by Finn's words as he finally seemed to have adjusted his gaze onto her face. Her head down slightly in acknowledgement while she mumbled a quick word of greeting and her eyebrows scrunched slightly as she recalled telling him about her being a Knight but proceeded to ignore it. Her eyelids fell upon the immediate attack of the wind, which knocked the hood of her jacket right off before calming down once again only to allow her irises to once again peek at the sky.

Indeed, it was a first that the female encountered the creature as she didn't happen to see him back in Magnolia. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see that the female met the boy once again and that too in a different town. She recalled wanting to express her gratitude in more than words but unfortunate for her, she barely had anything with her. As she was introduced to the dog, named Jake who happened to be Finn's brother, she suppressed the timid curiosity that wondered why he labelled the creature as a sibling. Any of her previous confrontation with someone accompanied by an entity always resulted in them being introduced as a pet. The difference in the way he was addressed was slightly refreshing, she thought.

Bending her knees down and crouching down, her eyes glanced upon Jake, leisurely resting under the sun before returning to look at Finn. Her shifty gaze was awkward as she hesitantly put forward her left hand and opened the plastic bag that embraced her wrist. Holding the unfinished snack in her mouth, she felt the cold bite into her teeth as she used her free hand to take out another packaged ice lolly of the same kind and held it up, offering it to Finn. If he were to take it, she would return her hand back into plastic bag only to pull out another one laced with indecisiveness as to whether the dog would like one or not. The mere fact that she had foolishly bought all three for herself was obtuse as it was highly likely that they would've melted before she even finished her first one so might as well let the two individuals enjoy its taste along with her.
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#5Finn Mertens 

on Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:47 am

As the woman silently offered him a sort of treat, Finn gazed at the delectable goody before glancing at Xandra in order to lock eyes with her. He offered a smile, much more vibrant than his current lazy facade, and reached a hand up to take it. "Thank you," he said while grabbing the candy from her hand. Unwrapping it and placing it in his mouth, he was instantly surprised by how cold the thing was. It wasn't a normal lollipop as he had thought it would be, but some sort of chilled delicacy that was already finding itself melting upon his tongue. His eyebrows rose in surprise and the corner of his lips turned up in delight. "This is good!" His voice was strange, slightly altered by the sucker that was stuffed into his cheek. The chill bit into his gums and teeth, but it was a nice feeling while warmed by the sun.

As she offered another of them, this time to Jake, the dog lazily lifted his head to look at her. Upon seeing the offering of the strange candy, his eyes became big. An almost emotional look took over his facial expressions as he smiled. "Yes. Yes please." His voice wobbled and held in it a slightly higher note than normal as he opened his mouth and strained. His hope was that the woman would do him the kindness of unwrapping it and placing it within his mouth, but obviously he didn't voice this desire. It seemed pretty obvious to anyone watching, but there was a chance she wouldn't pick up on it.

"So what brings you to Hargeon, Xandra?" Finn's voice was inquisitive, not forced in its wonderment. He hadn't gotten to know her amazingly well in the forest, and thinking back on it some of their conversation had been overshadowed by the need to stay aware of what was around him. He desperately hoped he wouldn't be repeating any questions. It wasn't like him to do so, but even adventurers made mistakes.

As he asked about this, both him and Jake scooted a little bit away from each other to open up a space between them if Xandra wished to take a seat. The space would allow for a couple of feet to either side of her, so long as she sat in its center. Finn would be on her right, Jake her left, and her feet would be able to go over the side and towards the water. The Rune Knight wasn't exactly a talkative girl, so he wasn't expecting her to go in depth as to her reasons for being here. Still, maybe she'd surprise him?

#6Xandra Queen 

on Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:47 pm

'cause tonight's the night
the world begins again
The delicate breeze hummed to the crunching sound of the plastic wrapper that embraced the snack. She watched as the boy took it from her only to immediately begin the devouring process, acknowledging the burst of it's delightful flavor as she simply gave a small nod at his statement. Taking out another one one, upon the simple yes, she continued holding onto the snack as the chilling cold of the vivid one in her mouth bit through her teeth. She could feel the orange melting within her mouth and only after a few moments realized, that Jake has paws, not hands. It was as if realization struck as she used her slender fingers to quickly unwrap the alluring outer cover and hand it to the dog.

Xandra quickly grabbed the cheap wooden stick before pulling it out of her mouth, letting her face show the slightest expression as her eyebrows knitted together into a small frown and her lips puckered slightly as she could feel the cold in her mouth fading into warmth. Her attention was once again caught by Finn's question which let her aboard her train of thoughts. It was a good question actually, as she never really thought much of it as she journeyed to the town. She just wanted to generally help people. However, in the back of her head, she too knew that her reasons were a tad bit selfish. Her goal always remained in her head as she worked towards it everyday, but at some point in time, she found herself wanting to travel too. There was a thrill in it that she could not describe. Xandra in particular, never felt an attachment to people or places hence they were merely bypassers in her life. Although she often felt lonely because of it, she didn't think it was necessarily a bad thing.

While she was lost listening to the voice within her head, she snapped back to reality as she saw the two scooting to the side, granting her a place to sit. A moment passed as nothing but a small shrug displayed her answer to his question before she proceed to haul herself up. The creaking wood made a small cry as a sudden jolt of pain rushed through her legs due to her crouching position but to the blonde, it barely felt like a sting. She slipped off her bland shoes before plopping her body down onto the edge, sitting between the brothers. Her feet dipped into the rather cool water as her feet leisurely paced back and forth alternatively and her eyes captured the ripples of the ocean. In case he hadn't noticed her shrug before, she took a few moments to voice her thoughts, "Just to help around and maybe explore." Short and simple, like most of her sentences. It was clear that she felt uncomfortable talking about herself more than anything else.

"What about you?" She tried to strike a conversation even though it wasn't her thing. Her lilac gaze drifted off onto the boy's chest as she noticed the crest of his guild. If she recalled correctly, she had heard about Blue Pegasus being located in Hargeon but her nonchalant attitude and tendency to not care too much about things that don't concern herself led her to dismiss what she overheard, and now, she was unsure. The tranquility quickly submerged within the loud horn of the ship that announced it's departure as it began to sway a little before setting sail. The cheers and laughs of those aboard became louder as the music in the backdrop made it obvious that it was a journey of enjoyment for them. Ignoring that after a brief glance, the female hesitantly raised her free hand to run it down the dog's fur, very unsure about the whether or not he would like like it.
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#7Finn Mertens 

on Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:04 am

Xandra had chosen to take the area between them, nestling herself between the brothers and making herself relaxed. The day was so laid back, one without need for work or stress, that the feeling of sleep seemed to hang in the air. The weather was perfect for a nap, the sun warming the skin while the breeze rushed through their hair. The sound of the water and the harbor combined to try and drag away their consciousness, urging them to allow rest to once again retake them.

Glancing at Xandra, she seemed almost uncomfortable there. He had been able to tell in their first meeting that she was not the most socialite individual. While she seemed to have no problem engaging in conversation when need be, she hadn't been the type to pursue information out of him. Mostly just polite responses, followed by silence. It made the fact that she was making an effort here much more touching, and admittedly surprising. She had not only offered Jake and himself these delicious frozen treats, but she had fit her way in and done her best to start conversation. A smile tugged at the corner of Finn's lips, while Jake continued to lay flat and seemingly be uninterested.

As she asked him the question that he had just previously directed to her, his mind shot to the things he had done since doing here. Training, pushing himself further, breaking through limits that once seemed to be where he would have to stop. He had traveled here to get back in touch with why he started, as well as to figure out for sure what his next plan was. He came here to make this the place in which he shoved forward and took on new boundaries. To tell all this to a girl who he hardly knew, who was likely just being polite, would have been absurd. "Well, I'm a member of Blue Pegasus. It was about time I came back, right?" His voice was followed by a laugh.

As Xandra stroked her hand down Jake's fur, the man finally reacted. Shooting his head up and staring at her with a confused face that screamed "What the hell?" he rolled away from her and sat up. "Fiiiinnn," he whined, shaking his face as if to wake up. "Your friend just touched my butt!" Sitting up and propping his weight on one arm, Finn looked over to his brother. "Well, to her you look like just a dog. So she probably thought you'd appreciate it." Looking from Finn, to Xandra, then back to Finn, a frown made itself evident on his face. "That's racist."

#8Xandra Queen 

on Tue Sep 26, 2017 8:03 am

'cause tonight's the night
the world begins again
Nodding her head at the boy's answer, she felt Jake's fur lightly brushing against her hand but was visibly taken aback when the dog rolled aside. Perhaps he didn't like it. Xandra was utterly confused upon the dog's reaction as she heard him complain to Finn. The corner of her lips drooped slightly upon the unpredicted words that left the creature's mouth. It hadn't occurred to her that there might be some animals that wouldn't like the touch of humans but when she took a moment to think about it, it made sense.

Her gaze flickered between the Finn and his dog as they exchanged words with one another. Skepticism settled within her as her eyebrows knitted together with a small motion, so tiny that it was highly likely that the two missed it. Her head tilted to the side as she tried to place some missing pieces together. There was something that she hadn't quite caught up to but she couldn't exactly point out what it was.

Moments passed and she still couldn't confidently place her finger on what was happening so, much unlike her usual self, she decided to feed her curiosity. "What do you mean he 'looks like just a dog'?" Strangely enough, she didn't mind speaking unless it was about herself and this time, she felt like she should as the rising peculiarity of the situation poked the back of her mind constantly. The mage knew that her disturbed cogitation would constantly drift towards this issue until she found out the truth, so rather than going through the hard work of figuring out something that she knew pretty much knew nothing about, she decided to take the easy way out.

"Does he....not like being touched?" She continued her interrogation as she licked the last bit of melted, fruity ice off the wooden stick before letting her gaze linger on the two individuals before her, awaiting a reply. Of course, there was a high chance that they wouldn't tell her about it since she was still merely just an acquaintance, if not a stranger. However, considering their exchange up until this point, it didn't seem like they were trying to hide anything.

Time was ticking past and at a rather speedy pace. Realization had hit her that she did in fact decide to do something that day. Her lilac eyes, remaining stone cold hid the hint of guilt she felt, "I forgot I had to do something. I need to go." Lifting herself off the wooden tier, she dusted her clothes before waving at the two, "It was nice meeting you Jake. Goodbye, Finn." Her voice was low as she nodded as goodbye before turning around and walking away. Her curiosity still wasn't satisfied but she hoped that they would once again meet, so she could get the answers to the questions she had asked.

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