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[Foot Travel] Sieghart to Oak

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#1Faust Noire 

Default on Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:46 am

Coyotes, animals that are constantly on the move in order to hunt successfully and efficiently. But the Coyote himself had broken said rule and had stayed in Sieghart Mountains for one too many months, much less nights. After the event took place, Faust Noire made the mountain his temporary home. A flying, green snake, a bunch of people who were immediately vacated, and an insect that wouldn't die. Cockroaches. Disgusting.

Ever since then, the canine simply hid about the rocky terrain of the mountain. For months upon months, he was secluded from the outside world and used his abilities to survive to, well, survive. The herbs that grew all about were harvested and to his luck, none of which poisoned him despite knowing little to nothing of herbalism and the like. Of course, a dog didn't live with leaves alone. The deer that enveloped the forests were sought and hunted, painlessly due to the amount of respect the canine showed all his foes. Disrespect to others in battle was disrespect to only himself; a lesson taught to him via various scars from a number of people. Excluded from others, secluded to himself. A coyote was a lone hunter and that's the way he operated. Even with the guild, Grimoire Heart, as a factor, there was no doubt that the canine enjoyed doing everything himself. It displayed that he was capable and didn't need to rely on others for his accomplishments.

Humming a beautiful song of serenity, Careless Whispers, Faust kicked and jumped to the imaginary beat he created in his head. It was surely a sight to see. Eventually, the lyrics leaked out of him like a broken battery. "I'm never gonna dance again. Guilty feet have got no rhythm." he began, adding in the drama-risque character. "Though it's easy to pretend, I know I'm not a fool." The lyrics were followed by a series of humming once more, seeing as how he didn't know the lyrics to the part. It was a shame, Faust himself admitted it. The song was legendary and even so, he only knew bits and pieces. Alas, he reached the chorus once more. "Should've known better than to cheat a friend and waste the chance that I've been given. So I'm never gonna dance again, the way I danced with you." As his lungs elongated the final word in the song, he thought about the meaning of the song as a whole. The lyrics reached out to him, as it did with many people. Having his head on the song alone, the Coyote had not realized that he eventually made it into Oak, the rival's headquarters. Phantom Lord, huh?

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