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Conman Coward [Quest|Sage]

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Conman Coward [Quest|Sage] Empty on Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:16 am

Sage walked into Batra's Inn. He went there because the owner need his help on something, and he accepted. Sage looked around the Inn, then he could see the bartender, he have a dark sin tone and he have no hair but he does have a nice beard, it seems like it is cared in the right way. Sage walked towards him, asking where is Batra. "Excuse me sir," Sage started politely, as he know that he isnt going to order anything and would disturb the other customers that wants to order, at least that is what Sage have in mind. "Oh hello there kid, sorry but I cant give you anything that we have here, giving underage alcohol based drink is not allowed here." the bartender said, reminding him that he cant be there or something. Sage felt embarrassed as he didnt come there to drink alcohol or anything, he looked at the other customer, afraid of misjudgement by them, he then looked back at the bartender who is ten times bigger than him, "ummm, sorry, but that is not why I came today sir, I am actually seeking for the owner of this Inn, could you perhaps call him or something?" Sage said with an awkward smile, he didnt want to say that as he was afraid that he would embarrass the bartender. "Oh I am sorry about misjudging you, I am the owner, Batra, how can I help you?" he said, regretting what he just told Sage, and perhaps ashamed of what he did. But Sage see that he is just a good guy, he prevented underage like him drink something that is dangerous to the human body. "Oh, if that is so. I am Sage Elm, a rune knight, I am sure that you called for a mage right?" Sage said to him, Batra was shocked, he couldnt believe that someone young like him could be a mage and a rune knight. "Oh you are a rune knight, I am sorry about that Sir Sage, I called upon you so that you could settle a scam between me and a con man, he usually hangs out with his friends somewhere at the streets of crocus, could you help me to settle this?" He pleaded to Sage,Sage had never been called 'Sir' nor been pleaded before, so he blushed a little, "Yh, sure that is what I do for living, Ill find this con man and give you the money that he scammed." Sage said to Batra, assuring him not to worry and everything is settled. Sage walked out of the Inn and searched for the con man. He searched aisles through aisles, even dark scary one. He could only see some weird group of people hanging around smoking or playing cards, but he dont know how to find a con man. "Gosh, how do I even know if someone is a con man, anybody could be a con man, I could be a con man, the council could be a con man." Sage sighed thinking about it, he was fed up of this con man thing as he couldnt find him.

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Conman Coward [Quest|Sage] Empty on Fri Sep 01, 2017 7:49 am

While walking the streets of Crocus with a little bit of a bad feeling, Sage watched a guy trying to sell his product to a young lady, he think that could be a con man, cheating and scamming people. He walked towards the man who was trying to sell his product, he was wearing a light tone purple shirt with light toned green tie. When Sage was close enough to them, he coughed a little trying to find their's attention, "Excuse me sir, but perhaps are you Kyle?" Sage asked him, while showing a signalling to the lady that kyle tried to sell his stuff to run off. Kyle noticed this and he got pissed. "Hey! you cant just say to my customer to go away, plus what do you want from me kid?!" the lady ran away, it seemed like she isnt even interested in what Kyle as selling. "I am Sage Elm, a member of the Rune Knights. I came to you to retrieve back what you have taken illegally from Batra, the owner of the Inn." Sage said with no mercy at all, it seemed like he absolutely change from being this cute nice guy to this firm angry guy. Kyle was flattered, he was facing a rune knight, he dont want to mess with them for now. "Fine then take this money, i dont even want them." Kyle said with full of anger while throwing at Sage a pouch filled with money. "Thank You." Sage said cheerfully, like nothing bad had ever happen between them. Sage walked off and head towards Batra's Inn. He entered the In and found Batra at the bar, still working on his shift, helping his customers and giving them some nice drink. "Hey Batra, here is the money you rightly posses." Sage said while placing the money filled pouch on the bar. "Oh thank you for all you hard work." Batra thanked Sage and took the pouch, hence opening it and what he saw shocked him. Sage noticed that Batra was shocked, "Umm, are you ok Batra? What's wrong?" Sage asked Batra, he was worried of him. "T-This money, it is fake!" Batra told Sage with a shocked tone. "Ughh, that scam b*tch. Ill get him this time!" Sage raged, running out of the Inn and went back to where he found Kyle before, he couldnt see him anywhere, but then he saw Kyle running towards the city exit. Sage chased after him with the highest speed he could run. But it seemed like both of them ran at the same speed. Sage decided to use his magic in front of people, even if they think that it is weird, his arm turned leaf green and leaves and wood started to grow on his arm, Sage stop in his track and place his hand in front of him, he focused where Kyle is running, then a giant tree burst out of the ground on where Kyle is, he cant jump or not he would die as he is on top of the tree and it was very high. He was cornered, he couldnt go anywhere, "Im sorry, plz let me down!" Sage was ready beside the tree, ready to capture him, he waved at some of the other rune knights to help him. After everything is settled, Sage brought Kyle to Batra for him to settle everything between them, Batra gave Sage his rewards and Sage walked off to his hotel and had a good rest.

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