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Rat Race [Quest|Sage]

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Rat Race [Quest|Sage] Empty on Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:58 pm

Sage was sitting on a diner's table, enjoying his pancake with some honey. The tender of the pancake filled his mouth and his desire was filled too. After finishing his meal and drinking some coffee, Sage raised his hand,"Excuse me," Sage called for the waitress dressed in red and white, must be the diner's uniform for their staff. The waitress noticed Sage calling her, she quickly walk towards Sage's table. "Yes, how may I help you sir?" she asked Sage as soon as she arrived at his table. "Oh, I would like to pay for this please." Sage said to the waitress and showing her the empty plates. "That would be 100 Jewels sir." she said as she finished calculating something on her small calculator. "Oh, wait a second." Sage took his small sacket and counted the jewels until he have 100 of them in his hand, then gave it to the waitress, "Here you go.", "Thank you, have a nice day Sir." she said while bowing at him and left. Sage stood from his table and head out to the beautiful town of crocus. His destination is in the Garden of Crocus where he would meet his client, Luciel, who is said to be Merlin's daughter. When Sage reached the Garden, he could see a young lady wearing something similar to a witch's clothing, which includes the pointy hat, the black clothes, and she also wear an eye patch, Sage wondered why tho. "Umm, excuse me." Sage said to Luciel as she didnt realise that he was there. "Oh may I help you?" she said as she turn towards him. "I am Sage, the mage that you recruited." Sage explained to her, "Oh yes, yes, I remembered now, ok, we need to do this fast." she said hurriedly as soon as she knew that he was the mage she recruited. "I need you to kill a rat for me." Sage was shocked, not because of the killing part, but killing a rat part, she could do it on her own, it should be easy for the apprentice of Merlin. "Are you sure that's it? Because it sounds pretty simple." Sage said to Luciel, wondering if she is just playing with him. "Oh no, not any ordinary rat, you see, I was experimenting on a rat back in my lab, and I accidentally mutated it to a big vicious rat which could probably eating someone right now." Luciel explained briefly to Sage and her tone sounds like it wasnt something that it important. Sage was speechless, but not petrified, he dont know how to react to it. "Ummm, alright, so where do I start?" Sage asked Luciel, trying to find a head start on where he could find the rat and slaughter it. "Oh, I dont know, maybe you could ask people around if they had seen an enormous furry rat crawling around the town." she wined to Sage, it seems like she dont want to delay this thing and she want to finish it quick.

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Rat Race [Quest|Sage] Empty on Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:59 pm

"Alright then, we will meet at the same place this noon, see ya." Sage said to Luciel while leaving the scene. Sage walked off the garden and look for the closest person he will walk pass by and ask them if perhaps they have seen a huge rat. Sage met some other mages too on the way, they were doing some social quests, which made Sage feel happy about it as there are other people who wants to help this world become a better place. They met at the middle of a boulevard just next to the garden of crocus. Then Sage met a young lady who was just walking by, her hair was blonde and she wear a simple white t shirt with blue jeans. "Umm excuse me maam, but if perhaps have you seen any giant rat crawling around the capital?" Sage asked her with a soft tone and a simple smile. The young lady was clicked when Sage mentioned the giant rat. "Oh, yes, my friend mentioned something about a giant rat just now, but..." she replied to Sage with her eyes not matching to Sage, instead looking up as of thinking of something. "Really? could you show me where it is?" Sage asked her as soon as she said that she know something about the rat, and unconsciously, Sage hold both of her hand and looked at her in the eyes, he was normal with this, he blend with people quickly. As Sage took and hold her hand, she was shocked, but not disgusted, and when Sage realised that he did that, he withdrew quickly, "oops, my mistake im very sorry for what i just did." he apologised but at the same time blushing, he always do that with his mother or his friends even tho it seems like a girl's doing, but he just cant resist it, it is just what he is. "So you wanna meet my friend and ask her about the whole rat thing?" she asked Sage as if nothing had happened. "Yeah, sure of course,
lead the way."
Sage replied with a humble tone, as he was really glad to find a clue about the rat. They walked into some kind of residential area, it was much more quiet there, it was peaceful. She led Sage to a pretty average house, there are a bicycle and some plants at the front yard. "Come on, let's go and see her." the young lady said to Sage telling him to move faster. She knocked on the door, "Hello? Lissandra? are you here? I got someone who as asking about the huge rat you are telling me about." the door was opened quickly by another woman that have the same height as Sage. She have a pale skin and short dark hair, she have dark lens too around her eye, and her clothing are all dark, "What? someone wants to know about the rat? where is that person?" the gothic themed lady asked the blonde lady.

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"Me, I am the one who was asking about the giant rat." Sage said to the gothic looking girl, as he dont want to drag this matter longer. "ok, here's the deal, last night when i was walking home from my night shift, i saw this alien rat in a garbage, at first i thought it was just a racoon but when i look closely I saw a giant rat with sharp teeth and red eyes! Then it ran to an abandoned cabin which is really spooky!!!" The gothic looking girl said to Sage with fear in her voice, Sage could easily see that she was traumatised. The gothic looking girl then cowered in fear and slam the door, maybe she have mental issues, Sage thought. The blonde girl then was sorry for Sage, "Umm, sorry for my friends' behaviour, she was very traumatised by what happened last night.", Sage was sorry for her, "Oh, no, it is ok, I understand that, thank you for your help." Sage thanked her, and bowed. He then left and search for this abandoned cabin. While walking through the streets of Crocus, he could see an old man walking by, he had a strange feeling about that old man, ut not a bad one. He walked towards him, crossing the street. "Umm, excuse me sir, but in any case, have you seen any abandoned cabin?", Sage asked the old man, The old man turned his face, searching for the one who ased me that question, when his eyes met Sage's face, he said, "Oh, you mean the cabin at the outskirts of the west side of the city?
yes i heard of it."
he said with an anxious tone, wanting to know what was Sage thinking about on going there. "Oh, so there is where the place is, thank you sir, have a nice day!" Sage replied to him, and head off towards the outskirts at the west side of the city, leaving the old man hanging and anxious on what he was about to do when he reach there. Sage ran and ran, he didnt want to make this thing long, as he dont want anybody to get injured. When he arrived at the west side of the city, he journeyed further into the outskirts, trying to find the abandoned cabin. Then he found a white house, that was covered with weeds and such, moss were growing around it and it doesn't look friendly at all, it felt gloomy. He walked to the front door, and turned the knob and found that it wasnt locked, it was empty, a one large empty room, with only dust and garbage inside it. Then he heard some squeaking, it must be the rat, Sage thought. He then heard some noise at the area where plastics and food wrappings were piled. He could then see, with his own eyes, that the giant mutated rat was there. The rat then crawled out of the pile of garbage and noticed Sage, it didnt squeak now, it was growling.

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The mutated actually pounced at Sage, and he didnt believe that it was real, as it is not what a normal rat would do. Sage barely dodged it, but as soon as it landed on the ground it quickly pounce back at Sage, Sage reacted by kicking it in the face, knocking it back as it was very light. Sage was angry and he want to finish this fast, he uses his full take over and turned into a beast looking dryad, with branches and leaves being his body parts, and he wasnt afraid to use it now as nobody is around him. Then Sage would grow his right hand into a series of branches, by this time the rat was back on its feet, it pounces on Sage, Sage was feeling annoyed as he knew that he could kill it easily now, he swung his grown dryad arm and delt massive damage to the rat, knocking it to the wall, producing a loud boom sound. Sage thought that it has settled, but no, the rat wasnt fainted nor dead, it was still standing, the rat seemed to develop its own brain, it didnt pounce at Sage anymore, but Sage could only see that it was running around the room so fast that Sage couldnt track it, then suddenly he saw a long tail smack him in the face, he was very shocked and not ready for it. He fell on the floor and his dryad's face seemed to be cutted a little by the smack of the rat's long tail. Sage clenched his other fist, he was furious, he cant believe that he could be beaten by just a rat. He stood up and was ready to finish all of this, he couldnt see the sight of the rat, but he could feel its presence, its soul, he felt like it would attack again on his back, he turned around and was right, he could see the rat in mid air, Sage quickly reacted by growing his arm to millions branches and trapped it on the wall, he then grabbed it with his branch arm and swing it everywhere inside the room, knocking it dead. After a series of smashing, the rat was now dead, Sage thought that he should keep this mutated rat far away from here so that the other animals wont get affected and mutated too. Sage walked outside the abandoned house along with the dead rat too, he dug a hole easily on the ground with his long branch arm, and threw the dead rat inside the hole, burying it under the ground, then Sage thought of something, he couldnt dig it in the soil, as the chemicals would affect the plants near it and anything that would ate the plant will get affected too, and it would spread all over the continent. Sage decided to dig it back, he picked the dead rat, walked back inside the abandoned house, and store it in the refrigerator, where it seemed to still be cold even tho it is abandoned, he kept the rat in a cold environment so that nothing could compose it like fungus or worms, then he threw the refrigerator in side the hole he dug, and buried it, not ever to be found again.

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