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Accidental Demise [Quest:Kenny]

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Kenny stretched with a pained grin on his face, it was a rather deep stretch making his muscles tire rather quickly as he looked up at the partially cloudy sky. He was feeling pretty good about himself, his body was pretty rejuvenated the scratch marks no long bleeding heavily from the night before where he taught his fiance another lesson in dominance. What a day it was to be alive folks, the sun was oh so beaming, his smile was oh so charming and the energy he gave off was OH. SO. ELECTRIFYING. It was nice to be aggressive now, no one messed with him now save for his fight with Stratty, but even that went well. Turns out they were friends and that made Kenny pretty happy, out of everything he had now it seemed like he was doing a little better, good friends, hot psycho wife and a big red dog. Kenny wanted a dog of his own though, maybe not now but one day it’d be nice to have someone to eat his scraps and throw a stick to every now and then. For now he would just be pet less, yep, just until he felt like he could handle a pet of his own, right now he had little to nothing in terms of responsibility other than keeping Arcane fed and making his wife to be happy, speaking of her. He peeked through the bed window and down at the road below, he needed to get another job, try to buy her some more tequila, maybe get himself some too.

Back on the topic of Strat rat though, that guy was a miracle worker. Thanks to him Kenny was laying more pipe than an italian plumber who’s side job was picking up blondes from their overly angry boyfriends. That was oddly descriptive… What the hell is italy?Back to the task at hand Kenny stretched onces again looking out to the world below, what a day it was to be Kenny Omega, hm, seemed there was quite a bit of sunlight outside today, seemed like a good day to get out his… He reached into a drawer and pulled out his eyewear, SHAAAAAADES bay bay. Kenny looked in the mirror and slicked his hair back, it felt good to look good but he had a few more things to do, he smiled in the mirror and rubbed a finger along his pearly whites.

“Kenny Omega BAY BAY” he beamed with pride just brighter than the sun as he shook his head and messed up his messy mane of black hair. He looked like a pretty serious guy, shame he was goofier than he led on or he could probably trick people into thinking he was a real toughy. Then again to be a villain he didn’t need to look tough when he actually was tough, that seemed to be the difference between to many in Fiore, they looked tough but weren’t or they were and didn’t look the part. There was never any neutral ground there, Kenny wouldn’t mind being the neutral ground but he lacked the flare and wit to be a tough guy. There wasn’t any real mean bone in his body except for the one he smacked his girl with (ZING), well he could be mean but he was a fan of being aggressive though. Not that he couldn’t be mean he just choose not to consistently, he could kill but he would do so with a smile on his face as he gently killed whoever was fighting, attacking, or well just generally being knarly to him murder was always bothersome but when he had to do it he did it even if it was difficult. Took him back to when he almost died, yeeep he could recall that night with ease, she raised the rock he caught her hand and then boom say no more fa getta bout it it was history and they were gonna be makin’ babies one of these days. Too easy baby.

The long haired redneck looked around his place and rubbed his hands together, he really needed something to live his place up, maybe a pet of sorts. He couldn’t think of what he would get but it would mostly just be something to help him keep his house active, he didn’t have much in the way of activity in the mornings, but at night the walls were always banging at least for reasons… HE WAS ALWAYS UP ALLL NIGHT the past few days. He didn’t get any proper sleep and it was really affecting his mornings, seriously he was just a happier guy. He walked into the kitchen and began getting himself a cup of coffee, he put some sugar and cream into it as well as putting a little whip cream for fun the can was almost empty though because well it wasn’t for food and more for eating something a little more raunchy. He sprayed some of the whip cream in his mouth and shook his head to distil the creamy goodness and wake himself up a little bit more. He took a sip of his coffee and sighed in content enjoying the taste of his bitter sweet coffee.

Kenny was beginning to enjoy coffee more and more, it helped his good moods keep going as he chugged down a cup or two a day. He finished off his mug and put it in the sink putting soap into it, washing it and finishing it out before putting it on the drying rack for tomorrow morning. There was a knock at his door, it sounded rather hasty, Kenny raised a brow and approached the door wondering who was paying hi a visit. Kenny stopped admiring his mug and walked towards the door unlocking it and turning the knob open not paying the mind to look through the peep hole. He had found a young man at the door, letter in hand. The man handed Kenny the letter over and walked off, running down the stairs as if he was in a rush. Kenny raised yet another brow and rubbed his chin before shutting the door behind him and opened it tn order to view its contents, maybe he was getting an award for dad of the year considering how he fathered those kids he met at the eight island restaurant.

The letter was from Reagan, a tiny little man with a bad temper, apparently he was asking for Kenny’s help, looking to hire him on his ticket for another job. The job note was labelled as a C rank mission so he would be earning if he remembered at least fifty thousand jewels a nice little addition to his growing pot sure. Why would Kenny deny such a job? He may as well had taken the jewels while he can. Money was money right? And this was practically free money waiting for him to come and scoop it up.

Kenny folded the letter four times, making nice and crisp edges on the sides as he licked his lips and stuffed the job in his pocket. Lord knows what Reagan wanted from him this time, maybe it was a simple job, but did a smuggler ever give an easy job to those who sought him out? It was likely something difficult, not that he minded though his lack of insight on the job was rather troubling. He needed to at the very least know what he was dealing with before every mission but in this case he was going to be starting lost and confused. Well no, he sort of knew that he was doing, a simple job of murder it seemed. From what Kenny knew Reagan was indeed a smuggler so this job may not have been as easy as Keny hoped.

Kenny was to find a rune knight and handle him with the utmost care, easy enough sure, Kenn wasn’t too fond of Rune Knights much anymore, as it turned out he couldn’t live his dream because he wasn’t well known enough apparently thus he was bound to do nothing but trail as a commoner for the rest of his life. Hm, maybe this would bring him closure of sorts, a way for him to close the gap between him and that former dream he had. Just as the Rune Knight would die so would Kenny’s childhood hopes, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Kill a man watch him weazy, was the theme of this mission apparently, sad though, it felt like he’d be killing apart of himself.

Kenny rubbed his chin as he thought of what sort of accident to have kill the Rune Knight, maybe a run away golf cart? No, it had to be really good. It’d be pretty rough, he couldn’t flat attack him, if he did so he would likely be screwed if he got away, there had to be some way… Kenny thought to himself as he continued walking. There had to be some sort of way he could have the guy accidentally die without his face being seen… A stab in the back? A spoon in the eye? Maybe some sort of fire hydrant accident and the poor guy gets super soaked into oblivion. Decisions, decisions, what was he to do? So many interesting choices yet there wasn’t a thing he wanted to do other than just flat out murder the guy. But that would be rude, would it not? To kill with no mercy and just tossing him in a trash can, no, this had to be a real accident, something interesting.

Kenny mixed himself in with the surrounding crowds. As he did he was easily able to pick Reagan out of the crowd, a strange old man in a even stranger hat. He kept an eye on the old man as he dipped into an alleyway, He also seemed to recognise her as she walked by him briefly before disappearing into an alley, Kenny still managed to keep an eye on him though. As he trailed behind Reagan from a good few paces behind him, blending in with the bustling crowds of Hargeon, he seemed to spot someone who stuck out quite a bit. The person was a young man in his early twenties or teens following the old man closely.

Kenny kept an eye on him keeping himself distanced as he followed the suspicious night closely with peeled eyes. He didn’t seem to know what he was doing at all as he foolishly tracked the older gent with a stiff pace.

Kenny waited the chance would present itself when a small caravan seemed to make its way through the road past the crowd. The youth was standing in the perfect position at the edge of the road, kenny walked up behind him and shoved him forward making him stumble into one of the horse drawn carriages of the caravan the driver trying his best to heed his horses but instead they ran forward spooked barely avoiding the knight, though his luck would run out as the carriage that was being dragged by the horses ran him down the weight making a mess of the rune knight. There were cries and screams as the horrific scene took place, the man’s head had been flattened by one of the wheels of the carav popped like a cheery as he barely mained consciousness, it felt bad to kill another person, especially a knight, but Kenny couldn’t sit here and cry about it he had a job to do and he intended to finish as he did. He pasted Reagan and snatched his jewels.

What had he done…
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