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Enchanting The Amulet [Quest: Snow & Chel]

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#1Hikari Snow 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:44 am


Summer – the season where almost everyone is excited about as it was the season where crops can be harvested by the flowers, the weather perfect and the blossoming of beautiful flowers. The cold had long drifted away to make way for the next season and gone are the days of autumn leaves, cherry trees and snow-covered land. The world would be painted vivid by the brilliant rays that shone down upon the entire country, with no hint of darkness and just greenery around the entire land. Despite how everyone seemed to be enjoying the summer, one Fiore-bound wizard was not. Underneath the shade of the tree, a young girl struggled with the blistering heat as she fanned herself to cool her metallic body down.

Snowflake would have gone inside an air-conditioned building but instead she chose the park because it the was the nearest place she could rest along her way towards her destination; Mercurius. Her regular routine of checking the job boards permitted her to find the coordinates of the location, despite her desire to recoil away from the responsibility of a wizard sometime. The paper that caught her eye a few hours prior was a job written with precision and grace, as if the write spent a good ounce of their time to outline but a simple request, which was to enchant an item.

Blades of grass prodded her skin as she pushed herself up from the ground and dusted off particles off her dress. In her hand, the paper request would fold and crinkle, the words now a jumble of objectives that have been stapled into her prior. As much as she wished to remain inside her room and perhaps, even enjoy a nice cold bath, Snowflake had the responsibility of a mage and thus, reluctantly headed towards the location of the request.


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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:51 pm

Chelvaric started to  wake up from a nasty dream as he had been sleeping the entire day. He yawned and looked at Scraggy who was still dreaming he wondered what happened in his dream it seemed it slip his mind already. But that was nothing to worry about there so many nightmares he had in his life. Especially when he was younger and he was working with demons it could give some nasty dreams. Because demon’s looked very scary. Except for Scraggy he looked quite cute. Nobody would say or do anything against the demons at first. Even though they had to fight them. everyone was scared to even of the little ones. But that goes away once you know you have the power to vaporize them and you feel all powerful. He slipped on a t-shirt and walked to the bathroom. After brushing his teeth he kicked Scraggy awake and said they had to go go. They have expected for a job after all. He didn’t want to be late either as he hated being late.

He walked through the door and down the long pair of stairs as he was staying on the tenth floor. It was quite high but easy to reach the roof when he had too. He had to go to a place he never been before but had seen a lot. It was one of the nicest and biggest buildings in the city. He liked the golden roofs that were shiny from afar. He always watched it when he was running over the roofs.

He was wearing simple pants today and a simple sleeveless hoodie. nothing fancy or anything. He needed to be comfortable as it was super hot again. So hot his ears and tail would be sweating as hell again. The fur on his body parts could sometimes be very annoying. He walked out on the street and started to walk towards the job.

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#3Hikari Snow 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:58 am

The town of Crocus was not as crowded compared to Magnolia and the other cities, which was not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Snowflake preferred it since she found places with too many people suffocating and loud; something she had an aversion to and have never been fond with crowds. Beside her was a snow fox, who was no other than Snowflake’s companion, trailing behind her in quiet steps. As they walked, the gazes of the townsfolk upon them brought mild disarray into her train of thought. It was not that she was extremely bothered by it, however, it did make her feel uncomfortable since she was very much inclined to believe that the stares she was receiving were a mix of both welcoming and unwelcoming sentiments, both as an unfamiliar face and as a woman with an eccentric appearance.

Though it had been brief in reality, the journey towards the building called Mercurius seemed to have stretched on for eons to him, as if time was thinned out into a linear form that made her steps just a tad bit slower, from the heat that blared down upon the city. With Vysella strutting along in her owner’s shadow, the two of them appeared to be confident figures that never seemed to flicker despite rounding a corner, where the mansion awaited their arrival with several of its marble pillars visibly dwarfing their human forms. In awe, she took a moment to stare up at the luxurious building, taking everything in her sight and the fine pieces of furniture that has been decorated around the mansion. It was no doubt, one of the famous landmarks of the city, just by seeing how it towered all the other buildings in the rest of the town.


#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:39 am

Chelvaric was walking through the countless little streets of Fiore as he was lost on his way to the building called Mercurius. Although he did see it above the roofs so he could be oriented himself towards it. But he had walked in so many dead ends that it was hard to find a way that didn’t end up in some disaster. After a couple of minutes walking around he finally found a way out of the maze of streets. He was delighted to not be stuck anymore and Scraggy put his pants a bit down too after that long walk. But here they were back on the main road towards the place they had to be. The streets were filled with people and he had to squeeze between hordes of tourists and street food sellers. He didn’t like it when there were so many people. It was not fun to walk through and it was smelling so hard like sweat too. He was already annoyed and he rather went home but he had to go through it so that he could start and finish his job.

He finally arrived at the building he was expected to be. He looked at the nice architecture that made this building possible. It was filled with arcs and pillars on the outside and then towers towering above it like gods watching over the city. It was the palace of the king and it was the most impressive building in the city. It was even bigger than the area where the magic games were being held. When he walked around when he suddenly saw the white haired girl that he had come to expect. He walked up to her and tapped really softly on her head. “I didn’t expect to see my favorite cyborg here”, he said to her and smirked develish.

#5Hikari Snow 

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:22 am

Mesmerized by the sight of the palace, her train of thoughts was abruptly interrupted by a tap on her head. Swiftly, she turned around, only to meet a face full of silky clothing and a broad chest. Her eyes slowly made its way onto the features of the person’s face and her thin brow rose upwards in surprise. She hadn’t expect to meet him this soon, not that she minded, but it seemed like they had taken up for the same quest.

”Oh, Chelvaric. Seems like you’re here for the same reason as mine. Shall we go in?”

The Fiore-bound wizard felt her jaw stiffen as she approached towards the gate of the palace and shuffled past a group of guards whose brows knit at her initial appearance. Snowflake would try her best to safely assume that the townsfolk were on high alert due to the recent incident that occurred and his general outlook was slightly suspicious, after all. One of them made a move to block her advancement with a long spear, abruptly causing herself to collide with the wooden structure.

”Do you have any business inside the castle?” The man asked, fixing his gaze onto hers as he studied her carefully.

”I have a meeting with Lady Merlin for the request that she has made.” Snowflake began, her voice clear and interrupted although there was a hint of annoyance in her tone as she directed a glare back at the man’s judgemental gaze.

The guards exchanged looks before they withdrew their spears and returned to their positions. With a sigh, she proceeded onwards, gesturing Chelvaric to follow her lead and entered the building. The interior was even more grand the exterior. Every location was decorated with lights, chandeliers swinging from the ceiling, rich carpets rolled on the marbled floor and huge pillars that rose up meters above the ground. Once they were inside, they would be led towards the study room of their client by a butler of the castle. Upon their arrival, she spotted a young lady seated at her table located across the other side of the room, which was enormously large.

”Snowflake and Chelvaric, are you not? I’m surprised you didn’t get lost on your way to the mansion.” The woman chuckled and stood up from her table before she invited them inside.

If Snowflake recalled correctly, the two Blue Pegasus wizards had done a request for Lady Merlin before, when they had to deliver the item from the gates of the Crocus to her building. It was a rather terrible request that they had done, considering how they were kicked out of the caravan and was required to walk the rest of the way. The youth nodded at the lady’s question and gently circled her wrist, a habit of hers that she has yet to remove.

”Good. I’ll quickly go through the details so you know what you’re supposed to do.”


#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 10:20 am

Chelvaric listened to snow and then answered her question. “Yeah let’s get this job going. I wonder what we exactly have to do.”, he said to her and remembered that the job description was quite vague this time. Maybe it was something really hard and they didn’t want to scare people to much. Chelvaric would follow Snow as they were approaching the castle. It was quite busy and lots of guards were patrolling around. He wondered what happened that so many people were there. Maybe there was a dangerous thief or murderer running around or something happened that he doesn’t know about. He wasn’t really the guy to follow the news on what happened.

None the less they were stopped from going in and snow replied to the rude guards. They could have warned them instead of making Snow bump into the spears. He looked a bit annoyed at them but they didn’t notice at all. It seemed they were used to it. The hall was amazingly decorated. Candeliers on the ceiling swinging around. Marble wherever you looked. Carpets rolled over the stairs that were red with golden decorations hand sewed into the sides. It probably had taken many hours to do that.

An older butler with a lot of postures led them to trough the castle. His hair was nicely placed and was drenched in the gel to always keep it in place. It was surprisingly a man of that age still had all his hair. It seemed he took care of it like a prized possession. When they arrived at the room he said goodbye and left. They entered the room and Merlin was sitting at her desk looking up at them. it seemed she remembered them as she started to speak. With a roughness in her voice that was like grasshoppers which rasped his spine deliciously sending waves of sound up his spine.

I need a birthday gift for my friend but I don’t have time to do it myself. So I want one of you to decipher the ancient runes in one of my books. It should be easy if you're smart enough. You’ll have to find the correct enchantment yourself tough. And then use it on this amulet. Bring it back to me once you are done.”, She showed an amulet after she was done taking care of informing them. without even a glance she went back to working and it seemed they better didn’t disturb her until they were done.


#7Hikari Snow 

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 4:25 am

The woman leaned back onto her desk and folded her arms across her ample bosom, her gaze fastened onto the two Blue Pegasus mages standing in front of her. An elegant woman with a confident figure, the woman’s presence easily overwhelmed the others existing inside her room, including the Fiore wizards. The faint smile that lingered on her lips immediately faded into a thin, grim line as her brows knitted into concentration, upon the discussion of the details of the quest. Lady Merlin, then, began to explain about how she wished to enchant an amulet with cryptic tomes as a birthday gift to a friend of hers. The lady would seemingly smile upon the mention of the name ’Luciel’, whom Snowflake assumed was the person that the present was for.

”You’ll need the study room.” The woman stated, before returning back to her seat to complete the unfinished work at her table. ”Butler, lead them there.”

The old man nodded before opening the door for them and led them towards the study room of the castle. The building was indeed, extremely spacious with many rooms, corridors and levels. Snowflake was bound to get lost inside the mansion if she was here alone. They began their laborious descent down the steep marbled steps that corkscrewed inside the structure, leading them downwards to a different floor. There, they would be greeted by the sight of a large door, rimmed with golden, intricate designs before the butler pushed the doors open, revealing hundreds of rows of bookcases neatly aligned in order. The library was one of her most favourite places to visit and seeing one that was enormously large was a dream come true.

”….Wow”, she breathed, and the first word that she could ever manage after seeing such an astonishing sight.


#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 9:56 am

Chelvaric followed the butler as they went out the study. It seemed he was waiting for them. Weird how they suddenly came back.  They were led through many hallways and corridors. This palace was so big how did the butler even know his way through the building. Maybe It was because he was living and working here for a long time. He wondered how hard a butler even had to work. He never had butlers or seen anything of their kind for long. He would just spot them when he had to do work for some rich family. Not that his family was poor or anything he did come from a noble line. But in his kingdom, they didn’t really believe in serving another man like that. They all served God and you can only serve one being at a time.

After a while, they arrived at the library and they went inside. The place was huge and all the book cases were filled with books. It seemed she had quite the collection. The smell of leather and paper was hanging in the air. He liked it as he enjoyed books a lot. “I love this place. This is like one of the best libraries ever!”, he said out loud to no one in particular. There was no one here so he didn’t really have to be quiet to not disturb people from reading their book’s. “Since we have to find one book in this mass heap of book’s I think it’s best to split up now and search all of the enchantment sections. If you think you have a book that could contain it bring it to me and ill translate it for us”, he said to snow since she couldn’t read the ancient language of the Old dynasty. He hoped he wasn’t rusty on his translation skills though.

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#9Hikari Snow 

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:40 am


Snowflake agreed to her partner’s statement when he mentioned that the study room probably had the largest library in the entire town – not to mention, it was grand as well. The door creaked close behind them, followed by a soft ‘clack’ of the oaken structure and the butler was long gone leaving the wizards up to their tasks. Libraries, like this one, were characteristically sombre and still and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was the sort of silence that her body came to crave somehow, after a strain of odd jobs pushing her being to and from between places. All that was heard was the faint batch of shuffling noise from their feet. Settling here, between the sectioned shelves and the books that huddled together, brought a warm calming feeling blowing over her person, like a meek forest breeze.

Worn, rustic and yet warm, the exterior held itself well-aged, welcoming yet, it felt so forgotten, or at least quiet. Row after row, the bookcases were neatly lined up with books with their spines facing outward, fiction section arranged in alphabetical order. ”Don’t worry about the language. My knowledge about books and language is nowhere near to be underestimated.” She mumbled, with a hint of arrogance in her tone as she idly glossed her fingers over the dips of the rowed books, feeling the textures of their spines. It wasn’t quite often that she displayed her arrogance but when she does, it simply just shows that she’s confident of her abilities and spending her entire childhood as well as her teenage years buried in books does not reduce her capabilities of deciphering things.

Albeit, it wasn’t as if she told it to anyone else that she was a bookworm and she always has been. Meandering over the cases, she would lead herself towards the section which was mainly about ancient language and history.

”…Hopefully, my object of interest is located here.” She whispered to none other than herself as her eyes skimmed through the hundreds of books lined up over the shelves.


#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:03 am

It seemed Snow had an education in languages as she told him her knowledge shouldn’t be underestimated. He guessed he shouldn’t judge fast but it wasn’t like he would see her for less or anything. It seemed deep inside the emotionless robot there was a hint of pride. He chuckled he better didn’t say anything about it.

But you know Snow this library size is only a hundredth of the size the Hidden library It supposed to be as big as a country and as high as the tallest mountain of Fiore. It contained all the knowledge that was ever written down by the Neko’s. Of course, also some human history is intertwined within the library, at least that's what we tell around the campfire at night. Nobody actually knows's if it exists or not. Since we were originally human after all. I Wonder if you machia have some special place you call your birthplace.”, he said out loud and wondered about that.

Where did machia come from anyway? Maybe they were more of an invention than anything else. He didn’t think she had a God since she didn’t believe in him anyway. Too bad, worshipping could bring a lot of happiness to once live. He said a small prayer in his mind after the words and started to read the titles that were listed. There were a lot of potion books, the wonders of toad legs and love potions like this one which was a love potion book apparently. But he wouldn’t win over Snow’s heart with a potion. He would do it the old fashioned way. There were books about golems and the like. He did wanna make a golem but not now. He then found a book about Dryads. That was interesting. He took it out and started turning the pages looking at the pictures.  Come to me. A voice beckoned in his head and the image of a giant tree was flashing in his mind. He dropped the book and nearly fell off his ladder.


#11Hikari Snow 

on Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:33 am

Housed in that tiny, clustered space was a melody that the library branded its own – the soft flip of pages and the flop of books from cover to cover, her heels scratching against the carpet, making idle taps atop the wooden floorboards and thick silence that organised the blend of elements for too nicely for his own good. Beyond the thousand, books of the past coated in dust and between these shelves, within this row that held itself dimly lit, a sole spirit wandered, searching for the book of her interest. The young woman had located a small corner in the ancient language section and tugged onto a random book placed on the shelves before she hunched her figure towards the book in her hands, scanning the contents intently.

As appealing as they were, the grandeur of Fiore’s history was anything but fanciful. While she thought about those things, she slipped the hard-bound back into the shelf. From her lips is an exasperated breath, her frustration manifesting as she circled her wrists with her gloved hands. ”I’ve yet to find anything similar.” She released a sigh once again, her words directed to no one in particular although Vysella had been tagging along behind her the entire time. Even if she had asked her companion to assist her, she doubted Vysella would be of much help through searching thousands of books. Gliding along her cheek, her tender palm trailed before it tucked a few loose strands of silver hair behind her ear as she bent over the bookshelf.

”Do you remember the name of the book that Lady Merlin had given us earlier?”

Her voice pierced through the silence that reigned supreme within the area as she gazed upon the figure that stood on the other side of the bookshelf, looking through old history, just like hers.


#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:32 am

Chelvaric walked through the library while he was looking at the titles he needed to find a book with the enchantments they needed. Merlin didn’t really say what she really wanted so it wasn’t easy to find something. He was looking through the enchantment section of the library but the only things he saw at first were enchantments for weapons and armor but nothing fitting for an amulet. It was quite annoying and it was hard to find something if you didn’t know what you were looking for.

He sometimes found enchantments for jewelry but they were too small and not important enough for someone like Merlin. He laid his finger over the many covers of books sticking out of the side. He wondered who had written these books. It would have taken years or even decades to write so many books and to collect them here. It was probably a heritage from a king to another king. He sometimes found books in languages he had never seen before. This was wonderful, he should come back some time to learn these languages so that he could translate the books and know what they said. He wondered what kind of secrets he would discover.

Libraries were so much fun. He could spend days here if he really wanted it. Just him and the books and a good cup of tea. Who needed people any way they were only bothersome. Except for Snow, of course, she was the only one that wasn’t bothersome and actually smart and nice. He looked at her while she was searching. Her body was really slim and it made him blush. He wondered if she trained a lot to stay in shape like that. She suddenly talked to him if he remembered the title of the book. “She said it was called Enchantments for Longevity & Perfect Health ”, he said to her a bit loud so she could hear. Just at that moment his eye fell on a book titled. “Enchantments for Longevity & Perfect Health written by Nicholas Zwanzynie ” he whispered as he read the title. He opened the book and started to turn the pages. It had images of necklaces stopping arrows or fire. This was perfect, it had exactly what they needed. “Snow I think I found something good can you try the enchantment?”, he said to her.


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#13Hikari Snow 

on Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:20 am

”Hm, I see.”

The youth mumbled, her eyes skimming over titles written on the spines of the hard-cover books until Chelvaric mentioned that he had discovered the book. Walking over the entire bookshelf, Snowflake stood beside him and read over the title, which was ‘Enchantments for Longevity & Perfect Health’ and through the contents as he flipped the brittle sheets of paper. The book was very ancient that it has already turned yellow and brown, its pages tearing off from the corners. Apart from the enchantments, everything was written in a language that they all understood and thus, it was much easier for them to decipher. They finally settled onto a page where it displayed the enchantments solely for health.

Snowflake knelt down on her knees and gently edged out the amulet from her pocket with her hands and placed it in front of her. With the book opened on her lap, she let her finger wander of the lines of the enchantment before returning it back to Chelvaric. ”Hold it for me.” The girl paused for a brief moment, preparing herself for the incantation and let out a short cough to clear her throat.

”Rejuvieom Annoulsi.” She chanted, making sure to include the accent as strong as possible. The language was most likely to be Lation, or so she assumed and silently, she hoped that she had pronounced it correctly.

The amulet located on cloth that she had brought along with, began to glow a few seconds once the incantation was over. ”I suppose this indicates that the enchantment is over.” The item continued to glow furiously and carvings were engraved around the entire jewellery. It was fascinating to see and honestly, having to experiment with the enchantments for the first time in her life was pretty exciting for her. Without knowing, Snowflake grabbed the item, thinking that they should return it back to Lady Merlin but instead, she burnt her fingers from the glowing. Due to the burn, Snowflake let out a groan and dropped the item where the glowing finally faded away and used the cloth to wrap it around the amulet and picked it up.

”Let’s go back to Lady Merlin.”

Snowflake declared, shoving the item inside her pocket and meandered towards the door of the library. Once opened, they would be greeted by the butler once again, as if he had been waiting for the entire time for them to finish their enchantment. It was good for them, nonetheless, which means that she wouldn’t have to get lost inside the castle while searching for Lady Merlin.


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#14Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:12 am

Chelvaric waited as Snow walked towards him from the other side of the row he was standing in. in the mean time, he was inspecting the book. It was really old and every page you had to be very gentle with as it felt like it could crumble to dust any second now. He wondered how old it was since that only happened to books that were centuries old. He wondered if they had made copies of everything with a magic he read about. It was called archive magic and it could store huge amounts of data. It was a very interesting magic to read about. He pulled his thoughts back into the now and here and gave the book to snow as she gently took it from him.

After she had found the enchantment they were gonna do she gave him the book and took out the amulet. He really liked the amulet it was nice. It was made of gold and had a gem in the middle of it in the form of a yin/yan symbol. After a second Snow pronounced the words with a very strong accent. He was quite amazed at her ability to speak a dead language. It seemed to work though as the amulet lit up for a bit and started to engrave symbols into it. It was much the same as the enchantments the exorcists used on their weapons to fight demons. Just that this one was way more powerful and older. Snow tried to pick it up but she burned her hand. “Are you alright?”, he asked to it after she proceeded to pick up the amulet. “after we deliver it you better put that hand under cold water it will feel better than”, he said to her out of concern.

When they went out, after Snow giving the command, they were greeted by the butler again that led them to the room of Merlin. They walked for a while through the elaborated hallways and were led directly to Merlin's room. They went inside and Merlin greeted them. After praising Snow for the great enchantment they went out and find Luciel. She was supposed to be in the library so they walked back. Chelvaric was holding a red cedar wood box decorated with a golden insignia inside of it was the amulet they had enchanted. After searching the library for a bit they found Luciel between a pile of books. She had green hair wrapped in two ponytails that were hanging over her shoulders. Next to her was a big pointy wizard hat, the girl looked quite cute and had an Eyepatch over her right eye. “Hello Luciel, this is a present from merlin. I hope you enjoy it.”, he said to her and they left her alone to unwrap the box. After they visited Merlin again they were rewarded and went their separate way’s, but first Chelvaric made sure that Snow treated her burn.

-end Quest-


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