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Rune Knight for a Day [Request][Jeeroy:Arisa]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:54 pm

It was a bright and beautiful day in the town of Hargeon. People were out playing, the birds were chirping, the children were screaming, and Jeeroy was on duty. He was to help watch the streets of Hargeon that day as everyone seemed to be coming out of their houses. It was almost like there was a large event going on, though Jeeroy knew there was not. He was dawned in his Rune Knight attire along with his large armor and headpiece. He was quite bored as nothing much seemed to be happening around the town, except for the random cry of a child who's mother would rush to see what was wrong. Jeeroy did enjoy when the town was quiet, though he preferred if he had something to do other than sit and people watch. He was the police, most people were afraid of him just because of that title. Matched with the large stature he had, no one really wanted to mess with him, so everyone he passed seemed to obey the law. With a sigh, he ran his hands across the one strand of curly hair upon his head. He surely needed something to do that day.


on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:56 pm

Her eyes of golden brown would look at the blazing sun as it matched her very eyes. It would glimmer her flawless pale skin as the indigo color was slowly losing its tint. Why was that? Was there something going on in her body that couldn't be explained? Her hips would sway as her long beautiful hair would move with her wide hips. A small smile would appear on her lips as she would continue to go forward. Hargeon was beautiful for its weather and the land mark of its very body of water that surrounded it almost. Her arms dangled against her side while she walked towards the distance she need to go, to meet someone she was supposed to do a mission with. So far she has done missions with Jeeroy and Judina. It was a little funny since they had J's in their name, but maybe there was more humor to it than she knew. The last thing she remembered about Jeeroy was when she out-of-no where met up with him at the fighting area in the basement of a bar. He was wrestling and she watched him fight three others, including that mystery man with the mask. She wanted to ask more about him to his own face, but she didn't dare ask him at first meet. No, she was a shirt holder as he threw it in her face. It was strange since she never really paid no other man her attention other than a certain someone. he was wearing a medium light blue dress with frills of white on the bottom of the dress and at the end of her short sleeves. It had a white clothing ribbon and a bow in the back, the front part of it had a long backed U shape cut as her medium sized chest was somewhat revealing yet not as much as a V-shape dress would show. Her dress shoes in which were black and flats would make no noise as she walked forward. Under her shoes were thigh white socks with lace by her thighs. That's what she was wearing anyways as she would flaunt her curves and womanly body. 364/2000

#3Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:56 pm

Jeeroy began checking around him for anything fun to do in the small town while he was on duty. His blue eyes scanned the area near the docks, watching the water roll across the shore. Boats were out today, people fishing and doing other various water sports. Jeeroy wished that he could ski or do things such as that, but alas he was much too heavy for anything to be pulling around across the water, including a boat. He had tried that once as a child, to no avail as he just sunk into the water. He shook his head with a chuckle as he remembered the silly memory. His eyes would scan the people as he smelled the crisp salty air that came from the ocean, a scent he was getting accustomed to more every day. He knew he had to leave the town sooner or later, but he was enjoying himself too much currently. He had met many cool people out among the town, and he hoped that he would meet many more. As he thought of the people he had met, his eyes landed on a woman, one with a blueish tint to her skin, the woman he knew was named Arisa.


on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:57 pm

The light was towering over her. She was strong so it didn't really affect her much. She would smile as she would roam around the town of Hargeon. There were so many things that she has done within the days she has been here. The time was small, but all that she has done was a lot. She would smile as she would remember it all or at least try to. She remembered the hotel that wasn't so far away from her. She was with her sister, Yasuki. Arisa wondered on how she was doing. It was like yesterday...or so it felt. So Arisa paid for this very nice hotel room, they got up there and what does she hear? That Yasuki stayed in here before. This room was expensive, how? She couldn't afford it and if someone else did, what did she do for it? ''Oh? What did you have to do in return?'' she questioned darkly as her eyes cornered to look at her with a grim-like stare. She would then look straight, walk towards the room and put down her case on the bench chair at the end of the bed. The sheets looked so nice though and brand new. That wasn't the case though because it's been longer than she could remember and it was the same kind of sheets. She doubted that they made these sheets constantly so they would be new and what would they do with the old sheets? Her eyes would then look towards the faaar right and saw there was a balcony in here. She'd walk, open the glass rainbow shaped doors and looked outside. ''Ah...the beach. So nice, warm and all those people out there..'' she spoke. 'That may or may not die soon.' she thought darkly as her eyes half closed, staring. Arisa got mad a little when her sister treated that hotel room like it was nothing. People would've died to go there.

She shook her head and then looked forward to see Jeeroy. ''Oh hey!'' she spoke softly and somewhat quietly, loud enough for him to hear though. Her right hand/arm went up as she waved to him. ''It's been awhile. Since... that fight? The one in the basement of the bar, ya?'' she questioned as she would finally be up close enough to look up at him, walking by him. ''Are you here for that knight mission?'' she questioned. This was odd. Arisa was talking more than she usually would. Usually, Arisa was the quiet type, to watch and learn, but not right now, no. Why was this? It made her curious as she would then look forward, half closing her eyes. 'Why am I talking so much? It feels... so natural.' she questioned and stated in her mind. 464:: 828/2000

#5Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:58 pm

Jeeroy would smile as he saw the woman looking deep in thought as he began to approach her. Perhaps she was here to help the Rune Knights out as well. They had been seeking help from good guild members throughout Fiore to help them catch criminals and patrol the streets to keep them safe. Jeeroy was there for that very reason. Perhaps the girl was his partner for the day, if she was not, he could certainly ask her to be. She seemed as if she did not have a certain place she was in a hurry to get to. It would be nice for him to spend some more time with the woman. He had not seen her since she strode confidently into the wrestling match he had been in. She sat quietly in the crowd watching as the men fought. She had even caught a man's shirt at one point with a look of distaste upon her face which made Jeeroy burst into laughter. This woman made him a great friend and he hoped she thought the same about him. Though they had only ever really met through missions maybe one of these days he would actually hang out with her. He was sure they could have a ton of fun together. She looked like the type of woman who he could do things like shopping with. Yes he was a man, but he did enjoy tiny shorts sometimes, and shopping. He was probably the gayest straight man anyone had ever met as he enjoyed throwing glitter and wearing short, small clothes on his spare time. Plus he cried at nearly everything.

Jeeroy heard the woman as she began talking to him, greeting him happily. He quickly greeted her back with a smile upon his face. "Yes, I am here patrolling today, I guess you are my partner? At least I get someone who I enjoy having around on my side! And yes, it has been a while since that fight. It was fun...for me at least." He grinned at the woman playfully. "I do hope you enjoyed that sweaty shirt in your face, must have been the best gift you have ever gotten!" He joked. He knew the woman would probably hit him for his comment, but he was still happy to be there with her doing a mission. Now, they would have to find the lovely page they were meeting.


on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:58 pm

She would look up at him in thought as she kept wondering to herself on why she was talking so much and so casually as well. Her golden brown lioness eyes wouldn't even pay attention to the man's physique due to the fact that she didn't really care. Her arms crossed against her medium sized chest as her hip moved towards the right in a waiting position. Finally she heard him speak as he reported to her that he was here to patrol today and she was most likely his partner if that is so. After that fact, he would then speak about the time when that mask guy threw his shirt at her - probably not being intentional. Even so, it was annoying, but all she could do with Jeeroy and sigh, rolling her eyes. ''Har har, funny big guy.'' she would say and shook her head, gazing at him. ''I'm sure that's your route of interest. It would've been a free shirt for you too.'' she would joke back to signal that she knew it was a joke indeed. Arisa would walk more as she would hope to have Jeeroy walk beside her. ''So Jeeroy, tell me... Where are you from?'' she wondered to make conversation. Maybe it was her mother's part that made her want to ask. All she knew about her mother right now was that she experimented on people and was experimented on as well. Something wasn't right about that fact though. What was her mother's full history? It made her kind of curious... 258:: 1086/2000

#7Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:59 pm

Jeeroy walked beside Arisa as she joked with him. Then she asked him a question that he himself did not know how to answer. Where had Jeeroy come from? "Well...I grew up in a small town outside of Oak with adoptive parents. I do not know exactly where I am from honestly. I never knew my real parents...or at least I was too young to remember knowing them. I have seen no other traces of giants here in Fiore. So I am not sure exactly where they would be..if they are even still alive." Jeeroy shrugged. "I guess it is possible I'm from another country originally, where giants reside. Perhaps my parents dropped me here because they wanted a better life for me." It did not hurt Jeeroy to speak of the subject, but it did make him wonder exactly what did happen to his parents. Were they the reason he did not have a magic? Were they dead or alive? Jeeroy did not know and honestly he did not care as they had given him up, but he was still curious all the same. "What about you, dear? Where are you from?" He decided to steer the conversation to learn more about her.


on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:00 pm

She walked with Jeeroy, wondering on the information he was about to give. He started to say that he was from some town by Oak, sounding familiar. She listened quietly while out of nowhere her head started to pulse. 'NNnn..' she thought as her right hand rubbed her right temple. Politely she would continue to listen, but in the end, she would hear the question about where she was from, reminding her of those flashbacks.

Faces were blurry, voices were hidden as she only could remember the colors and the area itself. Her heart was racing in its own beat as she would roam throughout the area. The streams were ocean blue and lilac purple as the red and golden lanterns was hanging from the wooden posts. On the lanterns were designs of unknown symbols. Were those words? She swore she has seen them before somewhere... Arisa would see kids chase each other in their own game till later on, one fell. Rather it was a boy or girl it didn't matter.

Why were everyone's faces all blurry? A frown went upon her lips as this flashback wasn't really clear. Her eyes would be closed and her mind would be drifting off. She was small, a child and there she was with four other people that were about the same height if not shorter. In between the four was one adult sized character on each side. She couldn't see their face, but they were walking happily around some unknown city. Most of the things were red or gold with some characteristics of green. This place was indeed pretty with tall pink flower trees and gardens of amazing flowers. Not only that the fish here were huge with dots on them, were they Koi fishes? There were plenty of things that were really pretty, but at most, she would then see the ocean not that far. The other place that was there with the ocean was some unknown building. ''That's the Shrine, Arisa.'' spoke a female voice. 'Huh? Voice sounds familiar...but from where?' she wondered as her head tilted up to see the no-face character. She couldn't see the details of her face, but in reality, Arisa wasn't really waking up as the small splash of water did nothing, but made her cough a little as she was in this 'dream'.

It felt like ages since that time, but all she could really say was the Country. ''I'm from the Country of Sin. We don't speak the language that I'm speaking now. It's quite interesting, but I rather not go back to the town I'm from...'' she would say ghostly at the end as she felt like something was haunting her. She didn't know exactly what was, but there was something there... in the darkness of everywhere. 466 :: 1552/2000

#9Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:01 pm

Jeeroy watched the woman closely with a frown. She seemed to have a headache. With a frown Jeeroy decided to let her have her moment without questioning it. He didn't question the town that she had come from, seeing that it seemed to somewhat trigger her to talk about. Jeeroy kept his eyes peeled and down a dark alley saw two men talking quietly. With one hand out to stop Arisa and show her the situation, Jeeroy watched as the man resembling a criminal named Reagan Hullston hand a man a packet of something that looked like drugs. Jeeroy immediately ran at the two, hoping to stop them. Reagan ran a different way than the other, and instead of following Reagan, he followed the other man, soon tackling him to the ground because he was a lot slower than Jeeroy would have ever imagined. Pulling his whining body to a darker alley that no one was around, he set the man against the wall. Jeeroy would look at Arisa. "This is a rough part of the job, but fun. Interrogating people." He turned back to the man before him. "So boy, you gonna tell me who the other man was?"


on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:02 pm

Thinking more about the past was causing a real headache. It was odd as she really never really gets any of these 'headaches'. She would stand next to a guy who was quite taller than her. She really didn't mind though as she wasn't to be the one to judge. Her golden light eyes would stare forward as she would listen to nature who was once a part of her soul. No longer was it a part of her thought as the light took over. Something happened and honestly, she wasn't really sure on what. Her and nature were like... one. It was everything to her and now she lost it all. No longer could she hear and feel the nature's call and the wind and no longer could she talk and hear the animals speak. A part of her was lost and no longer there, so what took its place? Arisa was unsure of this and she wished she would know more about it. Perhaps she would find out in the next day or so or maybe she'd sadly find out way later than she would wish for it too. Jeeory would stop her out of nowhere as it made her steps move back a little with her body by the sudden stop. Her head turned towards Jeeroy and looked up at him to hear him pretty much say there was something going on with the way he was looking. Finally out of nowhere he would go into action, stopping some random guy making her walk to him and looked down to see who it was. 267 :: 1819/2000

#11Jeeroy Lenkins 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:02 pm

Jeeroy would stare down at the man before him with a glare. The man was not wanting to talk. He looked dirty, the kind of way you would expect a drug addict to. His cheeks were sunken in, pupils wide and eyes glazed, and his clothes also looked dirty. Jeeroy could tell the man had been doing business with the Reagan looking man for a long time. Stepping on his leg with most of his weight, Jeeroy glared harder at the man before him as he whimpered in pain. "You are going to tell me about that man, or you will die." Jeeroy would say with a shrug to show he was indifferent about killing the man at his feet. He could tell he was terrified based on the rigid stance he took even sitting. The man still refused to open his mouth and so Jeeroy pressed down with more weight, gaining a satisfying snap from the man's ankle. His cry of pain was heard from no one as they were no where near anyone else. The man began begging at that point. Hoping that Jeeroy would spare him while he was saying he never met the man before and that it was a one time thing. Something that Jeeroy knew was a lie from the moment the man opened his mouth to say it. With a sadistic laugh Jeeroy struck the man in his face. He did not know if it was scaring Arisa and honestly he hoped he was not, but he needed the information to report tot he man. Of course he would not fully kill the man before him as he was required to take him back to the dungeons to be further interrogated by higher members of the Rune Knights. Though Jeeroy was strong when it came to getting information from people, he was still a younger Knight who was not trusted as much as the rest. The man finally broke, telling Jeeroy what he wanted to hear. Jeeroy would say goodbye to Arisa and take the man back to where he was supposed to meet his superior. He would then proceed to explain everything he had learned about the situation and the man named Reagan, who had been the man selling drugs. Then Jeeroy would take the man to be sent to the dungeons for later use.
1606/1600 Adventurer Wc reduction


on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:03 pm

She watched Jeeory get on this guy like it was his life. It was nice to see someone take it seriously, but not too darkly in the dark sense. She remembered the last time she would talk to someone who did something wrong. She broke the guy's legs, his arm and kicks his skull to leave him unconscious for a long while. Arisa would flip her hair a little with her free hand so it would land on the right side of her shoulder. Darkly she watched Jeeroy ask questions and she could tell that the random dude was scared of Jeeroy - guessing it was because of the fact that he was indeed a giant. It wasn't often that one would see a giant, nor be against one. She'd listen to the details that this guy would say after begging for his life. ''W-wait please! I'll tell you! I'll tell you! Just don't kill or beat the crap out of me. I'm worth it, I swear.'' he would plea in his pitiful tone of voice. He sounded like a wuss that would get made fun of in the young days. She held a small smile and she wasn't scared of Jeeroy in which the smile would hopefully signal him that. Soon they would walk to the guy who wanted the information. It was finally done and she didn't want this to be done already because of the fact that it was with jeeory since she enjoyed his company, but it was because she wanted to go sleep. Something felt wrong with herself. After they got their reward and said their goodbyes, she would leave. 274

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