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Eternity [Snow & Chelvaric]

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#1Hikari Snow 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:53 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The sky was a perfect interrupted blue; with a bright yellow orb shining in the empyreans above, casting its sun rays all over the entire city of Crocus. The white haired maiden swallowed a lungful of the warm morning air as she stared out past the window located right by the side of her bed. The harsh gales blew across the land, causing the curtains to billow into the room and out the other like pale flags. Snowflake had been unable to sleep the entire night, tossing and turning in her bed with her blanket clutched over her chest while her eyes sparkled with excitement. Due to her moving around so often, her companion, Vysella, was unsuccessful in having a good night’s sleep as well. The youth would never miss a night of her precious sleep even if it meant saving someone else’s life, for sleep was extremely important to her. It was a very rare occasion for something like this to take place, since she was never affected by anything in her life since the death of her parents.

What would be so important that Snowflake risked losing her sleep?

”What’d you think?”

The silver haired woman stared at her own reflection in the mirror located in front of her, her question directed to no other than Vysella, who had been staring at her for the longest time. Though she knew that she wouldn’t get a response out of Vysella, it was a silly habit of hers to talk to her own companion every now and then as if it was human. Snowflake was dressed in a white gown that fell just slightly above her knees. Compared to the dresses that she normally wore, the attire was the most feminine outfit that she has ever worn in her life. The straps of the dress hung loosely around her arms, exposing much of her shoulders and collarbone and those white heels that she had just purchased the other day highly complimented her creamy legs.


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#2Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:11 pm

Chelvaric was standing in his room in front of his wardrobe. He was trying to decide what he should wear to the date he had with Snow. He was so excited it had taken a while before they actually went on it but now the time was ripe for it. He took his best costume out of the closet. It was made of silk and was super soft. It was entirely black and he wore a red tie with it. For once he combed his hair nicely and then tidied his beard up. He looked at Scraggy and Scraggy put his thumb up as in agreement with his outfit. Chelvaric put on some cologne before he left the door.

Chelvaric arrived at a small alley somewhere in the outskirts of crocus. It was here he found a particularly nice cake shop to eat. It was build in a way so that it feels like you’re eating at a normal family home. Chelvaric went inside and looked at the interior that was covered in small objects. A grandfather clock was decorating the wall. Lots of plants were littered across the ceiling and the walls making the place very green like and smelling like flowers. On the wall, there were jars stalled out. Chelvaric took a seat and waited for Snow to arrive. He had placed a flower in front of him to make the table look more romantic. All the tables were made from oaken wood and weren’t covered with anything but he liked it that way.


#3Hikari Snow 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:55 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

A few weeks ago, Chelvaric had invited her out on a date while they were out completing a quest together. The human-neko had popped the question after they were done with the mission and considering that they have been good friends since the moment they met, Snowflake decided that she might as well give him a chance. Despite how much they’ve spent so much time together doing quests, they barely did anything together outside of their job apart from the time they hung out together at a Halloween festival. It was the first time that she had met him and her first impression of him had exceeded her expectations; a genuine, kind-hearted man. Thus, she decided that she would learn more about her partner on this particular date.

”We should leave. I don’t want to be late.”

Snowflake picked up her tiny purse and swung the handle of it over her shoulder and with a final twirl of her body, she gazed at her own reflection one last time to make sure she was representable enough for the date and slipped out of her room in a rush. Heels clacked against the hard ground as her grip on the strap of her purse tightened. Would people call this being nervous?, she questioned to her herself and stared down at the ground while Vysella stared up at her owner with an apprehensive look. Snowflake glanced around her surroundings and suddenly, almost everything looked so unfamiliar to her. Another quick glance at her wrist watch only seemed to confirm that it was almost time, her stomach knotted up. Her mind was jumbled up with all the possibilities that she might screw up the date somehow and all of a sudden, her confidence dropped to zero.

”Calm down.”

She re-assured herself and proceeded onwards to the location of the date. It wasn’t too extravagant, nor too shabby either and she preferred it that way since she wanted the date to be as casual as possible, otherwise she might just embarrass herself from being so uncomfortable. The wooden door creaked open, followed by the soft ring of the bells and she would be greeted by the sight of amiable people and her date of the day, seated at one of the tables. She’d give a small wave towards him before approaching the table.

”Sorry, was I too late?” – was the first thing she could manage out of her lips.

#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:49 pm

Chelvaric was nervously playing around with his fingers as he was waiting for Snow. He was really excited but he was also worried that he would do something wrong around her. He didn't always know how Snow felt about something because she was so expressionless. Although he did remember her reactions at Halloween and on the latest jobs. She seemed to be flowering a bit more. Over time she would bloom like the most beautiful flower in the world and he would be there to watch it in awe. Hopefully, he would still be allowed at her side by then. He didn’t mind that she was a little bit late, it was just wrecking his nerves more. He sighed and breathed deeply in and out to regain his posture. Not much later he suddenly heard the words sorry am I too late.

Chelvaric looked up quickly and saw the beautiful face of Snow staring at him. Her white hair flowing nicely along with her facial features. He wishes he could see her eyes behind her visor but she would maybe, very unlikely though, take it off later on the date. She was wearing a very cute white dress with flowers printed on it. Her hands were holding her small purse on the side. She was so gorgeous. He stood there for a few seconds just staring at her before he realized where he was and what was happening. He shook his head and his heart flew a bit around. He jumped up and walked towards her in the meantime he would say, “No, no you’re not too late don’t worry about it. It’s good to see you, Snow. Here take a seat”, he said to her and he pulled a chair back for her to sit on. He then walked back to his place and looked at her with a smile. “I was looking forward Towards this for a while. I hope you like the place I picked. I heard that they serve the best cakes here from over the whole Kingdom”, he said softly to her.

#5Hikari Snow 

on Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:25 pm



Beyond The Sun & Stars

It was very courteous of him to pull the seat for her to sit as she neatly tucked her dress underneath her and plopped herself onto the chair. Chivalry isn’t dead, yet, the thought crossed her mind and she couldn’t help but stifle a smile to herself. Cerulean orbs glanced around the area, taking in everything that entered the sight and honestly, she was very satisfied with the choice of restaurant that Chelvaric had picked. The place was very cozy, its amicable ambience similar to that of a warm family and she loved the adornments decorated around the shop. Soft tunes played in the background while the workers silently worked behind the counter after they greeted her with a smile. The fragrance of wild flowers nearby, from the pots that were located by the side of the store assailed into her nostrils, along with the scent of food that was being cooked in the kitchen.

”I love the place.”

The words trailed out of her lips, although she had no intention of saying it but it seemed like it answered Chelvaric’s question at the same time. The store did not have many customers and it was not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, she had wished some silent, quality time with Chelvaric and presumed that they would get to know each other better that way, unlike being in stores crowded with numerous people. From her seat, she had the view of the entrance and noticed how only couples came and left. The girl fidgeted, adjusting the strap of her dress and stared down at the empty plate placed in front of her until Chelvaric broke the silence once again. Upon hearing the word ‘cakes’, her head titled ever so slightly and her mouth watered.

”I’d love to try it out after the meal. Should we get the menu?”

The white haired girl had been famished the entire morning since she did not have any breakfast, for she was using all her time to dress herself up and even attempted to do some makeup. She was not one to look all fancy but she wished to look her best on the date since it was her first, after all. The maiden raised her hand above her, in an attempt to catch the attention of the waiters behind the counter and once noticed, the employee would rush to their side with a thin book held in her hands.

#6Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:49 am

Chelvaric looked at Snow and waited for a while as she was taking in the shop. She always did that when they were somewhere. He hoped she liked the place but he didn’t have to think about it long as she said she liked it. He smiled at her and was happy that he made a good choice. She seemed to be a bit nervous as she was being a bit fidgety. He had to make her more comfortable so he thought what to do while they were gonna order food to eat. He looked around after she raised her hand and saw a waiter coming closer. He waited till the waiter was at their table but before he arrived he agreed with Snow.

“Yes, I am quite starving myself let's take something nice to eat.
”, he said and the waiter arrived giving them menus and then asking if they wanted to start with a drink. “Milk with martini shook not stirred.”, he said and then looked if Snow wanted something. He wondered what she would drink. He wondered why she actually had to drink and eat she was a Cyborg. Maybe there were still Human parts of her. “I hope you don’t mind me asking but why do you still need to eat and drink? Or is it because you like to taste things”, he asked her just before the waiter came back with their drinks. He tidied his clothes a bit before he took the milk with a martini and took a sip of it. The cold but hard taste of the combination ran over his tongue making it taste really nice.

#7Hikari Snow 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:33 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Azure orbs scanned over the lines written on the menu as she struggled with what food to eat since all the pictures that were put on display looked yummy enough to be devoured by her. Filpping through the pages, she pondered on what she wanted to eat but she had already decided on what she wanted to drink. ”Can I have lime juice please?” The waiter nodded with a smile and jotted down in his notebook. In the heady heat of August, refreshing juices would be the best option that would cool down your body. Another option would jumping into a pool of water. Speaking of which, a swim at the beach would be perfect in this season. Even though it was summer, Snowflake had never got an opportunity to travel towards the beach since she was mostly busy with missions.

”…And a porterhouse?”

”What kind of gravy would you like, ma’dam?” The waiter was much older than her and the moment he spoke, Snowflake noticed his thick accent and couldn’t help but be surprised. She figured that the man wasn’t from this place but quickly pushed her thoughts to the back of her mind and continued.

”Mushroom gravy, please. Thank you.”

The waiter walked away after taking every order from both customers and Snowflake located her elbows on the table before clasping her hands. When Chelvaric had questioned her the reason she was eating food, she couldn’t help but tilt her head at the question in confusion. It took her a moment to rephrase the entire sentence and register it into her mind before she fully understood it. ”Oh, I’m still partly human.” She explained but paused for a brief moment before adding, ”…I suppose.” It was a confusing topic, actually. She never understood it either, why she was able to consume even when she was a cyborg herself. Her doctor never discussed much about it but just informed her that she was able to do anything she wanted after she transformed her body.

#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:50 am

Chelvaric Listened as Snow ordered her steak. He didn’t excpect her to eat such a big piece of meat. He smiled at her and thought in himself that they weren’t that different. They both lived more on there own then with the guild. Although he did jobs with other guild members he never had gone to the guild yet. He wondered if Snow had ever visited the place. He was surprised by her awnser. So it seems she can keep acting as a human then. Well he guessed his neko change didn’t change much about his habits. Only that he didn’t like vegetables anymore. “I see, I guess I can say the same about my own condition. I actually always wondered where you come from. It’s okay if you don’t wana talk about.”, he asked her and then looked at the menu while she could think about the question. The menu was very big and there were lot’s of things to get. But when he saw takoyaki he already knew what he was eating. He closed the menu and then motioned a waiter.

“Are you ready to order sir?”, the man asked of Chelvaric. He nodded to the man and pointed at the menu. “I would like the Buffalo steak. The meat should still be red and then a portion of takoyaki would be nice too.”, he said to the man and gave his menu to the man. He then settled his attention back to Snow and listened to her story.

#9Hikari Snow 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:41 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

While other average females would be content with a plate of salad to flatter their dates, Snowflake, on the other hand, was not going to sacrifice great food just for the sake of making herself look like she doesn’t eat much. It would not be true, for Snowflake was not one to eat so little, but instead would binge down food like a giant and she simply does not care how she would appear to be while she does so. Silence reigned supreme within the area and the sound that could only be heard was the soft clang of cutlery in a distance and some whispers and giggles from the couple nearby. Her eyes were fastened onto the couple beside her while she sipped her lime juice, observing every action they made. It was quite adorable to see other lovers being so cozy with each other, however, she wasn’t sure if she wanted anything of that sort.

Snowflake was not one to act so close with someone – let alone having a lover for herself and she was not sure if she had any feelings for anyone around her. Cerulean eyes drifted back to the man sitting in front of her. Subtly, she let her eyes wander over the features of his face and studied him. No doubt, he was a good-looking man and he has a gentle as well as a pure heart. While she sipped her drink, she pondered about those things and imagined herself being together with Chelvaric. Immediately, she pushed her thoughts out of her mind.

”…I don’t remember.”

The topic that Chelvaric suddenly brought up changed the atmosphere. The girl went silent briefly as she stared down at her own plate. It was tragic that she couldn’t even remember where she came from, not even how her parents looked like. She never had images of them as well. It’s been so long that the pain from her heart had vanished and whenever she was required to discuss about these topics, she wouldn’t feel anything. ”I just know that I was travelling alone around the country.” She continued and took another sip from her drink.

”What about you?”  

#10Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:12 am

Chelvaric looked around tot he other people that where sitting in the place. It looked quite crowded suddenly. Well it was getting closer to the noon and then more people would trickle inside the shop. Not that he minded as long as they were quiet he would not be bothered by them. The waiter came back with his buffalo steak and it looked amazing. The mushroom sauce over the steak. It smelled so nice. Water came in his mouth and he cut off a small piece and put it in his mouth. The texture was so soft and the fats melted on his tongue making it all juicy. He loved it so bad. God he needed to hunt a buffalo later. It was too great. He wondered where you could find them when snow said she just traveled around the place. When she asked about his past he first didn’t want to respond. But if she was gonna be his girlfriend he had to be open to her and tell her everything.

“You look really beautiful in that dress.”, he said to her before he started talking about his past. “I come from a small village from a far away country. I was being taught to become a priest and spend most of my time studying about demons. I prayed a lot too in that time. I still do ofcourse but less. I was a prodigy. I could tame any demon and exorcist far beyond my years of experience. It made me cocky and then when I was twelve I was dared to summon a great demon.”, he said and paused for a second holding in tears thinking back to it. “The demon slaughtered my whole class that summer camp.”, he took another bite and went silent for a bit

#11Hikari Snow 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:45 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Shortly after, the food was delivered at their table. Even from this distance, she could smell the rich fragrance of meat lingering in the air, mixed with the scent of flowers before assailing into her nostrils. Her stomach grumbled lowly and when the waiter pushed the kitchen doors open, there was a glint of sparkle in her eyes and she couldn’t help but feel excited for the food to be placed in front of her. The meal consisted of the porterhouse itself, accompanied with some salad and chips, as well as a jar of mushroom gravy that she had ordered. Even before digging into her meal, she was satisfied by the look of how delicious the meat looked. Chelvaric seemed to have order steak as well but a different kind with some takoyaki as dressings on the plate. It was really fancy but she was sure that it would taste amazing, just like her dish.

With a knife and a fork, she began to slice out the meat that was still cooked medium rare. The knife easily cut through the meat even with such little effort and when she saw the red meat inside, her mouth immediately watered. Placing it inside her mouth, she was surprised by how appetizing it was that she couldn’t help but let out a soft ’Mmm’ out of her lips. Savouring the flavour on her tongue, she let the chewed bits roll down her throat, on its way to digestion. While she continued to eat, Chelvaric would share his story and the white haired wizard would nod in appropriate areas. She could see a glint of spark in his eyes and although she didn’t want to believe it, it seemed that tears were welling up his eyes.

”…I’m sorry to hear that.”

Her words wouldn’t do anything much but she hoped that he would feel better. It would indeed a horrible sight to have seen your comrades being slaughtered, despite how Snowflake had never made one before. But, now that she has become a mage, she was beginning to experience so many new things and even made acquaintances with the members of Blue Pegasus. Somehow, she was glad that Chelvaric was opening up to her more about his life when Snowflake was still struggling to share her story about how she had decided to become a cyborg.  

#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:21 am

Chelvaric looked at her as Snow was enjoying her food really well. He wondered if it was really good. He nodded at her comment and said, “Thank you,  I normally wouldn't tell anyone about it but I feel like I can trust you now. Since we have been going on job’s so much together. I mean I haven’t even been to the guild hall yet. Have you ever gone to the guild hall? I wonder how it’s like. Anyway as I was saying I don’t know anyone else that much but I feel very close to you.”

He wondered how she would take it. He hoped he didn’t scare her with this talk as it was in very personal space area. But since they had been spending time so much he thought it was the right time for it. He wanted her to open up to him too so he had to start with opening up himself first. He knew she was a very closed and secret person but it should be fine. He awaited her answer and then wanted to light up the mood and took his fork and pinched a takoyaki on his fork.

Open up your mouth Snow. I am gonna let you taste something very nice.”, he said and he put it in her mouth slowly. After that, he smiled he hoped she likes it. The date was going well he thought. Later they would go to the amusement park so that they could take a Thrill on the rollercoasters and relax from all the hard work they had been doing. But first, he needed to make the dinner a bit more entertaining than just talking.

#13Hikari Snow 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:15 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Snowflake looked up from the plate she was eating and slowed down her pace as Chelvaric confessed that she was the first person that he had ever told the stories about his past to. She understood the pain of bottling up feelings and was highly aware that it was a terrible method, since she had experienced everything herself. Gaining trust from her fellow friend was something that made her elated as well. It was an indescribable feeling but it was something warm spreading inside her, from her heart reaching out to the rest of her body. So, it feels like this to gain trust, she thought to herself and dropped the cutlery in her plate. Her hand reached out for Chelvaric’s across the table and held it for a long moment.

”Don’t bottle up feelings. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here.”

Being someone who is terrible at intercommunication, it was the best advice she could give him and undoubtedly, she will stay by her word when she makes promises. In fact, Snowflake is also a good listener, despite how she may not look like one. Releasing his hand, she wondered if her actions were too rash but did not bother to dread on her thoughts for too long and immediately continued eating. The change in topics released the tension in the air and she was glad that Chelvaric moved on quick after what he had just explained. ”To be honest, I haven’t been to the guild much either.” The girl admitted. The first time that she had ever seen the guild was when she decided to join Blue Pegasus and received an emblem engraved in her skin as a form of proof that she is indeed, a member of the guild.

”We should visit the guild together sometime.”

When Chelvaric suddenly asked her to open her mouth, the girl blinked owlishly, wondering the reason why but quickly obeyed his request anyway. Once she did so, she received a ball of takoyaki inside her mouth and chewed onto the food. ”It’s really good.” Her eyes widened by the rich taste of the food and slice up a part of the meat from her plate and transferred it onto his. Shortly after they would finish their meals, the so-called famous cakes would be delivered to their tables and it was the part that she had been expecting the most over the course of their meal.

#14Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:12 pm

He looked at her and then wasn’t expecting what would happen next. She suddenly grabbed his hand! He remained calm and just smiled at her but inside he was boiling over. It was the first time that a girl he liked had grabbed his hand like this. He didn’t know what to do at first and then smiled brightly. “Thank you, I will keep that in mind”, he said to her calmly. She then went on to the guild and how they should visit it together. Well, that wasn’t actually a bad idea. If they finished some more requests here they could just go to the Guildhall together. Maybe even travel as a pair. That would be exciting. He only had traveled with Scraggy before. Not even his Deerling had traveled with him yet. Well, he didn’t have seen Deerling for so long who know’s where it was hanging out. But it was his spirit animal so he knew he could count on it when the time was there. He just had to be patient. It had to recover since it was nearly dying the last time he saw it. He wondered if the Deerling would like Snow. But that shouldn’t be a problem everyone liked Snow.

Well once were finished in Crocus why don’t we travel together?”, he asked of her. Just when a waitress came with a huge cake in her hands. It was light brown on the bottom but with purple glancing over the top. She cut a slice off for both of them and then left the rest of the cake on the table. The inside was yellowish and the cake was bouncing around when she cut it. It looked so nice and eatable. “Let's eat!”, he said to her energetically knowing she was waiting for it.

#15Hikari Snow 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:16 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

”Sure, I’d love to do that.”

Having a travel partner would be helpful since Snowflake mostly travels with Vysella alone and their journey was boring and exhausting most of the time, not that she minded. If Chelvaric would join her in travelling, at least she’ll have some fun company and perhaps, time might go faster that way. So far, the date had been going incredible. Snowflake was starting to feel very comfortable despite how she was acting like a wreck of nerves the moment she entered the restaurant. Mayhap, the ambience of the store assisted her to be able to adapt quickly to her surroundings. Shortly after, she finished her meal and no doubt, she had her enormous fill of food. Her stomach slightly protruded outwards as she rubbed her hand against her abdomen.

”I think I ate too much.”

The maiden leaned back in her chair and heaved out a sigh, followed by a small smile, almost barely noticeable, after witnessing herself in such a ridiculous state. Shortly after, the waiter emerged once again, but with a plate of cake held in his hands. Despite how she was unable to fit any more food inside her stomach, if it was dessert, she would thrust the food down her throat even if it meant that her stomach would burst open. The cake was something she had been waiting the entire time after all. The waiter removed the empty dishes and replaced it with the cake. Even with just a single glance, she could see the soft texture of the cake. Lightly, she poked it with a knife and noticed how the cutlery easily bounced off the surface like a sponge.

The waiter helped them slice the cake and placed it into different plates for the two of them. Digging into it with her fork, she placed it in her mouth and was immediately surprised by how soft and gooey it felt. It was as if she was eating a sponge, but a good one. From the taste of it, it was definitely a cheesecake. Although the cake did not appear special or too fancy, the taste and the texture of it was divine, no wonder it was famous throughout the entire city. She didn’t want the date to be over just yet. It would be too boring for the day to end with just a lunch so she decided that they should add an extra event to their date. ”Would you like to go to an amusement park afterwards?”

#16Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:29 am

Chelvaric looked at Snow and at his cake. He hoped she would like it. He had never eaten here before so he didn’t know for sure if it was good. But it seemed she really liked. He took a small portion of his slice and placed it in his mouth. It was like a sugar bomb exploding In his mouth. The soft texture together with the sugary taste made it a complex and delightful texture. It wasn’t too sugary too. He liked it and he was impressed by the craftsmanship of the bakers who made this. If he would ever meet them he would have to thank them for the cake. It seemed Snow was really full and he too felt like he was gone burst open soon. He took one more slice but would stop after that as he really couldn’t eat anymore. She suddenly asked to go to an amusement park.

Well, to be honest, he never went to one before. So he really didn’t know what he should expect from it. He wondered if it would be fun. He didn’t really care where they went to as he loved to be with Snow and he felt really calm and relaxed around her. It was like being with someone you trust completely. Although he still didn't know that much about her.

He asked for the bill and paid for the meal like a gentleman would do. After counting the jewels and giving them to the man he stood up and waited for snow. “Well ill lead the way, you follow me”, he said with a smile.

#17Hikari Snow 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 11:57 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Going to an amusement park had always been her childhood dream, however, having a family that doesn’t do much did not help anything – let alone travelling another town for vacation. It did not bother her much since she was always buried underneath books but it didn’t mean she could hide the fact that she wanted to be like other children with their families; going to the beaches and parks. And now, she was finally having her childhood dream fulfilled. Excited, she finished her cup of lime juice while the waiter came by once again to deliver the bills. As she prepared to take out some jewels out of her purse, Chelvaric had already paid everything for the meal. Even though it was a date, she didn’t mind splitting the bills since she was sure enough that she had enough money with her.

”Thank you for the treat.”

The young woman displayed her gratitude before getting up her seat. Since it was lunch time, she assumed that Vysella would be hungry as well and thus, ordered some meat as a takeout, which she paid it for herself. Exiting the store, she would be greeted by the sight of her companion quietly seated by the corner and sat on her knees to give her the food. With a ruffle of her soft fur, Snowflake let her dig into her meal. ”Hope you didn’t wait too long.”

Snowflake turned to face her date afterwards and let him lead the way towards the amusement park, since she was still not familiar with the roads in the town and the coordinates of their destination was still unknown to her. Even if they did not know the way, they could ask the nearby pedestrians, or so she figured. As she trailed along Chelvaric’s shadow, she noticed how his tall height easily towered above others, including hers while she struggled to match his pace. Her fingers clutched onto the strap of her purse and gazed beyond her, the blue sky stretching for eons without seeing the end to it and the bright, yellow orb shining brightly in the empyreans above. Somehow, she was glad that the weather was perfect for the day.

#18Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 12:56 pm

Chelvaric smiled at her before he responded on her saying thank you for the treats. “It is a date! Of course, I am paying for it. You just enjoy everything okay?”, he said to her and he waited while she was getting her companion he motioned to Scraggy who was lazing around outside to follow them. He probably wouldn’t come close and he would stay behind for a while. He still had the disappearing feeling around him. He hoped Scraggy would get better soon he didn’t want to lose the buddy. They walked through the streets of crocus and he pointed his favorites spots to snow. like his favorite book store and clothing shop, well more pants shop since he never bought shirts nearly,  and then his favorite ice shop. While they were walking he softly slid his hand into hers and hopefully, she would grab.

They arrived at the place of destination the amusement park. The gatehouse was nicely painted in red and on top of it a huge Exceed head with a crown was sticking out smiling. It was an exceed themed park it seems. They could hear the attractions move around and the grinding of metal on metal. Next to that, there were lots of people yelling and screaming. He went to the ticket booth and bought the entrance ticket’s to enter the park. He thanked the lady behind the window and presented the purple golden ticket to Snow.”Let’s have fun alright!”, he said excitelingly.

#19Hikari Snow 

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:21 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Along the way, the two wizards weaved through the dense flow of people. Surprisingly, Crocus was a bit more crowded than it usually was. As they edged through the crowds, Snowflake would often bump into Chelvaric due to people pushing each other. Their skins grazed against each other and for the first time, she could feel goosebumps climbing onto her skin. Much to her surprise, Chelvaric grabbed a hold of her hand gently and it was the least thing she had expected during that moment. A wave of colour rose from her neck and flushed her cheeks. Embarrassed, the youth gazed down at the space between her feet as she attempted to hide her blushing face. Her fingers curled around his hand and she could feel how large and warm they were. Her heart pounded fast against her chest and threatened to burst out of her ribs.

Is this love?

It was a feeling she had never experienced before and somehow, she seemed to be enjoying it. By foot, it did not take them long to arrive at their destination, which was an amusement park. She was immediately greeted by the loud screaming of people and the sight of large machines twirling and rolling around. Some people would be scared senseless at first sight but for her, she was in awe. Excitement rushed through her body and for the first time, she felt like a child. A variety of colours were thrown everywhere and characters from cartoons and animes existed in this world. It was as if she was in a dreamworld that she had so much wanted to be. The first thing that caught her attention was the ride that twisted and twirled with fast speed.

”What is that thing? I wanna try it.”

One could see the excitement in her eyes albeit, it was concealed with a dark cloth that acted as her visor. Without bothering to wait for an answer from Chelvaric, Snowflake grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the ride.

#20Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:38 am

Chelvaric fell the soft and tenderness of Snow’s hand in his and he felt warm inside. He never had felt that before and wondered if this was how people who were a couple felt when they were holding hands. This was a great day! He was feeling so confident when he was with Snow. he looked at the attractions in the park and they all seemed fun. Some went super high to then fall down like dropping something from a window. Peoples hair were flying upwards from the speed they went down. Then on another one, they were in metal chairs and they flew around. He heard Snow say she wanted to do an attraction and she pointed to a roller coaster.

Oh, that’s a roller coaster Snow. those are the most fun in an amusement park. They go super fast. Let’s go wait in the line.”, he said to her and they went off to stand in the line. It was a long line and lots of people were waiting in excitement. Some people went back after a while as they got too scared from it. After a while, they came to a split. And they didn’t know which one to take so Chelvaric took the right side. It was getting really hot so he bought two ice cold Pepsi for the both of them. he gave one to Snow and opened the can for himself. The ice cold beverage was really nice and he could feel it run down his throat.

It was finally there turn and they were seated right at the front of the rollercoaster. The metal gears were pushed down on them after they took a seat. Not much later they were shot away by a magic force. The speed was so fast and he felt it in his tummy. He was thrown around in his seat at every turn and he shouted it out. The ride was so fun. He could feel the wind on his face. But as fast it went as fast as it was finished. They got out and he looked at Snow. “That was so exciting!”, he said to her

#21Hikari Snow 

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:44 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Rollercoaster – or so was it called. The word repeated in her head until it was engraved on her brain. Everything that occurred for the day was bound to be imprinted in her mind, as well as her experiences of taking these ridiculous rides and her first time of being on a date. Glancing around, she noticed how the townsfolk were holding tickets in their hands after they returned from the booth located in the middle of the park. Assuming that these rides would require tickets, Snowflake dragged Chelvaric behind her as they approached the booth.

”Tickets for two, please.”

The woman behind the counter greeted them with a smile before making some stamps on the tickets and delivered it to them after she's paid for the tickets. It seemed that Snowflake was massively excited to try out the ride and thus, she ended up running out, rushing to places. Seeing how there was a long line of queue for the ride, it must be really popular among the visitors and guests. She fidgeted, her foot tapping against the hard ground, unable to contain her enthusiasm. Once it was their turn, she barely wasted any second and took a place right in the front of the ride. Back then, she heard it from other children that you get the best feeling when you ride at the front of a rollercoaster.

Before long, the machine started with a jolt and slowly climbed up the rail. Her heart thudded against her chest and the few seconds before the ride began was just slow torture. Fingers drumming against handle, she waited until it began. Everything was a blur. The second they reached the top of the rail, the ride immediately rushed down, twirling and twisting. It was as if she left a part of her soul behind. Adrenaline rushed through her body and before she knew, she was already screaming at the top of her lungs. When the ride was done, she was so stunned that she had to take a brief moment to maintain her posture.

”It’s amazing! Let’s try it again!”

It was the first time she had ever shown her excitement to someone else. This time everyone could see her loop-sided grin, the corners of her mouth stretching from ear to ear and fists curled into a tight ball in front of her.

#22Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:42 am

Chelvaric looked at Snow as she was smiling really hard. It seemed she was enjoying it a lot as she had never smiled before. Since she didn’t know any rides he would just take her around and try everything out that they can. But first, they were gonna ride the same ride again so he walked over to the line again and waited behind the other people. This was the part he hated so much just standing in the line and smelling and hearing the other people. So annoying to be in. after an hour or something, it was finally their turn.

They had crawled into the front row again and the metal bars went down. Not much later the same force was pushing on his chest as he was catapulted away. The wind was pushing against his face and it felt like it was being stretched out. He liked it though, it was quite refreshing. The thrills were a fun change to the more calm dates they did in the past. The ride was soon over again and the railing went up.

He stepped out and took Snow down the oaken stairs that were on the side of the building enclosing the rollercoaster. “That was fun again. The only thing I don’t like is being thrown against the side of the car. It’s painful and it could do some damage. So what ride would you like to go on now? We can go on the splash or the boomerang. We could also do a Haunted mansion. It's your day so you can pick”, he said to snow and looked at her in expectation.

#23Hikari Snow 

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:22 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

Being not exactly a patient person, Snowflake hated waiting, especially when she was just going to get on a roller coaster ride. Since it was a weekend, there were many people vising the amusement park, albeit most of them were families or couples and a few groups of boys and girls. While she waited for her turn to get on the ride, she glanced around the park and observed the other ones located in the theme park so that she has the next ride planned after she finished the rollercoaster. The structures were so large that you could easily see them even from a distance.

Shortly after, it was their turn and it was no doubt that Snowflake would take the first seat in front once again. Although it was her second time experiencing the rollercoaster, she still didn’t get bore of it. Her heartbeat slowly rose as the ride climbed higher up the rail and once it thrusted down the path, she began to scream with adrenaline rushing through her body. This time, she had her arms up in the air, just like the few daring ones on the ride.

Silver hair flew in all directions and when the ride was done, she looked like a mess. Embarrassed, she combed her hair with her fingers and fixed the dark piece of cloth located around her eyes. She was glad that her dress didn’t flew up like her hair did in the middle of the ride when it twisted and turn to the entire opposite side. Coming to the amusement park was the correct decision after all, the girl thought and tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. After they were done with the ride, Chelvaric mentioned about how painful it was bumping into the wall of the coaster. She couldn’t blame him, it did actually hurt but she was enjoying the ride so much that she didn’t even bother to care about the pain. Seeing how messy Chelvaric’s long hair had turned out, Snowflake couldn’t help but chuckle to herself and helped him sort out his hair by gently tugging through it.

The next ride was going to be the Haunted Mansion. She was growing to relish in the feeling of having thrills even from a single ride, so who knows what the haunted building might have for her. Pointing a finger towards the direction of the building, she made her decision.  

”That looks really fun. Let’s try that.”

#24Chelvaric Walderkat 

on Sat Aug 26, 2017 12:20 pm

It seemed that Snow wanted to go for the haunted mansion. Ah, she liked a good scare then. That was good he loved haunted mansions. They were mostly boring though since the effects were never good and always easy to spot and distinguish. But he still had fun to go through one. “If you're scared you can hold my arm tightly Snow”, he said to her and smiled. They then walked to the haunted mansion. The trees out side of the building were decorated with cobwebs and pumpkin lanterns. It really had a nice Halloween already. The mansion was completely black and the roof was covered in spikes. On the sides, there were gargoyles that looked really scary. There wasn’t much of a line here as not many people liked doing haunted houses when it wasn’t Halloween. He wondered why though. Maybe they were just scared and didn’t want to admit it.

They entered to the big spooky door and were placed inside a cart. The cart was like a big bat. Chelvaric found it quite funny. The ride started to move and not much later they would enter a vampire room. Blood was dripping from a table and a fake vampire was drinking blood from a woman. In the mean time, a narrator's voice was explaining the story of Dracula in a scary voice. It was nicely made but it wasn’t that scary. The next room was filled with smoke that came from a golden sarcophagus. A mommy was crawling out. That was a kind of ritual they did in the ancient desert cultures. It didn’t happen today anymore. He looked to the side to see if snow was scared.

#25Hikari Snow 

on Sun Aug 27, 2017 3:12 am



Beyond The Sun & Stars

The vibe from the Haunted Mansion was different from the other rides nearby and she presumed that the workers who had constructed the building turned out to make it that way. Eyes wander over the building and she noticed how it was decorated with faces of zombies, spiders and other creatures that might scare people, and somehow, it worked. Compared to the other rides, the queue for the mansion was much shorter and it seemed scary enough that only the daring ones would join the line. As they queued up, Chelvaric mentioned how she could use his arm if she ended up getting frightened inside the building. Snowflake couldn’t help but chuckle to herself at his comment, assuming that the haunted mansion wouldn’t be anything but a piece of cake.

Darkness surrounded them as they entered through the large doors, leading inside the building. The ride was a rather smaller one unlike the rollercoaster they had just ridden on, not that she minded. It began slow and steady, with not much happening throughout the ride but just zombies dropping from the ceiling. It did catch her off guard although it wasn’t scary enough to make her go screaming. As they rode through, they would encounter a location where the zombies reach out their hands towards them before they crashed into a glass-like structure. Of course, it was animated and through the cracks came out tons of spiders and god, it was nightmare for her. The next that occurred to her was something she had never expected.

The ride went backwards, but this time at a faster pace and suddenly, they were falling backwards into a dark hole. Her heart almost leaped out of her chest and a gasp escaped her lips while she tightened her grasp onto the bar in front of her.

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