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A Cup of Tea / Andrzej & Leon

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Default on Sun Aug 20, 2017 3:30 pm

Being homeless sucked. Like, majorly. Like...really sucked. Andrzej was not feeling it. For the first time since leaving home, they were living on the streets. Money had run out after spending so much of it so quickly. Not like they had enough to last them a year in the first place, but now, sitting on the curbside in Hargeon, they could definately see a few ways budgeting like a real adult would have helped them avoid this situation.

Luckily, Hargeon was near the ocean, so staying clean was not an issue. Their silvery hair shimmed in the sunlight. However, staying fed was an entirely different issue.

"Come on, come on," the sorcerer mutters. In one hand, a thermos of tea, and in the other, a lighter. They were trying to light a small pile of sticks to start a fire. However, the lighter, stolen from someone a few days back, was doing a less than exemplary job. "I just want some warm tea," they groan.

Setting down the thermos (also stolen), Andrzej uses both hands to try and work the small silver rectangle. It had a dragon etched into the side, with the words 'to my love'. Not like Andrzej cared how important it was to whoever the real owner was. Suddenly, it works! A small fire appears, but as soon as they hold it to the kindling, it disappears once more.

"FUCK THIS!" they shout, throwing the lighter at the pile of sticks and standing up. If only they were a fire mage, they'd never have to drink cold tea again. Slowly, Andrzej notices a heat by their feet. They look down. It was on fire! The kindling was on fire! And so was all of the lighter fluid that had leaked out of the lighter when it hit the ground so forecefully. Within seconds, the fire turns into a large, bright blaze.

For a few moments, Andrzej is transfixed. Their mouth turns into a small 'o' and their eyes grow wide. Then reality sets it. They were going to be in so much more trouble than just having cold tea if anyone saw this mess.


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#2LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:05 pm

Tea was never on the menu for the neko unless it had the contents of alcohol. It was odd enough that this was due to the strange biology of his body. There was no real reason why though. The inner functions of his mind were just as much of a mystery such as the rest of his body. He was with his partner, Fay, on a nice summer walk. The heat never bothered him. Fire was a natural substance to come from his body since he was well...a fire mage. That was no given to the young Neko.

"I must say, Kenny at the bar the bar this morning really well...it was memorable" he mentioned. He gained a little information about a girl named LeeAnn. He and this LeeAnn had a lot more i common than that meets the eye according to the man. He had to find her. Perhaps she held some key to how he lost his memory or something that could help in the very least. While on the walk, a whiff of burning wood and old soot caught his nostrils. It was a exremely familiar smell. Fire! He burst into a sprint leaving Fay behind. Passing by people and dodging trashcam, he followed the burning smell. Right there, he saw a man standing there slighly terrified with a spreading fire. The Rune Knight ran for it and stopped at the foot of the fire. He had a wild look in his eye. "Not the biggest fire I have ever seen. Let me help you out here" smiled the Rune Knight.


Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:09 am

"Thank you," Andrzej says, not bothering to look at the person helping them before starting to stomp on the fire. The flames singe the edge of their cloak and heat up the bottom of their sandals, leading to a funny sort of dance as the mage attempted to both put out the fire and not catch on fire. Luckily, the lighter fluid burned out quickly, and with the man's help, the blaze was soon down to just a few embers. Or so they think.

The very tip of Andrzej's cloak had continued to be on fire. The soft, deep purple fabic was the perfect fire starter. "That seems to be it," they say with a sigh of relief, looking for the first time at the stranger who had offered to help. "Thank you for helping. I was just trying to heat up some tea." They bend over to pick up the thermos, which was now slightly warm from the fire. Not idea, but it would do.

After unscrewing the top, they take a large gulp and savor the bitter flavour of strong jasmine tea. The smell of it wafts from the thermos, but soon mixes with the smell of burning fabric. "What the-" Andrzej looks around, then their indigo eyes setle on the fire aat the edge of their clock, which was slowly creeping upwards. "Oh! Nononononononono!" They swirl around, trying to stomp on the flame but failing.


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#4LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Mon Aug 21, 2017 2:02 pm

Leon aided in putting out the small fire before it spread further. He stamped on it and beat it with a blanket. It was sad to see the flame distinguish so quickly. With the neko being a fire mage, he could easily start one within the city. Although, it was illegal and the next he wanted was the law after him and loose his rank. The man before him smiled thanking him for the help. The Rune Knight nodded in response. "Oh its no problem. I am happy to help. Just be careful next time, we dont want anybody getting burned unless if its me" he said. It was easy to get by fire easily if you did not know how to handle it correctly.

Leon was well aware of the possible dangers that came with being a pyro and a fire mage. Though, it was the factor if he followed the directions. It was the only time he was slightly off the edge. Not many people saw him truly at his purest form. Fay could confirm he goes really crazy. His sense of smell could still catch the whiff of fire. Not ash, but he looked down at the fire. The person's cloak was catching on fire. Leon simple grabbed the end of the cape and just stomped on it. Eventually he put it out, but the corner of the cape was cinged. Leon felt his left foot felt hot. His eye widen in shock. His boot was on fire. How? Oh. Wait. He caused that to happen. The fire extinguished. Leon set him hand on fire. "Hm...wonder what else around here is flammable without causing too much distruciton? Know any" he asked looking at Andrz.


Default on Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:49 pm

What a strange man, and a fire mage, Andrzej noted. The man's control over the fire on his boot and now around his hand was basic, but enouogh to impress someone who had no fire magic. "Yes, I know flammable things around here...but that's...you know...illegal," they say. Of course there were flammable things around. It was a beach city! Everyone had terraces with overhangs or parasols to keep the sun off of their customers' shoulders. For a pyromaniac, the dunes were a wonderland of dry, dry grass and bushes just waiting for a spark.

But...who was this person anyways? A member of one of the dark guilds, certainly? Or just a really rougue member of Blue Pegasus? He sure looked the part for either. With beautiful white hair but eyes that hid secrets, this man could be part of any guild or not in a guild at all. "Can I ask your name, though?" they ask. Not going to lie, Andrzej was a little bit cautious. "I'm new around here, just came into town to investigate Blue Pegasus a little. You don't happen to be a member?"

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#6LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:38 am

Yeah that was the thing about being aligned with the law enforcement. It prevented you from doing certain damage or breaking the laws in general. Of course, he had no problem with this, but only one things... he cant catch anything on fire. That was the only downfall. If he did break the law, there goes his rank and his full life or he would just be fined depending on the damage and the situation. It was still something he should not test. The person standing next to knew of somethings to burn, but yet again the law stood in their path. A long sigh came from Leon.

The Rune Knight had forgotten to introduce himself. He got lost in the whole shpeel of things and did not remember his manners. Leon nervously laughed. "Sorry, where are my manners. I'm Leon and this is my fiance, Fay" he smiled.

"No were not from here, but I have been here a few days to know most of the town LEt me she you around" He smiled. They all started walking as Leon came to explain he was a Rune Knight. "I am not a Blue Pegasus member. I'm actually a Rune Knight, I just travel around for jobs and everything" he smiled. Looking, at Andrz, he could tell he was probably looking into joining a guild. He could talk him into becoming a Knight, but that was his choice. It was wrong to force someone into something else. "Say, we could check out hte Blue Pegasus guild. If you're looking into joining a guild Lamia Scale and Fairy Tail are all good options. Rune Knights are always open, but I would appear biased if I say Rune Knights is your only option. Personally, I think if you love taking naps and worrying about your looks Blue Pegasus is good for you. Though, thats just from an outsider's perspective. Its best to actually hear from someone who's apart of the guild. They do have a great reputation though" he replied.


Default on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:08 am

A Rune Knight! That liked to set things on fire? Weren;t those guys supposed to be...good? Andrzej guessed not. Not that they had ever met a Rune Knight before. Where they came from in the country, any sort of Knight was more fantasy and fable than reality. "I'm Andrzej Mohammed, pleased to meet you two," the sorcerer says with a small bow towards the couple. It could never hurt to be a little extra formal and polite.

Andrzej almost has to jog in order to keep up with Leon's strides. Being more than a foot shorter than their new aquaintence was a little unsettling, but the more the man spoke, the more they felt at as in his prescence. "Yeah, their reputation is legendary in my family. A cousin of mine knew the guildmaster three generations ago or something, so they've always been highly spoken of." Andrzej's stomach makes the sound of a hungry tiger that saw prey. Suddenly remembering how long it had been since their last meal, the hunger pounced quickly. "I wonder if they have food..." they muse, "I could go for something to eat right now. It's been a day or two since I ate a real meal." I mean this was a Rune Knight, right? Weren't they obligated to help the hungry and the poor...or was that Holy Knights? They were so hungry, not even their memory worked properly.


#8LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:43 pm

I've wasted time, I've wasted breath
The person before here introduced themselves as Andrzej Mohammand. It was not a common name to here. To his common knowledge it as not at all. The Rune Knight smiled sweetly at Andrzej. "That is not a common name I here around Fiore. Pleased to meet you Andrzej" he smiled. Fay smiled as she was busy fiddling with something next to him. They started walking. Leon had almost forgotten how tall he was. It was beyond the average height of a male, even as a neko. His pace slowed down so Andrzej could keep up.

He had always liked to talk to other people. It was the stories that he thrived for. Like a craving some sort, people always seemed to be comfortable in his presence. Carefully, he listened to Andrzej talk about how his family knew the old guildmaster from a few generations ago of Blue Pegasus. This really did amaze him since they had such a rich past of Blue Pegasus. If only he of his own family and why he woke to bieng a Seated Knight. There had to be some connection between him and this LeeAnn. There had to be. "It seems so. I would look into it if I were you. Perhaps I could help you, after all its what I like doing and I have nothing else to do" he mention. A loud rumbling that kinda did frightened him. Looking down at Andrzej, it seemed they were hungry and with that confirmed with them saying they had not eaten for a few days. He gave a sweet smile. "Lets fix that. Name what you craze and I will pay for it. Being a starting mage, its not an easy life" he smiled. Clearly, he had a lot of money, he could not remember why, but he had money.
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#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:48 pm

Leon looked around for a good restaurant that sounded good to him. So far nothing. It only made his ears twitch even more out of irritation. The tip of his tail only made it clear he was hungry and very angry. He wanted food, but held his tongue to keep a strong image. Leon did not want to appear rude and give the Rune Knights a bad image. The air was getting abit hotter as Fay was starting to sweart. She did not like feeling sweaty. She tugged on her fiance's cloak making him look over his shoulder.

"Leon can we go home I am tire" she said. Leon smiled and looked at Andrz. He scuffed through his pocket and gave some money to Andrz. "Here this is to get you by for the day. Perhaps some day we could get together sometime and have a drink or two. See ya, man" he said. He did a sloppy salut and begun to walk with his faince. The memory of he fire today was fun. He found something else about him. He was a pyromaniac. Which is probably a bad thing being a Rune Kngith. OH well, what can he do about it?


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