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Tavern Talk [Kenny]

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#1LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:00 pm

The tavern roared with drunk men and mages of Blue Pegasus reitring after a day's work. The tavern was a small one called The Trout's Snout. It was the left side of the street next to a small tourist shop and a flower stand that stood in front of the store. The inside interrior was a basic wood floor and paneling along the side. There were small decor put up on the walls as the bar was in the middle of the tavern. Silightly, he sat there with his fiance. The white hair neko sat there drinking his ale in peace. Fay, his romantic partner, was busy doing magic tricks or whatever seh was up to. He honestly did not care. The woman had her own agenda. In the background, Leon was paying attention to anything anyone was saying. The Rune Knight had a bad case of easedropping when you weren't suppose to. He did it anyways.

Sipping a little of his drink, he heard a couple of sober customers talking next to him. It was one woman and two men. They looked to be rune knights, just like him, telling by the outfits. Leon was off duty, so he wore his normal outfit. He leaned in a little to listen. His sharp neko hearing picked up on some juicy gossip. "Have you heard, Hikaru and LeeAnn Nakamura disappeared out of nowhere. The council is trying to contact them, but so far no luck. It's only Gala left. Wonder if their okay" said one of them. That was enough for Leon. It did make him wonder, more than usual on a case like this. He had no memory of his past nor did Fay. It was weird all he remembered was a man with Salmon hair. The name Hikaru sounded fimilar too. Was that his name? He would have to keep hush hush about it until further notice. His ghoul eye turned to his fiance. Leon raised an eyebrow. "Lee, do you have a tire gauge on you and a roll of goose tape" she asked. Leon felt very confused. "What the hell is Goose tape? What are you doing" he asked. The kitsune did not reply. "Never mind, I wont ask" he said.



Default on Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:12 pm

Kenny’s eyes narrowed at the bartender as an erect index finger assertively pressed on the counter below, “Listen you, I told you I wanted some of that fancy booze you’ve got in the back and not this watered down crap! You think I’ll just give my darling fiance this piss you call drinks?” he had been at this for about thirty minutes and was causing a rather large fuss, but none of the bar goers seemed to call him out either out of lack of concern or refusal to try and calm Kenny down. The long haired Omega looked and down the bartender, he was a pig faced man, nose pressed back almost resembling a snout, Kenny didn’t usually frequent tavern’s like this one, but this particular one had a very special drink that he wanted. Sure he could have gone to any liquor store, but none had this place’s homemade tequila and Kenny wanted a bottle to share with his lady.

The bartender scoffed and shook his head, “For the umptenth time, NO! It’s a family recipe meant to be enjoyed in the family pub! The only way you get it is if you pry it from my cold, dead-”

Before he could finish Kenny picked up a piece of silverware used for the places slop and stabbed it into the counter, “Finish, I dare you. I will make bacon out of your back and take that back to my girl, try me.”  

The large man swallowed the lump in his throat and shook his head, stern not to give in. “N-No.”

“Fine, fine. I see your adamant, no use in prying.~” Kenny turned his back to him and looked back at a couple, seemed they were undisturbed by his commotion. He would normally look away when staring at a stranger for more than a few seconds but there was something about the male. He had an eye an eye patch, but his ears put him in mind of a woman he had met… A neko ey? Interesting.

Kenny knocked on the bar and asked about the two. The bartender explained when they had come in and told Kenny not to cause any trouble. The long haired warrior only laughed and nodded, taking a bottle from the counter and making his way for the two. Without a word he sat across from the duo and looked at them for a moment.

“Why hello there, haven’t seen the likes of you all here before. Forgive me my good sir, but are you a kitsune?” with a closer look Kenny spotted the eye, or well eyepatch. That only made him think of the lady kitsune he had seen even more. She was beautiful, gorgeous even, but had one ailment an injured eye. Kenny would stare on, no doubt coming off as strange, but he couldn’t help but stare.

#3LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:08 pm

Leon could hear some commotion go on between the bartneder and a unhappy customer. He really could not help but give a glance. A stare long enough to get a good look at the angry man to see what he looked like. He was probably a drunk or just strange. Oh well, he tried to not focus on everythign around him. Being a Rune Knight, he was trained to always be on his toes and extremely observant. He could not turn off the feature that easily. It was that drilled into him. He watched Fay try to stack cards in a house shape. As much as he tried to not break his concentration on Fay, it broke. He noticed that same angry man approaching him. "Fay, try to stack them the other way. Its all about balance" he said.

The man nearby sat down while staring right at him. It felt a little uncomfortable. He did not show it. His false thoughts were broken by a deep male voice or male voice in general. Leon's ghoul eye switched to the man in front of him. He did not mean to interrupt him, but he knew that this guy meant well with how he held himself and how he spoke. They were not from these parts at all. Leon gave a friendly grin to ease some of his tension. "No you're completely fine, sir.
In fact were not from around these parts, we'er just traveling mages"
he replied. He took another sip of his vodka. It was tasteless just how he liked it. Alcohol was not his thing in general, but for some reason his body did not allow him. The question that really threw him off asked if he was a kitsune. Fay then perked up as she heard kitsune The couple did have cat-like ears, but different tail. Though, Fay had the power to hid hers. Today it was hidden. He was now the one that stook out like a sore thumb.

He and Fay exchanged glances then he looked back at Kenny. "No I am not a kitsune. I am Neko, as you can see by my tail" he said. He shown more of his tail from under his cloak. Fay went back to her card stacking. She wore a black and gold steampunk trenchcoat that hugged her hips in a stlyish way with a black mini skirt and black knee-high boots. "Almost got it...almost got it.
YES! I got the house of cards"
she cheered. Leon hugged her and kissed her on her forehead. She hugged him tightly back in response out of her success of finally getting this house of cards to stand on its own. Fay was extremely affectionate and Leon did not mind at all. In fact, he enjoyed it and would always hug her, hold her, or whatever else needed to be done. He loved her and she loved him that's what mattered. "So,um....is there anything I can help you with" he asked, the man.


Default on Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:56 pm

The girl cheered about her card stack being done, well that was something special. Their tenderness reminded Kenny of the one he and his fiance shared aside from the mauling. Damn Kenny loved that woman, but that was besides the point.

When Kenny’s assumption was confirmed, more or less, he absent mindedly leaned over the table, tongue protruding out of his mouth as he attentively focused on the other male’s ears and gently touched them. The Omega gasped at their softness eyes going wide as he would continue this until he was either stopped or he has his fill. They felt like the female’s from before, oh how he missed her soft ears, if only he could have stayed with her a little bit longer, but alas their time together was short as he had to venture to a new town.

“Man I gotta tell ya it’s been awhile since I touched a neko’s ears, the last one’s were so soft, she was truly something special.” Kenny sighed contently as he continued touching, and touching, and touching until he finally sat back with a relaxed posture. He didn’t know what it was but touching a nice pair of soft ears was something special and he felt like he needed a cigarette after doing so again. “Oh yes forgive me, my name is Kenny, Kenny Omega.” he chuckled, placing his hands on his stomach. “Ooo, is she a neko too?” he tilted his head.

#5LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:45 pm

The couple was in a loving embrace. He tuned out almost everything. Him and Fay were a tight knit when it came to each other. You could not get any closer than they could. Both were practically into each other's lives all the time. The only alone time they ever had was when he went on jobs and that was only a few times so far. Although, it has been more of a tradition where he went alone. They were hugging each other tightly. Their grips were firm while his were around Fay's torso. Hers were up around his shoulders and neck area. It was then he felt someone grab his ears.

The nerves in his ears were extremely sensitive. It would usually make him freeze and really relax or have chills go endlessly down his spine. He look at Kenny to see he was the one touching them. A small sigh escaped his lips noticing this was going to become a thing with him being a Neko. He had to admit though, it kinda felt nice, but was weird. The man apologized and introduced himself as Kenny Omega.

At that moment, a sharp shooting pain went through his head causing to grab the front part of his head. A small groan went through his head. "Fuck! Why does my head hurt all the sudden" he spoke outloud, not caring who heard. After a while, the pain subsided, but still had an annoying pang. "Sorry...Kenny, I did not mean to be rude. Very painful headache. This is new. I'm Leon and this is my fiance, Fay. No she is not a neko, she is a kitusne. Close but no cigar" he sia,d trying to smile to through the pain. Fay looked really worried as she looked at Leon with a apprehensive look.

At few heartbeats passed, until he felt another pain. This time he blacked out, falling on the floor. Fay ran to his side immediately. This really had never happned with him before.


(These are memories from our other topic, Leon just hears the voice, does not see anything")

“Easy does it, my name’s Kenny by the way.”

“Well there is one other thing I would like from you,”

“Can-- Can I touch your ears?”


About five minutes later, Leon felt hte pain lift and his senses slowly facade. He could hear Fay's voice and Kenny's as he opened his eye. The neko sat up as if there was nothing wrong with hm. He looked at Fay then at Kenny. "I swear I know you from somewhere...your voice. Its sounds so fimilar, but I cant place my finger on it" he said.


Default on Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:06 pm

Kenny was still thinking about the male’s ears, it was sort of weird really, how the two were oddly comfortable with the action. Normally Kenny would be slapped for touching someone without permission, but oddly enough there was a certain familiarity between him and the other male. It felt all too certain that the two had met before, despite not recalling the face the name was there, Leon… It sounded familiar, yet it was still the name of a stranger. Maybe Kenny was exaggerating meeting another male with white hair, or person for that matter, yet Leon seemed too familiar for it to be a fateful encounter.

Sadly just as their comfort was reaching its climax Leon had began writhing in pain clutching his head, Kenny didn’t think much of it as he introduced himself, “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you two.” he shot them both a warm smile as they continued to speak, soon the intensity would pick up as the male seemed to be even more off put. Kenny would stare at him and study him, he was obviously in pain, “Are you al-”

Soon the entire bar seemed to freeze over as the Neko fell out of his seat and to the ground, Kenny and Fay seemed to be the first responders, the Omega taking a knee beside the man as the female tried her best to wake him up. “Is he alright?” Kenny asked her before seizing the opportunity to quickly touch his ears again before tensing back up. “Hey man, wake up! Shit, does this usually happen to him or something?”

Kenny was stunned, he knew that he had a magic touch (just ask his fiance ZING), but he didn’t think that he had that sort of effect on people, especially another man. He should be careful with his touch, oooh what if it was his secret magic ability? Sensual touch.

The other would soon awake and look up at him, “Maybe you have, I get around alot. But I only recall meeting one Neko, a young lady named Leeann, lemme tell you she was a cutie.” he chuckled trying to ease the situation, “Unless like you know her, then she was really nice and cute but in a platonic sense.”

#7LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:08 pm

Fay shook Leon a little as he was out cold. This has never happened before. Noise from the whole bar was put on hold looking at Leon. It was just not normal to see a grown man just collapse on the ground unless if he were really drunk or beaten in combat. This was neither of those options. It had a little bit more aroma to the situation. Kenny seemed to be terrified of what happened to him. Leon heard voiced calling his name and asking if he was okay. At first, they were muffled then slowly became clearer. His ghoul eye opened to see Fay then Kenny. Fay hugged him causing him to fall back again. He laughed a little as he stroked her hair. "Yes, I'm sweetheart/ Can I get up now" he asked.

Kenny seemed really worried about Leon. The white haired neko only a gave a slight smile. It did not last long because he wanted to get straight to business. His question was quickly answered by Kenny. Really, he did not expect this answer. Kenny met one other neko than him. It drew his interest. Her name was LeeAnn. According to Kenny, she was attractive on a platonic standard. The pain from his head really went away. Leon's eye grew serious, more so about his 'LeeAnn'. "Really? I do not know her even with my rank in Seated Knight. Many say she disappeared within the Rune Knights. Though, it's only an assumption. Do you know where she might of gone or anything that was really distinct about her" he asked.


Default on Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:04 am

Kenny sighed in relief as the male finally came to, he sat on his rear and nervously chuckled on the floor as he looked at the couple before him. The situation once again felt all too familiar, almost like his situation with Leeann when she went down, he was scared but he held strong for ‘em because even though they were newly acquaintance with one another he stuck through with them until they were fine or at least someone told him they were fine. Kenny rubbed his forehead and sighed in relief once again, he couldn’t stop sighing to be truthful there was so much happening at once. Well there was only one thing happening but it was still pretty damn dramatic.

It was all alright though, everything seemed okay. Soon however the male looked to Kenny inquisitively as the Omega had mentioned Leeann. At first he thought he was angry because he called her cute, but then he spoke about the rune knights and that was when kenny’s interest began to become piqued itself. “Sadly I don’t know where she went, but I can tell you something interesting. She was quite adorable, crimson red hair, beautiful eyes, except one was kinda different… Looked sort of like yours. her ears were fluffy and she was as kind as she could be, last time we spoke I carried her all the way to the RK base after she was feeling faint.” Kenny caught a breath, “I stayed with her as long as the doctors would let me, almost fought to stay there for her because she asked me to be there but soon the doctors threatened to get guards and I had to go… I really wish I could see her again.”

Kenneth sighed and rubbed the back of his neck looking down at the floor, “Sorry I can’t tell you more. You know her though?"

#9LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:29 am

Whie Leon was listening to Kenny, Fay looked down thinning, Her mind wandered to random things that involved this situation with Leon's case of amnesia. She could not place her finger on it, but she could bet that they both had connections to this Leeann and a white kitsune such as herself. With a small shrug, she thought of it as nothing. Fay took almost nothing seriously. It was Leon's job to do that. Back to Leon, he took another drink of the tasteless vodka. He felt the liquid slither down his throat. Although, his focus was on Kenny. Clearly, he could see the poor guy was a little uneasy perhaps he thought he had ties to this LeeAnn figure and would gain on up Kenny. Personally, this gave him more of a hope to figure out who he was and how this LeeAnn figure could help him out.

Kenny described her as a Rune Knight just like her only with long crimson hair, nice as can be, and the most outstanding feature, they shared the same eye. Leon looking at his glass seeing a faint reflection of himself in a odd manner with how stretched out his reflection was. Though, he could see the ghoul eye he woke up with. The marking that was black was covered with the thin leather glove. "I see. I am just curious.
I thought since her and I were nekos, she could help me figure out a few things. That's all, nothing bad"
he replied, with a gentle smile. The neko reached into his coat and pulled out a unopened bottle of the special wine that Kenny wanted. The bartender saw him with lots of cash and gave it to him for free. Leon handed it to Kenny. "Here. I wont be needing thing any time soon. Someone will drink it all before I can get a drop..." he said. He gave Fay a small look. The kitsune stuck out her tongue playfully. Leon would hate to leave the guy hanging so he wanted to probably get some small coversation going. "I heard you needed it and thought it would be nice to let someone else use it. If I may ask, whats the special occasion for? What made you go through all those troubles for this drink" he asked curiously.


Default on Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:04 pm

Kenny crossed his arms and sighed, he still couldn’t believe he couldn’t tag where he had seen this man before. At the very least he provided minimally adequate information about the woman in question, it was a shame really, how could someone like her vanish in thin air like this? He assumed she vanished because well she’s a Rune Knight and they don’t seem the type to leave. She was so strong, so beautiful, and he only knew her for a few hours but she was so amazing that he had to have a high opinion of her off of the bat. Kenny stood up, and looked down at the couple, they both seemed to match a certain something he remembered. They seemed to go so well together, it kept arching the back of his mind to remember where he had seen them.

When the male reached into his coat Kenny tilted his head in confusion, “Wait wha?” he was bewildered by the fact that this man had gotten the wine so easily, yet Kenny was having more than enough trouble getting a bottle for himself. Kenny took the bottle and looked back at Leon, “Thank you Leon, I owe ya one!” he beamed with joy as he held up the bottle the clear liquid inside adding to the glints in his eyes as he held it up in the dum tavern lights. “Oh, well it’s for me and my girlfr- Fiance I mean, me and my fiance and tequila is her favorite drink, I figured if I could get the special brew made here for her it’d make her really happy and between you and me man that’s probably the only thing I want in this life, to make her happy and show her just how much I care.” he pocketed the wine in his coat.

“But hey, as a thank you lemme buy you two a round!” Kenny raised a hand and gestured to the bartender, “Barkeep, bring me two bottles of rum for me and my friends here!” he was going to get them smashed.

#11LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:49 pm

Why worry about what your gonna loose and focus on what your about to gain
Leon could see Kenny thinking about something. If he were correct, it was probably about this 'LeeAnn' girl. It was to be supposed that she was a neko and a supposed Rune Knight. Perhaps, he could find this 'LeeAnn' and get some answers. According to others, she has supposed vanished into thin air. Her and her fiance, Hans. He knew of that much. Nothing about her background or anything like that. It was a start. Kenny had help start a possible lead to finding out about his past.

He held out the ale or tequila. Whatever it was called. He was not going to drink it and he would not allow Fay to drink it whatsoever. Kenny seemed really happy which made Leon smile. "Hey no problem. I have no use for it and you helped me with this LeeAnn. It can possibly give me a few answers about a few things" he said. He was not fond about telling people that he has amnesia. It's a sore subject. Kenny was ecstatic and bought him a few round of drink for him. He laughed a little. "You dont have to Kenny, but it would be rude to refuse a free drink. Just give the lady some lemonde. She is not suppose to get any sort of alcohol" he said.
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Default on Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:02 am

Kenny looked at a clock on one of the walls, it seemed time flies when you have fun. He didn’t want to rudely leave the duo, but he had to take this drink to his Fiance before she realized he didn’t really go to the race track to bet on the doggies. Kenny knocked on the table and a waitress bought two bottles, “These are on my buddy, I wish you luck in finding Leeann, and if you see her please, tell her Kenny said hi.” with that he had to get going, he nodded to the duo and pulled up his jacket. Was gonna be a cold night in the dog house if she didn’t forgive him. He licked his lips and headed out of the door, looking back one last time to wave to the lovely couple before vanishing into the night. Was it odd that he wanted them to find Leeann? Was Kenny perhaps smitten by the Ghoul eyed beauty? No, but she was a very interesting woman and he made a habit of keeping interesting people near him made him look interesting by association. Ok, maybe he did think she was somethin’ special, but he could never say that now that he was about to get married to the most beautiful woman in all of Earthland.


#13LeeAnn Nakamura 

Default on Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:36 pm

Leon had only smiled through tlaking with Kenny. Time truely does fly when you are having fun. The neko laughed as Fay secretly gotten drunk behind his back. He would sigh and only roll his eyes at his fiance being stupid and trying to be sneaky Kitusnes gotten drunk SO easily. It did bother him that she would go out of her way to do such things. Guess that came with the package of marrying her. Kenny heard him say htat he had to leave. He wished him the best of luck finding Leeann. If it weren't for Kenny, he would not have had a lead.

"Oh dont worry. Thank you for the possible lead. Perhaps I can get some answers and relieve someone" he smiled. He knew there was some sort of possible family waiting for her return. Perhaps, it was destined for him to do this as a nice gesture. He knew this would benefit him and many others. With this much gossip, she must of at least be Seated Knight. Pages and Apprentices were talked about but not really recognized all that much. Kenny waved and left. He paid both of their tabs nad put his fiance over his shoulder back to their room.


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