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The Boring Life[Kenny]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:21 am

Jeeroy was getting real tired of this small town.  There had been many murders since he had wandered into the place, many that he himself could not find the answers to.  He had called in some of the other Rune Knights to help investigate, but still they had come up with no leads and it was beginning to piss him off.  He needed to move, to do something other than sit here and wallow in his own sadness and lost pride.  He had made friends, sure, but what was the point when he felt as if he had no substance left.  The town was depressing him.  

Walking into town dawned in his Rune Knight attire paired with his armor and weapon on his side, he tried to find something to do with his day.  He had been bored lately, having been stagnant from doing jobs he needed to.  Though it was a beautiful day out, Jeeroy had no one to share it with and honestly, that pissed him off.  He hated being a giant, hated being hated by the people of Fiore, by women.  If someone gave him a chance he would prove that he was not a scary man.  He wanted to be a friendly giant!


Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:31 am

Kenny had his hands behind his head as he whistled through the town, man this was one hell of a place. He was nailing his girl like never before, he felt a hell of alot more strong and he felt like he had a genuine home. On his elbow was a shopping bag full of flasks, and small alcohol bottles, mostly things to tide him over until he left, but he didn’t really wanna leave at all, he was having way too much fun. He might just retire and live here for the rest of his life things were going so well. After the wrestling stint he would have sworn off this town but after the past few nights he was on a roll with luck, he felt unstoppable and so confident in himself that he could probably see himself even having a magic of his own! He would have no clue what he’d do with it, but it’d be his and he would enjoy it while he could.

His back was healed his concussion was wavering and desires were all in check, now it was just a matter of finding a good weapon, maybe something that’d give him an edge in battle. He liked the armor he had on but still needed something more to really get him over and speaking of getting over who else would he see other than Jeeroy, “Ey big guy!” he called out to him with a grin, “What’re you doing out here?”

#3Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:39 am

Jeeroy was simply wandering about when he heard someone call out to him.  He grimaced at the name 'big guy' but turned to see who it was anyhow.  He remembered the man, Kenny, from the wrestling match they had together along with seeing him at the beach.  The man was smiling brightly, one that was very contagious.  Jeeroy smiled along with him and strode towards him.  "What is up, man?  Good to see you.  I am just out here enjoying the scenery."  He shrugged.  "Honestly I got bored being cooped up inside.  What about you?"  He looked down at the bags the man was carrying, full of alcohol.  " Do not tell me that is how you were getting out of your depressive slump I found you in a couple days ago.  You seem a lot happier now.  Your girl trouble finished?"  Jeeroy hoped the man's troubles were gone.  He himself had enough troubles, he would not wish it on anyone else, especially a man with a girl.  He felt a bit of jealously over the issue but quickly shrugged it off in order to concentrate on the man in front of him yet again.  "Wanna tell me how it all went?"


Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:56 am

Kenny approached the giant with a smile on his face and a glint in his eye, well maybe not a glint, this guy was covered in glitter so it was a strong possibility that his body glitter wandered while he walked and got in Kenny’s eye. It was rather funny once one thought about it, The Omega’s eyes were always red s for something to irritate them would be strange because he wouldn’t be able to tell what was hurting him and what was just in his eye hurting it. He looked up at Jeeroy and laughed when he spoke about a depressive slump, “Sure I’ll tell ya! Let’s walk and talk.” he gestured for the big man to walk with him, “First off, no way! I don’t think I’ve felt this good in a while, in fact the alcohol is for me and my lady, we made up and I proposed! She even said yes!” Kenny beamed with pride.

“And it’s mostly just stuff she likes, tequila shots, a bottle of moscato, some rum, and an extra bottle for dinner tonight, makin’ rum ham ya know?” he chuckled, “But you say you’ve been cooped up? How come?” this was odd indeed, he was a big man after all...

#5Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:31 am

Jeeroy walked aside the man listening to what he had to say.  So the man had proposed and the girl had said yes?  Interesting.  "That is great!  I wish you a long happy relationship!  There is nothing better than the feeling of wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone huh?"  Jeeroy thought for a moment.  Would he ever have someone to spend the rest of his life with?  He highly doubted it, but it was fun to think about.  The day when he may have his own bride, his own children.  The thought made him giddy and sad at the same time.  He knew finding someone that wanted to be with him was going to be difficult with his size and stature, but he could and would always hope for the best.  "As far as being cooped up, it is just because I am tired of being in this town honestly."  He shrugged once again with a sigh.  "There is a lot going on here, but yet not enough at the same time.  I have been hiding in my hotel for a while, being boring.  Doing a bit of drink myself."  And he had been, a lot actually.


Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:17 am

Kenny tilted his head, “So you’ve been keeping yourself locked up?” Kenny tilted his head a bit more looking up at the giant, “C’mon man! Muscley guy like you can’t be holding yourself back! There are plenty of pretty ladies in town and they love big muscle men like you! Why not try your luck at a beach bar? Hell what about one of those beach gyms?”

There was concern in his voice as he rubbed his chin, “I mean things could be worst for ya, ya know? You could be one of those splendidly guys that look like girls but pretend to be masculine yeah?” He tried his best to make the larger man feel better more or less, it was hard since he didn’t really know the guy, but alas Kenny was going to try his best to help him out because Jeeroy helped him.

“How about yous and and me head to the beach with some rum ham? We can check out the gym, then the bar, and see if we can find you a lady friend.” Kenny reached into the bag and pulled out a silver flask handing it to jeeroy, “And I can probably make my rum ham while we’re out.”

#7Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:58 am

Jeeroy shrugged at the man, listening to what he had to say.  "Oh trust me, I have no lack of women falling at my feet.  Most of them just want me for my body though."  He sighed.  "It is actually hard being a man of my stature.  Women fall at my feet but use me for my status.  Also as a charity case.  I dated a girl once and apparently she dated me just because she wanted to be able to tell her friends that she was the most compassionate of them for being with a giant.  She did not really care for me at all.  When I heard her talking about me as a charity case, I left her.  There are too many fake women these days, either fake or only want to be with me because I give them a good time."  Jeeroy said.  It was the truth, women never really liked relationships with him, simply spending a night or two in his bed.  "Yeah, we can hit up the gym, why not?  It has been a while since I have been there.  It seems I need to get back to my training anyhow, my muscles are lacking."  He flexed with a smirk.


Default on Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:05 am


“Hm? Well in that case, how about…” Kenny rubbed his chin, he didn’t have a definitive answer. What could he tell the big man? That he would find his dream woman one day? Maybe, but it would be mostly just sympathetic words and no one needed that sort of thing, as sympathetic as Kenny was. If he had ‘em falling at his feet he may as well just chill out and enjoy the poi while it was getting served hot. “Eeey, and I can make myself a rum ham!” Kenny smiled and reached into his bag, there was in deed a cooked ham in it as well, in a little sealed baggie made for such things. The ziplock bag around the ham was already opened and kenny proceeded to pour his open bottle of rum into it as he would shake it and let it sit. “Alright let’s go lift some weights while this marinates.” Sure someone that looked like Kenny shoud be mistaken for serious and no nonsense, but he was more of a child at heart than anything, he liked simple things and he loved himself some rum ham. It was a yummy treat and there was no doubt he’d be enjoying it tonight.

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