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A Meal For Friends (Social, Ikana/Rishi)

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#1Miyamoto Ikana 

on Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:29 pm

Hargeon, beautiful place with beautiful docks. It was slow, and unfortunately Ikana Miyamoto didn't enjoy slow too much. Having left her home a while ago, she explored and had ended up on a ticket ride to this place. What was she doing at the moment? The white haired girl sat along the rocks, looking out in the azure blue sea with a rod in her hands. A bobbing fish lure floated across the calm waters. Across from her rested a bucket with three mackerel inside of decent size. They were mature enough to enjoy eating for sure. A yawn as the fourteen year old stretched her arms outward. A bite. The slight twitch of the rod in her hands. Widening her yellowish eyes just a little, she waited, waited for another nibble before suddenly jerking her rod backwards. There was certainly a bite. Resistance as the fish she had entangled was pushing, attempting to escape from the enticement of food.

Quickly reeling in the line and jerking the rod her way, the sound of a whirring was heard before a small splash occurred in the waters. “Come on now! Almost gotcha!” Upon closer inspection, the splash was getting a bit larger as the fish began to get closer to the rocks. Another jerking as she felt weight pull on her hands. Pulling as hard as she could, she saw a fourth mackerel leap into the air with a hook caught on the side of its mouth. Reeling the line inward, there it was, her meal for the day. Three mackerel though seemed a bit much. She didn't really eat too much. She could eat two maybe, but three was meant to be shared. With a bright grin, she deposited her third fish into her bucket. Now was the time to get some cooking done. Washing her hands in the ocean water, she would grasp the handle of her bucket as she head for a small caveway, maybe three meters deep and two meters wide. It was stoney, and likely a good place to begin her cooking. Backpack prepared, she took a light breath. She set up camp here and was enjoying it for sure. Hmm, having a friend around might be nice.

#2Rishi Namatzu 

on Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:04 am

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been walking along the docks, staring out as the sun slowly fell behind the waves. Somehow she was still astonished by how the ocean worked, as she had never seen anything like it before. To others, she probably seemed weird to everyone else around her, seeing as she had never really known anything about the ocean even though she knew at least a little bit about practically everything else. Well today had been a good day for this white haired girl and she was just ready to relax on the docks for a while. She had been casually strolling when she saw a girl a few years younger than herself fishing at the edge of the dock. She thought about going over to talk to her but then she thought she would just watch from the sidelines, only because she didn't want to break her concentration. She watched her catch what looked like a mackerel and then got up with he rod and bucket of fish and went into a nearby cave looking place, sort of like an overhang. This was her chance. If she went now then maybe she could try no to look creepy and just say hi to the girl, Then again who would go up to a young girl in a cave looking place? Eh it didn't matter really, all she wanted to do was befriend this girl so why not just let things roll out naturally. She walked up to her "Hi there! Sorry to bother you but I just wanted to talk to you for a bit. I'm Rishi" she probably let things roll out too fast but... it didn't matter, all that did matter was that it was rolling and now all she had to do was watch.

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Word Count: 297
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#3Miyamoto Ikana 

on Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:34 pm

For a surprise, she soon found herself confronted by a older girl. Ikana was fourteen, and this woman looked a good bit older. She greeted herself as Rishi and the girl’s eyes visibly widened. “Hiya! Pleasure to meet! My names Ikana. You've come in time for dinner if you're up for it. What brings you to the beach at night?” Setting her bucket aside, she began to approach her small pile of tinder and wood fuel for a fire a while before she began her fishing.. In the dim light, Ikana took a deep breath before she pressed both of her fists together. Her stomach would begin to expand to inhuman levels before she opened her mouth to release a gout of flame. “Flamvell Breathis!” The flame would rapidly set aflame the dry wood and tinder, giving birth to a burning fire.

She knew magic. Taking her backpack off and putting it aside, she began to take out a small knife set followed by a random stalk of green onion and a small pot. She seemed rather bright as she quickly removed the tails and heads of the fish before expertly deboning them and adding them into the pot. Following that, she quickly reached inside her back with a potato, cutting it up and adding that in with some salt, green onion, a dash of pepper, a other spice known as Dashida, and a light bit of water from a canteen. Setting it on the flame, it would rest. Putting the lid over it, she looked to her guest before sitting on a flat rock. “How can I help you?” Ikana wasn't expecting to meet anybody on the docks of Hargeon, but this was a great time to get her food tested to see how other people liked it. The smell would be contained for now, but the girl was keeping an eye on how her fish stew like dish was doing. She would be patient, let this new person speak until she was content. Ikana hadn't talked with any real friends in quite some time after all.

Light smoke would rise into the air as Ikana hugged her knees closer to herself with a small grin on her face. Always nice to dee a friendly face, and always better to help feed and spend time with someone. Brushing her hair with her left hand, she twirled a strand around her index finger before slowly sliding it out. Looking at her fellow snow haired friend, Ikana was eager to get to know Rishi closer.

#4Rishi Namatzu 

on Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:37 am

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had noticed that the little girl was surprised about her being there by the way her eyes changed right befoe she had greeted Rishi in such a kind way. She had offered her food and of course she would accept, I mean who wouldn't accept free food? Then she had asked what she had been doing out at the beach at such a late hour. To be completely honest, she didn't really know herself why she was out. Maybe it was because the sea allured her and she wanted to learn more about it, saying that's what she was looking at before she had encountered this girl who called herself Ikana. "Yeah sure i'll eat with ya. I got nothing better to do right now. And for why i'm out here... I don't really know myself. I was watching the waves and it just happened to get this late so fast" she said, slightly amused that this little girl was asking what she was doing yet she shouldn't be out here at this time, as this is when the creepy people came out. "So what are you doing out here?" she said curiously as she watched her start to cook the makerels she had caught before. She then saw her pull out a bunch of ingredients and kitchen cutlery from her backpack and start cooking. This girl was very peculiar indeed but who cares, she had made a new friend it seemed. "well there isn't really anything that I want, just wanted to come and see what was up, seeing as not many young girls like yourself are out here at this time." she smiled slightly, just barely noticeable but noticeable enough so that she didn't come off creepy. She was glad that she had made a new friend, even if she was a little younger than her.

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Word Count: 309
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#5Miyamoto Ikana 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:31 pm

Ikana received notice that her new visitor would be fine with eating with her and discovered that she was out to study the ocean and the waves. A little odd, but Ikana had no qualms about that. Looking to her cooking pot, she was asked exactly why she was out here. “Well, I'm an adventurer and I'm looking to learn more about the magical world and have some fun while doing it too.” With an optimistic smile, she looked down to the pot as the lid would lightly begin to shift with a rise of steam. A little while longer was all it would take. Realizing that Rishi hadn't come for any specific reason other than to hang out seemingly, Ikana simply nodded. “I used to work in a restaurant from a small little place on a mountain. Not much experience in cooking fish, but hopefully it should taste well enough.”

Opening the lid to her dish, a fragrant and savory aroma rose into the air. It was a smell of fish, starchiness of potatoes, and a somewhat spicy overtone mellowed out by a sweetness. “Mackerel stew. Let me get you a bowl.” Getting two bowls, two spoons, and two ladles, she took the liberty to serve her guest first. Soft flesh in a starchy and thick broth to warm and fill one's stomach for a cold night like this. Handing the bowl over, silver skinned flesh rested within the brown liquid bowl, cooked flaky as it looked more like a chowder. However, the mouthful would lead to an explosion of taste both subtle and exuberant. “Does it taste good Rishi-Chan?” She opened her mouth to take a mouthful herself and her cheeks turned a light shade of pink as she chewed twice before swallowing. It wasn't half bad. Fish was a bit of a rarity up in her mountain hometop, but this was certainly something she could get used to. Usually the only fish they had were the ones which flowed in the river downstream. However, sea fish seemed to be far more rich than she had first expected it to be. What a wonderful discovery.

Holding out the canteen and resting it between both of them, she took a brief rest as she looked through her pack to pull out two pieces of bread, particularly rolls. "Care for one? It's relatively fresh." It was good having someone around to enjoy a meal with and someone to talk to. However, it didn't seem her visitor was too surprised at Ikana using magic. Was she a mage or someone of magical heritage herself? It was an interesting question.

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#6Rishi Namatzu 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 4:31 pm

Rishi Namatzu

The girl had said she was an adventurer, and that she had once worked in a  restaurant, which Rishi found hard to believe. She was so young, how would she even be able to work anyways? And who would hire such a young little girl. And she is referring to it as if it were a while back, so she had to be even younger when she was working then right now. She then said her fish might not taste that good, as she hadn't had much practice, but Rishi didn't believe it. If you could cook you way into working at a restaurant and carry ingredients in your backpack your fish can't be that bad. "I'm sure it won't be that bad, I mean, you did just say you used to work as a cook in a restaurant so I doubt it will be too bad"

Once she opened the pot there was an amazing scent that trailed out. It just filled the little cave they were in and her mouth started to water. It smelled like it was going to taste amazing! She really was a good cook after all as it seemed that this meal was going to last her a while. Rishi sat down on a flat rock nearby and watched as the delicious looking stew was poured into a small bowl. She licked her lips slightly as Ikana came over and gave it to her. Steam was coming from the stew, filling her nostrils with amazing scents. It was a mix of sweet, spicy, and there was a hint of fish. She handed Rishi a spoon and she took a little sip, getting small chunks of potatoes and fish as she did. At first it tasted as any other stew would, mostly plain, but with this stew, all the flavors hit her all at one time. It was the best thing she had ever eaten, saying as she has eaten a lot. "It's amazing!" she said as she took another sip. Then Ikana had asked her if she wanted a bread roll. It would be good to try eating it with the stew, as it could soak up some of the broth and she could eat the bread while still tasting the delicious stew. "yeah sure i'll take one" she said as she grabbed one of the two rolls and started eating slowly, only taking small bites, as she wanted to enjoy the food to its fullest. "So you said that you worked in a restaurant right? Why did you decide to travel then? I'm sure it would have been a good idea to stay there" she said in between small bits of the bread and a couple of sips from the stew.

Soon after she had gotten up, put a little spell on the fire to make it last longer and then ran out, hoping she would see her again sometime.
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Word Count: 458
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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#7Miyamoto Ikana 

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:56 pm

She was a little glad to hear that Rishi didn’t think the stew was going to taste bad, considering the fact that Ikana once worked at a restaurant afterall. Serving her guest, there was a bite and a pleasant expression on her new friend. She seemed pleased by the smell of the dish as the dish was lifted, and seemed even more eager to taste the dish when handed a metal spoon. The exclamation of “Its amazing!” had caused Ikana to just smile and chuckle lightly. It felt great feeding another person. With the acceptance of the breadroll, Ikana took liberty to enjoy her dish as she made enough for enough for the two of them, and then enough for herself in the morning hopefully. However, an interesting question was soon asked upon Ikana. Why was she exploring if she used to work at a restaurant. Well, there were a few answers for that, but none of them were particularly hard to explain.

“Well, let’s see. My town was a bit of a backwater, not much going on there. Knowledge about magic was pretty limited, but I always had a love for it considering the fact twice a year a band of performers would appear. In fact, it’s where I learned the basics of my magic from. I was too little to leave back then, but eventually I decided that I wanted to get more knowledge. I took my savings, said goodbye to the owner, and I guess I just sort of head off to see the world, make friends, and find out more about magic! Ahem...speaking of which. The name of the magic I made is called Flamvell Vulcan! I uhh...am wondering. Do you know magic too? You didn’t seem too surprised, so I’m guessing either you have experience using magic, or you’re in a place where magic is used all the time.” She used her skills of intuition to figure this out. Amazing skill, she knows.

Taking a bite of bread and sip of stew, she looked to Rishi before looking left and right. “My idea is I’ll be sleepin here tonight. Keep the fire going as long as I can. I wouldn’t expect anything of you, but if you would be willing to help me gather some more wood, I would appreciate it.” There was a good bit of the meal left to share between the two of them. Took usually more than one bowl to keep anyone satisfied. She was one of those people. Despite her weight, she could keep down a good bit of food. The meeting of these two was a little odd, but sharing a hot meal next to a hot fire was a great thing. Bonding over firewood, maybe not so much.

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