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Familiar Strangers [Gala]

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Familiar Strangers [Gala] Empty on Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:04 pm

LeeAnn Nakamura
It was just mid-afternoon. The town felt less empty than it did yesterday. He guessed it was because today was a nicer day than the day before. The male neko stretched with his right eye shut. A small grunt came from him finishing his stretch. Fay was next to him. The couple walked together happily. Their white hair colors almost matched in shade. Only hers was a bit brighter than his eggshell color. He was still frazzled about the day before with how he could not remember anything, but that one man. The one with the salmon colored hair. He looked so fimilar yet so strange at the same time. There had never been so much contrast in one problem before.

Fay wore her sun yellow dress with her hair down and some nice flats. They both wore rings on each of their fingers that had a small fox symbol on it. Leon wore his eyepatch over his right eye while his left was a ghoul eye. His right hand was wrapped in a guaze to hid the disgusting color it had turned. A strong breath of fresh air. It was not too hot yet not too cold. The temperature was a good in between. His black cloack had three to four small belts buckles to keep it close though only one kept buckled. He wore a green and blue shirt underneat with a white cat tail and ears. He held a bottle of vodka that was the expensive kind. "Fay, do you think the client was too angry" he asked. His fiance looked up at him with a goofy smile. One that would always make him laugh.

"Of course not, if he was he would hear from me. You did a great job too! Besides, if my soon-to-be husband is going to be the best Rune Knight there ever was, he would need to learn how to take angry clients himself" she smiled. The woman held a point. He never liked an angry client which means less pay for him. That's what it resulted in the end anyways. Leon was strangely tall as he was above some of the crowd standing a 6'5". He looked around keeping a sharp eye out for anything out of the unusal. For some reason, he was always on alert. Most things did not surprise him if the were trying to jump scare him.

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Gala Nakamura
Gala was currently dozing off in a tree close to where the pair was walking, lurking in the tree along with him was his familiar the dark spirit Shade, the spirit suddenly sensed something was approaching them that felt familier.” Gala wake up somethings coming” the spirit said before whacking the mage with its tail and Gala snapped awake before falling out of the tree and hitting the branch on the way down before he landed back first on the ground.”GOD DAMNIT SHADE WARN ME BEFORE YOU SMACK ME WITH YOUR TAIL”Gala snarled before the spirit floated down and shook at him.”be more aware of where your sleeping next time then” it said before it was suddenly grabbed by the red eyed man.

Next time don’t hit me when I’m sleeping in a tree you ass!” he yelled at the spirit before he started to shake the bat like creature like a rag doll. After a moment the knight suddenly noticed that he had people looking at him like he was crazy and he glared at Shade.” I blame you for this” he hissed at the spirit who glared right back at him.

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LeeAnn Nakamura
With his tall height, the man could see something was off when a small crowd of people surrounded someone or something. It seemed like a small commotion was going on. He grabbed Fay's hand and lead through mass of people until he reached the crowd. The Rune Knight looked around and saw someone strangling a bat? Huh. Strange, but was something that was still not right. He pushed past people looking and giving glares. They were like daggers stabbing the animal abuser. He was getting a bad taste in his mouth, but did not say anything. Animals were precious creatures. Though, there had to be more to this before he made his opinion final.

He got in front of the man and his "pet bat" and held up his hands. Showing to break this up, he made a motion while he spoke. "Alright people, get out of here.
You all have better things to do and see than this.
Move your asses away....that's right...shoo"
he called. Once everyone left, the Rune Knight stood in front of him as Fay was wander a little to the left look at a shiny coin or something. She had her own agenda. Leon crossed his arms with a raised eyebrow. "Alright, care to explain why your choking a bat in the middle of the street? In front of a Seated Knight" he pointed out. He looked down at the two looked back and forth between them. If this guy did not have a good excuse, he was going to fine him and a night in the slammer for animal abuse or what looks like it.

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Gala Nakamura
Gala and Shade went back to fighting after a moment with the bat like spirit choking the knight with his tail and the knight in question trying to wring the life out of the one eyed spirit.”I know you can’t die but I swear to god I’m going to fucking drown you” he gasped as he let go of the spirit and tried to remove the tail from around his neck, before any of the members of the crowd could do anything they were dispersed by a white haired man and woman before the woman wandered off after a coin. The two on the ground kept fighting and ignored the man untill he spoke to him and asked why they were fighting and in front of a seated officer no less.

For a moment Gala and Shade both looked at Leon with a look that told him to butt out before the dark spirit loosened his grip and let the black haired knight go.”he isn’t a bat he is my familiar and he cannot die since he is connected to me … Sir I respectfully ask you to stay out of my business” Gala grumbled as he stood up and made sure to turn so that Leon could see his Ruin knight tattoo on his right shoulder. Glancing at the man for a moment the red eyed man and dark spirit felt like something about his was strange yet familiar.”have we met before I feel like I know you from somewhere ."

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LeeAnn Nakamura
The two in front of him really looked like something you would see in a kid's cartoon. He just watched in amusement until they came to notice him after he spoken. In all honesty, he just hoped it would be a quick touch and go. He was in a whole another ballgame when the Rune Knight tattoo shown. His eyebrow raised. Did not see this coming. A small sigh came from him. It was okay to get angry but not in front of others. Rune Knights were the faces of the council and this did not look good for either of them. "Okay, I get it. Though, you still hold the your duties of being a role model and choking your familar is not the way to do it. I know that's a spirit, but do they know? Think of how that looks for you and for the rest of the Rune Knights. I don't want any of our soldiers to be known as puppy killers" he lectured a little bit. He sounded a little stern to get through to him and trying to prove a point.

The people of Magnolia did not know that was a spirit. It looked like a mutant cyclops bat species. Who knew in this magical world? Either way, it looked bad not only for the Rune Knights, but for this guy too. Fay found the coin and then another and another until she found enough to fill her hand. She put them into a hat she pulled out of nowhere and shook it. A small tub of cookie dough popped out. She smiled and hugged it. Leon held up his finger. "If you will excuse me for one moment" he replied. His focus turned to his fiance. "Fay, sweetheart, please dont do these shinaniginns in public. Especially if you just wanted cookie dough, use your random power later. Now is not the time" he said. The woman sighed nad puffed her cheeks with arms crossed. "Why not? Its not like I'm chocking a bat or something. FINE! I am going to find a wet floor sign to steal" she said. Leon rolled his eye while shaking his head. The neko male grabbed her by the scruff and put her over his shoudlers then placed her next to him when he arrived back to Gala and his familiar. "Sorry, carry on" he commented.

The male looked a little confused. The facial expression on his face gave Leon clues that he was studying him. Something caught him off guard asking if they had met somewhere before. Leon's gaze looked at the other Knight with a case of wonder. "Met before? These two?
They must be mistaken or something. I never met them before or wait...could this be something that could help me of this amnesia"
he thought. Perhaps, this was just life and luck. He was not gonna get his hopes high. Slowly, Leon shook his head. "I don't think so. I never met you ever, but then again my memory is not what it used to be" he replied. Fay looked a little puzzled too although, she had more of her memory than Leon did. Though, she did not remember either of these two.


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