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Hot In Here [Quest: Xandra]

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#1Xandra Queen 

on Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:12 pm

Swords, spears, shields and pikes all happen to be weapons that are often used by people to spar or battle, to start a war and even, to stop one. People gush on and on about how wonderful their weapons are but often forget to think about the hard work that goes on in a smith's domain. Xandra, however, knew all to well. She recalled her previous experience here, which was mere days ago and let her eyes linger on the familiar building owned by Barras, the town's well known smith. The last time she came here was to assist with hammering as his assistant, Brad had suffered from an injury which was recovering at that time. With a sign, she walked in through the door, letting the same warmth embrace her body as she could feel the heat seep into her skin. Once again, her ears were bombarded with the constant passionate cries of the hammer as it slammed against the metal in an attempt to straighten it out. She sauntered over, into the dark room which was barely lit by the illuminating fire that peacefully burned in a corner. In front of her, hammering away in that very stance that she had recalled, was Barras.

It was as if her experience was repeating all over again as he hadn't noticed her presence yet. Just like before, raising her loosely-closed fist to her lips, she let out a small cough but unfortunate for her, it was submerged within the perspiration induced hammering. She tried again, attempting to make her voice louder this time, knowing that it had to be superior to the commotion of the labor work going on. It was as if history was repeating itself. He looked up after the sound that escaped her throat reached his ears and as his gaze met hers, he gave a wide grin, 'Ah, young lady, it's so good to see you again. Thank you for coming at such a short notice. Your help was very appreciated the last time so we thought we could ask for your help again." He scratched the back of his neck. A small chuckle escaped his mouth. "Oh and of course, you'll be rewarded. Are you ready to get to work now?" To that, the female simply nodded her head.

"Brad!" A familiar name echoed through the building as what followed were hurried footsteps of the assistant. The blond man emerged into her line of sight. His plain features were still the same as before, except, the pale, ghastly cast that detained his arm was now gone. When his eyes landed upon the Xandra, his face lit up into a grin, "Oh, it's you again. Here to help out again, I'm guessing?" And he was right, she was here to help out, not sure with what though. During this time, her client, the smith had returned to doing the job he was previously doing, figuring that he had no time to waste as he continued to explain her task for the day. "I need you to help Brad out once again. His arm healed now, but he still needs some practicing and you're going to help him do that." With yet another understanding nod, she was motioned by the assistant to follow him. He guided her towards the particular door that stood between them and the safety supplies. As they entered the door, before her, lay tons of equipment and a large quantity of metal. "Alright, let's put on the protective gear first unless we want the arm incident to happen again." The man named Brad stated as he proceeded to tell the female what to put on and where to find it, which she remembered from the last time. After approximately five minutes, she was ready, wearing a thick-apron type cloth over her clothes and her hands were covered with a pair of gloved, as was e. Her lilac gaze stared through the thick glass and towards the blonde individual, 'Alright, we are ready for work."

As they walked towards the anvil, the familiar rush of heat embraced her as she already found herself wiping off a drop of sweat that was rolling down. Brad stopped as they reached the same place where the two had worked previously, "Well, we'll pretty much be doing the same thing as last time, except the roles will be reversed. I'll do the hammering while you place the metal in front of me." Nodding her head, she fixed her gloves as the assistant clapped his hands, "Let's get to work then." Remembering what he was doing when she had been the one hammering, she followed her memory into placing the metal in the forge. She waited for some time for the metal to heat up before taking the pair of tongs that were used by Brad the last time, and clasped the heated metal. Pulling it out swiftly and carefully, she couldn't help but agree that the task was hard and the metal was indeed heavy. A drop of sweat rolled down the right side of her face as she placed it on the anvil and without a moments hesitation, the young man started hammering away. She waited for him to stop and he did, when the metal had cooled down. Grabbing it again with the tongs, she placed it back in the forge for it to heat up again, and then once it had, she put it back on the anvil to be hammered.

Time flew past as the monotonous and repetitive task had drained her energy. There was no talking, which was very grateful for, and the only sounds to be heard were the cries of the metal as the hammer slammed down upon them. Her arms were beginning to hurt as moisture had dampened her clothes. The morning had set into late evening, and it was finally time for her to leave. Taking off the equipment, she stretched her aching arms before receiving her reward from her client and warm goodbye from the young blond man. It was yet another job successfully done.

[Word Count: 1017/1000]

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