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Visit The Hermit [Quest: King & Phoebe]

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Visit The Hermit [Quest: King & Phoebe] Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:29 am

Another lovely day in Magnolia and King was out and about in the streets of Magnolia. He had yet to explore the town but so far, the journey had been treating him well, for a lovely encounter had occurred to him the other day when he had arrived in Magnolia. He was able to meet a gorgeous dark-haired lady at a cupcake store and her unique beauty had astounded him, just as much as her kindness did to him. For now, the lady was his target but little did he know that he had a special affection for her. Unlike the other women he had been with, King was unusually patient with her and more so, he enjoyed her accompany. If it would be possible, he would have loved to know more about her, such as her hobbies and what she like to do during her free time and who knows, he might even be lucky enough to invite her out on a date.

”Lad, are you going to move?”

A voice called out for him and he immediately snapped out of his wild thoughts. Turning around, he would see a man standing behind him and it appeared that King had been blocking his vision for the entire fifteen minutes. The man bowed as a humble apology before swiftly moving to the side. In front of him was a quest board which had multiple papers pinned up against the wooden surface and for the time being, he was unable to pick which one he preferred.


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Visit The Hermit [Quest: King & Phoebe] Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:50 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
With one last look in the mirror, Phoebe was ready to get out. She had always cared much about her looks, her beauty and her clothes. She wasn’t entirely sure about her hair at this moment, she normally wore it down and now she had made a ponytail almost on the top of her head that would show how long her raven black hair still was. She angled her face to the left and once again to the right before she looked at the time. She would be too late again for a quest if she didn’t go now!

She quickly grabbed her purse and closed the door behind her, before she hurried out of the hotel that she stayed at and hurried towards the quest board in town. It was rather busy there and she dreaded the idea of having nothing to do again. However because she was small she was allowed in front of others. She checked out the jobs quickly before simply grabbing one before everything was gone. A nice walk to the woods was never a bad idea. She turned around to walk away when she spotted King, ”Goodmorning to you.” she said more brave than she felt. ”Are you looking for a job as well?” oh for heaven’s sake Phoebe, let it go, she thought to herself.


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Visit The Hermit [Quest: King & Phoebe] Empty on Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:15 am

The sun casted its golden rays down upon the clouds billowing smoke and onto the town of Magnolia. Beads of sweat glistened on everyone’s forehead and many faces turned red due to the sweltering heat. The breeze blew warm across the vicinity, announcing the coming of summer’s hottest days before it would switch onto a different season. The sheen of sweat that lined his temple had become even more pronounced as the heat clung tightly to his thick clothes, mimicking how several strands of silver hair stuck to the corners of his face in a grubby fashion. They tangled over his slowly reddening complexion insistently, framing his already irate features with the notion of exhaustion reaching his bones. Despite the heat, there he stood, in front of the quest board, still indecisive of which quest he should pick while piece by piece, the paper requests would be taken by each mage who passed by.

Soon enough, there was only one remaining among the few others, randomly scattered over the board. A familiar voice spoke behind him as he turned around, only to be greeted by the woman who had entered his thoughts earlier. A frown that had once taken over his lips immediately twisted into a light grin upon seeing Phoebe.

”Goodmorning, m’lady.”

The man replied, his hand instinctively going over his head as he ran his fingers through his soft, white hair. His gaze shifted towards the sheet of paper that she held in her hand and an idea would pop into his head. ”Yes. Is that a quest you’re going on? Would you mind if I join as well?” The corners of his eyes curved into a smile, hoping that she would allow him onto the mission. Then, he would be able to spend some time with her, alone.


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Visit The Hermit [Quest: King & Phoebe] Empty on Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:23 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Oh she was so easy in this, when he called her m’lady, she couldn’t help but blush and she found that stupid because who would blush over something so easily. It didn’t mean anything. It was just a greeting. But the grin it was so nice to see as she had seen him frown the moment she had approached him. Maybe people liked her company more than she expected. Although to be fair she always thought people liked her but it was a bit different out of Orchidia. Her vanity sure caught the hand of her but being outside her hometown also made her more insecure than she had ever been.

She looked at the quest that she was holding as soon as King pointed it out, ”Oh, no I don’t mind at all. It is rather a dull job, I hope you don’t mind. It might be even much more fun to go together.” Oh great she should have said that differently, she was making stupid comments! ”It is bringing food to a hermit in the forest. It is a nice walk I guess.” and she hoped she would keep her emotions in check, she didn’t want to burn down a forest. She wasn’t sure what to say, ”Let’s visit mister Khalash, have you met him?” She asked first and she would wait for an answer, ”He apparently makes the basket with food that we should bring to his friend in the forest, who in return gives him herbs. It sounds like a rather nice deal.” And I sound like a blabbering idiot, Phoebe thought to herself. She would smile and walk to Khalash when King agreed.


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A smile grew on his lips, revealing those cute dimples on both of his cheeks that he had been granted with since birth. His grin was probably too large and might have even revealed how excited he was feeling within to go on a quest with Phoebe. He ran his fingers through his white, silky hair and as he moved, the gold chains decorated around his clothing would make a soft clinging sound.

”Oh, no, nothing would be ever dull with you, mademoiselle.”

King whispered, his fingers idly glossing over the dark strands of Phoebe’s hair. Complimenting girls and pretty words were his expertise, no doubt, and his words were like thorns on a single piece of rose that would harm more than one could imagine. As the young girl continued to explain the details of the quest, King would nod in appropriate times of the sentence until she asked him whether he had met Khalash. The name repeated in his head multiple times while he rubbed his finger against his chin, eyebrows creased in concentration, in thought. ”….Hmm, I think so. The name sounds familiar.” It was no surprise that he couldn’t remember since his memory was just as terrible as his sense of direction.  

While they talked, they proceeded towards the East Forest, in which he would follow Phoebe’s lead, considering he was still a tourist, new to the town and he had no idea how the road works in Magnolia. It didn’t take them long to reach Khalash’s place and their arrival there would be greeted by the old man’s withering smile, and the moment he saw the appearance of the man, a pang of nostalgia struck him. It was when he finally recalled the memories of looking after his shop while Khalash was gone to collect some herbs.


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Phoebe Rainsworth
She at first thought that she didn’t hear him correctly, but her heart was racing. The poor girl, his dimples were something that had started it but the comment about nothing being dull with her around made it even worse. She tried very best to not turn red in the face, she had to control her magic with all cost before she might set something on fire because of her heart that was beating so fast. Maybe she was just a simple easy target for these things but she couldn’t help it and she didn’t mind it. Who would mind compliments like that. He had touched her hair, she might faint.. If she wasn’t so strong minded about anything else.

She coughed softly and looked aside as she explained the quest, she was too obvious, she knew that as well. But once she had discussed the quest, she would walk to Khalash and tell the old man that they would take the job together. He handed her a wooden basket with a red and white cloth on top of the food, fresh baked bread, some milk, another bottle and things she didn’t immediately recognize.

It was going to be a long walk into the forest with only King, if only her mind could form sentences and questions to get to know him better. ”It is so quiet here compared to Magnolia,” was the first thing that passed her lips as she was rather surprised by it, she had never find Magnolia annoyingly busy but sure as hell she thought it now. It did make sense that it was quiet here in the Eastern Forest, ”I hope you don’t mind my curiosity but you aren’t from Fiore are you?” After all he hadn’t know what a cupcake was.


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After they had retrieved all the necessary items to set out for the quest which was a basket filled with food, they proceeded onwards to the East Forest where they were supposed to meet and old friend of Khalash. The entire journey was mostly consisted with walking and more walking to the forest although he didn’t mind since he was being accompanied by a beauty along the way. Silence reigned supreme as they walked but the tension was not high, for the two of them seemed to be enjoying the nature around them. King had never seen a place so vibrant with trees and greenery, that all of it almost appeared to be a dream for him. Back in his country, trees were just as rare as water and they were impossible to grow them since the country was so hot. But, seeing a country filled with life soothed his chest and made him thought that there were much more amazing things around the planet than just his deserted country.

”Yes, isn’t it?”

The sounds that could be heard where the howling of the wind and the rustling of the leaves, along with the quiet shuffling of their footsteps. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing and in fact, it was the sort of silence that his body came to crave somehow, after the strain of jobs that had been pushing his being to and from between places. The next question that was directed at him caused King to turn to face Phoebe who walked beside him. ”Haha, yes. Was it that obvious?”

The two mages spent their time talking as they walked to the East Forest and before he knew, they had already arrived the location. It seemed that all of his time was occupied with just the girl. Truthfully, the place was hard to find since it was extremely secluded and hidden in the middle of the woods. But so far, he had been enjoying the journey with Phoebe. Rapping his knuckles softly against the wooden door, he waited for a response. The door creaked open, revealing an old man, his hair growing grey and white while his beard grew long from his chin.

”Can I help you two?” He asked.


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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe liked King his company a lot. Apart from considering how nice he was, it were interesting conversations as she learned he wasn’t from Fiore. She didn’t want to pry too much obviously but they continued to talk and she continued to look around her in the forest and enjoy it here. It reminded her a bit of home, the plants in Orchidia were a part of the city, making it a very green town. Something completely different from the busy Magnolia, she yearned for home again but on the other hand, this time she wasn’t homesick, she liked Magnolia and she didn’t mind if she would stay a bit longer.

When they reached the open place in the middle of the forest, she was surprised to see a big tree which held a wooden door. This was where the hermit lived and she stood next to King who knocked on the door, she held onto the basket as the door was opened and an old man opened it and asked them what he could do for them, ”We come to bring the basket from Khalash, he is sorry to say he wasn’t able to come today.” she said pushing the basket more towards the old man.

The man invited them in so he could check out the basket and get his own with the herbs that he would provide for Khalash. So she waited, looking around in the treehouse which didn’t even describe what it really was, it looked really lovely, she was surely amazed by it and also very aware that no one would want a fire mage over here. She bit her lip to not sigh out loud, Fire was considered too much of a destruction to everything but she was sure she would be able to handle it with the training that she gave herself. She waited to take the basket again and bid goodbye to the old man to make her way back to the city with King by her side. She could definitely grew used to this. Before they were far away, the man came after them to hand them some root, he said they should sure try it and she didn’t mind. It was tasty and gave her a rare energy vibe.

After the long walk back they arrived back at the store at Khalash his place and she would hand him the herbs. And he would hand them both the payment.


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