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Misguided Ghosts [Evangeline & Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Misguided Ghosts [Evangeline & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:17 am

Adelaide Sokolov
How she had arrived here she didn't know. It was a mystery, she stared out of the window of an office that she didn't recognize. Hundreds of papers with names on it, names she didn't recognize. Something was going on and she didn't know anything. It was all vague and she felt her heart race in her body, something was wrong. Something was very wrong, "My name is Alice. I'm.." she wanted to say eighteen years old but she felt it wasn't right, she didn't belong here. Wherever here was, in an office on top of a hill in a city that didn't look familiar from this point of view.

My name is Alice.

It was all she knew, the clothing didn't look familiar, again the papers and the office didn't look familiar. Someone entered after a knock and she stared with a gastly expression at this person, "Who are you?" she asked and the person seemed to be a bit surprised because of that, "Are you okay, Lieutenant?" The hell how was she a lieutenant? Did she swap bodies with someone? The person ran out of her office and she was a bit afraid of what would happen now? If she was spotted as the not lieutenant, what would happen now?

She looked left and right, could she get away? The window was to high to jump out. She would have to see what was going to happen, she was very stressed about that. Her day wasn't going all to well right now.


Misguided Ghosts [Evangeline & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 6:57 am

Eva climbed up the long pristine steps leading to Fiore’s Magic Council Headquarters. The sky was starting to slowly settle down to welcome night’s darkness. Behind her, the sun sank down the horizon, all too clearly visible from up the highest point of Era where the Council proudly sat. She had spent the whole day with her modelling work, finally giving into Hanase san’s constant demands to finally get herself going again. Events of last week still didn’t sit too well with her, however. The questions it had left her with, the doubts that kept crossing her thoughts several times a day, and the power that received in place of Anemoi’s eternal disappearance; it was all too surreal. Yet, the world they lived in was of magic, and with such an option came limitless possibilities. It was too late for anything to surprise those that were all too versed with this power.

She pushed open the doors, took her coat off and handed it over to the guard, getting her mind ready for the long paperwork she had ahead. “Evangeline! Ma’am!” a high panicked voice came closer from her right. She turned to look. “Ma’am! It’s Miss Alice! Something had happened to the lieutenant,” the Rune Knight page stopped in front of her, his breath heavy from whatever that had spooked him. She held off from raising her eyebrow. “What do you mean?” she asked instead, stepping out to pursue the direction he came from. The page tried to fill her in on what happened through their walk down the hallway but Eva knew she had to see for herself.

She swung the door open without even waiting to knock. “Alice, are you alright?” she asked, her voice genuinely concerned for the woman whom, admittedly, had grown close to her.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

Misguided Ghosts [Evangeline & Alice] Empty on Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:12 am

Adelaide Sokolov
She held on to her elbows to protect herself. She didn't know why but she felt so vunerable, perhaps because she was surrounded by knights and she used to be a thief. She was a thief, why would she be in a headquarters full of the enemy and why was she called a Lieutenant!? She didn't know what to do and she would just wait, maybe she should tell the page what was going on, because she wanted to get out of here. She stared in her reflection and noticed her long orange hair that was normal but she noticed something else, she had cat ears?! How did that happen and she looked older? More mature too...

What the heck was going on, so it was herself. She was lieutenant? How did that work, considering she was a thief. She twirled around when the door suddenly opened and before she knew it that she was holding on to a spear. She dropped it and it made a hard thud on the ground. She stared at it and at the blonde, "Who are you?" She apparently knew her because she used her name. Alice. Alice. Alice. It was repeating in her head, the only thing she knew. "You know me? What is going on?"


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The sound of metal against wood rang across the room for a while, the sudden noise causing Eva to wince and the Rune Knight page behind her to take a startled step back. She placed a finger on her right temple and looked up, watching Alice behave somewhat like a deer caught in headlights. Eva promptly turned to send the Page away, ignoring his protest of concern. She made sure to tell them not to bother the lieutenant and herself for a while, closing the door behind him before directing her attention back to the orange haired neko woman.

“Alice, the real question is, what happened to you?” she asked, taking measured steps forward. In a way, Eva understood that Alice was not in the mentality to be handled carelessly or rather, without caution. She seemed far too off and confused, much like as if she had lost her memories. However, that idea seemed like bogus to Eva seeing as reportedly, all Alice had been doing was paperwork and she had appeared perfectly normal when she came in for work.

“My name is Evangeline,” she decided to begin with basic greetings. “Do…you remember where we are or what you are?” Eva asked, trying to figure out if this truly was some case of memory loss. If it was, Eva wasn’t sure how to handle it but she guessed she would have to try, still.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She could only stare at the two at her doorway or well the doorway? Was it her doorway? She wasn't entirely sure, she wasn't entirely sure about anything except her name: Alice. She bit her lip, almost till it started to bleed she was in time to prevent that. She looked at the blonde woman to send the young man away. What was going on? Could someone explain. She bumped to the wall with her back as she had just taken a step away from the spear and the person. She wasn't sure if it was good that they were with the two of them. Her thief instinct kicked in, maybe she should jump out of the window, she was now half cat, they would always land on their feet right?

She shook her head as the beautiful woman came towards her, "I don't know." she said with a hint of panic, if this person knew her, that should be alright. Besides there were witnesses that had seen her in this room. She couldn't get further away from this person and she tried her best to get out of this panic state, she felt so young but considering her reflection, where was she? She looked around again and stared at the woman that introduced her as Evangeline, they sort of shared the same colour of eyes. That calmed her down a little and without noticing, it was just something she did in an automatic gesture, she placed a hand on her stomach and took a deep breath.

She shook her head though, "No, last I can remember is that I was in an orphanage in Crocus. They kicked me out. They called me Lieutenant. I look like myself, only older, I do have cat ears, I don't understand that either. What's going on?" She was really panicking, what day was it today? Where was she? What was a Lieutenant again? Did they call her that? She didn't get it.


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Eva found herself in quite a fix as she stared at Alice. What had happened in a few hours that had erased Alice’s memories of the past few years? And what was this orphanage she was speaking of? She guessed it was a past that Eva did not know of Alice but as much as she wanted to ponder over it, Eva found herself taking slow steps forward again. So far, the woman had appeared calm to her approach and though Eva didn’t want to cross any lines, she felt like she needed to be closer.

“Alice, by any chance, do you not remember the past couple of years? Do you not remember that you are currently part of the Rune Knights?” Eva asked, a hint of disquiet in her voice. She didn’t know how to handle this anymore. What was she supposed to do with an orange haired lieutenant that couldn’t remember herself. It was most likely that anything Eva would say right now would appear as bogus to her.

“Alice! You are a Rune Knight lieutenant right now,” she placed a cautious hand on the neko’s shoulder. “Do you not remember anything at all? At least, do you think you have an idea of what happened to you in the last few hours?”

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

Misguided Ghosts [Evangeline & Alice] Empty on Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:22 am

Adelaide Sokolov
There was no where to turn but stand with her back against the wall, what would she be able to do. There was nothing close to what she could use as a weapon and she was never really a star with that, was she? Her eyes spotted the letter opener but this person opposite her was a Knight as well, that was a challenge. Her only option was jumping out of the window and it wasn't a very nice option to think about so she let it slip away. Besides it didn't feel like she was able to harm her or that she wanted to harm her, so why not stay and finally get answers.

Her eyes turned bigger, Rune Knights? Why would she.. She felt a pressure on her right temple and lifted her hand to push against it. She saw faces, she blinked rapidly, it made her more afraid and she started to breath quickly, "No.. but I remember him." Well not his name, but she had to tell this woman what she remembered right, only to help, it might make the pain go away.

She flinched a little when the blonde called Evangeline held on to her shoulder, she also shook her head quickly, "I can't even remember how I get here. I think I walked." her eyes focussed on the door, hoping someone would come in with answers. "I came to Era months ago, right. I met a blonde man. He was.. he was lovely." was all she could say but why couldn't she remember Evangeline?


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Eva shook her head. None of it made sense to Eva. She had arrived in Era only weeks ago herself and had immediately jumped into a fire that she would rather not explain to anyone. She had a new power that she had wanted to talk to Alice about but somehow missed the woman on every chance until then when she learned they had paperwork to do around the same time. It would have been a lie to say that Eva wasn’t looking forward to that evening, so much so that she came over to the Council with no words of complaint straight from her modelling work.

This, on the other hand, was the least of what she was expecting to find. She sighed, trying to filter Alice’s words in her brain. “Alice, you came o Era only weeks ago, I’m quite sure of that because almost a month ago you were Orch with me. Also…” Eva trailed off, only one face appearing in her memories that Alice could possibly be talking about. “By any chance, Alice, are you talking about someone named Konstantin?” she asked, her memory automatically taking her back to their mission in the vampire’s manor where she had found the two together. Eva had, of course, guessed something between them, letting it go only because matters of the heart were never her forte. “If you remember him, then don’t you remember me?”

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Adelaide Sokolov
Why couldn't she even remember being in Orchidia at least that was what was meant with Orch? She narrowed her eyes and looked at the door still but she was sure that no one was coming to return her memory. Only weeks in Era? She looked from left to right in the end when she looked at the ground, trying to think as hard as possible but that would make her head hurt so hard. "Eva, I'm afraid." she said with a sob in her throat, not even noticing she used the short version of Evangeline her name. "I remember Konstantin, I remember Orchidia now, but I can't remember what happened." She said and her head, it felt like it was exploding. She leaned a bit forward, now pressing both her hands against her temples.

She felt that she was getting light in her head but it didn't feel like fainting, slowly she could picture things, she had bought these boots in Crocus not too long ago, she did use Magic, she was actually quite good with weapons. And here was Evangeline, one of her best friends. She looked up, "Oh.. it is slowly dawning." she said breathing in deeply now and not freaking out so much, her voice changing from the panicked 18 year old version to her 20 year old Lieutenant version, it was quite a difference in her growth,.


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Eva felt strangely frustrated as Alice almost sobbed in front of her. She knew she wanted to do something, but was incredibly helpless as to how she could possibly help. With no other way popping out the top of her head, Eva had sat down in front of the orange haired requip mage, watching painfully as her scared eyes searched for answers. Methods of how Alice’s memories could return slowly dawned on her. She could find that other man, Konstantin, she could tell her all that she knew about Alice so far, and maybe even go with her to places that could jumpstart her memory.

Eva had started making so many lists in her head, so much so that she hadn’t even realized when Alice’s expression slowly changed. At least, not until she heard the familiar composed voice of the lieutenant. Eva jumped up on her knees as soon as she had heard it. “Do you remember now? Alice, what had happened to you?” she asked, trying hard to hide her voice of concern. Evangeline was not an emotional being. It was something she came to terms with a long time ago, ever since she realized she was but by herself in this world. Yet, she never thought she would find herself so very happy to be in the presence of someone else and now…Had she changed?


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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice searched into Evangeline her eyes for answers because she didn't completely understand what was going on. She didn't remember everything yet but it was as if her brain was making a trip around Fiore to tell her again, from Magnolia to Orchidia, from Orchidia to Crocus and from Crocus to Era. Where she became a lieutenant, where she fought a demon, where she.. before she could think any further she closed her eyes to avoid the pain in her head, the pressure was quite much and for a second she even wished to faint if it would be away after that.

She heard Evangeline and she tried not to smile because it actually felt nice that someone was worried about her, but she had to keep in mind not to bother too many people with things that didn't matter that much. "I'm sorry Eva. I bet it was just too much stress and that my amnesia took over." It wasn't a lie, it was exactly what she thought that could happen, she was hiccuping against things that she wanted to tell people but wasn't able to because they had things on their own. It is why she tried talking to Kerii but restricted herself because she didn't want to bother a stranger. She would have to figure things out.

She stood back up straight and muttered something about an asprine that she would search in one of the drawers of her desk, "How did you get here?" she asked surprised because she couldn't remember that at all.


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She sat back relieved, supporting her body by placing her palms behind her. She exhaled heavily as her head fell back. “You really scared me for a while, Alice. I was making up all sorts of ways to bring your memory back,” she told her, straightening herself back again. Lazily crossing her legs over another, she placed her hands on her lap, ready to answer Alice.

“I can’t believe you,” she half complained. “You are actually asking me this now?” she chuckled. “I just arrived a while ago. You almost scared a Page off his wits and he ran into me when I came in,” she informed her.

“I have been in Era for over a week now though. I didn’t know you were here till a couple of days ago too. Uhmmm do you remember that thing with my magic?” she asked her, still wondering whether she should talk about it or not. “I think I solved the matter...mostly,” she laughed it off, averting her eyes as to not look at Alice directly. Eva wasn’t sure if it was even the right time to talk about it. “Ah, how about we grab something to eat from the canteen first? You did say you were stressed out too much. Some time outside the office might help.”

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Adelaide Sokolov
"I believe I scared myself for a while as well." she said with an innocent grin and let herself slide on the ground to sit opposite Evangeline as soon as she got an asprine that she swallowed with a sip of water. "I couldn't put one and one together, please forgive me. I shall also apologize to the page. Who was it?" She couldn't even remember that but it was more important that her memory of things were slowly returning, she only ahd to figure out why she was in the office again, but eyeing the amount of paperwork, she was sure the reason was only for that. She didn't like paperwork for obvious reasons: it was boring.

She looked from the desk to Evangeline and nodded, she wasn't sure if Eva wanted to talk about it but it would be a bit cruel to say so if Eva started about it herself. "Really?" she said surprised, not expecting this answer from her friend, "But that's great. Unless mostly means something bad." She countered herself to not be too enthusiastic immediately, she didn't want to scare the other off.

She got up when Evangeline suggested to grab something from the cafeteria, "I think my stress mostly doesn't even come from the office. But let's not talk about that immediately, I'm very curious to how you solved your issue.. mostly." She emphasized the mostly and wasn't entirely sure what it would mean. But she would get out of the office, apologize to the right page in the mean time and head down to find something to eat and drink, it would be nice to sit outside for a while.


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Eva felt a smile light up in her face as she found Alice stumbling around for the right words. She understood why she had done so, probably worried of what Eva wanted to tell her. “Well, I didn’t get my wind magic back. The contract is forever broken,” she followed Alice out, nodding at the still worried looking page before walking over to the cafeteria down the next hallway. They were at the ground floor, the first floor and higher being offices for the council members as well as the meeting room. Alice was allowed up there as a lieutenant but otherwise, everyone else had whatever they needed in the ground floor.

She waited until Alice got her own food before getting hers. Once they would settle down somewhere, Eva would start talking. “Hm, where do I start? Apparently, the contract was meant to last until I met a certain someone. It was supposed to give me a pseudo magic until I met this person. From what I gathered, wind magic was never meant for me. It was my mothe…” Eva stopped, recalling that Rosalind wasn’t really her mother. “It was the magic of someone who took care of me,” she tried to choose the right words, though almost failing. “She decided it was best for me to keep my real magic hidden and the contract was made in such a way that once I met this person, I’ll get my real powers back”.

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Adelaide Sokolov
As they headed out Evangeline told her that the contract for her wind magic was forever broken. Yet she didn't look all to sad about it so all Alice could do was nodd and raise an eyebrow, she would wait for more information before she would say anything. She seemed to be happy so she was probably still a mage, that's the only conclusion she was making at this point. She continued to walk towards the cafeteria and she looked over the food before she bought a salad with some pasta in it, for the calories to keep her awake and aware and many more things. She eyed herself quickly when no one was watching. It was just something she checked regularly, no one wanted a pregnant Lieutenant at this moment. And no one needed to know.

She would grab a bench and table at the end of the hall where it was mostly empty so they could talk in peace, she still had no idea what to say to Eva, she just waited for her to go on. She looked up when Evangeline hackled over the word mother and only frowned, "And you got your real magic now by meeting a person you never knew? Any idea who it is now?" She asked trying to mind her own business yet to be interested and not too curious. She couldn't help but asking though.


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Eva got some salad as well along with a bowl of rice and meat. She had worked too hard with her modeling work to pass on food with just some salad. As they settled down, Eva’s eyes wandered around the room, spotting a couple of pages here and there along with some other seated knights. Despite knowing that the actual council members were in the upper floor, Eva noticed that she had never actually seen one in person before. Maybe she had caught a glimpse of them at the Rune Knights initiation ceremony and that was the end of that.

And Alice’s voice slowly brought her back to the present. “Ah, yes,” she started, a thoughtful look crossing her countenance. “I don’t really know whom I met that could have marked the contract’s end. Over the past few months, I have met way too many people to be completely sure. But I think I may have met them more than once or the contract wouldn’t be completely called off,” her brows furrowed as she remembered all the faces she met between the time her magic started waning and to the point she got her real magic back. “But, you know what? It’s not very important,” she quickly added decisively. Eva had a slight idea as to who these people could be to her and she wasn’t ready to take a trip down that road anytime soon. “Tell me what’s up with you? Finally a lieutenant, I see.”

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice didn't really got much of the conversation. She would really want to know why the contract would ended and by whom if it was up to her but obviously it wasn't, it wasn't her magic nor her life so she couldn't complain much. "And the person that unintenionally did it, is related to you or so?" she couldn't help but ask because well curiousity kills the cat, and she was a cat, half of it anyway.

She would see if Eva would want to continue this conversation and if she didn't, Alice would respect that. "Oh with me. Yeah just when I arrived in Era, they ushered me to come here, in they end they went to me to inform me I was lieutenant now and that I immediately had a duty to stop a demon from going around in Era." she shrugged, "Apart from that, it's a long story, I'm not sure if you want to know all about me. I don't want to bother you with boring stuff." She quickly went to her own defense or actually to the defense of Evangeline, who had probably still enough to worry about, she was really glad her friend told her.. they were friends right? But this was but a minor thing, or so she tried her best to believe.


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Eva went quiet for a little. Indeed, she had an idea of how this specific person is related to her but given the situation she had been dragged through, she was in no hurry to hunt them down at all. “Ah, yes,” she replied, her eyes wandering off to the other side of the room. “I think they could be very closely related to me,” she spoke knowingly. From the way Anemoi had worded it, there was only one conclusion.

“Ah, so you have been really busy, huh?” She asked the conversation slowly tipped towards Alice. “Congratulations though. It’s not every day that we see new lieutenants up in the ranks,” Eva took a sip of water. “I’m aiming for it, too. Probably will make it up there some time soon,” she told her. “But please go on. You’re not bothering or boring me at all. What happened to that other guy? Konstantin, wasn’t it? Is he in Era, too?” She wanted to make light conversation. Considering the events that happened not too long ago, Eva was quite sure that Alice and this other guy were together. Only, it was weird since even though he was a Rune Knight himself, she had never actually seen him around the council or during their duties.

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice had the idea that Evangeline didn't want to talk about it much longer, and she didn't want to poke her nose into business that wasn't hers so she let it rest. Where she had believed that it wasn't her turn to talk about things that didn't concern others, Eva told her that it wouldn't bother her or be boring at all. So that argument was thrown away and there was nothing to stop Alice from telling everything that was bothering her. Or well, almost everything there was still news that should first be told to someone else, "Konstantin." She looked up as she had been lost in her own mind and it was like Evangeline had know exactly what she thought.

She shook her head softly and took a bite to quickly recall what was said to her, "It would probably be nice to have a colleague and friend at this rank that I can count on." she answered first, referring to the part where Evangeline said she was aiming to become Lieutenant as well, "How would you combine that with your modeling work?" Maybe she could learn a thing or two, not considering model work.

She dug with her fork in the salad and nodded before she answered, "Oh yeah Konstantin is here. I believe he bought the house, we didn't discuss it. We both have our jobs to take care off and well I do see him everyday but I never thought about it before." probably because of all the other things she thought about. She would wonder how Eva reacted if she told her about her amnesia.


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Eva put on a thoughtful face as the question was directed at her and it was a good one too. Indeed, she would find it very difficult to balance both works, however, she did have a secret weapon. She hid a hint of smile on her lips when she answered. “This is probably not what I should be saying but I do have a rather workaholic manager. Honestly, it’s a grave mystery as to what I would ever do without him. If I ever do climb up to the ranks of lieutenant, I’m pretty sure that it’s his workload that’s gonna increase,” she told her, chuckling lightly at the thought. “Otherwise, it will be the same as now, running between two jobs at once and aiming to strike a balance between the two.”

Eva sat back as she finished her own plate of salad. “Ah, so he did buy the manor. I only had a hunch when he left with that grin that day. Good for you two, I guess,” she smiled, completely indifferent to the idea inside. It didn’t matter to her as much and matters of romance and relationships with no guarantee ever did. Sure, she had started getting closer to people but Eva was still deeply scarred enough to be afraid of forging something that might break apart another day.

“So…” she began. “What was that thing in the office all about? I get that it can happen with work stress but is that all? Did work bother you so much that your body shut some memories off and send it away for a while?”

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Adelaide Sokolov
The answer of her work as Lieutenant in the future and a model was interesting and she wondered if a manager wasn't made for it and would like the idea of combining two impossible busy jobs. But she would see, she didn't hear rumours just yet but who knows, maybe she could whisper in a word or two as there was sure room for more people on the higher side of the Rune Knights.

She took another bit and nodded as they made the conclusion that he bought it, she looked up at Evangeline as she said that it was good for the two of them and she couldn't help but wonder if it really was. "Who knows. Before that I had never been in Orchidia, since he didn't tell me it is only but a guess." that's when she realized she had never told Evangeline that it was Konstantin who was her boyfriend. She had avoided that matter because of the attack on Fairy Tail and she didn't want people to put two and two together, "It wasn't that difficult to guess I imagine, that we are a couple?" It was more of a rethorical question, yet she would like an answer. She had to be more careful.

It was silent for a few minutes between them, while Alice finished most of her salad, she felt very nauseous after that but tried to hide that for now. "I would rather say I was bored in the office than stressed. It is a bit of everything lately." She first made sure casually that no one was near them for now, "It's a long story, I am not sure again if you would like to hear it. Two years ago I lost my memory, it came from a ritual that my so called beloved mother and twinsister used on me when I was eight. Trying to kill me because apparently I was possessed by a devil. I can't remember much but lately I have been bumping into things that trigger my memory, such as Kardia Cathedral for example and two days ago, I bumped into my sister."


Misguided Ghosts [Evangeline & Alice] Empty on Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:02 am

Eva nodded. “No, it wasn’t all too difficult to tell at all. Well, I had a better reason to confirm it, though. Remember that time when you asked me if you should chase after someone back when we were in Magnolia? The next time I saw you was in Orchidia with him. I sort of put two and two together, and the fact that you two are together most of the time,” Eva’s memories backtracked to the missions and events where she had gotten hints of the relationship. “It’s nothing new though,” she said thoughtfully. “People date all the time.”

She leaned in to place an elbow on the table when Alice began talking about what has been bothering her. “Ritual, huh?” Eva held in an urge to groan. What was it with people are rituals? “Trust me or not, I know exactly how that feels,” she told her, sighing at the stupidity of people that thought magic, curses, and rituals were the answer to anything in that world. “But basically, your biggest stress right now is the oncoming assault of jumbled up memories which you can’t put together,” Eva stated, understandingly. “And how did that meeting with your sister go, if you don’t mind me asking?” She didn’t want to be too nosy about other people’s lives but since they were on the subject, Eva felt that she should ask, at least out of courtesy.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She blushed because Eva clearly had not forgotten about her question, "Oh you know how fights go. Eagerly picking jobs in other towns." she lied, she didn't want to lie to Evangeline but she also didn't want any other knight to link this to the Fairy Tail guild attack and apart from that, she seriously had to bump into Tori to ask her to not tell anyone else and that she would handle it, finance it if it was necessary. Everything to make sure that the secret about his magic going berserk, to stay between only the three of them. She gave a small smile, "Thank god all of that is fixed and we can continue in our relationship." The smile was a fake one but it also showed a worried look on her face as Eva said that it was nothing new and that people date all the time, "People don't get pregnant all the time though." she muttered annoyed with herself and turning a very crimson red when she noticed she said it out loud.

As soon as that disaster was discussed she tried to find another topic, and thank god so did Eva. So she told her the short version about the 'being possessed - cleansing ritual that would kill her'. She believed Eva that the blonde knew the same feeling, it had probably something to do with the wind magic contract. She nodded when Eva summerized that it was probably the stress from all the memories that were waving in and out, and with that her pregnancy, she wasn't going to mention that again, and the meeting with Lacie. "It wasn't very civil. She kept screaming and shouting. Apparently I am a nothing, I told her I was a lieutenant and she didn't understand how I manage to get everything and she only got more ill every day. Apart from that the reunion didn't give much answers and my other cousin from my mother's side storms in apparently possessed by a new form of Take-Over magic. It was a lot of stress. If you heard about a lieutanent challenging a Seated Knight. That was us, I tried to get my cousin, Selena, to think about herself again and take hold of her own body instead of the magic." If only that would work for Konstantin.


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Eva noticed the disquiet in Alice’s voice. She wasn’t sure what was bothering her but Evangeline, a keen observer of human traits, already had a feeling some of it might have to do with the blonde man. However, she also knew when to stay quiet and when to voice her questions. This time, she chose to just listen and nod at her. When Alice mentioned pregnancy, however, Eva stopped staring at the empty glass in front of her to quickly direct her gaze up, catching Alice just in time to see her blush crimson. Pregnant? Could it be that she was…

Eva had to stop herself from letting the shock and concern show on her face. So it was probably not just the stress from her memories. And as they went further into the conversation, Eva couldn’t help but link Lacie’s personality to a certain thief she had met a while ago in Orch. He had almost the same opinion of why someone seemingly got everything when others were pushed down. She still had the same answer as then for it, though. Whether one gets pushed forwards or down depended on their own attitude and effort. If people like Alice and herself who started out with nothing could reach here, she didn’t see why others couldn’t with the time they spent in bitching about it.

“But Take over magic, you say?” Eva crossed her legs, placing one over another, and leaned back, her wrist resting at the edge of the table. “That’s a rather difficult magic to obtain. It’s a lost one, if I’m not mistaken, much like Requip. Quite powerful, too. And she was possessed by it? I suppose it all went well in the end, though?” she asked her, quite taken in by the idea of an ancient magic. “Speaking of ancient magic, though…Eva trailed off, jumping between the decision to tell her and not. “I came to a rather close acquaintance with one not too long ago.”

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She wasn't sure if it was good that Evangeline didn't say anything about her mentioning a possible pregnancy but on the other hand, she suppose to tell Kon first! He didn't even know yet because even if she saw him now, she didn't know how to break the ice and tell him. There was a whole disaster scenario in her head that she wanted to avoid, but she wasn't going to avoid it without telling. At some point she would probably start showing and she would rather be before that, as Kerii had told her too as well. For that moment she found it hard to look at Evangeline but the conversation went on and so she did, because it was more polite to do so.

Alice nodded when they went into the details of Selena, the Take Over magic. Thinking about the Slime version of her cousin still made her rather annoyed if not closed at pissed off, she just had to remind herself that for now that version wasn't in the neighbourhood. "I challenged her to put her back where she belonged. Apparently she is linked to Selena her magic and since she had been throwing spell after spell, I managed to sort of defeat her, she couldn't go on. Which finally gave me my cousin, I had not seen her for months, the last time was while I was here in Era. She looked horrible, so thin, so pale. She has a lot of work to do to get the upperhand of such a personality as her parasite like magic." She couldn't help but say the last part, again: pissed at such a creature.

She had known Requip was special, apparently it ran in the family, if you didn't count Lacie and she was willing to forget her sister, only she couldn't. She looked up after taking a sip of water at Eva, "You bumped into a magic?" She said with her eyebrow raised, she had already suspected that Eva still did use magic, but again she didn't want to ask for details if her friend didn't want to tell. How did that work though? Did it happen because of the stranger she didn't know about.

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