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Hammer Time [Quest : Finn]

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on Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:08 am

Finn Mertens
More monotonous work. It wasn’t a surprise by any means. Such work was what presented itself when one found themselves busy completing D rank quests and the like. They were low grade, advertised at such specifically so that anyone could take them alone. There was no risk, and hardly a reward. The main benefit from doing such quests was the doors that it could open in the future. It allowed the ability to socialize. To mingle and discuss things with clients who could one day come back for higher ranked requests. The only real danger was that of making a horrible impression on the one who was paying, ensuring difficulty in the future when it came to finding more work. Such a thing wasn’t likely to happen to Finn, who had been lucky enough to possess and friendly attitude and an incredible work ethic. Neither one of these were traits that he was necessarily born with, but both had been fine tuned with time. His older brother, Jake, was an extremely agreeable individual. His father and mother, adoptive as they were, had also had themselves rather calm and understanding personalities. As such, he found himself quick to adapt such ways of thinking and found quickly that they would benefit him once he integrated into society. This was in no way an implication that he used such methods to his advantage in nefarious purposes, but it wasn’t something that he was so dumb as to be completely ignorant about. If it was something that could help him out, why not work to understand it?

As he made his way into the forge, he immediately picked out the individual who released the request out to the public. A D rank quest that required assistance to work on the massive load of requests that had come to him. Barras was by no means a horrible smith. Quite the opposite, he was famous for his wares and his ability to craft unique and efficient gear, as well as his ability to work on and repair existing equipment that was of high or rare grade. He had been the one that Finn had gone to in the past to get his own gear and blade worked on, and it would likely be the case that he would return to Barras in the future. There was no need to find someone else to do the work when he had already found himself such an able bodied man. Now, this was Finn’s chance to give back to the man who did so much work for him. Even if Finn always paid for the work, it felt nice knowing that he’d learn a bit of the trade now. Who knew? Maybe one day he could do it himself, making his own gear for whatever task presented itself.

Barras greeted Finn with a smile and a warm handshake, having already put the hammer down and leaving the molten metal for a moment. He explained the basics of what Finn would be doing, as well as showing rather basic walkthroughs on how he would be executing the tasks. He would also go on to mention a few jobs that Finn could take on around the store if he found the work to be too easy, something else to help that would net no extra money but certainly some increased thanks and appreciation. Once he confirmed that he understood everything, the assistant came forward and place some molten metal on the anvil before Finn. The assistant was hurt, but he could still monitor the work that Finn did and assist in the normal ways. Finn took the hammer and immediately went to work hammering it out. Due to his already immense strength, he quickly surpassed anything that the assistant could do as far as timing. The quality was not quite as good, but such imperfections could be worked out in the future. Finn was not here to take his job, merely to ensure that the quantity would be ensured. The quality was a job for someone else, once the basics had been finished. As the day progressed, Finn kept up the effort. Even for him it became tiring, but soon enough he had completely finished the day. With that done, he collected his pay and left.


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