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Mermaid Picture [Request][Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Default on Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:02 am

Jeeroy was exhausted from his long week of questing and he still had some jobs to do. Deciding to take a break from the biggest jobs he needed to do, he decided to go hang out with Jacob Fischer for the day, one of his older friends he had not seen in a while before he helped him with a job the day before. The man and himself had caught a massive fish that got their faces in the paper and now everyone everywhere knew who they were and that they were great fishermen, though in the picture Jeeroy was soaking wet from having to jump in and wrestle the fish out of the water before the line on the rod snapped and broke. Jeeroy had tons of fun with that man as he had not been fishing in a long while, and he realized how much he had missed his friend. They used to cause havoc together before Jeeroy became a great Rune Knight with a bright future and Jacob had become a great fisherman. They both used to talk about going to live on the ocean in a boat and fish for days on end. It would only be them and the great waves produced in the depths of the ocean.

As Jeeroy approached the beach where they would head off on the boat for a great time of drinking and hanging out, he pulled the rolled joint out of his pocket and stuck it between his lips. He would wait to light it until the man he was hanging out with was able to partake as well. When he walked up, he was greeted with a pat on the back and a man hug followed by a long and intricate handshake they had made up in the old days which Jeeroy was surprised either of them had remembered. As they boarded the boat, Jeeroy asked how the man was doing and lit the joint to share. As it turned out, the man was not doing very well at all. He had been marked a liar in town for claiming that he had seen a mermaid there in the ocean not very long before. He began ranting to Jeeroy, swearing up and down that he had saw the mermaid and that he was not going crazy, which Jeeroy did not know it he believed or not. Mermaids were perhaps real, but Jeeroy would not believe it until he saw it.

"How about we go on a hunt? It could be fun. Two bros out on the ocean searching for a mermaid." Jeeroy suggested. He had been interested in seeing if the man was right or not. It would be a lazy day for them, Jeeroy thought, as the man agreed to it. They were out on the ocean anyway, nothing would hurt if they just kept an eye out for the mermaid as well. Jacob had grabbed a camera just in case and they began passing the joint back and forth as they kept their eyes peeled for anything fishy and shiny, which was very difficult considering the entire ocean was shiny once the sun glinted on it. Jeeroy paid no mind to it though, and continued to talk and look for the shiny creature that supposedly lived in the water surrounding Fiore. If they did find this mermaid, they would be rich! Set for years to come! They began talking about what they would buy with the money if they did run across it and catch a picture. Jeeroy wanted to find a way to get magic, Jacob wanted to buy a brand new fishing boat and new poles.

Jeeroy finally began to give up as they had been on the water for hours and he began trying to talk Jacob into quitting the search for the day. At first Jacob was unwilling to quit the search, promising that they would find it, but as the end of the day approached and the sun began to set, Jeeroy finally talked the man into going back to shore where they could share another joint before Jeeroy made his way back to the hotel. As they began sailing back Jeeroy looked out upon the ocean and barely saw the glint of a shiny tail covered in sparkly scales hop down into the water. So the man had been right. Keeping his mouth shut though, Jeeroy smiled to himself as they went back towards the shoreline. Once they reached the beach, Jeeroy lit up the last joint as they sat and watched the sunset. If they had not have been such manly men, Jeeroy was sure someone would think it was a date, but being friends, this was normal for them. Jacob insisted on paying Jeeroy for his help that day and Jeeroy did not refuse, walking home with a pocket full of jewels.

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