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The Seighting In The Park(Open)

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#26Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:30 pm

She wasn't sure if he understood, he seemed to be lingering on the word long, perhaps she had said too much immediately after that. Or perhaps he was disappointed that she couldn't do much for him. She was afraid that if she would stand up and run to find a healer as quick as possible, that she wouldn't find Regis here anymore. She had the intention to find the healer together because of that but that would be difficult to explain and all she could think about was that she would be quicker herself. This man was in pain and thus there was no other option but to find someone that could help him and she didn't want to wait too long.

So she stood up, "You stay here, okay?" she said once he had nodded that he was okay with a healer. She still had her doubts if he really understood but she was willing to take that risk for the greater good, if she could find a healer and Regis would be gone, he couldn't be far. Or so she hoped, "Stay here." she repeated in a friendly way as she took a few steps back with her face towards him, her hands up and making a sort waving motion, moving her hands shortly up and down with the idea of showing him to stay seated here. That's when she turned around and quickly ran away as fast as her heels could carry her to find a healer nearby.

#27Regis Karlinius 

on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:40 am

The words repeated into the thoughts of a nearly unable to understand mind, Stay did it mean stay still? Regis seemed to not be in trouble or have any problems. But he also had no feeling of wanting to move, aside from pain since he had been on the move still most of the time she was tired as well, sleeping with almost always on going nightmares or flashbacks he kept him awake most of the time, He would close his eyes for a moment and hear some kind of screaming Regis could not tell if it was a man or a woman who screamed with in his thoughts he just heard them quite often.

But since she was gone, Regis seemed to stay for the most part he even stopped looking around, for the moment Regis would look up at the sky waiting, for the moment it did not feel very long for Regis for the moment.

But around him people started to gather, the ones who were most likely people to scare him out of the park for scaring some one they knew who was there or a father getting mad at the fact his kid was scared.

Regis wouldn't be paying attention while this was happening, if anything for once he was resting which was rare. the sounds of people gathering would be the things Regis seemed to no long pay attention too he could sleep for a moment but there was a small group of people gathering around the sleeping man, unnoticed too Regis for the moment.

#28Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:12 am

Phoebe tried to hurry, where should she find a healer. She had nothing yet to go to the healer. She looked left and right and had no idea where to be. She finally noticed something and hurried inside and waited for someone to arrive at the desk. She was in a hurry why was there no one there! She tried to find a bell or anything but there wasn't anything so she tapped her foot and look left and right and finally someone showed up, "Hi, I'm sorry I'm in a hurry. There's this guy and there is something wrong and he can't talk and he is in pain and I need a healer." she all said while taking big gulps of breath to quickly talk about it.

The woman looked a bit confused, "Help needed, person in pain." So finally someone came out of another room, with glasses and a smarter look, "I heard you so let's go." To which the two omen started to walk quickly back to the park where at first she didn't notice Regis because there were a lot of people and finally they managed to get passed it and there she found Regis, asleep. "Regis?" she hunched down but she felt her voice not loud enough over people that were complaining and screaming about him being scary and this made the healer doubt the whole ordeal.

#29Regis Karlinius 

on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:36 am

Hearing his actual name it seemed to awake him from his resting, slowly his head would move from facing the sky looking around him. It was like waking up from a long sleep for him to slowly realize what was happening around him but most part something stuck him.

He saw the only person his mind to remember for the moment, but the group of people had an effect that was starting to get him nervous they were inching closer and closer to him.

His action started seemed to be quicker in his thoughts, slowly the words and screams of people around him became something he could not understand anymore.

Easily guessed it was all started not only scare him but put a large risk a the group of people close with in range of himself,this doctor and Phoebe. It all sounded like muffed talking to him it confused him more and more some getting louder and some were still quiet.

It seemed the now awaken Regis had no clue to what was going on around him that he seemed to get up in fear. It wasn't the lady just close by him he was scared of the group scared him, but that was easy to see.

But the reaction he seemed to have would be uncomfortable for the most part for that old slowly rusty looking sword he kept close by was in his hands and he had picked up while he was getting up staring towards the groups of people that gathered, what kind of stare seemed unknown for the cover of helmet covered being able to see it now, shade over his eyes and seem if anything while he was scared he seemed to charge through them if anything knocking any one of them away that tried to stop him or get in his way and headed away from them towards the woods, it seemed the slightly upset group of people around them slowly started to turn around themselves to follow.

#30Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:45 am

"Regis?" Phoebe said softly again, for she had noticed that it woke him up but yeah well the effect of all the people around them didn't make it much better and she actually didn't like it. She had no real good argumentation to send them away, this was the park; open space for everyone. But she noticed, the way Regis seemed to behave was different, it was like the same moment when the people had run away from him. When he first entered the park. She believed she had calmed him down, it was of course difficult to see what he felt and to know what he thought, if capable at all, because of the armour. "Regis look at me." she tried to say but she wasn't sure if her voice would reach the man that she was trying to help, and for which she felt the need to protect him.

But he got up, and she noticed the hand on the sword that she had noticed before, so she quickly stood up herself as well and moved up her left hand to push the doctor and with that many people more to the back, "Make sure they leave. This man is not dangerous, but confused and the crowd is not working." She hoped the doctor would be a reasonable woman. But before the two of them could do anything, Regis charged through the group and Phoebe looked after him. But the group started to move towards him as if they were on a witch hunt. Which angered her so much that she simply clicked her fingers and a fire barrier appeared in front of them, she couldn't control it, it was just there making sure no one would be able to pass, not even Phoebe at first.

But people turned around looking from one to the next and finally settled at looking at Phoebe, who looked angry, "This was the first warning, if you follow him or hurt him with your speech one more time. I won't miss with a barrier." she said with a cold and cool voice before she moved to the head of the group and let the fire disappear. As fast as her heels could carry her, she tried to run after Regis into the woods, the doctor didn't even follow. But she had to try something!

#31Regis Karlinius 

on Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:52 pm

Was it predictable? easily for seen that Regis would run off, why was he running his slow yet remaining. He felt fear from the yelling, fear from the group of people. either scared of him or scared of there loved ones, what was he to do? he had no were to sleep her barely slept, His brain almost did not know what sleeping and rest was anymore.

Running Regis did not go where he was going anymore his mind forgot why he was running, But did not think to stop any time it was all almost blurry to him, unsure what way he was going.

For all Regis would not be able he know shortly after running away from the group of people he could be running in a cricle and not too far away from what could attempt to assume is the two people trying to help him. If he could even be helped.

But being sleepy and low amount of energy Regis just fell over for the need to just stop and rest, the loudness of him hitting the ground was most likely the point that where anyone cloes by could just hear him land on the ground.

But he would just lay there face to the sky, what feeling he was had dulled by his own pain he knew his sword was close by, he felt it right under his leg like it had sled behind his leg as he fell and did not stab him.

But having no energy left Regis seemed to just go slowly by to sleep, having it all get to him again it seemed like still no longer Regis' body had anything else left in it to move, It was going to rest and no move, it would be the best time to attempt anything with him since he had nothing left in him to try and fight back or run anymore.

#32Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:39 am

As soon as Phoebe set foot in the woods, her heels disappeared in the soggy ground, "Oh great." she muttered to herself as she tried to tiptoe out of this mud and stand somewhere else but this ground was definitely not sufficient for the shoes she was wearing right now. She stared at the muddy ground and for a second thought to take her shoes off and go further into the woods but that sounded disgusting. She would try to find a solution to this problem. "Regis?" she called out, trying her very best to keep her voice friendly. She was actually not a fan of calling out to him as the people before had sort of made a speech that was loud and apparently had scared him off in a way. She looked around and noticed the doctor coming and waving to her. So she tried her best to wiggle herself out of the mud once more and tiptoe towards the harder ground. She stared at the doctor, not within hearing distance yet, unless people wanted to scream. At least the crowd had disappeared and she looked around, that was something. But the doctor pointed at some side and when they met up, she wanted to ask what it was all about until she spotted Regis! Who immediately seemed to slump down as if falling face forward, she had no idea if it was on purpose but she quickly hurried there with the doctor on her heels again (which were disgusting from the mud now).

When the two of them reached Regis again, he seemed to have fallen asleep again and Phoebe looked at the doctor, who seemed a bit afraid as well but tried to hide that, with the worst result. Phoebe hunched down but didn't do anything, "Can you examine him?" she asked softly as she looked worried at Regis, what would have happened to him in the first place?

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#33Regis Karlinius 

on Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:51 pm

It seemed like the most dangerous part of said doctor/nurse or medical practicers career after all, She had to be careful for all this woman knew, waking up this man too quickly could mean harm or death at this point.

But Regis seemed in a deep state of sleep to the point of not moving walking over this sleeping death traps body she seemed to be almost walking a snails pace, being a bit almost to scared to attempt a single thing but knew something was wrong and needed to be done. "I-I can." Like almost she did not want to, But agreed because she had already said yes having no idea what she had just agreed too.

Slowly reaching over she seemed to slowly pull off Regis' helmet it proved maybe how long Regis has been left to roam unguided. Under the helmet showed how this madness effect worked on Regis. He was a sleep with his eyes open, hair almost as long as his back that was dark blue and almost knotted and matted for not being taken care of, a patchy long beard like he had not shaved in ears watching the same colour as his hair.

His eyebrows also look like they went bushy as well Regis almost looked like a fitting image of a cave man, but with really dark bags under his eyes and his skin being almost ghost pale white, His eyes vastly blood shot from forcing himself to stay awake for so long or who knows what else was slowly going on with him

His lips seemed extremely chapped, you could see flakes of dry dead skin slowly hanging on to his lips. Giving from just the look of Regis with out his helmet he looked grim, like some how he was alive but barely. This doctor looked at Regis from this point and said. "He looks like he has not had any water in a long time,same with bathing and sleeping."She spoke nervously it seemed off first basis she seemed have more questions then answers."I am amazed this man can still function with how he looks."She seemed to continued with just looking at off his face alone.

But this is were the fear stopped her to continue."I would inspect more,But I fear for my safety removing anymore but his helmet." This doctor seemed to use it as her main way to mentioning she was scared of Regis, But he was still alive staring upward, his mouth slightly open could see his teeth were vastly yellow as well, the sign he was still alive was hearing him inhale and exhale air with little trouble for the moment but it was left to wonder how him he looked other wise this doctor seemed almost too unsure to continue and maybe needed to be talked into continuing this part the worry and fear in her eyes still very noticeable like sure had no way to explain.

#34Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:40 pm

Phoebe said hunched down next to a person that looked almost comatosed for as far as she could see. She asked the doctor to examine Regis but she had apparently changed her mind, which surely annoyed the raven haired mage but the doctor agreed and thus Phoebe didn't say anything yet. She gasped when it was visible what was underneath the helmet, the eyes were the most scary if you asked Phoebe but apart from gasping she didn't say anything. She simply stared, the unkept hair, the dark skin underneath his eyes. The hair made it gruesome and perhaps filthy but she didn't say anything, if only she was in better control of her fire magic she would perhaps be able to burn a few inches of hair away but she definitely wouldn't try and she had not brought any scissors with her.

Phoebe looked up when the doctor spoke again and she nodded, indeed it was strange. It certainly looked unhealthy. "It looks like an undead." which was strange to say for Phoebe had never met one, not that she knew one, "A walking zombie." now she had been curious the whole afternoon about his face underneath the helmet but the fire mage wasn't so sure if she wanted to know the answers that she knew now. They only brought more questions. Phoebe was pushed out of her daydream again when the doctor mentioned with not the exact words that she was afraid of the man and Phoebe could finally understand herself. "I don't think I can and want to know either." she muttered, hating how she had to give up on helping. "But what would I do now, bring or find the rune knights?"

#35Regis Karlinius 

on Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:07 pm

A part of this doctor could not help now she needed to see at least one more thing, She reached over and pulled one of large plated gloves off wanting to inspect something else mostly the finger nails and hands. But she would remove the right hand one slowly it seemed like no matter what part of him was exposed his skin was still ghostly pale white, bit his finger nails seemed to match as if it was some one dead the finger nails where a shade of black from it being dirty but also the could be dead flesh under his finger nails.

"Why does he seem like he could be more dead then anything else?" This doctor mentioned looking at Regis' nail but Regis made some kind of noise while the doctor made his hand move and took the plate off."I think the rune knights are better off dealing with this situation." But the question is, would the what would the rune knights do? and what would happen to Regis? There were too many different thoughts that could be done.

"I pray whatever whatever has fallen to this man it does not move onto other people, Only other things I would have to figure out require a lot more done." The doctor said but seemed to move away. She seemed worried about what else could be done."In the end the rune knights would be the best options for this, This man is too dangerous otherwise to do anything else he can and will most likely hurt or kill some one if people are not careful"This doctor mention to her but could see this man was alive but he was also in some way almost dead and almost a lot as well, but what now was a good question,

#36Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:39 pm

Phoebe let the doctor go ahead, she herself felt cold from the sighting that she was now seeing in the park and she looked away again, "Perhaps it is a curse." because if magic exists than why not curses right? It surely seemed as if he was dead, walking around like a zombie. Which might explain the groaning and not able to talk and growl but well, he didn't seem to be decompos- ew she couldn't even think about it and shivered.

She stood up, having suggested going to the Rune Knights, if only Alice was here, she was sure to find a solution, Phoebe was sure. But apart from that she was the only Rune Knight that she had met, she still wasn't sure if she remembered Jeeroy being one or that she had made that up in her mind, "Amen to that. I hope it doesn't spread in a way." which made her look at the doctor's hands, perhaps it was a virus.. but she would more believe it was a curse. "I can't ask you to stay around but I'm going to get the knights. Considering he is sleeping, I believe I might be able to find him here again, as long as everyone is leaving him alone." Which was a bigger issue, she thought for a second to place a fire barrier but she wasn't sure if she would be able to control that properly and so on. "I don't think he would hurt others on purpose. He simply doesn't understand what is going on and a lot of people are clinging around him like flies on honey and well I can understand that you freak out in that case." She dusted off her skirt from invisible dust, "I'm going to try and be as fast as possible. I don't blame you from walking away." she turned her back on Regis, hoping she would find him here, hoping the Rune Knights would be quick and she hurried off to find them. She had never been around in Magnolia to find the Rune Knights headquarter; this was going to be a challenge.


#37Regis Karlinius 

on Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:27 am

It seemed just as she left the doctor would leave as well to record such finding of her day for most likely this doctor will never see such things again, there is maybe any other situation that could happen with this man, while leaving she hoped the rune knights would arrive and figure out what to do with that sleeping zombie, cure him? kill him? lock him away? this doctor did wonder what would happen but did not fully think of it in the end.

In his mind sleeping Regis just slowly almost came back into reality from sleeping, but it was faster in his mind then reality it was slow, He had what he felt days of rest watching the sun rise and set almost with in minutes but more then once like he had seen 4 days pass by staring into the sky. Regis felt his arms twitch like they wanted to move and he had not yet, he felt his right eyelid twitch as well wanting to try and get up but while he did just a small amount he fell right back down like he did not want at all still and he had no energy still to move his muscles energy were still weak.

he felt one of his leg moves and just bending slightly at his knees hearing the plate of a section of his leg armor hit his sword which was on the ground, he just made a small exhale noise while he trying to get up but gave up to rest more.


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