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In the Dark of Knight [Open]

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#1Anton Lacroix 

Default on Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:32 am

It was about 11pm, darkness having fallen over the majestic building that was Rune Knight headquarters. A bastion of justice in Fiore, it would seem insane for anyone to try and break into this place, what with the guards and security set up.

That is, if you didn't know what to expect. Thankfully, Anton had plenty of experience sneaking around the place at night from his days as a failed trainee at the place. He often didn't feel safe at night, often the victim of cruel pranks by his fellow trainees and thus would sneak out of his room to find a quiet place to sleep. He had basically memorized the place's security and the guard patrols.

And that's how Anton, on this very night, found himself sitting on the roof of the building, looking down at the grounds below. It would seem insane, even for Anton to come here. He wasn't planning on stealing anything, and with all the bad memories of this place, one would think Anton would try to keep as far away from the headquarters as possible.

But it was really the only familiar place Anton knew. Call it nostalgia, or temporary insanity, but Anton just felt like coming here tonight. Thinking back on his past, where his life was heading, he held his mask gently in his hands as his eyes scanned the grounds below him. Where exactly was he going with his life? Was he just simply going to be going around stealing his entire life, scrounging to survive? He was thinking back of the words that Rune Knight had spoke of in Orchidia. A strong part of him wrote it off as nonsense. His past experiences had taught him that that wasn't how the world worked. But a part of him did have some hope that maybe there was more for him in life than this.

With a gentle sigh, Anton resigned himself to enjoying the view.

#2Alisa Vollan 

Default on Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:12 am


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One could hardly call this hour a proper time for tourism, but Alisa hardly cared. This was Era of all places. With two terrorist attacks in somewhat quick succession, she needed to know just the kind of security these people had in here. She naturally knew there to be corruption among the Rune Knights, and also understood how that turned many people to become Dark Mages. But she never knew about incompetence, even if the past few days silently pointed in that direction. The first demon had been a creature of unspeakable power who wreaked havoc in the city, but Alisa and three others, one of whom a - Rune knight - put a stop to it.

That was only one of the reasons of course.

The second one laid in her having been a witness of both these terror attacks. One of them had zero fatalities, the other not so much. Even then, a terrorist attack with little over 20 victims might easily pass for a stroke of luck among colder people, people like Alisa. That deathcount could have been a lot higher. As she was being questioned for whatever she'd seen of both attacks, the Pegasus naturally picked an outfit the only other Knight she knew in the city might identify her for: White jacket, skirt and boots over black stockings, and a very visible blue Pegasus armband around her left bicep.

And even then she was inspected on the way in, though naturally refused to strip in openly just so they could check her guild mark. Just the armband alone clearly wouldn't cut it... Alisa she didn't want to part with the sword strapped to her back either, so she eventually accepted a female Rune Knight verifying her mark in private. Troublesome rules, but obviously necessary at a time like this.

"Well, if they weren't at least this careful, then I'd defenitely be worried.", she'd think out loud as she brushed idly brushed her long raven hair throughout a long walk through the hallways.

Not deserted, not even at this time, but fortunately she'd gone through enough formalities that none of them cared about the huge shiny sword strapped to her back... Though she hadn't seen Alice yet, perhaps she awasn't around anymore.

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#3Anton Lacroix 

Default on Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:10 am

Anton remained on the roof for a little while longer, before tucking the mask back into his coat. He climbed down through a nearby window, back into the building itself. He kept himself to the shadows until he was out of the more restrictive areas. Even at this time of night there were still visitors to the HQ, and Anton could easily pass himself off as one.

Still, with this in mind, he still kept his head down. He didnot need anyone potentially recognizing him as the recruit who washed out. The subject of how he got in could come up and that was a whole new problem. Maybe he should have jumped down from the roof...but it was awefully high up.

He was so lost in his worries he didn't notice someone coming around the corner and colliding with them. Anton let out a yelp as he tripped and stumbled, falling to the ground in an unceramonious heap. So much for not drawing attention.

#4Alisa Vollan 

Default on Sun Aug 20, 2017 7:06 pm


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It felt like the more Alisa walked, the less Rune Knights she ran into. Was she stepping into restricted areas of the Headquarters? Nope, it didn't look like it the least bit, not with the way the Knights she did see acknowledged her presence with a nod, and did nothing to stop her. Soon it came to a point when she didn't run into anybody at all, making Alisa wonder if this really qualified as adequate security in the end of a terrorist attack. Of course, all that came to an end with somebody crashed into her just around a corner, completely out of nowhere.



Her pliable breasts wound up absorbing most of the impact with sheer softness, yet for all Alisa knows they wouldn't have made the collision any less painful as the mysterious person bumped headfirst into her forehead, knocking both of them into the ground unceremoniously

"Ugh...", groaned Alisa, rubbing the sore lump on her forehead as she stood back on her feet, "My apologies... Are you alright?"

In her mind, both had been at fault for not being more careful so she eyed the mysterious, rather androgynous looking redhead, wiping the dust off her butt before smiling and offering the person a hand. Yet what truly caught her attention was how this person successfully collided with her; normally a careful person, Alisa relied on all five senses whenever possible, and this hallways were wide enough that she could hear people's footsteps, their echoes even. Whoever this person was, they must be going to a lot of trouble not to be heard, and why would a Rune Knight bother doing that in their own headquarters? Good reason to feel suspicious but as she knew next to nothing about this person, Alisa kept her suspicions to herself.

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#5Anton Lacroix 

Default on Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:26 am

Anton groaned as he rubbed his backside and his forehead, mentally cursing himself for not watching where he had been going. He had been in too deep a thought to notice where he had been going. It was when another voice spoke up that brought him back to reality, and allowed him to see who he had collided it. A rather beautiful woman with dark hair. Anton's face went bright red when he realized what he had done. "I-I'm so sorry. Y-Yes, I'm quite alright. I hope you're not hurt," he spluttered, quickly scrambling to his feet. He quickly dusted himself off before looking at the woman before him and blushed once again.

"F-Forgive me for that Miss. I-I should have been more careful." he stammered, looking away bashfully. Anton was never one for talking to women, especially attractive ones. One look at the poor man would show that he lacked a great deal of confidence. Kind of a shame considering he wasn't half bad looking. At least the part of him that was showing.

During his scramble to his feet, the young man had failed to notice his mask slipping out of his coat, now laying on the floor at his feet.

#6Alisa Vollan 

Default on Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:09 am


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It didn't look like the stranger was any worse for wear as result of their collision, also rubbing the obvious lump resulting from the collisions. She flashed a soft but cool smile, simply shaking her head as he asked if she was alright. It took a lot more than just that to wound Alisa, but she kept that to herself. She wasn't the type to reveal her strength unless victory was an absolute certainty, "Don't worry about it.", she answered, but even as she finished dusting off her clothes, she constantly sought eye contact with the redhead, and felt more annoyed the longer this person averted his gaze from her.

Ordinarily, Alisa might have just assumed her to be shy and that would be the end of it... But here he or she was inside the Rune Knights' headquarters under the dark of night, sneaking around and doing God knows what else. All she could see was someone averting her gaze when talked to, but when she noticed that mask right next to his feet, that was all she wrote.

"Clearly, you should have.", she crossed her arms sternly, immediately gauging the distance between them just in case this person retaliated with an attack. About two meters? Enough that he wouldn't be able to hit faster than she could dodge, "Breaking into the Rune Knights' Headquarters can get you in jail... Or executed."

Between the sneaking, the mask, and the strange, franting behavior inside the Rune Knight's headquarters, anybody could tell the redhead was up to no good. Luckily for him, he'd been caught by Alisa and not a Knight. Her outfit looked formal enough that one might mistake her for a Rune Knight, until closer inspection revealed her armband bearing the Blue Pegasus insignia...

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#7Anton Lacroix 

Default on Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:11 pm

As the woman's voice turned stern, Anton let out a squeak as confusion ran through him. She figured him out already? How!? As he took a nervous step back, he finally noticed that he had dropped his mask. He yelped in surprise and panic, quickly stuffing the mask back into his coat.

He stepped back away from the woman. The sword was menacing enough, but he also saw the armband of Blue Pegasus. The woman was a mage! His face immediately went pale, flashes of the torment his brothers put him through going through his head.

Anton turned and ran.

He didn't even care how it looked at this point. He needed to get away from her before she did lord knows what to him. He dashed for the nearest window and dove through it.

Completely forgetting that they were on the third floor.

#8Alisa Vollan 

Default on Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:22 pm


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Of course, she wasn't 100% sure of anything she just said. It had been a bluff, and this person fell for it quickly enough.

She expected three outcomes to her bluff: One, the one she deemed most likely, was the person denying anything Alisa said. Second one, the person would attack her in desperation. And third - the last and most annoying option - the person would run like hell. Guess which one he chose?

"Tch...", Alisa clicked her tongue the moment the redhead turn tail, and having antecipated this as one of the outcomes, reacted on reflexing, dashing over and chasing after at full speed.

Yes, Alisa was fast. She hadn't met many mages who could run as fast as her, let alone faster... Yet for someone who clearly wasn't nearly as fast as her, this person was the prodigy at running away. She couldn't let him escape. Though whoever he was didn't really look dangerous, fact of the matter was he'd broken into the Rune Knights' headquarters in the wake of two terrorist attacks. Though he initially appeared to lack that suicidal, all-or-nothing mindset of terrorists, he didn't hesitate to run towards a window. Was he really...? Was he really going to kill himself? With this unsettling notion, Alisa, who'd been following close behind, tackled the readhead to the ground with a single mighty dash. She'd end up sitting on his lower back, the cold metal of her blade pressed against his back.

"Oi, oi... Are you trying to kill yourself? A bit too soon for that don't you think?", she'd ask once she had him pinned down on the ground. But even though she'd press her blade to his back, her tone wasn't hostile. Truly from what she'd glimpsed of this redhead so far, she didn't really struck the Pegasus as the terrorist type, "You have three options here. You talk to me and i'll escort you out the front door, or you talk to the rune knights in handcuffs. If neither of this suit you, I can always assume you're another terrorist and kill you."

Hopefully she'd get the redhead to agree to the first one, as she was unlikely to learn anything from the knights themselves once they got him to talk, assuming they ever did. Either way, she'd listen to what he had to say first, and then escort him out of the HQ once she herself also left


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