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Hammer Time [Quest: Xandra]

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on Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:26 pm

Xandra Queen
Thud. Thud. Thud. The sound of her hesitant footsteps was drowned within the idle chatter of commoners that roamed the streets of Magnolia. Her lilac gaze stared upon the paper which held bold black letters asking for help. Her destination was a place called Blank Anvil, where the town's smith made weapons and armory for guards and even the knights, which she, as a knight herself, did not know.

Xandra thought that it would be great if she could see the type of weapons that are made and how they're made as they do tend to play in important role in the life of any knight. Sighing as she reached the brown building, she slowly opened the door and dubiously entered. The screech of the creaking door as it moved was enough to announce her arrival. She felt a sudden rush of warmth his her face as her ears were bombarded with the regular and constant sounds of metal being assaulted. Maybe, she was at the right place.

Strolling further into the den of warmth, she was hit with the scent of fresh metal being burned. It was then that her eyes fell upon the middle aged man who was hammering away at a metal, with complete concentration, that he didn't even notice her presence. The man had rough brown hair and his facial features seemed to be aging with time but his height and built were quite admirable but it is to be expected from a smith.

Xandra, raising her loosely-closed fist to her lips, let out a small cough but unfortunate for her, it was submerged within the perspiration induced hammering. She tried again, attempting to make her voice louder this time, which doesn't usually do and although, it was once again crushed underneath the commotion of metal clashing, the man, who she assumed was her client Barras, turned to her as he halted his work. "Oh, I didn't notice you there.", he said with a small smile. She replied with a small nod of her own. "So you must be the mage I had requested for?" Once again, all she did was nod. "Hmmm? Let's see, will you be alright? This is quite labor intensive."

What was he trying to say? She wondered but had roughly known it herself, he was probably thinking that she may not be able to do a good job. Her lilac irises stared him in the eye, "I'll be perfectly fine." He looked at her for a while before smiling, "Just what I expected. Anyways, moving on." He began moving around the metals, "As you can see, I have a lot of work to do, which is why I need your help. I can't do it all myself." He looked around as if searching for someone, "Brad!" He called out. Silence followed peacefully, until it was disrupted by the sound of hurried footsteps.

Entering her line of sight was a young blond haired man with no peculiar features that made him stand out. What she did notice, however, was the ghostly and painful looking cast that was wrapped alongside bandages around his right arm, with a cloth around ties at the hem of this neck to hold hold his injured hand up.

"He will guide you through the hammering process." With that, her client Barras, returned to doing his work. The blond haired man smiled at the woman and gestured for her to follow him. "Boss is a really busy man so I'll be helping you through the work but I won't really be able to assist you physically because, well, as you can see." He lightly raised his injured arm it immediately winced in pain. Xandra kept looking at him, not very amused by his actions and he seemed to understand that and let out a low, awkward chuckle.

Silence followed as they walked towards a particular door. As they entered the door, before her, lay tons of equipment and a large quantity of metal. "Well, let's put on some protective gear first, or you'll end up like me." The man named Brad stated as she proceeded to tell the female what to put on and where to find it. After approximately five minutes, she was ready, wearing a thick-apron type cloth over her clothes and her hands were covered with a pair of gloved. Her lilac gaze stared through the thick glass and towards the blonde individual, 'Alright, you are ready for work."

He then continued to advance towards the metal. Heat clasped it's arms around her as the female already found herself sweating within the clutches of this work. She was a led to an anvil, beside which lay a hammer. "You just have to keep hammering the metal I put in front of you until it flattens. Well then, let's get started." She gave a small nod. And so began her hammering bonanza of sweat. The assistant, Brad, placed a soft metal straight from the forge and kept it on the anvil that lay before her. She picked up the hammer and started hammering through it. It was indeed a tough job. Her arms had begun to hurt but she kept going until the metal had completely flattened. It was then taken off of it by the assistant using his free hand and he placed another soft metal in front of her.

The process repeated until she was drenched in sweat as her right arm felt a tingling burn pass through it. However, it wasn't as bad as she had expected. Before she knew it, time had flew past and the sun fell into slumber. The blue sky swapped places with the ebony night which claimed that her task was now over. Removing her equipment, she wiped the sweat off her forehead and let the pale white cloth absorb it from her moistened neck. Her clothes were dampened as they were the proof of her hard work. She raised her left arm and softly pressed and massaged her right one to ease the burn and stretched her body as fatigue had taken over her. Her client then entered her vision, "You did a good job today." With a smile, he passed her the reward she had earned and she strolled out, waiting to reach the inn where she was staying and pass out.

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