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Meat on the table! [Pencylvester, Rishi]

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on Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:27 pm

Kenny rubbed his neck and sat on his own in the restaurant, he laced his fingers together and rested his hands on the table as he hunched over thinking about his day. That fight was something else, he… He wasn’t even sure how he survived, maybe it was luck? Dumb luck if anything, but it didn’t matter he was alive now and he could move about the town as he pleased. He was alone in his booth, the two story establishment more than befitting for a man of his stature, well no it was a family place and he had no family, in fact he probably looked like a weirdo here on his own, but he kept his head down and his coffee in front of him as he thought over things. If only he could have brought them, but no matter there was no use in dwelling on it now, though the site of a family of four sitting in the booth across from him: it was a basic set up, a father, a mother, a little girl and a baby… The sight saddened him, but he didn’t look long as he stared back at his coffee. It was stupid to look at such things, he instead sat quietly as he waited for his food, having ordered the crepe suzette for himself… Fancy.

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#2Sylvester Hercules 

on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:13 am

Sylvester had been involved in a grueling wrestling match some time earlier and his body was incredibly sore. It was time, he thought, for some rest and relaxation. He decided to stop by the locally famous eight-island restaurant. He had come here quite often since coming to Hargeon, due to the high quality of its food and services. He was rather hungry and very tired, but still, he anticipated he would be able to socialize and make new friends. He entered the restaurant, and waited to be seated. All sorts of delicious dishes swirled around in his head; lobster thermidor, filet mignon, foie gras.... and hamburgers, and the like. His insatiable hunger would not be quenched easily. As he stepped into the establishment his mouth began to water and his eyes glowed with enthusiasm. He wanted to eat and eat; he had vastly underestimated his own hunger. He waited to be seated, but his eyes scanned the tables looking for an empty seat. Today was a busy day. There seemed to be an empty seat next to a familiar looking man...

This man had dark hair and a fit build. Sylvester took a second to register this, but he soon realized that this was one of the men whom he had wrestled. The other man, who was well taller than the man with the dark hair and bald, would be much more easily distinguished among the crowd. It would be totally coincidental for Syl to run into that giant at this restaurant.

#3Rishi Namatzu 

on Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:51 am

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had just arrived in Hargeon and was very tired and hungry. She had heard people talking about this restaurant called 8-islands and she really wanted to try it out because of the good things everyone was saying about it. She didn't have much jewels but maybe they weren't as expensive as she thought they would be. After she ate she would have to find a place to stay for the night. That wasn't her top priority at the moment though, the only thing on her mind was getting some food. She was looking for a spot to sit. It was packed really, the only seat that was open was with two guys. She wasn't too sure about sitting next to them, it would be awkward for her to barge into their conversation and then sit down next to them and act like they were her best friends, but she was hungry and there was no other options. "H-hi my name is Rishi... sorry to just barge in like this..." She said as she rubbed the back of her neck in embarrassment. She never thought she would be trying to eat dinner at a table with two guys she had never met before. Wasn't eating dinner with people meant for friends? She wasn't really sure, but maybe she could make friends with the two of them.

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on Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:48 pm


Kenny took a sip of coffee and looked up at the two that approached, the girl asked to sit, he nodded with a kind smile. She was young, very young, though Kenny wasn’t too sure about letting her sit. A cute young woman sitting with him and eating wasn’t a good look. He looked over his shoulders and out of the windows… No sign of the duo, it was safe, he would just have to be careful not to do or say anything stupid. “Sure take a seat.” he gestured in front of himself. When the boy approached Kenny tilted his head recognizing him immediately, Mr. flip and dip himself. This was the acrobat who dove on him in their wrestling match, damn, Kenny was going to be feeling the pain from those moves for the next few days…

“Hey, you come sit too man, no use in eating alone right?” he laughed to himself, “So what is a pair of kids like you two doing out here on your own? Parents let you out? Looking for a bite to eat? Well order what you want it’s all on me.” he said with a sly wink, wait no, winking was bad! He wiped his eye as if he had something in it to make up for the mistake… Shit! He looked around the restaurant again his pride still hasn’t properly healed since the last time he was attacked.

#5Sylvester Hercules 

on Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:37 pm

Syl had not noticed himself inching closer to the table at which the contestant had sat. This contestant had waved him over, and Syl felt obligated- no, obligated wasn't the right word. Pressured, maybe? Nah. He felt that sitting with the man would be the right move. A young girl was also seated at the table; she had light-colored hair, and a small frame. The man stated, in a welcoming tone, that he would pay for Sylvester and the girl's food.  He also asked what the two were doing out on their own, and if their parents had let them out. Sylvester's aunt and uncle hadn't seen him in a while, and his parents- well, they were long gone. That question left Syl with a slightly disdainful look on his face, which turned back into a happy expression when he answered.

Sylvester also noticed the man's wink, which he quickly seemed to take back; he thought this was rather quirky,  but interesting.

Hey, man. You don't need to cover my meal, I'm good on cash. And I'm no kid- I'm a guild wizard, and I'm in Hargeon to do some work.

He smiled back at this man, whom he had wrestled.

By the way, in case you've forgotten from our match... My name is Sylvester- Syl, if you'd like. I never got your name, but it's great to officially "meet" you.

He realized now how hungry he was. Hopefully some food would come soon.

#6Rishi Namatzu 

on Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:56 pm

Rishi Namatzu

She had sat down on the other side of the table, so that she was facing the older guy and sitting next to the younger boy. The older man was saying something to the both of them about their parents, but she wasn't really litening. The only thing that was on her mind at that moment was all the delicious pictures of food on the menu. She was so hungry that her stomach started growling. She then heard him say that he would pay for their food but the boy next to her denied. She would have kindly declined as well but she had no jewels with her. She would just have to accept it and be happy with her choice. Rishi then caught the guy wink but then try to cover it up. "This guy..." she thought to herself before saying something."Thank you very much Mr...Mr...uhm..." Had he said his name? This was just embarrassing. Why was she not listening! Now she was messing up right in front of him, and had no idea hat to do. If he had said his name, and she didn't hear it, then it would be even more embarrassing. Making herself look bad was not her thing so she tried to cover it up. "Mr.
Nice Guy!"
She yelled while standing up and everyone turned to look at her. She had made it even worse! This was a disaster, and she couldn't fix it. Oh well, all this showed to them was that she was a complete idiot. Great image to display isn't it. She sat back down and looked down. "I-i'm so sorry..." she said hoping that the guy didn't get mad at her.
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on Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:02 pm

As soon as the boy spoke Kenny shrugged, if he didn’t want him to pay he didn’t really care if the boy sat with him. Then again if the girl sat with him alone he would have to look over his shoulder in case a certain someone bounced into the situation and Kenny said the ‘wrong thing’ the adventurer pondered for a moment and snapped his finger as soon as the idea hit him. Yes, yes, he could quite easily have it look like he’s helping the girl, maybe she’s lost? Yes, yes, lost or her uh… Puppy is missing and Kenny is consoling her, making her feel better and… Offering to buy her a new puppy? Wait no! Then the split would get suspicious of the puppy idea and think puppy is slang for something else, goodness and then he’d really get it, he’d get killed in this restaurant there were also lots of knives in this place! What kinda restaurant had so many knives? It should have been illegal to have so many pointy objects, oh gods and the forks! She’d use those on him too! How oh how could he make this situation work.

Kenny was now visibly sweating at the thought of being caught by her like this, with a young woman all over again. Last time he was lucky to escape with his life. She was so damn crazy, but alas, no matter how crazy she was he loved her all the same...

His eyes drifted down to the table as he continued to think over the situation just barely catching the young man’s name, “Doesn’t ring a bell.” he replied in a mumble looking up from his black locks only sparing half a glance to the boy before looking back down.

Shit, what else could she use on him in this place? Spoons! Oh yes the mini scoopers, she could easily kill him with one of those and plates! The plates! His eyes darted around the eatery swiftly from side to side as he looked for any sign of white hair.

He turned in his seat to look behind him just in case she might have been coming up, he needed to keep up appearances… Wait, what if one of these kids were one of her friend’s kids? She killed children after all, would she bother befriending them? Doesn’t matter! Wait, what if she sent one of them to come talk to him? This must have been a setup! No matter Kenny would just have to think five steps ahead of them.

“My girlfriend and I go out to eat every week.” he said with a nervous smile on his face, still sweating, “She likes Cheerios too.”

Oh, the woes of a battered man.

#8Sylvester Hercules 

on Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:10 pm

A lot of strange things had happened in the time it took for Syl to sit down and order. For starters: The man had never given Syl his name, but was now sweating and looking at various objects in the room frantically. He seemed very on edge. Meanwhile, the girl, who sat next to him and across from the other man, seemed to have some trouble finding her words. She thanked him for offering to pay, but could not find a name to state; so she struggled further for a few more moments, before standing up and shouting-

"Mr. Nice Guy!"

She then seemed to have realized her mistake; she sat, embarrassed, and looked down, before apologizing. Sylvester noticed that she was embarrassed, and at the least, wanted to comfort her. He placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and stated:

It's alright, no need to be sorry.
We all get flustered sometimes.

At this point, the other man, whose name Syl still did not know, looked behind him. He really seemed to be nervous, now. He stated that he and his girlfriend went out to eat every week, and that she liked to eat cheerios. Syl smiled awkwardly at this point.

I guess it's safe to ask... do you like cheerios, man? Also, I still never got your name...

#9Rishi Namatzu 

on Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:27 pm

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi felt Sylvester put his hand on her shoulder, trying to make her feel less embarrassed. She wished it would have worked, but it really didn't. She had messed up bad and created an image that everyone who was there would remember her as. She couldn't help but be down about it. She didn't want to bring the mood down between the two of them so she just sat up again, pretending it never happened.T-thanks Syl. That really helps."She smiled as she said it. She was trying to hide the fact that it really didn't help at all in the long run and he was just wasting his time.She then took a quick glance around the room, seeing that a few people were still staring at her. She had tried to ignore them but it seemed as they were staring right into her soul. Rishi then turned around, pretending that they weren't watching her with deadly stares."So uhm... Mister what is your name exactly?" She said with a raised eyebrow. She was very curious to whether the man would answer her question or avoid it completely. She then looked at Sylvester, seeing if he had anything to say. She had a feeling that if he did say anything, it wouldn't have much to do with her but hey, it was worth a shot.

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Word Count: 228
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?


on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:21 pm

Kenny took a sip of his coffee and nodded, seemed these kids were having some sort of mental squabble, it was none of his business as he probably had a kid of his own on the way… Shit, maybe he could talk to these two and figure out why they’re so… Strange. “Now, now, children, relax. My name is Kenny, but you kids can call me Mr. Ken.” Mr. Ken was good right? Nah he needed something more mature, “I mean Mr. Omega, you can call me Mr. Omega.” he nodded solemnly crossing his arms, yes, that’s what his own children would call him or maybe, daddy O, literally daddy O, cause his last name and junk...Kenny smirked to himself at the genius of his unique and ‘hip’ name, if that was what the kids were calling it. Hm, what was up with these kids anyway? Looked like one was lost and the other was just… Sylvester. What a strange name that was, didn’t seem like a man’s name, but it fit him because he was a boy after all.

“Uh, yes, Mr. Omega will be my name for you two. I mean between you two, it is what you will call me”

Kenny looked at his watch and back at the kids, "Sorry kiddies, but I've got a wifey to smooch on." he placed a bag of jewels on the table, cheers, and have a nice night!"


#11Rishi Namatzu 

on Wed Aug 23, 2017 1:58 pm

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi was very confused about the two of these guys and the way they acted, then again she probably looked even more weird than they did with her little 'mess up' with the name thing. She had just sat there looking down, trying not to say anything else, for she didn't want to embarrass herself anymore. She ate all her food in silence and took a few sips off her drink. She started to draw on one of the napkins, a little girl and herself. She wasn't really sure why she was drawing it but she was. It was a very illustrated picture, where the two girls were in the woods with some animals, one was a baby and the there was a little girl, and there were flowerbeds and small woodland creatures everywhere. Just then she realized how late it was getting, for she had spent an hour at the least drawing that picture. "I have to go now..." she said before standing up and dusting herself off. "well the meal was nice but it's time, goodbye!" she said as she casually walked out the door and into the streets of Hargeon. "They were really nice..." she said as she walked to a nearby hotel and eventually,checked in and went to sleep.

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Word Count: 214
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#12Sylvester Hercules 

on Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:14 pm

Some confusing banter ensued. Sylvester watched as everyone left. The man who introduced himself as "Mr. Omega" seemed condescending, treating him as though he were a child- which he were not. The girl, Rishi, seemed okay, but her actions were still somewhat erratic. Either way, Syl would not let their absence prevent him from ordering a meal and sating his appetite.

As the waiter approached, Sylvester prepared his order; Strip Steak with Pommes Frites- Steak with fries, in layman's terms. He had done an influx of jobs in recent times, and as such, he had a grand amount of cash waiting in pocket. He would eat lavishly tonight.

The food came, after some duration of waiting, and Sylvester readied his utensils, preparing to engulf on a culinary journey. He sliced into the tender meat and savored every morsel as it entered his mouth. He ended up enjoying the food greatly, even without company. He ate with gusto and enjoyed himself thoroughly. With regards to the meal, it was one of the best things he'd eaten in a long time. He chalked it up to hunger, but it was most certainly a filling meal and was most satisfactory. He paid the bill and left, satisfied.


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