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Hammer Time

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on Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:41 am

Yawning softly she would walk in the black anvil with her sandwich. Eating it slowly she would taste the lettuce, pepper jack cheese, forest ham and some onions upon each bite. It was rather delicious as it was moist and fresh. Her lioness eyes looked forward as the wind was closing in. Weirdly it was getting quite fiercer than before, but why? Her memories went down the lane, but as lately they were getting worse. Why was that? She wasn’t quite sure about all of this as in the reason for the memories to suddenly smack her in the face.

Her medium hair looked a little short as the ends curled and had a little wave upon each strand of hair. It shined as if it was oily and silky. It was soft like prickled feathers with no sharp ends. Her face was shining like pale snow that was mixed with light cream. Her lips were full and soft as they shined as if they were glossed. She was supposed to wait there with someone, but she wasn’t truly told on who she was supposed to do this with. It would be fun to do a mission or quest with someone else for once as the last person was someone she doesn't remember the name of. Truly it felt awhile as she would finally then enter the place to see Barras busy. Her eyes watched him hammer away. Sparks flew of left over metal and flames of death. It was as if he was creating Zeus’s lightning bolts for the almighty, but she knew better that he wasn’t. As obvious Cosmiare would now wait for the person that was suppose to do this with her. Who was it? She really honestly didn't know. She hoped it wasn't someone too difficult.

Cosmiare would look at the random person and after the introduction she would then look towards Barras who was looking at them. ‘’Well then. Name is Barras as you know. We’re going to be flattening some weapons and other types of metal creations today. My assistant kind of hurt his arm so I’m glad to have an extra two to help out.’’ He would introduce and laughed all fatherly. She would look at him and laugh though as in the person after hearing him say that he was clueless on who he was doing this with. ‘’You’re silly. You’re doing this mission with me. Let’s start!'’ cosmiare spoke softly and simple as she would walk towards the anvil.

She would grab the hammer tightly in her hands as her grasp clench tighter than ever. Her eyes of lioness would look at how the assistant who would put down a piece of metal straight on the forge anvil for her. Softly she would sigh as her eyes would glisten towards it as if she was feeling the flames. Her hand slammed down the hammer of creation as sparks flew around and about – away from her. Her heart would beat upon each hammer time while she shaped this piece of earth. Truly Cosmiare wouldn’t pay attention to what the person was doing as she was in her own world in her head.

She remembered when she grasped that bad not that many days ago and used it to crash into that con guy. He ruined her sandwich, but he wouldn’t be doing it anymore she was assure of that. Once more she would crash the hammer against the metal and flattened that piece. ‘’More, again.’’ She would hear as she would hammer pieces of metal down and straight as if she was slaved. This reminded her of somethings as she would then shake her head out of that trance. ‘No… I can’t remember… Not now. I…’ she would hear a soft girly voice within the back of her head as she continued to slam the hammer on metal. She lost the track of time as Barras would chuckle. ‘’Hey now. We’re done. Nice job though.’’ He would say and patted the little girl on the back as he would then look at the work, guessing she was doing the same as she was – creating with the hammer and metal, flattening them. After they were given the rewards she would say goodbye and leave – till next time.


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