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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn]

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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn] Empty on Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:17 am

Xandra Queen
Sigh. The blonde woman closed her parted lips as she squinted her eyes to protect herself from the heated glare of the sun. She had journeyed all the way to the vivid and cheerful town of Magnolia, which was brimming with bustling citizens and mages. Xandra had awoken that morning, defeating the fatigue from her expedition so that she could see the beautiful spots that made this town so popular. In fact, she did manage to see a place which was beautiful, but things weren't rolling as she had expected. The female had wanted to explore the streets and the parks but somehow, managed to find herself lost in the forest. Her lilac gaze wandered around but it seemed as if misfortune had run her over like a truck; all that lay around was rather vast expanses of vegetation, with of course, the bright and mischievous sun peeking through the dense cover and basking her within it's glory.

Things were definitely not going the way she wanted, not at all. Annoyance seeped through as her little finger began twitching. Her face, as always, seemed as if it were made of stone. The woman showed no expressions whatsoever, not even a frown. Another sigh later, she finally gave up on relying on her bad sense of direction, which of course, she should have done from the start. She was completely lost, and her only way out was to possibly rely on the map that she knew not how to read, but she was confident could figure it out. She felt pathetic right now, to say the least. Shoving her hand into the back pocket of her blue jeans, she froze as she felt nothing but the smooth cloth that covered her legs. The not-so-large map, which she recalled keeping in the back pocket on her jeans, wasn't anywhere to be found. Her guess was that she had probably dropped it somewhere while she foolishly ventured into the the famous East Forest.

Xandra couldn't help let her shoulders sag in defeat. She wasn't one to feel comfortable in the presence of people, but right now, she really wished she had someone who could possibly help her but then again, who was she trying to fool? The sad reality was that she had to find her way out of there on her own. No one would come to help her, she knew that. Scratching her head, she tied her hair into a ponytail using the rubber band that always hugged her wrist. It wasn't the time to mope around, she had to get out of there somehow. And so, with determination, she traced her steps back to where she came from. It was still morning so she still had time before things got relatively dangerous. However, it was then that a growl assaulted her ears but it wasn't the cry of an enraged animal, no, it was a cry of her empty stomach. "Oh, man", she said inwardly, "Why must it be this way?"

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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:04 am

Finn Mertens
The forest was alive, thriving with noise that clashed with its stillness. For most people who had not lived in such conditions, the forest made much more noise than what made sense. Cracks of branches, crunching of leaves, and the rustling of bushes all indicated presences of decent size in the vicinity. The fact that bugs were still pipping up with their odd noises and birds were still singing in the canopy around the area indicated that there may not be a predator around. It was a subtle hint, a sort of handicap bestowed by Mother Nature for anyone who would listen well enough.

For those whom had learned to both hear and understand, there was the benefit of camouflage. The smaller creatures of the forest had developed into its alarm system. With the alarm remaining, there would be no weariness from those hearing the gentle singsongs of nature. The trick behind it was stillness. Those who were new to the environment, or established in a predatory sense, would cause silence around them. The birds and bugs would cease, and the more passive animals would take that as a sign to clear the area. In its silence, there was a depth of alerts. An easy way to bypass such a thing was to find a location and remain there for a prolonged period of time. Nature would readjust to the new companion, and the noises would continue.

For some, this could be used for hunting. For Finn, it was used to feel at home. The dense overgrowth was akin to his legendary home to the North, Worth Woodsea. While it had obviously not been left to its own vices so much as its northern counterpart, the East Forest certainly contained a uniqueness. Enough to intrigue the young man, and yet not too much as to rip away all familiarity. It had brought him in yet again, a few hours before the sun began to crest the still jeweled sky.

He had traveled rather deep into it before finding something that tickled his fancy. A tree that reached both high and wide. Its base was thick, bragging of years uninterrupted. It looked like it would be the perfect spot, and so he began to climb. His footing was found quickly, his movements nimble. He didn't look like he was climbing with intent or anything so particular, and yet the distance covered had been both immense and in short time. Before long, he had made it to one of it's thick mid rang branches. There, he made himself comfortable and watched the metamorphosis brought about by dawn.

The darkness was exchanged for light, shadows speckling the forest whenever deemed appropriate. The sound of nocturnal life settled for the choir of the day. The transition was smooth, bringing with it a mild warmth that counteracted the still chilly breeze. It had become the perfect conditions for a nap, which he gladly indulged in. Hours went by in what felt like only a moment of darkness before something woke him. It was more jarring than any loud noise.

It was silence.

The alarm had been tripped, silencing the smaller creatures of the forest. Eyes opening, Finn rolled to his side and peered down the canopy. The interwoven branches and leaves did well to hide his presence, and through the openings he noticed another life foreign to the land. A blonde, seemingly disgruntled, stumbling her way through the trees. She was walking with a purpose, but the quick slamming of her feet and huff of her breath suggested irritation. She seemed frustrated. Perhaps she was lost, or otherwise hindered?

Sighing, and doing his best to hide the amused grin on his lips, he couldn't help but recall his last venture into the forest. It had birthed similar results, a woman met far too deep for her knowledge of the area. While it was just an assumption based only on body language, there was only one way to confirm or deny it. Rolling from his branch and using a single hand to swing himself around the branch, he found his footing upon one of the baser branches before hopping down to the floor below. He'd land a few meters before her, knees bending and hands connecting with the earth to stabilize his fall and mitigate physical damage. Standing straight, sword on his back, he offered a quick smile.

His eyes were aimed towards her own, but his peripheral vision was weary of any sudden movements. Despite the looks of innocence, a predator could be lying wait just below her surface. Best it was to stay prepared. "Hey there," he started with an awkward chuckle. "Everything alright?"

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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn] Empty on Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:22 pm

Xandra Queen
Silence had embraced her surroundings as the only commotion to be heard were the barely-audible cries of the scattered, abandoned branches and the basking green grass. Her steps halted as hope slowly, but surely, sauntered along, away from her side and disappeared into the dense vegetation that adorned the vicinity for as far as her eyes could reach. Her hands lifted and rested on her waist as she ran her tongue over her dry lips, damping them in an attempt to ease her own frustration. She had never before gotten lost which also explained why she knew not what to do. Ah, it was then that she realized that reasons such as these were why people relied on one another. She had lived her whole life, relying on no one but herself but it was starting to get difficult.

As her train of thoughts went on its own journey, she stood there un-moving and so close to giving up when her ears perked up as the silent chortles of large trees that surrounded her disrupted her inappropriate timing to be lost in her own world. Something was there; her gaze rose as her neck tilted upwards but she was too late. Her innate defense mechanism, however, kicked in on time as she instinctively jolted a few steps prior to her position just as a creature landed before her. Her body was stiff as her gaze never left the creature, no, the man that had so skillfully jumped off the tree. It wasn't everyday that she saw people casually jumping from such high trees so it was much of a surprise, to say the least.

She observed the individual as he rose to his full height, barely a little taller than herself and spoke. The man, or well, it would be more appropriate to call him a boy, remained in his landing position and asked her if everything was alright. For a moment there, she was suspicious. She could see the tiniest glint of amusement in his eyes.  Her body remained stiff. She could never be too careful. Then again, that is what she should have told herself before she leisurely strolled into a forest only to drift away from any path visible and wander around aimlessly. However, she wasn't used to depending on anyone for help. For a moment there, confidence seeped in her as her stone face remained unchanged, "Everything is fine."

Or so she thought. A moment of silence passed by as she contemplated her choices. Putting pride aside for a moment wouldn't hurt her; it could even help her. After a short pause, her shoulder sagged as loosed her stance and gave out a small, awkward cough, covering her mouth with the back her right hand. "Um, could you...help me out a little?" Another pause, "I may have lost my way." To say that she was embarrassed was an understatement but her gaze didn't hinder as her irises directly stared into his own.

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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn] Empty on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:17 pm

Finn Mertens
Her words were stern, confident in themselves. She wanted nothing to do with him, that much was certain. While there could have been a plethora of reasons for her response, it didn't take a genius to figure out the most likely. She was off on her own in the forest, relatively deep in fact. Even had she not been lost, she had no companions near her. No matter how confident one might be in their own ability, they had to account for the fact that they couldn't know what the other was capable of. Very few were willing and wanting to dive into battle blind, as Finn often was.

The time between them seemed slow, crawling by in the wake of her words. She seemed steadfast in her answer, and he was not with reason to try to change it. As he began to turn away a from her and lift a hand in apology, she acted. He had only pivoted away from her when her stance released its tension. A cough, and her mouth covered as if that were enough to cover the obvious embarrassment and injured pride.

Her question was laced with regret. She did not wish to ask him for anything. She was making it clear what type of person she was, at the very least when placed before strangers. It was not a negative thing at all, really. As she admitted she was lost, he turned his body back to facing her and put on an understanding smile. "Not a problem," he began, turning so that his non dominant side was towards her. "Let's go." With that, Finn began walking, leading the way. His senses were peaked, realizing he was still deep within the forest with only a stranger.

"I wouldn't feel bad if I were you." His word cut through the static of crunching leaves and waving branches. "The East Forest is large and mostly untamed. People get lost all the time, especially when they're new to it." He could have probably turned it into a minor lesson on how to better navigate such an area but he thought better of it. She was self assured, and just asking for this much was obviously a weight upon her. To add onto it with unrequested teachings would only serve to further her discomfort.

"My name is Finn by the way. I'm a member of Blue Pegasus." He was careful as to not claim to be a mage, as doing so would be a blatant lie. The idea that he was from a light guild would hopefully let her relax some, and he glanced back at her to check her body language. If she had stiffened up or pulled back at the name of the guild, it would have been safe to assume she had something against the organization. "And you?"

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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn] Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:09 am

Xandra Queen
It seemed that perhaps fate bestowed some mercy upon the blonde female as she had managed to encounter a fairly decent individual in the middle of the forest who was willing to help her out. Xandra, however, wasn't even close to letting her guard down; she never is. The boy flashed an understanding smile in her direction before proceeding to lead the way, which she obediently followed. The breeze picked up it's pace, swaying around the land that was adorned with trees, before lightly caressing her as she leisurely strolled through the forest behind the boy who appeared to know what he was doing. She couldn't deny that she felt a little relieved; it was reassuring to have someone skillful guide her towards the exit.

Since her mind felt at peace, she let her gaze wander around yet again as they passed through the grubby but strangely alluring woodland. She couldn't help but notice how each passing tree looked similar, but inherited it's own uniqueness and gave off a calming aura that she quite liked. It was then that she was shaken out of her thoughts by the words of her guide, claiming that many get lost in this area and it was nothing to be ashamed of. Having figured that out the moment she had lost her way, she was more surprised that he had figured out that she felt embarrassed. It wasn't often that others are able to decipher how she truly feels but then again, it was to be expected as she recalled her words from earlier.

She didn't let it bother her for too long and continued her sight-seeing. If she was already here, it would be a shame to leave without having seen such beauty carefully. Her ears were open and ready to listen if the boy had something more to say; it might have been useful in case she ever comes to the East forest ever again. Just as long as she didn't have to speak much, she was alright. The boy then proceeded to introduce himself as Finn, a member of the legal guild, Blue Pegasus. Ahh yes, introductions, yet another thing she wasn't good at but had to do so if she didn't want to come off as impolite. She stared at his back as he walked ahead of her and then glanced back, as if to check up on her. He was probably awaiting a reaction but frankly speaking, she didn't really know how to react to anything.

It was now her turn, "My name is Xandra, I'm a Rune Knight." It was short and to the point, however, longer than most of her other introductions. A Rune Knight getting lost in the forest was also not something you could see everyday, so a bit more embarrassment on her part was to be expected. They continued walking for a few moments before the female's steps halted as the brisk movement of the leaves invaded her ears. Surely, she wasn't the only one who had heard it. Her attention diverted to her right. Perhaps, she was just imagining things.

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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn] Empty on Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:17 am

Finn Mertens
He couldn't really decipher much from her. She was quiet, eerily so. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but certainly not what he was use to. The people whom he ran into were often more on the talkative side, even if only to be polite. He didn't know if there was a method to her actions, or if it was simply what came natural for her. Regardless, he supposed it wouldn't matter. They were strangers, only together until they reached the edge of the forest. She seemed intent on subverting the idea of friendship, and if that was her prerogative, he had no right to stop her.

At least, that's what he thought until she responded. It was short, sweet and to the point. Her name and guild. He glanced over his shoulder at the girl who was either bashful or quiet. Maybe he had jumped the gun on her. He knew nothing about her, and it became rather apparent that wouldn't change until he made the effort. They had a while together; The forest was a big place after all. Why not spend it trying to bridge the gap?

The genuine smile that had been born to his lips quickly wiped themselves away. A noise, coming from their left, clashed with the natural sound that had made itself their background. Planting his left foot facing towards the noise and sweeping his right foot to perform an about face, he looked towards the intruding sound with his dominant hand on the hilt of his blade. Any visage of his smile was gone. His eyes were set ahead, jaw tight, muscles tensed to be ready to move. Despite his seemingly fully tensed body, there was a gentle sway to his body. He looked more like a cobra, poised to strike, than a man.

Before them, the noise increased in sound and frequency. Whatever it was, it had been making its way closer to them. There were two distinct noises. A bass, low and deep, and the sound of branches breaking from the pressure. The bass, he quickly discovered, was the reverberation of the ground. Whatever this beast was, it was heavy. They could see the base outline of the creature through the trees, tufts of fur melding in with the appearance of the leaves. Whatever it was precisely though he still couldn't tell.

"Be ready for anything... If things get rough, keep traveling that way," he said, motioning with his head. "You'll make it back into town within the hour that way."

With that, the beasts face poked through the bushes. It was... Weird looking. Stupid, yet huge. It made its way from the brush, stomping its hooves and dragging them on the ground. It was showing aggression, that much was for sure. He couldn't tell how strong it was. Size was no proof for strength. Glancing at her, he took a single step forward to make sure he was the one leading, dragging the attention of the beast. "How do you want to handle this?"

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Xandra Queen
She wasn't imagining things, that much was for sure. The boy in front of her, Finn, also happened to have heard the commotion of unwanted intrusion as his posture had changed. She too, was ready for whatever was coming their way, but not as prepared as he was. It appeared to her that he might have either experienced an unpleasant encounter with some disturbing creatures one too many times, or he might be overly familiar with the forest to know of nearly all the dangerous creatures that loomed here, but that didn't really matter to her. The cackling of the leaves roared as the resting branches of trees screeched in pain. With each passing second, the unknown was getting closer and closer. Xandra couldn't help but feel her heart race a little. The constant rhythm of her heartbeat was heard loud and clear by her own ears which were focused upon what was approaching them.

It was then that she heard the words of the boy, verbally guiding her towards the exit. She understood the meaning of his words; he was telling her to run if things went haywire, and let him take care of it. She couldn't lie, the urge to roll her eyes was rather strong. His words were heard loud and clear, but Xandra being rather stubborn, chose to ignore them. There was no way she was backing out, not anytime soon at least. It would injure her pride a lot more than one would expect. Hence, she silently positioned herself in a stance, ready to fight. Her eyes glanced towards the boy who was also seemingly ready before focusing on the concealed danger that was right there, a few feet away from them, hidden behind the amass of leaves.

Any moment now, they could be attacked. The suspense was building up. Seconds felt like an eternity as she could feel herself wanting to know what was there. She knew she was ready for anything, but if only she knew that she was truly far from prepared. The creature so suddenly poked it's head through it's cover, displaying it's large face as it stepped out. That was not what she had expected, not at all. It looked funny, to say the least but her reaction was completely different from what is normally expected. Her eyes widened slightly, which was possibly the most her face had moved since that morning, as she stared at the creature. It wasn't because she was scared or surprised, no, but simply because she was so fascinated. Never before had she seen a creature like that and as someone who was quite fond of animals, she felt no threat from it's minuscule aggression.

When asked how she wanted to handle it, she had no idea whatsoever. However, she found herself moving forward, towards it with eyes twinkling with enchantment. Xandra was a little too fond of animals, much more than she was of humans. Raising her left hand, she attempted to touch the foolish looking large beast but it jerked back violently, causing her to hesitate. Animals usually liked her, or at least that's what she wanted to believe. So she tried once again, this time, managing to place her hand on the rough fur of the creature and pet it gently as it appeared to be calming down. She turned her gaze towards Finn, "I don't think there's anything to handle."

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Finn Mertens
The beast was large and obviously startled by the unknown intruders into its territory. There were a plethora of things racing through the young adventurers mind. He had no idea what the beast had come over for, which was the main concern. It could have accidentally came across the pair in its travels. It could have been fleeing from a predator, only to run into them. Or more terrifyingly, they could have been intruding in its mating territory. If it had young nearby, or if it was this strange beasts season, then there was a legitimate chance of it attacking them. Such an idea didn't seem likely to Finn. It seemed more startled and bewildered than aggressive. It was only channeling the confusion into a faux sense of power, something likely to scare them away. He had prepared to say something about them slowly leaving the area, but before he could do that Xandra began to act.

She had begun to move forward, earning herself a confused and incredulous look from Finn. He wanted to say something, to grab her and pull her back. He couldn't do either of those things though. She was her own person and could make her decisions rationally, he assumed. That didn't make him drop his guard though. His hand gripped the blade ever tighter, his knees bending ever so slightly and putting the weight of one of his feet on its toes. He would be ready to burst into action in a moments notice if things went south, but for now he'd merely watch.

As she put her hand out and the beast reared back, Finn felt his muscles tighten. He was anxious, ready to cut the beast down where it stood. She seemed intent on making her action work though, going back for a second round. He felt eerie about the entire situation. He had seen wild animals calm down and even accept contact from calm humans, but he had also seen the situation go awry. As she reached out again it seemed to accept her touch. Her hand pushed into its rather bulbous fur, petting it slowly and calmly. The contact seemed gentle, and it seemed to be enough to begin lulling the beast into a state of comfort.

She spoke, her voice soothing and kind as compared to earlier. Her eyes seemed to have a brightness to them, likely a sense of joy brought about by being able to make contact with the creature. Finn hesitated upon making eye contact with her. Slowly but surely he let his muscles release their tension, everywhere except his hand that gripped his blade. She seemed confident in what she said, and certainly enough the beast seemed to be relaxing. His eyes gazed behind it in the path it came from and saw nothing. His ears strained for any noise out of the ordinary, coming from where his eyes couldn't reach, but he heard nothing. If it had been running from something else, it had long since lost it.

"If you say so..." His voice came out quietly, though not with any signs of aggression or annoyance. Rather, he held on to a bit of fascination. This girl was odd, there was no doubt about it. Still, she had proven him wrong without even intending to. Regardless of anything else about their meeting, she had found a quick way to earn a bit of his respect as well as some wonderment.

Sighing and dropping his hand down from his blade, a chuckle made its way from his lips. "You're kind of crazy," he said, the telltale signs of laughter still bubbling up with every word. "I don't think I've ever met someone who was lost in the forest that would go up and pet a random, agitated animal." His words held a bit of a teasing tone as he slowly moved forward. His hand was outstretched, and he paused when the creature moved to sniff him. It seemed quick to dismiss him as a threat, seeing as how he'd been in this forest long enough now to have its scent lingering on him.

Reaching forward and petting the beast as well, he turned to face her. She was in much closer proximity now. Her hair was long, it framed her face well. Her face was sculpted well, though it didn't look like she often wore too much emotion. There were no lines from overuse of smiling to be found on her face, but that only brought a smile to Finn's. "Ready to get moving again?"

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Xandra Queen
Her hand gently stroked the bristly fur of the humongous animal that stood close to her. It was lulled soothed into a state of calm as her slender fingers brushes through it. The animal lowered it's head, bring it closer to her height, evidently enjoying her touch as much as she enjoyed its company. Xandra could hear the boy's quiet voice as he accepted that this creature wouldn't cause them harm. She felt a sense of relief as his voice seemed to have held no hidden meaning behind it, but a plain and quiet agreement to her statement.

Her gaze which had shifted towards the creature before her, now returned back to Finn as she heard him sigh. Chuckling, he seemed to have been questioning the woman's sanity. She didn't mind though. She could tell from his tone that he didn't necessarily mean it in a negative manner and moreover, she knew she wasn't like other people, so this was the least she could have expected. At his words, a low scoff escaped her lips, clearly enough to show that she was slightly amused by this situation. Her gaze followed the boy as he moved closer, only to be sniffed by the animal. She assumed that he wasn't seen as a threat as the boy proceeded to pet it as well.

When asked the question which she didn't want to answer, she silently ignored the boy for a while, hoping he would understand that she wanted to spend a bit of time with this creature that she may never see again. The creature, which silently enjoyed the touch of one, now let out a weird noise from it's mouth, as if it was saying that it was pleased. It once again proceeded to sniff Finn before letting out yet another noise, which sounded like a moan. It was safe to say she felt slightly jealous as it appeared to have taken more of a liking to the boy then her but it was a tad bit entertaining. Her lips slightly stretched, into the smallest smile which would barely be visible if she wasn't being looked at. It disappeared as soon as it had appeared.

Moments passed in silence with the creature until she let out a low sigh, "Alright, we should get going now." She pet the creature one last time for it was about time for them to leave. She didn't want to force Finn to stay with her, especially because he was helping her. Her face returned to being as inscrutable as before but her eyes were softer. She began playing with her fingers as she moved away from the animals. Playing with her fingers had always been something she did when she was happy and truly, although it started off as a bad day, she didn't find herself annoyed but was instead, strangely delighted.

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Finn Mertens
She was beside him, allowing him to watch the changes to her expression regardless of how few and far apart they were. She was not an expressive individual in that sense it seemed. There was only a moment where the corners of her lips pulled upward before they went back to their resting state of complacency. Magnolia had turned into a rather interesting place for Finn, somewhere he could meet many people and many different kinds of personalities. The more diverse his list of acquaintances became, the more he realized that it was difficult to clump people into groups. Things in the wild were so much simpler. There were times when animals acted differently than could be expected, as what had just happened. Still, the general idea of each creature could be assessed and accounted for. People were so much more varied and expressive, even in the case of Xandra who seemed to excel at hiding her emotions.

The moments spread on much longer than he had realized, and before he knew it she had tugged him from his own thoughts. "Alright." His words were short, and a smile had placed itself upon his face. Unlike hers, it did not retreat or go into hiding. It stayed on his face as they began to walk away from the beast. It followed for a few steps, looking at them with an inquisitive tilt of its head, before it began going back the way it came. As the beast left their vision, he turned his attention to her once more. She was playing with her fingers, an odd habit that likely had some sort of rhyme or reason to it.

This girl seemed to talk much more with her actions than she chose to with words. Regardless of why she was like that, it was something that he could respect. He didn't understand how people could be like that. He didn't need to. She found her own ways to be expressive, and it made him wonder how long he'd have to be around her until he could begin picking out the details of what actions correlated to which emotions.

"So," he said with a sigh, not a show of annoyance but rather the easiest way he could find to break the silence that had settled between them. "What brought you into the Forest to begin with? Not that you have to answer, I'm just curious." His eyes weren't pinned to her, but rather he let his gaze search for her own before looking back in front of him. Being around her felt like being around one of the giant foxes from Worth Woodsea. They were seldom to seek out company, quiet and concerned with their own business rather than others. Curious, cautious, and intelligent, they would rather avoid useless conflict rather than indulge in it.

Yet she was not a beast. She was much more complicated than that. Composed and steady, she seemed to have with her a sense of pride and self assurance that would likely make her hesitate to answer his questions. She seemed resistant to accepting his help at all in the first place. Now to indulge extra information about herself to this relative stranger; Well, something told him that wouldn't sit right with her immediately. Still, he was patient. He did not hope to force her open, but their travel would be much more enjoyable with some light conversation. Who knew? Maybe it could even be the spark of a new friendship.

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Xandra Queen
Time was leisurely walking at it's own pace as the morning sun was as bright as ever but the thickness of the woodland protected the two individuals from it's mighty gaze. She moved forward, walking alongside Finn, momentarily turning her head to let her eyes wander towards the animal who tilted it's head in slight confusion mingling with disappointment which was evident as it strode off.

Xandra returned her stare towards the boy who walked beside her, willing to continue guiding her towards the end of this massive forest. She heard him let out a small sigh before asking his question. It was natural to be curious, she thought, but that would mean that she would have to reply. Even though Finn had made it very obvious that she didn't have to answer if she didn't want to, she felt like she should. She was thankful to him. He was helping her without asking for anything in return. Of course, it was still too early for her to trust the boy, but she had a feeling that he wasn't a bad person.

She stayed silent for a few moments and continued her stroll towards the end of the forest. So far, Xandra had made it quite clear that she wasn't one who liked or wanted to talk. But then again, such small conversations are common among people. They had some time before they reached the end of the line so she wasn't surprised that the boy had wanted to start a conversation. It must be boring for him, she understood. Being grateful, she thought that the least she could do was have a small conversation with him. Finn wasn't exactly someone she felt uncomfortable around but she didn't know him well enough to feel comfortable around him either.

"Uh", she paused, "Sighseeing." She answered his question with a small and to-the-point reply. Her reply came a bit late but came nonetheless, which was a little unexpected. Maybe, being curious wasn't such a bad thing. "And what brought you here?" Having a bit of small talk wouldn't really hurt. They continued walking, the only sounds that were very evident were the crunching of leaves beneath their feet. Her ears perked up soon as she could find herself listening to the distant sounds of civilization. They were close to the exit; their journey was coming to an end.

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Finn Mertens
The silence between them began to feel almost like an expected part of being with her. It wasn't a negative aspect, yet something that felt unique. Most people enjoyed the idea of getting to know someone else. Even if they didn't end up liking each other, there was the chance to make a new friend. Most people did this through verbal communication, and yet this girl who dove head into the unknown seemed completely content with letting a silence settle. She seemed confident and comfortable enough in the lack of noise that he almost wondered if he was ruining it. Maybe there were ways to get to know people without speaking at all? Or perhaps she wasn't intending on getting to know him at all?

There was a sudden gust of a wind that caught leaves and the like from the forest bottom and began shifting them. The sound in the air of thousands of leaves rubbing against each other, rustling about, became apparent. The whistle of the wind forcing itself through tight corners and minuscule cracks added to the orchestra of nature. Just barely over the sudden noises, the chirping of birds came from the distance. Their song was calm and chipper, the furthers thing from a warning call as possible. He couldn't help but think about how beautiful this place was. Much less dangerous than his own home. She had been lucky that she was here, rather than there.

The noises that had just made themselves so prominent just as quickly became background static when her voice perked up. It broke through the sounds of nature, making him turn his head and almost completely stop paying attention to the things around him. Thus was the effect of a soft spoken individual. Though she did not speak often, and not with many words, it made the words she did speak carry that much more weight. He didn't consciously realize the correlation, or even the effect. Part of him understood though, for the briefest of moments, that she had been able to command his attention entirely for those few moments.

Looking back ahead and clearing a low hanging branch out of their way, he held it to the side and allowed her to pass. Letting go, he took a few longer strides to become equal with her once more. His eyes were locked ahead, though they were not stern. He was searching. Not for something physical, but for his answer. It wasn't as if he were racking his brain for information, but rather he wished to answer in a way that was honest while still not being too wordy. "Reminds me of home, I guess." With a smile and a glance her way, he focused back ahead of them. "I was raised in a forest like this one."

As they continued forward, the edge of the forest grew ever closer. Though still some distance out, she'd notice the trees spacing steadily increasing and the brush itself slowly decreasing in density.

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You Never Know What Lies Ahead... [Finn] Empty on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:43 am

Xandra Queen
She lowered her head slightly as she passed, giving a small nod of thanks to the boy who held up the branch of the tree to allow her to pass. Continuing on her usual pace, she heard the quickening of steps before finding the boy, once again walking beside her. He replied to her question by stating that the forest reminded her of his home as he was raised in one that was similar to the woodland that they were existing. It made sense; all of it did. It explained the knowledgeable aura he gave off and the courage that came with the caution. He had been well aware of the forest as it was like his home for him.

Xandra couldn't really understand how he grew up within the forest but it was fascinating. In fact, she felt like they had something in common as she too was taken back to the time she grew up in the small cottage on the outskirts of civilization. Now that she was thinking about the past, she couldn't help but feel a little comfortable walking through the vegetation as she recalled her old home which was similarly, surrounded by green. It was rather nostalgic. However sad it may be, the female felt comfortable when the two individuals fell into silence once again. Her eyes looked straight ahead, noticing the change in the density of the vegetation and the spacious land that lay before her. They were nearing the exit.

The sounds of their footsteps walking over the fallen branches soon drowned within the growing clatters and shrieks of common chatter that was quite evident within the town of Magnolia. She strolled forward, not stopping as she felt the boy beside her. It didn't take them long to reach the concrete ground which was scarcely populated by people. Halting her steps, she turned towards Finn, "I know the way from here. Thank you very much for helping me.", she stated in her low voice as she lowered her head lightly for bow.

The boy was indeed a fellow she felt comfortable with, she couldn't deny that and did hope to meet him some other time. Although she wasn't very expressive, she felt that as a sign of gratitude, she should at least convey that, "I hope to meet you again." And with that, she strolled off into town, preferably back to the small inn she was staying at as a yawn escaped her lips. She was a little tired, and a lot hungry, she remembered as she immediately changed her destination to the nearest restaurant. It would've been nice if she could treat the boy to a meal, she thought before realizing that she had already walked away. So instead, she took a mental note of doing that the next time they meet.


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