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Hot In Here [Snowflake]

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on Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:40 am

It has been a while since Snowflake had taken up a quest, ever since she had completed one with her comrade; Chelvaric. After doing a series of quests with him, the man was no longer in town, or so she assumed since Snowflake has not seen him after their last quest. The thought of him crossed her mind, and somehow, she felt melancholy as infrequent as it may be. A sigh escaped her lips as her eyes lifted up from the book that she had been reading and observed the people who passed by her. Everyone seemed to distant and tired from working under the heat, especially the labourers who have to carry heavy items all across the entire town and back again. Blue hues dropped down at her book as she sighed once again and wondered whether she should continue reading it or not. For a while, she had been losing interest in the novel that even when she was reading, the words would not be registered in her mind. Since she had nothing else to do, Snowflake figured that perhaps, she could look up some quests pinned on the quest board and do some easy ones just to kill some time.

Magnolia was as crowded as ever, bustling with people and tourists, shopkeepers yelling from the top of their lungs to attract attention from their customers. The place was bizarre and loud; something she had an aversion to and had never been fond of big crowds. She weaved through the mob of people, some pushing and jabbing at her with their elbows as she edged through the dense flow of people. Beads of sweat glistened on everyone’s forehead and many faces turned red due to the sweltering heat that blared down upon the city. The fragrance of flowers being sold nearby lingered in the air and wafted in her nose, before mixing with the odour of sweat from the people. Using her petite figure as an advantage, she slid through the gaps between people and soon, she would find herself standing in a slight distance from the market as well as the huge growing mob of people.

Tidying her hair and her clothes, Snowflake maintained her appearance after tugging at her black gloves and her visor that rested around her eyes. Eyes turned to look at her, the stares strange and almost unwelcoming however, it was most likely due to her strange outfit. There was almost no one, at least the ones she had met, had their eyes covered with a piece of cloth. Her silver hair also stood out more than other parts of her body and she could tell from the stares of the people that they thought she was a foreigner from another country. Ignoring the curious gazes, she walked towards the quest board, her fingers idly glossing over the rough texture of the paper until her hand stopped on a single piece of paper. Tearing the paper from the board, her eyes were glued onto the paper as she read through the lines written on the sheet.


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on Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:42 am

”….I think it’s somewhere around here.”

Looking around the area, Snowflake searched for something familiar that was described on the paper until her eyes fell upon a rather small wooden building right beside her. She could hear the noises of metal clashing against each other and lots of hammering even from the outside of building. Snowflake rapped against the door with her knuckles and waited for a moment. No one came. She tired once again, but still received the same result until she pushed the door open and saw multiple men working inside the black anvil. The men were dressed in tank tops, some even half-naked, their bulky muscles protruding from their arms and chest as they were put in bare view. Their skin shone with sweat as light reflected from the skin. As she stood there amazed by the entrance of the building, a man approached towards her, his shirt dirty from all the work he had been doing. It was a familiar face, or so she thought, but couldn’t exactly put her feet on who the person was.

”You must be the mage. I’m sorry I didn’t notice.” The man had a friendly smile and although his physique was well-built, he was slightly shorter compared to the other guys in the building. The man started to observer her face, his brows creased into the middle of the forehead. ”I feel like I’ve seen you before. You don’t look exactly the same but somehow, I feel like you give the same vibe.” Then, a pang of nostalgia hit her. She recalled herself vising the black anvil back when she was in her original body to help Barras with the hammering. Without pressing onto her identity further, which Snowflake preferred, Barras suggested her to change clothes into a more comfortable one to move around with and she would be given a task to work on afterwards.

Barras mentioned how his assistant had gotten injured but has been beginning to heal and thus, he wanted him to focus on hammering only to get used to it. With a nod, the girl accepted the offer. Barras would firstly guide her how to do the task, such as placing the metal in the forge, taking them out and placing it on the anvil for the assistant. It was almost the same as the first time they had met, where Barras shows how it was to be done while she hammered away the metal. Just as he had shown her, Snowflake would place the metal in the forge to heat it up at extreme temperatures. Using the tong, she would take the metal out of the forge, also ensuring not to burn herself and placed it in front of the assistant. After a while, she had gotten used to the activity so fast that her performance had improved within a few hours. By the end of the day, she was entirely covered in sweat, her face slightly dark from the fumes of smoke that rose up from the fire and before she knew, she had already bonded with the workers.


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