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Nature Gone Wild [Quest: Kerii]

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on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:04 pm

Kerii had done quite a few different tasks during her stay in Marigold. Granted it wasn't as much as Hargeon or Magnolia, but it was still a substantial amount. Soon though, Kerii wanted to head back to Hargeon in order to hop on a boat and sail away to Nanuq so that she could help some of the people living on that island. She honestly didn't know if they even needed that much help or not, but it was always worth a shot. She would have to pack some winter clothes though. Even though it was summer, Nanuq was a frigid island located in the northern part of Fiore. She didn't plan on staying in Nanuq for long, so it's not like she needed a whole new wardrobe full of winter clothes or anything, but she definitely needed a few new outfits. She didn't want to go all the way back to Orchidia just to get the winter clothes she already had. Despite her unearthly natural ability to somehow navigate Fiore, she didn't want to have to spend multiple days going to and from Orchidia just for something she could easily purchase at a store. Her unusual travel speed still confused Kerii though. The elf didn't even have to use a map to figure out where she was going. She just sort of... knew. She didn't know if it had to do with her connection with nature sort of leading her down the right path, but her parents told her that most elves were natural navigators. Kerii seemed to have inherit that trait. Some even liked to call themselves pathfinders. Kerii didn't think she would ever give herself that title. Although it was a trait she possessed, she would say that she was more of a healer than a pathfinder. She had grown in her healing powers. She didn't know what happened, but whenever she had certain items with her, she was able to cast certain spells faster and didn't have to use any mana to do so. It was freakishly weird, but interesting at the same time. That was just one of the many reasons Kerii loved the magic world. It seemed like there was an endless number of possibilities. Kerii wondered if anyone in the world could possibly figure out all the possibilities magic could hold. Maybe an all-knowing other wordly godlike being would know, but what were the chances of that?

Kerii began to get ready for the day. Although she had quite a bit of jewels on her, she still wanted some more money. She didn't think the price of winter clothes went down in the summer and if she wanted some decent clothes that would protect her from Nanuq's cold weather, she would need some good clothing and good clothing didn't come cheap. So, if she wanted to have some new winter clothes and have some money left over to spend on whatever she may need, it was necessary for her to do some more quests.

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on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:05 pm

After getting ready for the day, the young mage who had yet to reach 20 years of age left her room at the inn. She was eighteen and was more than capable of taking care of herself. Although she wasn't technically even a full adult, she felt like she had all the responsibilities of one. In fact, she probably had more responsibilities than some adults. She was a mage, trying to make the world a better place. She helped people who couldn't do tasks for themselves. She healed the sick and injured. She put bad people in their place, and she had only began her journey. Kerii expected to fight dark mages or at least fight alongside people with magic that could hurt dark mages or monsters that threatened the safety of Fiore's citizens. Kerii laughed to herself and shook her head. A monster or a powerful dark mage attacking? As if she would ever have to deal with that soon. Even if she did though, she didn't know how much help she would be. Sure, she was a supportive mage, but her current spells didn't have a huge range. The longest spell she could cast were ones with a range of approximately five meters. She could be off a little, but from her experience with testing her spells, that's what she thought her range rounded out to. Come to think of it, she was pretty sure that was the range for most lower leveled spells. However, that didn't diminish the amount of healing or supporting she could do. As long as she was within range, she was certain that she could repeatedly cast spells without suffering any mana loss. Albeit she never tested out casting a multitude of spells at once, she was fairly certain that she would at least conserve her mana consumption. For example, when she healed Videns, she didn't feel any energy sap from herself. It was a strange sensation, but not a bad one in the least. It may have been a fluke, but Kerii didn't think so. She thought that something was genuinely different. There was only one way to test out her theory, and that was to find someone who needed healing or support. That... unfortunately, would probably be hard to do. She didn't wish misfortune upon anyone and she didn't want to deliberately seek out weak people or impose herself to them. If she needed experience healing, she wouldn't seek out people who may or may not need her help. If she wanted, she could volunteer at a hospital or seek out an experienced healer that could mentor her. That would actually be really helpful to Kerii. She couldn't become a strong mage all by herself. Well, in theory she actually could, but she estimated that not getting any help from anyone what so ever would take quite a bit of time. Time was a precious thing and Kerii didn't want to waste it trying to become strong by herself when she could be doing it in other ways much faster.

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on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:05 pm

Kerii went over towards the request board and began to look at all the requests she was able to take. There were quite a few different ones. Some were more simple and menial (although there weren't a lot of them left) and offered the same kind of pay Kerii was getting used to. Some were more difficult and thus resulted in a higher pay. However, there were luckily some of those quests that were sort of, more or less, somewhere in the middle. The requests she saw did result in a higher pay but didn't necessarily seem quite as hard. Sometimes requests that gave high pay for simple tasks were put out by people who had lots of money, such as nobles like the one in Magnolia who paid her and Videns quite a large sum of money for such a simple job, which was only setting up for a grand party that was to take place. If Magnolia always had parties like the one she helped set up for, she understood why Magnolia got the reputation it did.

After pondering which request she should take, she ended up taking yet another one put out by none other than Farmer Jim. The way he worded the request made it seem like it was fairly simple. Or well, more simple and easier than fighting off bandits and whatnot. The request said that there were vines growing weirdly. They were overtaking land in Marigold and would undoubtedly choke out the life of other plants around it, in effect, also destroying the food source and homes of many other animals. Unchecked, Kerii had no doubt in her mind that it would be cataclysmic for the food web in Marigold. Kerii had a deep connection with nature and would feel horrible if she didn't do anything to save it from this, most likely, invasive species. If it wasn't an invasive species, Kerii would be concerned. The food web typically didn't have something that behaved in a naturally invasive manner. Usually there was another species to keep the other in check. Kerii could only see a few possibilities. Either, those vines were in fact native to Marigold and there was a sudden decrease in the organism that kept it in check or that it was an invasive species. Either way, someone or something needed to deal with those plants. As a farmer, Farmer Jim must have known the importance of the wood web. Although he wasn't any kind of biologist, Kerii was willing to bet that he knew quite a bit about the plants around Marigold and the effects they have on the environment. Deciding that this was an urgent matter, she took the request off the board and rushed off to go towards Farmer Jim's house. Along the way, she checked her surroundings to try an look for the vines Farmer Jim was talking about. The closer she got to his house, the more she could see them. There were only a few of them so far though.

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on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:06 pm

The vines didn't look like any she'd seen before. She actually saw them physically inch towards other plants and wildlife. She knew that plants could move on their own, but this was really weird. It was almost as if they were magical. But why should she be surprised? Magic was a huge part of everyone's lives in Fiore. Rather or not they had magic, pretty much everyone was affected by it one way or another. Since Kerii was a mage, she was obviously very directly affected by it and if she didn't get those vines under control, Farmer Jim and his crops (and many others no doubt) would be affected by the (most likely) magical vines as well. If the vines were indeed magical though, she didn't know if she would even have the power to remove them. Her magic was used to heal and support people during battles. Kerii didn't have any sort of magic or spell that could be used to hurt or remove the plants. She supposed that she could possibly physically remove them. It would be more difficult than destroying them via magic, but hey, it was possible. If it wasn't impossible, Kerii was willing to try, even if it proved to be exceedingly hard. She smiled to herself. That was the kind of attitude she needed to constantly and consistently have if she was going to be one of the best (nay, the best) healers in all of Fiore. She didn't know how she would compare to healers in other countries, but Fiore was known for their magic guilds, so hopefully it would turn out that she would be up there with the best of the best. Even if she did end up being an extremely powerful healer, Kerii wasn't sure that she would gain much fame from that. Typically the powerful mages with magic that could harm people gained more fame. It made sense in Kerii's opinion. People with damaging magics more often produced impressive spells and for some reason, people thought of damage as impressive, not necessarily healing. Kerii couldn't recall hearing or learning about any famous healers, only infamously and famously powerful wizards who had the capability of causing mass destruction. What was unique about Kerii's magic though was that she could reverse that destruction, which was pretty cool in her opinion.

Kerii arrived at Farmer Jim's farm. She saw him walk into the barn and quickly followed after him. She said that she would help with the vine situation and Farmer Jim seemed very grateful. He told her that the vines mysteriously and suddenly grew deep in the farmlands. He said to cut down some vines and, if possible, eliminate them at the source. She ventured into the farmlands, careful not to get ensnared in the vines. The further she went in, the stronger and wilder they got. Eventually, she reached the center of the farmlands and came across a strange blue orb that glowed with power. She didn't see anything sharp like a jagged rock to destroy the orb, so she decided to use her brute strength and punch it until it shattered. Upon destroying the orb, the vines went limp and Kerii returned to Farmer Jim who rewarded her for her work.

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