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Community Outreach [Mission | Solo]

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So, time for another job. Alisa been doing a lot of missions with Marina but every now and then she still felt the itch to do something productive on her own, no matter how measly the rewards may be or how little the effort she may have to put in it. It's not like any of these jobs were hard, at least not the low ranked ones dotting the job board when the Pegasus finally arrived from her usual morning workout.

Just a quick look, then she could shower and figure out what she'd do next.

She did find a couple C-ranks and at least one B-rank, but something told her those were better off saved for when she had a fellow adventurer to take them with. With that out of the way, she went over the D-ranks, and quickly had one drawing her attention. Help the sick huh? Indeed one that left her wondering if it wouldn't be better off saved for a nurse, or at least a healing mage. Alisa was pretty sure doing this would likely end up with her getting ill, but she trusted her own health. And if that failed, she trusted her doctor too.

Though she wasn't the type of person to go out of her way to help people she didn't even know, she was getting paid to do this. As aloof as she may be, Alisa wasn't a cruel person deep down, so that measly motivation was more than enough. Stepping out of the bath, she browsed through her wardrobe... She was basically going to be a nurse, so no point slipping on anything too fancy. Yet the tried and tested tank top and blue jeans combo just felt too informal either... So she slipped on a white outfit, almost nurse-like in style yet devoid of cap or any other obvious identification: It's not like Alisa could pretend to be a nurse, that would just feel misleading. The cleavage might be a bit much though... She was hired to treat people yet all that might do is raise blood pressure left and right.

"This will do nicely.", she observed, turning left and right as as she admired her own reflection, then turned to Litwick as it played around with her shoes, chuckling at the adorable sight, "Shall we go, Lumen~?"

...And indeed it would, plus the white, fresh clothing would help keep her cool under the blazing sun. Or so she thought, but then she stepped outside. One could hardly call this a summer afternoon proper, not with the gray skies with little more than a few slivers of gold peeking through the thick clouds. It was still pretty warm - if a bit damp - but still perfectly comfortable to walk around in, especially for a girl who thrived in cold.

Kardia cathedral was only a few blocks away from the Inn, it took her loved five minutes to get there on foot, and immediately be notice the Priest as he tended to a sick man...

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- Alisa Vollan

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Noticing her boss, Alisa approached him with Lumen following close behind, thus it took only a few moments for the man to see them in return, greeting them with a welcoming look in his eyes as he turned up from the patient:

"Good afternoon my child. I trust you're here to help me tend to my flock?"

"Indeed I am father.", Alisa returned the smile, though she couldn't help but look between the priest and his patient, though she couldn't help look confused at the sight before her, "But, don't these people need a real doctor?"

It had been a long time since this artist had sat foot inside a church, let alone a cathedral. Her dad wasn't really a religious person, not like her mother was. Sadly for her mother, Alisa had taken after her father even as younger child, and though she learned the most basic of prayers, she always lacked that one crucial thing no religious person can go without: Faith. Perhaps the only time she reconsidered that trait of hers was after her mother's death... But she ultimately looked for answers not in god, but in human nature.

"No...", the father shook his head with a warm smile, "The doctor has already prescribed treatment for most of them, what these people need is rest and a loving hand."

Truly there were of sick people around. No way one could find avaliable doctors for everyone of them in Magnolia. With these words, he leaves the person he was tending to, and Alisa walks along with him onto the next one, a feverish kid with a wet cloth on his forehead. The Pegasus knew what she was supposed to be doing, however, so she approached the kid on her own, as Lumen hopped around to assist her:

"W-who are you, Nee-san...?", asks the kid with glassy, tired eyes, as Alisa reached for the towel on his forehead.

To his credit, the little litwick also knew what Alisa needed, standing atop the nightstand table with a disproportionately large, fresh wet towel on his little hands. She was really trying her hardest; after all even if the towel itself wasn't too heavy, holding an object around your own size - or even bigger - clearly isn't easy. With a soft

"I'm Alisa. Don't worry, I'm here to take care of you.", she'd say sweetly as replaced the new wet cloth where the other used to be.

"Looks like I don't need to tell you what to do.", comments the priest with that kind smile, "Each patient has a the required medicine on their nightstand, but feel free to ask me for help if there's something you need."

Indeed, that wasn't so hard. That kid was supposed to take his medicine already, thus the sculptress gave him his pill before moving on to the next patient. She made sure to tend to children and elderly first. Truly this wasn't a difficult job. But by the time she neared the last few patients, she started coughing... And as a result Alisa's wage included not only jewels but her own little box of pills, so hopefully she wouldn't be stuck in the church as a patient next time...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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